George Pell seeks apology from Peter Saunders over 60 Minutes interview

George Pell seeks apology from Peter Saunders over 60 Minutes interview

CARDINAL George Pell has sent a legal letter demanding Peter Saunders withdraw allegations which the Cardinal claims present him as a sociopath who lied to cover up child sexual abuse matters.

Through his lawyer, Cardinal Pell accused Mr Saunders, who sits on the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, of adopting the authority of the church committee in a misleading manner during an explosive 60 Minutes interview.

A British child abuse survivor, Mr Saunders last week told the program Cardinal Pell’s treatment of abuse victims had been callous and his position was untenable.

A letter from Cardinal Pell’s lawyer Richard Leder states Mr Saunders’ comments were “either uninformed as to the relevant history, or were deliberately selective” and that they were “inconsistent with the position of the church and the church committee of which you are a member”.

The legal demand calls on Mr Saunders to withdraw his allegations, which the lawyers claim present Cardinal Pell as a sociopath, lacking in empathy and obstructing the work of the Pontifical Commission.


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