IT probe against CASK- (Catholic Association of South Kanara)

IT probe against CASK- (Catholic Association of South Kanara)

source: The Canara Times

MANGALORE : The Income Tax Department which has accused the Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) of tax evasion, has ordered a probe into the same. If the Mangalore Bishop is the patron of CASK, all the day-to-day affairs are monitored by his Marcel Monteiro.

The CASK President had issued three circulars. If the circular dated 1-6-2011 had declared that the Association had earned a revenue of Rs 6,38,600/- through sale of liquor, another circular dated 6-6-2011 had said that 11900 dollars had been received for the centenary fund from Christians in America and Canada. The third circular dated 9-6-2011 had declared that the CASK had received a donation of Rs one crore.

It has been learnt that the CASK had not shown records pertaining to the above funds exceeding Rs 2 crore neither in its statement of accounts nor had paid taxes for the same.Reliable sources revealed that CASK intended to deposit this amount in the name of the office bearers and members of the Association.

The Income Tax Department which has ordered a probe has said that all members and office bearers of the Association as well as the Bishop would be enquired individually and that legal action would also follow.


VERY IMPORTANT- Justice Saldanha’s letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Mangalore.





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 06th February 2012

The Deputy Commissioner,


            M/s. Transparency International is a highly respected global institution which inter-alia fights corruption and mal-administration, and in India, it investigates and acts through the State and Central Governments, the Lokayuktas and the Courts in combating malpractices in the public domain.  This body has earned National and Global repute for having investigated and redressed cases of corruption where public servants have mis-conducted themselves resulting in corrupt practices and break-down of the Law and Order situation.  One of the principles that is followed is that the public servant concerned is confronted with the Heads of the Charges, given an opportunity to defend, and after a careful evaluation, the action follows.

There has been serious concern with regard to the break-down of the Law and Order situation particularly in the city of Mangalore as also in different parts of the District, particularly after you have taken over as the D.C. The charge against you is that you are not only close to but are actively mixed up with communal elements who are instigating hatred and violence and that you have now emboldened yourself to the extent of appearing in public  at all important functions organized by these Groups.  This is not permissible as far as a public servant holding a responsible position is concerned.  There is a lot of media coverage as far as this charge goes culminating in two very serious instances.  The first of them is when you prominently appeared at a function organized by one of these Groups and wore a saffron shawl which is proof of your total alignment.  This was followed up by another very serious incident where a van selling hate literature was positioned outside your office for the whole day and thousands of copies of this material was distributed.  There is photographic evidence to establish these two incidents and if there is anything that you wish to point out in your defense, you are entitled to do so.

         Whereas the first charge relates to active collusion and connivance, there is an allied charge against you that despite 27 public demands from individuals and organizations spread over the last several weeks, to take action for extradition of the guilty individuals under the Police Act that you have done nothing up to the present point of time. This action is mandatory and not discretionary and the non-action is conclusive proof of total collusion with the law-breakers.  This patronage from the DC has openly encouraged the persons involved in these unlawful activities to instigate violence and communal hatred and they are 100% confident that the authority who is statutorily empowered and required to act against them will not do so.                

          This constitutes showing of favor to persons who are on the wrong side of the Law and constitutes an offence punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act.  There is a file full of material under this Head of Charge including videos and audio C.Ds.  It is open to you to put forward your defense in respect of this Head of Charge.

