Victims’ symposium to be held in Perth next month

Victims’ symposium to be held in Perth next month

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Leaders in the field of ‘victim services and research’ will discuss the latest ways to improve the lives of victims at the 15th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology (WSV), to be held 05 – 09 July in Perth, Western Australia.

Organised by Victim Support Australia in partnership with angelhands, the Australian Institute of Criminology and the WSV and sponsored by the Western Australian Government, the Symposium is expected to attract more than 450 professionals including victims’ advocates, researchers, police, child protection workers, lawyers and social workers.

The theme of the Symposium is Victimisation, justice and healing: challenging orthodoxies and a number of international and national speakers will provide keynote addresses including: Professor Sandra Walklate, an internationally recognised expert in victimology (particularly criminal victimisation and the fear of crime) from the University of Liverpool’s Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology; professor Eric Stover, who will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a victim-centred approach at international criminal courts. Stover is faculty director of the Human Rights Center and Adjunct Professor of Law and Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley and commissioner Helen Milroy from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Mahashini Krishna, chair of Victim Support Australia and NSW commissioner of Victims Rights, Victims Services, said the symposium was a unique opportunity for international engagement with victimologists, victim services practitioners, the judiciary, policing, researchers, non-Government organisations and policy makers.


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