About Christian Reforms

“Christian Reforms Foundation”, is a  Charitable trust created by Mr. P.B D’Sa stationed at Mangalore after 40 years of work in the field of “Human Rights”, “Civil Liberties” and Reforms in the community in which he was born, at Mangalore on 20th of May 1941. As far as Christian community 1s concerned he has worked for the Unity of All Christians in his little way refusing to divide the Community into tit-bits under different Bombastic and Misleading titles. He is not much bothered about the religious aspects of the community but concentrates on the Temporal Issues.

P.B D’Sa

He says “98% of the Laity and their properties movable and immovable assets are fraudulently controlled by the 2% Clergy, Mismanaged, Misappropriated and Misused. There is no transparency in the dealings of the Organised Churches”. Chrisitan Reforms Foundation wants to bring about the transparency in temporal issues of the Community and take control of all the Christian Assets and finances with proportionate representation of Clergy and the Laity. In other words in the Management of Temporal Issues 98% of the representatives should be from the Laity and 2% from the Clergy.

He firmly believes if properly managed Christians can be the strongest Community in India. like the Parsies and it can take active part  in the management of this country and above all play a very Important role in bringing together peoples of All religions in India and achieve peace and prosperity for all.

P.B D’Sa addressing the press meet of Christian Reforms Foundation

One of the priority of Christian Reforms Foundation is to create a network in the entire country and bring together all those Laymen who are fighting their own battle to reform the Clergy who have now become corrupt and worldly. There may be some good priest among the lot. But their voice is not heard. the Control of the Temporal Issues is now in the hands of the most corrupt and arrogant priests.

This Foundation does not dream achieving their goal in one or two-years it may take five years or ten years or twenty five years but it is determined to move forward steadily and take over the management of The Organised Church as early as Possible.

It Welcomes the like minded people to respond both in Cash and Kind, nothing is possible without the participation of the people. this is a people’s movement to be fought together.

P.B D’Sa

Chief Trustee


4 comments on “About Christian Reforms

  1. Hi,
    Greetings in the LORD.
    I belong to a non-denominational Church, at Bangalore which is around 22 years old. The said Church is actually part of the worldwide churches. The Church has its branches in almost all the States of India and the network of said Churches in India is like a unit. It is an ever growing Church in membership and also the new Church plantings are keep happening. The Church has a very sound doctrine and wonderfully committed members. The present membership of the Church all over India is around 10,000. I am a member of this Church for over 18 years . I have served this Church in a number of ways and continue to serve in the way the LORD leads me.
    The Church is mainly supported by the contribution of the local members and partly by foreign churches, and we are working towards complete self supportive financially. The foreign churches have already expressed their inability to support for a long time.

    My church is led by full time workers. None of them are from a formally (theological) educated and trained leaders. But they are pretty good and skillful. But lately me and some of the senior members are witnessing lot of unhealthy leadership and lack of transparency in administration, arbitrary exercise of authority, excessive control over the members
    I am earnestly praying and discussing with lots of like minded members on how to help the situation.

    Today in the google search I came across your site. I am unsure whether you are into helping situations like this. If you are, kindly suggest me how to go about. If you are not into these field, can you kindly refer me to some godly person or Organisation which would be sincerely interested to help us.

    In either case, kindly acknowledge the receipt of mail at the earliest.

    Happy New Year. May the LORD bless you all your efforts to strengthen and advance HIS kingdom in India.

    IN HIM


    • Dear Vincent

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry. I was not able to reply earlier. I do not think i can guide you or help you without knowing your entire problem. If you regularly visit our blog and that of mumbailaity.wordrpress.com, you may get some idea of our work and approach to the problem. Our main aim is REFORM, RESTRUCTURE the Church and EMPOWER the laity. We have worked out a strategy to build a network of Christian Laymen in India. You may attend some of our conferences, since we are all Christians we have to work together, and for this it is necessary that we meet regularly at least 2 of 3 times a year.

