British MP reveals sex abuse at hands of priest

British MP reveals sex abuse at hands of priest

The former ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant, who grew up in a working class family in Liverpool, says she was abused by Anglican vicar and family friend Reverend William Cameron when she was nine.

Ms Dorries, who never went to the police, claims the abuse began when she was summoned to the Haleford vicarage on the pretence of looking at his stamp collection.

The man, now dead, showed her a ‘Playboy’ magazine as well as photos of him and his wife having sex, the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire said in an interview.

She claims he also used to visit her family home and perform sex acts near her when she was in bed.

“It has taken me 49 years to talk about it,” she said. “It has been slowly coming out and each time I say the words it gets a bit easier.”

Ms Dorries, who has until now claimed the books are fictitious, said she found healing in writing the thinly veiled accounts.

She said: “It was fired by hatred and revenge, and I’m the first to admit I’m not proud of that, but it worked for me.”


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