Fox’s Favorite Catholic Priest Says Sexual Abuse No Reason To Deprive Duggars Of TV

Fox’s Favorite Catholic Priest Says

What kind of fair and balanced “news” network would Fox be if it didn’t have its own rightwing whackadoodle Catholic priest on speed dial to pronounce God’s own truth to the half-comatose octogenarian audience? (That’s a rhetorical question.) As Fox’s official “religion contributor,” Father Jonathan Morris is often called upon to explain, in his priestly garb, what Jesus said about slut pills, or how Obama is raping the First Amendment — or, as he did on Tucker Carlson’s Sunday show, why the Duggars should not have to lose their reality TV show just because Josh molested four of his sisters and a babysitter:

We’re hearing such outcry. Get the Duggars off TV! It’s so bad for America! This is a bad example! How can you possibly allow them to stay on? Really?!? […] A social outcry, that they are somehow bad people, they should not be allowed on television — I don’t think so.



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