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Please visit the below Websites of our Friends who work for the Reformation and Restructure of Christian world and for the “Empowerment of Laity”.


When our brothers are going through sufferings we are not worthy to take any credits. A few passionate ordinary Christians from Bangalore, along with friends allover India and abroad who lend their hands, with news, photos and videos.


The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF) is India’s most professionally run community NGO, touching Indian citizens with Christian love & radiating it



P.B D’Sa

Christian Reforms Mangalore


2 comments on “Must Visit Links

    January 1st, 2013 onwards let all Bishops Cardinals Parishpriests in India in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael and Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and the Saints and the Sacred Hosts of Heaven, and Lord Jesus, declare from their heart that…..….they will start utilizing vacant church properties for the housing needs of poor catholics………..they will reserve 50% seats in parish/catholic schools for children of poor catholics……..they will disclose on the church notice boards the income & expenditure accounts and all the vacant lands that are in possession of the church……….….they will utilize the parish halls & church grounds for charity work vocational training physical training etc for the benefit of poor catholics………………they will discourage the catholic parishioners from drinking alcohol……..discourage the catholics from eating the unhealthy & unhygenic bakery maida pavs………they will enforce a dress code for all those who enter the place of God that is the Church……….they will motivate the catholic parishioners to take active part in protecting the lands waterresources livelihood of farmers tribals fisherfolks……….….they will encourage the catholic youth to work towards becoming ias ips irs ifs officers doctors engineers architects etc etc etc and not just teachers drivers mechanics turner-fitters waiters callcentreworkers housemaid englishspeakingservants stenos telephonecomputeroperators receptionists etc……..AND……encourage the catholic parishioners to aggressively apply for govt. jobs – bank jobs – police jobs etc etc etc etc etc.

    Thane the largest district of India half a century ago also included the entire large salsette island…………parts of salsette island were later included in bombay district…… the maharashtra govt. is in the process of further disintegrating the Thane district but for whose benefit……..obviously not for the benefit of thane districts original people living in goathans koliwadas adivasipadas but for the benefit of the SEZ lobby Corporate lobby & the builders lobby…………ofcourse all the vacant lands mangroves ecology openspaces environment gardens playgrounds creeks estuaries ponds wells lakes rivers saltpanlands forestland agriculturallands in the entire konkan region i.e. thane bombay raigad sindhudurg ratnagiri districts are under a permanent threat from the Maharashtra govt. sez lobby corporate lobby builders lobby mining lobby landmafia lobby.

    Between 1850 and 1980 almost all the Bombayvillagers alias Eastindians lost their ancestral ( ******* *****) agricultural lands & rice fields & vegetable fields & other lands surrounding their gaothans (villages) in bombay to the britishraj Indianraj illegal-migrants slumlords landmafia buildersmafia mhada bmc collectorsoffice mmrda maharashtragovt………..1981 onwards the correct thing for bombayvillagers/eastindians to do was to agitate for quota in govt. jobs govt.housing govt.facilities but instead the bombayvillagers/eastindians got pre-occupied with alcoholism & infighting due to which the eastindians became more & more poor.

    The original inhabitants of bombay living in gaothans koliwadas adivasipadas did not agitate to change the name of bombay to mumbai………….did not agitate to change the british baptized names of airport railwaystations museums zoos bridges roads streets markets etc to marathi names……did not agitate to change the English language landrecords – workingsystem – policerecordsfir -propertydocuments – waterrecords etc to marathi language………..whatever changes that were done were by the marathi migrants…………..due to lack of office/factory job opportunities in the rural & backward districts of maharashtra the marathi people were left with no option but to migrate to bombay but it was none of their business to change the history geopraphy culture of bombay…………and it was most unfortunate that the marathi people working in bmc collectorsoffice rationoffice police citysurveyoffices mantralaya took bribes from mafia backed builders & slumlords and allowed illegal constructions & slums to flourish all over bombay – mumbai – slumbai.

    Jorge M.

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