What’s Nienstedt’s next move post-resignation?

What’s Nienstedt’s next move post-resignation?

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) –

To St. Thomas Canon Law professor Charles Reid, John Nienstedt’s resignation is further proof that the embattled archbishop’s continued position was unsustainable.

“We have the arch dios in bankruptcy, we have the criminal charges that have been brought against the archdiocese, we have the creation of a panel a tribunal in Rome to investigate cases of cover ups by bishops,” Reid listed.

Resigning from the archbishop seat does not leave him without privilege however, but the question remains: Was stepping down a calculated move to keep from being defrocked?
“As an administrator, as an archbishop, he’s done completely. As someone who can still say mass, as someone who can act as a priest, perform confirmations, he can still do that,” Reid said.

What’s next for Nienstedt could be up for negotiation.

“We’ve seen bishops do all sorts of things after they step down from something like this. What his future is, I don’t know,” Reid said.

Regardless, Reid says he hopes it’s not a cause for another scandal and it’s up to the public to leave room for grace.

“We should extend forgiveness in this case. In good faith, let’s say he tried his best, his best wasn’t good enough,” he said.



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