‘Mangalore Club’ bars entry for Justice Saldanha

‘Mangalore Club’ bars entry for Justice Saldanha

source: The Canara Times

MANGALORE : It has come to light of late that former High Court judge Justice MF Saldanha and PUCL leader PB D’Sa have been barred from entering the premises of the prestigious Mangalore Club located at Morgansgate in the city.

The Club founded during the British times, as early as 1876 has since then been a recreation spot for the affluent section of Mangalore. Presently, the Club houses a bar,auditorium, party hall, billiards room, library, card room and swimming pool and has 500 members.

But recently, when some incidents which harmed the reputation of the club took place, Justice Saldanha had lodged a complaint.PB D’Sa was a witness to these incidents. It is now being said that it was for this reason that the two have been barred from entering the club. But the interesting fact is that neither Justice Saldanha nor D’Sa are members of this Club !

Justice Saldanha had some time back complained that “Unlicensed liquor was secured from Goa and this liquor worth lakhs was sold at the Club during the victory celebrations of a candidate in the CASK Presidential election.” PB D’Sa was a witness to the same. Though there was a probe by Excise officials later, the case was closed very soon. Later, a meeting of Mangalore Club was held on November 30, 2011 and resolved that Justice
Saldanha and P B’Sa should not be allowed entry into the club for any reason. A notice has even been put up in this regard in the Club’s Notice Board on December 2, 2011. **