Letter from The President of KKSV to the Inspector General of Poice (WR)

Letter from The President of KKSV to the Inspector General of Poice (WR)

by : Suresh Bhat (President of KKSV)

Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike, D.K. District

(Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum)

Samir Building, Bibi Alabi Road, Mangalore – 575 001, Ph: 9964071782


January 23, 2012

The Inspector General of Police (WR)



Sub: Yesterday’s (22.1.2012) Untoward Incidents at Uppinangadi and Haleyangadi

There is no disputing the fact that yesterday’s clashes at Uppinagady were the direct result of some extremely provocative speeches by certain notorious leaders of Sangh Parivar. No further proof is required for the fact that a very clear violation of IPC sections 153A, 153B, 295A etc had taken place. The police ought to have taken suo motu action on the spot. That they did nothing of the kind is unpardonable.

In the Haleyangadi incident, Sunil Patil, a police sub-inspector, had not only trespassed into church premises but had behaved and spoken in a manner most unbecoming of a policeman. It is reported by the pastor of theHebronChurchwho was present at the spot that Mr. Patil threatened to bring the Hindu Jagran Vedike activists waiting outside and create a ruckus inside the church. He had reportedly used abusive language and even abused God. Later, during the public meeting in the town some very provocative speeches were delivered.

We have a strong feeling that all these incidents are nothing but precursors to a much bigger catastrophe. Therefore we strongly urge that the department should act immediately to arrest any such trends and nip it in the bud. We also call upon the senior police officers not to be cowed down by threats of transfers but discharge their constitutional duties and maintain peace and harmony in the district.

Yours truly,

for Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike,

(District President)


Tension grips Uppinangady following provocative speech; Stones pelted at mosques, 7 injured

Tension grips Uppinangady following provocative speech; Stones pelted at mosques, 7 injured

Source : Coastal Digest

Sunday, 22 January 2012 23:14

Mangalore, January 22: Tense atmosphere prevailed in Uppinangady following a provocative speech by Rashtriya Swayamsevak sangh leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, who threatened to attack and shoot down the Muslim youths. Mr Bhat was addressing hundreds of people who took part in Hindu Samajotsava at Chatrapati Shivaji Maidan. When the police allowed Mr Bhat to continue his speech, dozens of Muslim youth gathered at a junction near Uppinangady bus stand urged the police to stop the “fanatic terrorists”.uppi

At this situation a verbal clash broke out between police and youths and the former resorted to mild baton charge. However, timely intervention of few Muslim leaders, who managed to send back the youths to their homes, brought the situation under control.However, the situation turned worse, when the youths returning from Samajotsava began to shout provocative slogans near bus stand. The police, once again had to resort to baton charge to disperse the mob.A few minutes later the youths from majority and minority communities confronted near Central Jum’a Masjid. However, police managed to disperse the mob.

Meanwhile, miscreants pelted stones at Juma Masjid situated behind the Government Hospital. The miscreants also threw stones at police, who rushed to the spot to disperse the mob. Subrahmanya police sub inspector Sunil Patil and two other constables got injured in the incident.There were reports of damages from various places in and around the town. Stone were pelted at a cloth shop, a mobile centre and a fancy shop in Uppinangady.

A group of provoked youths, on their way back from Samajotsava, threw stones at Masjid building at Konthur near Kadaba. Another group was stopped by police while trying to attack an elderly Muslim man near Periyadka.As per the latest reports, at least seven people have been injured in the aftermath of Samajotsava. A few among the injured have been admitted to a private hospital in Puttur.


Mr Bhat, who was apparently trying to provoke the gathering throughout his speech, lashed out at Muslims and Christians, portraying them as traitors and enemies of Hindus.“All the Muslims here are devils. Under the pretext of peace and friendship they wage ‘love jehad’ and convert Hindu girls into Islam and sell them to foreign countries”, he said. “We should not hesitate to teach them an unforgettable lesson to these devils”, he added.He went on to claim that Muslim youths who convert Hindu girls through ‘love jehad’ would receive cash rewards. “Those Muslim youths who convert a Kashmiri girl will receive Rs 9 lakh. The reward for converting a Panjabi girl is Rs 7 lakh. Those who convert other Hindu girls will be paid Rs 5 lakh”, he said adding some vulgar jokes.HD_23Jan_8

Mr Bhat also urged the Hindu youths to attack and torture their Muslim counterparts if the latter were seen talking with Hindu girls.“If we hand them over to police, the latter will allow them to go home after receiving Rs 15,000 from them. Hence, we have decided to teach an unforgettable lesson to them without handing over to the police. We know how to punish them”, he said.

“We will shoot down such Muslim youths”, he shouted.

Mr Bhat also warned the Hindu parents against sending their children to the educational institutions run by Christians. “Christians have built schools and hospitals here only with the intention of conversion and not for any noble cause”, he said. “Why do you send your children to such Christian schools instead of Hindu schools? Why should Hindu children call the Christian priests as Fathers?”, he questioned. Mr Bhat’s speech was audible across the town by fixing loud speakers in various places, in an apparent violation of a recent harmony-meet resolution to confine loud speakers only to the convention venue.

