Jury now deliberating in Pastor G’s sex trial

Jury now deliberating in Pastor G’s sex trial

TARRANT COUNTY, Texas (WRIC) — Closing arguments are done and the jury will deliberate in the trial for a former Richmond pastor Geronimo ‘Pastor G’ Aguilar.

The prosecution was up first to deliver their closing statements before the case is handed off to the jury. Prosecutors said the alleged victim has never swayed in her interviews or testimony and that the testimony from the first alleged victim was enough to convict Aguilar on all seven counts. Prosecutors then posed a question: Why did the alleged victims wait to come forward until now? The answer, the prosecution said, is “because it is the right thing to do and they are strong enough now.” Prosecutors closed by saying that Pastor G has been abusing girls for 17 years and now is the time to change it.

The defense began their closing arguments by pointing out that no one witnessed the alleged sex acts except the victims. The defense also said that there was a Child Protective Services investigation in Texas in the ’90s, but that ruled out allegations against Aguilar. Defense attorneys also said that “a biased media frenzy in Virginia” impacted the case. The defense also said that although Aguilar participated in extramarital affairs, they all happened in Virginia, where the offense isn’t a crime.

The judge denied a motion by the defense for a mistrial in the Aguilar child sex abuse case earlier Wednesday.

First on the stand was the godfather of a former Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) parishioner who testified Tuesday that Aguilar was inappropriate with her when she was just 16-years-old. She said she remembered physically shaking when Pastor G hugged her. She went on to testify that the hugs soon turned to kisses, and eventually he was fondling the teen’s behind and breasts.

The teen’s godfather says he confronted Pastor G about the allegations his goddaughter made and asked him if he molested her. Aguilar then began to cry, he testified. The godfather says Aguilar also said it was a family curse and that he needed help.

The defense pointed out the allegations were brought to police and no charges were ever filed.

Defense attorneys argued the states’ witnesses from Virginia didn’t pertain to the case calling it a “side show” and a “circus.” The judge disagreed and the state rested its case.

Aguilar admitted yesterday he had multiple affairs with ROC church parishioners, but stressed he never sexually assaulted a child.



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