Justice M.F. Saldanha handovers the Report of “Attacks on Churches in Mangalore in 2008“to India’s President Prathibha Devisingh Patil.

Justice M.F. Saldanha handovers the Report of “Attacks on Churches in Mangalore in 2008“to India’s Vice President M. Hamid Ansari

Justice M.F. Saldanha handovers the Report of “Attacks on Churches in Mangalore in 2008” to Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, P. Chidambharam, Veerappa Moily, Khurshid Alam Khan and to S.M Krishna.


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    Baptism can be regarded as a vaccine against sin……….Europeans & Americans are finding in their churches little of the spiritual sustenance they once did. Many have lost confidence in the institution itself, and are too often finding little in church services to win them away from Sunday morning jogging, gardening, and soccer leagues……….here in bombay there are some catholics who go to church on Sunday not to attend mass but to offer candles flowers at the mother mary grotto inside the church compound and say a little short prayer and move on just like the Hindus who go to their temples on Tuesday and offer coconuts flowers and say a short prayer and move on…………….The population of hindus & muslims keeps on increasing because of early marriages……….the population of catholics keeps on declining because of late marriages………has the catholic church/clergy in India carried out any research to find out the reasons for these late marriages………….the hindus have the Indian govt state govts ias-ips officers right wing hindu groups etc to take care of their interests rights govt jobs culture security etc but what about 20 million catholics and other minorities.……….is India really a secular & democratic country……..if yes then why are minorities notably muslims & christians living in fear in India………an interesting point to note is around 25 to 50 million hindus living in christian countries don’t face any religious persecution and discrimination.
    The state govt the municipality the landencroachers decade after decade went around grabbing church land in bombay and the Archbishops & Parishpriests in bombay did nothing……….Bollywood moviemakers stereotyped catholics as drunkards loosecharacters etc and also made fun of catholic religion in hindi movies and the Clergy did nothing……..the original gaothan catholic natives of bombay lost all their agricultural lands in bombay but the Clergy did nothing to demand from the Indian govt & Maharashtra govt to provide for the native bombay catholics 10% job quota in govt jobs govt housing govt facilitieis govt education in bombay region……….but we have to remember that in the catholic seminaries the catholic clergy were only trained to perform religious duties and it was the responsibility of the lay catholics back in the 1960s to setup lay associations with office in church compound to take up the problems of the laity with the people in power & position i.e. the MPs MLAs Corporators etc…………after the reorganizations of the states, bombay became part of Maharashtra on 1st May 1960 and it is exactly after 1960 when the lay catholics in bombay should have become active in politics to defend their land and livelihood and church and crosses…………today a few lay catholics have setup associations like CROSS AOCC SOUL MCYF MGP etc but they have no offices near or inside the church compound of all parishes in bombay diocese due to which they have less visibility among the 8 Lakh catholics in bombay due to which majority of the catholics in bombay have no idea what the aims objectivies vision mission of the aocc cross soul mcyf mgp etc are infact majority of catholics in bombay have not even heard about the aocc cross soul mcyf mgp etc and have no idea who the leaders & office bearers of all these lay associations are……………in one of the church in bhayander in thane district of north konkan west maharashtra some catholics from nearby villages have setup an office inside the church compound to take up the problems of the catholic villagers and also to ensure there is a parallel power structure in the church one of the clergy and one of the laity so that both can benefit from the churchs assets wealth properties resources institutions and not just the clergy.
    The BMC has sent property tax bills based on the new capital value system to everyone including bombays original inhabitants living in gaothans………most of the goathan houses are old & dilapidated and have monsoonal problems leakage problems and walls & as thin as paper with cracks all around and there is lack of civic facilities in the gaothans and the catholic christian owners of the houses in the goathans are poor and don’t have steady jobs…………so the property tax bills for the gaothan residents should be calculated not on the capital value system but on the condition of the houses, lack of civic facilities in goathans and the poverty level of the christian residents who between 1850 and 1980 lost all their rice fields vegetable fields ponds wells lakes agricultural lands in bombay to the britishraj indianraj maharashtragovt bmc mmrda mhada landmafia buildersmafia slumlords airportsauthority railways etc.