      With Kind Regards
      Yours Sincerely

      P.B. D’Sa

    • Hi Vincent: I belong to a church that is 2014 years old.
      My Church was founded by Our Lord Jesus Church. Who was your founder?
      And what are these ‘sound’ doctrines you speak of? Who proclaimed them to ‘sound’ doctrines and where does he get his authouity? Also what authority had your founder to found another ‘Christ’ian Church?
      Does that mean that anyone can go out and set up a church?
      I look forward to hearing from you.


    A Frenchman by the name Rene LeBouvier who was baptized when he was kid has decided to quit catholicism but his local catholic church has refused from de-baptising or un-baptizing him from Catholicism…..This Frenchman has filed a application in French court and wants the courts there to issue order to his local catholic church to de-baptize him and remove him from the registers of the church.

    Jesus did not command His disciples to baptize children—whoever brought the children did not bring them for the purpose of having them baptized. Furthermore, while there are records of Christ’s disciples baptizing adults, there are no records of them baptizing children. In fact, the disciples shunned the children at first, possibly because the disciples thought that the children “interfered” with one of the main objectives of Christ’s ministry: to baptize penitent adults…………..Baptism is for forgiveness of sins. Infants have no sins, so they do not need to have sins remitted. Also, each account of baptism in the New Testament shows that people who were baptized had the option of refusing baptism, but infants do not have that capability.

    Those lay catholics like that Frenchman who want to quit Catholicism on their own free will are most welcome……….but those who want to remain catholics need to reform the catholic church and fight corruption in the catholic church……..Here in Bombay some lay catholics have formed a group by the name Association of Concerned Catholics ( details on **** http://www.mumbailaity.wordpress.com **** ) to reform the catholic church in bombay as well as to stop the corrupt activities of some of the parish priests.

    Lay Catholics are the shareholders of the church…..it is the lay catholics who have donated land and money for the church……but the clergy in the last two decades have stopped sharing the wealth of the church with the laity…….for example here in bombay the land in possession of Churches in Bombay were given by our East Indians to the Church for housing of needy Catholics. While at the initial stage the Clergy did honor the wishes of the donors of these lands, it is sadly noted that as time passed the wishes of these donors were forgotten by the Catholic Clergy and in its place the Catholic Clergy looked at monitory benefits which as you are aware of most Catholics are unable to comply with………Had it not been for the greed of the Catholic Clergy – Parishes in Bombay would have had a sizable Catholic population……..The parishioners have made many representations to the clergy to utilize church lands for housing of needy catholics but unfortunately the clergy look the monitory way and the benifits which attract them rather than looking at the housing and wellbeing of their flock, etc………but at the same time the clergy which includes the Bishops & Cardinal preach from the pulpit about poverty and helping the poor with cash and kind which includes housing. HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST IN THE CHURCH OF BOMBAY!!!!!!!!

    Lay catholics in Bombay and other diocese of India need to wake-up from their deep slumber and become combative – aggressive – ambitious – politically active AND start agitating for all these demands…….demand from the Parish Priest to disclose once in three months in parish bulletins or church notice boards how church funds were utilized…..demand from the Parish Priest to remove from the church cupboards all the landrecords agreements 7/12 extracts address area ctsnos surveynos of all the vacant church properties which the church was in possession of during the last 50 years and disclose in parish bulletins or notice board which of those properties were given on lease or rent and which properties have been sold off to builders and what the money recvd from lease, rent & sale was utilized for……….demand from the clergy to reserve 50% seats for catholics in all catholic institutions including catholic schools…………demand from the clergy to disclose permanently on church notice boards the names & contact numbers of members of church finance committees – property cell committees – catholic school committees – church committees……….demand from the clergy to give short sermons during Sunday Mass…….PERSUADE the lay catholics of the diocese to stop drinking alcohol………persuade those christians who have hindu names to adopt christian names so that they can reflect their christian religion……..persuade the lay catholics to aggressively apply for government jobs – police jobs – bank jobs – etc etc etc……..oppose forcible land acquisition……..oppose fraudulent & allurement conversion activities of christian missionaries…….oppose forcible conversion activities of right wing hindu groups……….oppose corruption in politics & govt. depts……..support Govt. of India’s two child policy………oppose female foeticide/infanticide…….protect open spaces mangroves water resources from being grabbed by builders & slumlords.

    Jorge Monteiro

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