         Incidents of extreme seriousness had occurred with regard to malafide, vicious and vindictive action directed against a Kannada Publication by the name of ‘Karavali Ale’.  Anti-social elements were used to attack the Press and to interfere with the circulation and it was found that the Police and the Administration were co-conspirators in these offences.  At the instance of some highly placed individuals, the Editor was arrested on false and untenable charges shifted from place to place and even produced in Court in chains.  These incidents shook the conscience of the State of Karnataka, the sub-continent and came in for condemnation by the global media.  The Karnataka High Court passed severe strictures against the State Government and the individuals involved and even ordered the payment of heavy compensation.  There is a very strong Report from the Press Council of India in respect of these incidents which is under consideration by a host of International bodies.  The State Human Rights Commission has condemned every one of these actions and has recommended stringent steps to the Government of    India.  Regardless of this background, it is reported to Transparency International India, that you have issued fresh Summons to the Publication and are trying to reopen the matter inter alia to harass and blackmail.  In the background of charges (1) and (2) the irresistible conclusion is that this action which bristles with malafides is at the instance of the various communal elements whom you are heavily mixed up with.  This automatically and totally disqualifies you from taking any steps in the matter not because they are completely and totally unjustified but more importantly because you have a personal animus against the Publication.  It is reported that merely because they have carried news and photographs in relation to charges (1) and (2) which have also been carried by the rest of the media and TV channels that you are not only biased but motivated.  If the Law permits any enquiry to be held, it will have to be done by an authority other than yourself as it is well settled Law that no proper or fair enquiry can be conducted if the Enquiry Officer is himself tainted.  Also, there is a well defined principle which has to be observed namely that there has to be valid factual and legal justification for initiating such a step, it is required to be stated as to under which Provision of Law, the proceeding is being initiated and if these ingredients are satisfied, a valid Show-cause Notice setting out the Heads of Charge and the material in support have to be served on the affected party.  If the allegations are disputed, a proper enquiry will have to follow in keeping with the rules of Natural Justice resulting in an Order that passes legal scrutiny.  The Law also postulates that if the Order is adverse that it cannot be given effect to until a reasonable period of time for filing an Appeal or challenging it in Court as elapsed.  On the facts of the present case, in spite of what has been pointed out to you, if you insist on conducting the enquiry for yourself, the proceeding will be rendered void, apart from the fact that it will be added proof of malafide action and will invite a strong Order from the High Court, in addition to disciplinary action.  Also, it is well settled Law that if such a proceeding is instituted without there being valid and cogent justification, that the Law prescribes heavy penalty on the official concerned.

             This notice is being formally served on you and considering the fact that you hold a responsible position, reasonable time of Four Weeks is accorded to you to put forward whatever reply / defense you may desire to adduce.  If no reply is received within the prescribed period of time, it will be presumed that you have nothing to say by way of defense and that the Heads of Charge stand admitted.

Finally, it is in your own interest to STAY any further steps in the enquiry until these issues are decided.







  Copies distributed to press by PUCL, for favor of wide publicity

         (P.B D’Sa)

‘Mangalore Club’ bars entry for Justice Saldanha

‘Mangalore Club’ bars entry for Justice Saldanha

source: The Canara Times

MANGALORE : It has come to light of late that former High Court judge Justice MF Saldanha and PUCL leader PB D’Sa have been barred from entering the premises of the prestigious Mangalore Club located at Morgansgate in the city.

The Club founded during the British times, as early as 1876 has since then been a recreation spot for the affluent section of Mangalore. Presently, the Club houses a bar,auditorium, party hall, billiards room, library, card room and swimming pool and has 500 members.

But recently, when some incidents which harmed the reputation of the club took place, Justice Saldanha had lodged a complaint.PB D’Sa was a witness to these incidents. It is now being said that it was for this reason that the two have been barred from entering the club. But the interesting fact is that neither Justice Saldanha nor D’Sa are members of this Club !

Justice Saldanha had some time back complained that “Unlicensed liquor was secured from Goa and this liquor worth lakhs was sold at the Club during the victory celebrations of a candidate in the CASK Presidential election.” PB D’Sa was a witness to the same. Though there was a probe by Excise officials later, the case was closed very soon. Later, a meeting of Mangalore Club was held on November 30, 2011 and resolved that Justice
Saldanha and P B’Sa should not be allowed entry into the club for any reason. A notice has even been put up in this regard in the Club’s Notice Board on December 2, 2011. **