    The gaothan catholic residents of bombay are known by the name eastindian………Due to inappropriate name eastindian it is extremely difficult for eastindians to prove the sons of soil of bombay status or bhoomiputras of mumbai status which explains why it is difficult for eastindians to get the OBC Certificates…………..a few suit boot Christians living in bandra got clerical jobs in the east india company and they started the Bombay East Indian Association in 1887 and word went around among Christians all over bombay that if they become the members of BEIA it would become easier to get jobs in east india company………….but instead of getting jobs the Native Christians of Bombay got stuck up with the inappropriate name eastindian…………..the correct name for the native Christians of bombay should be either bombaikars or bombaykars or mumbaikars or mobaikars or bombayvillagers or mumbaigavkaris or whatever other name that can be identified with bombay/Mumbai.…………for more info on eastindians or bombayvillagers or mumbaigavkaris ll o g g o n to
    The Chinese Taiwanese Koreans Japanese are mostly rice eating people the bombayvillagers alias eastindians were also mostly rice consuming people but in the last few decades started consuming the unhealthy & unhygienic bakery maida pavs almost on a daily basis………..the Examiner Magazine which has been around for many decades has not educated the lay catholics in bombay to avoid bakery maida pavs and alcohol……….the people behind the examiner magazine have no vision and mission to improve the health wealth housing jobs of the laity in bombay by including knowledgeable articles.
    The Chinese model of SEZ was indigenized in India not so much to suit India’s national interest but to benefit elite interest groups like prominent corporates industrialhouses builders real estate developers, and last, but by no means least, the politicians and bureaucrats who stand to gain (politically and personally) by acting as midwives at the birth of SEZs…………….most of the Indian SEZs have run into trouble because of land acquisition……….Indian farmers tribals fisherfolks have woken up from their slumber and are not going to give up their ancestral lands…..or will give their ancestral lands only if they get compensation based on the terms & conditions & landrates fixed by them and not by the government……………another project by the name Delhi-Bombay Industrial Corridor is being implemented with Financial & Technical Aid from Japan, it would be interesting to see how these corridor will succeed because again there will be land acquisition problems.
    Christ not only preached equality humanity morality peace justice but also revolted against corrupt political & religious leaders during his time………today some catholic priests & protestant pastors have gone against the teaching of Christ and are indulging in all types of corrupt activities especially misusing of church funds & illegally selling away vacant church properties and some are behaving like dictators and some are behaving as though the church & all its institutions including the parish school, parish building, parish hall, church grounds, graveyards, etc are their fathers private property…………….the 37 million diya campaign of the catholic church in bombay did not make any sense to lay catholics because catholics don’t indulge in female foeticide/infanticide it is the hindus sikhs and jains who indulge in female foeticide/infanticide……..the catholic clergy should have instead started a campaign to find out the reasons (poverty greed overconfidence lust mentalproblems loneliness alcoholproblems financialproblems housingproblems unemployment etc) why some men indulge in criminal activities and what are the solutions.
    Here in Bombay once or twice in a year in some 3 or 5 star hotel the International Christian Chamber of Commerce does some conference meetings to network Christian businessmen if anyone attends the meetings one will notice that almost 90% of the businessmen attending the meetings are from the enterprising & hardworking Mangalorean christian community and the rest 10% consists of malyalee telugu tamil goan eastindian christians but these Christians chambers of commerce will have very limited success because Christians don’t have the strong entrepreneurial skills like the Jains Marwaris Gujratis Parsis & Sindhis have.
    The Afghan Taliban fighters are a very brave and rugged people who eat very big golden brown wholemealflour rotis & naans fresh out of traditional mud & brick oven and they will not rest till they have evicted the Americans out of Afghanistan………just like their fathers and great grand fathers evicted the Russians & Britishers out of Afghanistan……… in bombay there is a church by the name Afghan Church in colaba built in memory of protestant british soldiers who died in Afghan wars unlike the Portuguese who did not allow outsiders to settle in catholic Bombay the protestant Britishers allowed large numbers of marathis & gujaratis to settle in catholic bombay but the britishers ensured outsiders did not enter their native lands in Britain without passport visa and many other documents……………the only reason why the Americans have an upper hand in Afghanistan is because they have highly advanced military hardware and the CIA has bribed many Warlords & Tribalchiefs to maintain peace with the Karzai govt just like the Congress has done some backroom dealings with BSP & SP to get support for the UPA govt during the FDI & LPG cylinder pricerise and other crisis but it is better to tolerate a corrupt scam inflation related UPA govt rather than tolerate a BJP led govt that will be more interested in communal issues……… an interesting point to note is the Americans only threaten or attack those countries which do not possess nuclear weapons this explains why Iran & NorthKorea want to develop nuclear weapons……….there are many GOANS in GOA who are selling their ancestral bungalows or lands to outsiders and there are some outsiders who are encroaching lands in goa and are setting up slums shanties huts and the Goa govt is also allocating land to builders for residential projects most of the occupants will also be outsiders……….one or two decades from now the Goans will be outnumbered by outsiders…………..but if the Goans ensure that they always dominate the PoliceForce Administration Variousgovtdepts Muncipalities stateAssembly Villagesabhas and also pass a law denying voting rights to outsiders during national state municipal village elections then there will not be any need for the Goans to fear the outsiders.
    Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan should be kind enough to order a CBI enquiry into the 300 files of builders that have gone missing from various ward offices of BMC based on a report that has recently appeared in mumbaimirror……………..Prithviraj should be kind enough to order BMC to demolish all those buildings in Juhu Versova colaba Walkeshwar bandra-kurla complex worli etc etc etc that have been built on CRZ Mangrove Saltpan Forest Lands after 1964 just as the BMC wants to demolish those crosses near the roads that are built after 1964…………..Prithviraj should be kind enough to call upon all Corporators MLAs MPs muncipalofficers bureaucrats collectorsofficers policeofficers rationofficers in Bombay to stop taking bribes from builders hawkers slumlords landmafia………Prithviraj should be kind enough to advice the home ministry & HRD & socialjustice and other ministries to pass various human rights protection laws & job reservation laws for Christians & Muslims in Maharashtra just like the Dalits SCs STs have various human rights protection laws and reservation laws………Prithviraj should be kind enough to instruct the Maharashtra govts education dept to include in the history text books the history geography culture lands of the konkan people.
    Editors & Owners of TimesofIndia NDTV Timesnow CNN-IBN HeadlinesToday etc etc should be kind enough to take a pledge that they will not accept advertisements from those builders & corporates who have setup residential projects hill stations industry on land that has violated environmental laws and violated the human rights & land rights of farmers tribals fisherfolks.
    Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh should be kind enough to contact POPE Benedict and explain to him that overpopulation in India has resulted in all these problems – poverty, lack of peace, lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of hygiene, lack of sanitation medicines and health care, lack of transport, food shortage, water shortage, land shortage, growth of slums, anger, fights, beating, shouting, quarrels, crying, breaking of things, arson, rioting, communal disharmony, forced begging, forced labor, committing variety of crimes, various nefarious activities like smuggling, settling personal feuds or in creating trouble during elections, mob mentality and damage and burning of public and private property…………….AND call upon Pope Benedict to instruct the catholic clergy in India not to oppose abortions anti-pregnancy pills family planning birth control population control OR call upon Pope Benedict to be kind enough to instruct the western governments to allow 500 million people from India to settle in western countries without any passport and visa documents.
    After Hitler a catholic and his nazi gang severely depleted the man/military power of the Protestant Britishers it was no longer possible for the Britishers to crush the freedom struggle in their colonial possessions and just two years after the end of second world war the britishers fled from their colonial possessions including India…………..The Britishers beginning from the 15th century circled around the world not just to colonise but also to stop the Portuguese & Spanish from catholicizing the world………….after 1947 when India got freedom the correct thing for the new political leadership in India to do was to abolish all the police judicial land acquisition & other laws & rules made by the Britishers and setup new laws in consultation with citizen activists social activists gramsabhas farmer-tribal-fisherfolk activists etc but unfortunately the new political leadership in India did not want to pass on the power of the government into the hands of the people and the police judicial landacquisition laws made by the Britishers have been continued…………..the land acquisition policy which the britishers made and carried forward by the Indian govt has ruined and DISPLACED many communities across India that includes the bombayvillagers alias eastindians as well as the kolis…………DISPLACEMENT involves ‘impoverishment risk’ the common elements of which are: “landlessness, joblessness, homelessness, marginalization, food insecurity, increased morbidity and mortality, loss of common property assets, and social disarticulation”.
    There are many builders in bombay who have set their minds on the catholic gaothans (villages) in bombay……… order to get more FSIs under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority the builders are putting up documents in SRA & Collectors & BMC offices claiming that the gaothans are slums……….which sends a wrong impression that the catholics living in gaothans are landencroachers / slumdwellers and need to be evicted.
    Let all Bishops Cardinals Parishpriests in India in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael and Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and the Saints and the Sacred Hosts of Heaven, and Lord Jesus, declare from their heart that…..….they will start utilizing vacant church properties for the housing needs of poor catholics………..they will reserve 50% seats in parish/catholic schools for children of poor catholics……..they will disclose on the church notice boards the income & expenditure accounts and all the vacant lands that are in possession of the church……….….they will utilize the parish halls & church grounds for charity work vocational training physical training etc for the benefit of poor catholics………………they will discourage the catholic parishioners from drinking alcohol……..discourage the catholics from eating the unhealthy & unhygenic bakery maida pavs………they will enforce a dress code for all those who enter the place of God that is the Church……….they will motivate the catholic parishioners to take active part in protecting the lands waterresources livelihood of farmers tribals fisherfolks……….….they will encourage the catholic youth to work towards becoming ias ips irs ifs officers doctors engineers architects etc etc etc and not just teachers drivers mechanics turner-fitters waiters callcentreworkers housemaid englishspeakingservants stenos telephonecomputeroperators receptionists etc……..AND……encourage the catholic parishioners to aggressively apply for govt jobs – bank jobs – police jobs etc etc etc etc etc.