President, PUCL Comments:

It is a pity that a rat from Kalladka is allowed to screech and scream on public platforms who has suddenly become courageous, whereas he was hiding in rat hole somewhere in an unknown place after the murder of Kalladka Ismail. Just because BJP Government which is the God child of RSS is in power. He has been provoking the feelings of minority communities and encouraging majority youth to attack the minority community.
Several cases should have been filed against this rat by the police under Section 153A, 153B and Section 295 for not only promoting enmities between communities but even causing national disintegration and serious damage to the unity of this beautiful country with so many religions, languages, cultures, colors, and seasons. by speaking about the Hindu Rashtra he is abusing the constitution of India which a secular country.
Police should have by now filed thousands of cases against this rat for his traitorous activities, adn ‘Suo-Moto’. But our IAS and IPS officers who are unfit to be even peons in their own offices regularly go to him and prostrate before him and take instructions from him. He decides the promotions and transfers of IAS and IPS officers, it is indeed a shame to the founders of this country who wanted the IAS,IPS and IFS to be a steel frame of India so that the corrupt politicians are kept within the constitution and various acts of the government.
If they are unable to face this rat which has now become a bandicoot on their honor they should resign from their services as they have taken an oath to protect the constitution at any cost.
But are they honorable men?

Using the cow

Using the cow

Madhya Pradesh, January 08, 2012: If you are a resident of Madhya Pradesh, Muslim and poor, nowhere close to the class of nawabs who can pay for murg musallam or mutton raan, watch your pot! The BJP government, led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has just armed itself with a big danda ostensibly to protect the holy cow and its progeny. But, make no mistake, it’s a stick to beat you with. To save your skin, turn vegetarian or get out of the state. Better still, go to court. Veganism, remember, is not an option in the land of gau rakshaks: that might be construed as turning your back on what the gau mata has on offer — doodh, dahi, desi ghee and more.

In case you missed the news, the MP government’s Gau-Vansh Vadh Pratishedh (Sanshodhan) Act has just received the presidential nod. Punishment for slaughtering the cow or its progeny, transporting them to slaughter and storing beef, under the more-Hindu-than-thou legislation, will be severe: up to seven years in jail.

Eating beef has been a contentious issue in the country for long. A few years ago, Professor D.N. Jha, an eminent historian, argued in his book that in ancient India Hindus loved their cow and ate it too. For Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the Hindu Mahasabha leader who gave us the “Hindutva” concept, the cow was merely a “useful animal”, but by no means a sacred animal.

But for the Arya Samaj founder Swami Dayanand Saraswati, it was indeed Holy Cow. The Arya Samaj endorsed cow worship even though it rejected idol worship and polytheism. To Mahatma Gandhi, the cow was “a poem of pity”. He too worshipped it.

India has had a long history of agitation for cow protection, no doubt. Today, laws prohibiting cow slaughter are in force in several parts of the country. This column is not about their rationale, but the severe punishment stipulated in the new enactment in MP.

A comparison with other states shows that there is no bar, or limited restriction, on beef consumption in Bihar, West Bengal, the northeastern states — Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura — and Kerala. Where prohibitory laws are in place, the punishment for offenders varies from six months in Maharashtra to two years in Orissa. Some of the stringent provisions are in states which are, or have been, under BJP rule: Gujarat, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand.

Look at it from another angle: check out the Indian Penal Code. For example, Section 295 of IPC says that for “whoever destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship”, the prescribed punishment is imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with a fine, or both. Could this mean that the punishment for destroying the Babri mosque is two years while the punishment for slaughtering a cow, or keeping beef at home or a hotel (in MP) is up to seven years?

Cow protection laws may be justified on religious grounds. But the provision of stringent punishments in BJP-ruled states clearly points to the communal dimension. This is starkly evident in the case of BJP- ruled Madhya Pradesh. Under its new law, a humble head constable upwards, “or any person authorised by a competent authority”, has the power to enter, inspect and search any premises “where he has reason to believe that an offence has been, is being, or is likely to be committed and take necessary action”.

Is likely to be committed? You do not need a particularly fertile imagination to recognise the numerous possibilities in this draconian and insidious provision to harass, intimidate, implicate, detain, arrest or prosecute a targeted section of citizens. In a state where as often as not the police function as the private militia of the
Saffron Brotherhood, who is to determine, and on what basis, whether a chunk of meat stored in the fridge or simmering on the burner comes from a buffalo (not prohibited) or from a cow or its progeny?

The low-profile chief minister of MP is wilier than we think. Having successfully sold the idea that here is a man whose sole concern is aspirational politics — bijli, sadak, pani — Chouhan has been cannily pursuing the politics of Hindutva Plus. Because he chooses to operate below the media radar, the country remains blissfully ignorant of his relentless Hinduisation of MP society.

Consider the deeds of the MP government as enumerated by the Bhopal- based journalist and secular activist, L.S. Herdenia, in a report last year:

Chouhan publicly enjoins government employees to take an active part in RSS activities; several government schemes are named after Hindu rituals and ceremonies; the Bhopal police chief issued a “secret” circular to all police stations in 2010, directing them to collect all kind of information from Christian institutions under their

In early 2007, surya namaskar was made mandatory in government schools. In 2009, the government declared that students would have to recite a Sanskrit hymn, the Bhojan Mantra, before partaking of their government-funded midday meals. In April 2011, Chouhan announced that Gita Saar (Essence of the Gita) would henceforth be compulsorily taught to all students. And many land allotments have been made to various saffron organisations; one of them was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2011.

Add the latest draconian enactment on cow slaughter to the above and you get a complete picture of the agenda at work in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh: target Muslims with cow slaughter, Christians with “forced conversions”.

– javed anand