Information about M.P. Noronha, Asst. Bishop of Mangalore


“Pauline” Muller’s Road Valencia Mangalore-575002

Date : 19.06.2015

  1. Inter-Nuncio                              2. Arch. Bishop

New Delhi                                          Bangalore

  1. Bishop of Mangalore               4. All Important Leaders of Catholics


Mangalore – 03


Sub : Information about M.P. Noronha, Asst. Bishop of


          Ref : Our letter dated 06.12.2014

On 06.12.2014 we wrote to you about various ill deeds of M.P Noronha an advocate and right hand man of Bishop of Mangalore, whom another 89 year old Christian advocate by name Clarence Pais has Baptized as Asst. Bishop of Mangalore.

We had requested in our said letter to the Bishop of Mangalore to probe into the various criminal deeds of the man and terminate him from various positions and responsibilities bestowed on him by the Bishop as he would bring disgrace to the Catholic Community. But the Bishop has responded with deadly silence. Hence this reminder with more information.

First of all a criminal case has been filed by the Principle Civil Judge Mangalore vide complaint No.61/2014 on 30-10-2014 against M.P. Noronha for committing a forgery of Court documents by forging the signature of the Judge in M.C.No. 177/04. It is a question of time before he is arrested. We are informed by reliable sources that Bishops and Christian Politicians have brought around lot of pressure on the Home Minister Mr. K.J. George, (Who is a Christian) so that M.P.Noronha is not arrested.

Secondly   M.P. Noronha threatened to destroy one Mr. C.D’Souza and his entirefamily through his underworld contacts from Dubai and there are two criminal cases filed by Mr. D’Souza against him because of these criminal threats. Court has issued summons for Noronha on 15.04.2015to appear before the court in criminal cases No. 90/11 (QPS). But till date he is dodging the court.

Thirdly on the advice of Noronha, Priests of St. Aloysius college demolished a house of MR. Baptist Lewis a poor labourer and in the process even molested his daughters. FIR No. 137/2014 is pending at the Court. Charge Sheet is filed against 2 Priests.

Thirdly, Partitition / Will etc of Mrs. Florine Pinto of Nidel, Padav, Kulshekar (Later Shifted to Puttur). Mr. M.P.Noronha was appointed by her children as their advocate. The eldest son Cyril was the P.A. Holder, But he betrayed the younger brothers and got the 1/3 share of his mother in his name. This resulted in a misunderstanding amongst the brothers which compelled the younger brothers to file a case against the eldest brother. Though Noronha was the advocate for all the brother initially he changed sides and started supporting the eldest brother Cyril. This is a normal practice by Noronha.

Some time back one of his bachelor clients died near Fr Muller’s Hospital, Valencia. It is reported to us that his 75 cents land was swallowed by Noronha by creating a bogus “Will’ and a Trust . This was worth crores  of Rupees . As fake Managing Trustee Noronha earned crores.

It is common knowledge that to Obtain favorable order  from the court in the matter regarding illegal water connection  to Fr Muller Hospital, Noronha gave a Maruthi Alto car to the judge Tulsiram.

Two ladies from near the Retreat House Mangalore had approached us about a year back stating that Noronha was trying to cheat them of their large property, but they did not fall a prey to his tricks . They  have promised to give us the documents to prove their allegation.

Noronha was defending one Benet Johnson in OS 481/97 but all of  a sudden he betrayed Benit Johnson And started depending the opposite party, CSITA.

Benet has filed a revision petition before the Bar Council of India New Delhi on 8.11.2006. against Noronha and his partners in Manu Advocates, in which even Michael John D’cunha was a partner . It is well known that he has now become Registrar General of High Court of Karnataka.

The Christian community in South Kanara has lost complete faith and trust on the Bishop of Mangalore because the Bishop is using him in all his deals and deeds and every one knows about the crimes of  Noronha. Bishops advisors are also mediocre people.

Yet one more case is one Mr. Norman Rodrigues of Falnir, Mangalore who has been shown as dead to the Court by Noronha, just to dupe a tenant and obtain eviction in the court.

Finally, the forgery of a Divorce Decree in the Court has become such  an issue that Noronha’s client Gladys Almieda has been arrested and rotting in the prison since 3 months for the sins committed by Noronha and his accomplice, Asha Nayak. It is now come to light that Noronha also created a false will of Everest in favour of Gladys Almieda.

The scandal is so deep rooted that even more than three Priests are involved and had affairs with Gadys and one of them by name Ronald D’Souza has a girl child (second Child) by this Priest we are enclosing herewith 2 photo graphs herewith as evidence. One is showing the Priest returning from the Prison where Gladys is lodged and the other showing him carrying the child that he has sired.

Will the Bishop act atleast now?

To cover up his sins Noronha has filed a defamation case against members of PUCL including Justice M.F. Saldanha because they wrote to the court about his deed. We will fully expose him.

Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                For Indian Christian Laity Forum


                                                                                                                         David D’Souza

                                                                                                                          (President )


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