    Thane the largest district of India half a century ago also included the entire large salsette island…………parts of salsette island were later included in bombay district…… the maharashtra govt is in the process of further disintegrating the Thane district but for whose benefit……..obviously not for the benefit of thane districts original people living in goathans koliwadas adivasipadas but for the benefit of the SEZ lobby Corporate lobby & the builders lobby…………ofcourse all the vacant lands mangroves ecology openspaces environment gardens playgrounds creeks estuaries ponds wells lakes rivers saltpanlands forestland agriculturallands in the entire konkan region i.e. thane bombay raigad sindhudurg ratnagiri districts are under a permanent threat from the Maharashtra govt sez lobby corporate lobby builders lobby mining lobby landmafia lobby.
    Between 1850 and 1980 almost all the Bombayvillagers alias Eastindians lost their ancestral agricultural lands & rice fields & vegetable fields & other lands surrounding their gaothans (villages) in bombay ( bombaikarsblgsite —- B O M B A Y L A N D d o t B L O G S P O T d o t C * M ) to the britishraj Indianraj illegal-migrants slumlords landmafia buildersmafia airportauthority railways mhada bmc collectorsoffice mmrda maharashtragovt………..1981 onwards the correct thing for bombayvillagers/eastindians to do was to agitate for 10% quota in govt jobs govt housing govt education govt facilities but instead the bombayvillagers/eastindians got pre-occupied with alcoholism & infighting due to which the eastindians became more & more poor……….since eastindians ( estndianwbsit —- E A S T – I N D I A N S d o t C * M ) are Christians getting jobs was not easy so for most eastindians the only way left for survival was to convert part of their houses for rental purpose……and since most of the eastindians did not make proper leave & licence agreements and also kept the tenants for more than 11 months due to which most of the eastindians got stuck with the same tenants and the same meager rent………today go in any eastindian gaothan in bombay and you will find almost 75 to 90% inhabitants are non-eastindians and most of these non-eastindians are the same people who came to live on rent in eastindian villages during the 1980s and the children of the non-eastindians have also grown up……………………living on the west coast of India and identifying with the name eastindian is the main reason why very few people in India know about the eastindians…………….since there was abundance of salt production in the north konkan region (bombay thane raigad districts) the Portuguese & Europeans reffered to the north konkan region by the name Salsette and christians living in north konkan started identifying with the name Salsette Christians…………after the East India Company took over the north konkan region a few Salsette Christians living in bandra got some clerical work in the east India company and these Christians in bandra started the Bombay East Indian Association and word went around in bombay vasai thane & other parts of north konkan that those christians who become members of BEIA would get jobs in the East India company but instead of getting jobs the Salsette Christians got stuck up with the name eastindians………………now there are few eastindians who in the last 4 or 5 years have agitated for the OBC status but because of the inappropriate name eastindian it is extremely difficult to prove that eastindians are the sons of soil of bombay/mumbai…………the only option left is to abandon the name eastindian forever and adopt the new name bombayvillagers or mumbaigaokaris or mumbaikars or bombaykars or mobaikars or whatever other name that can be identified with Bombay/Mumbai.
    The original inhabitants of bombay living in gaothans koliwadas adivasipadas did not agitate to change the name of bombay to mumbai………….did not agitate to change the british baptized names of airport railwaystations museums zoos bridges roads streets markets etc to marathi names……did not agitate to change the English language landrecords – workingsystem – policerecordsfir -propertydocuments – waterrecords etc to marathi language………..whatever changes that were done were by the marathi migrants…………..due to lack of office/factory/industrial job opportunities in the rural & backward districts of maharashtra the marathi people were left with no option but to migrate to bombay but it was none of their business to change the history geopraphy culture of bombay…………and it was most unfortunate that the marathi people working in bmc collectorsoffice rationoffice police citysurveyoffices mantralaya took bribes from mafia backed builders & slumlords and allowed illegal constructions & slums to flourish all over bombay – mumbai – slumbai.
    Indonesian govt agreed for a UN referendum in East Timor due to pressure from major World Powers…………no such luck for the kashmiris……….and even if all the World Powers had to pressurize Indian govt for UN referendum in Kashmir still the Indian govt would not agree………because people in other parts of India like Punjab NorthEast Goa Assam Tamilnadu etc would also start agitating for UN referendum……………..instead of referendum what is needed in all of India is a robust job-oriented economic agricultural industrial technological commercial development and stringent two child policy and a secular police force and honest & hardworking politicians and govt servants.

    Jorge M.

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