Five teachers at top school abused boys

Five teachers at top school abused boys

The royal commission into child sexual abuse will hear from Craig Treloar, who was sentenced to four and a half years in jail, with two years non-parole, in 2009 for indecent assault.

It will also hear from Damien Vance, who was convicted of one act of indecency on a boy under 16 and released on a good behaviour bond.

In his opening statement on Monday, counsel for the commission David Lloyd said five teachers at Knox in Wahroonga on Sydney’s north shore were convicted of sex offences against students.

There would be evidence of abuse by a further three teachers who were never charged, he said.

Mr Lloyd said the school, which was established in 1924 by the Presbyterian Church, had five boarding houses supervised by resident masters in the 1980s.

During that time there didn’t appear to be any formal process for employing someone who wanted to be a resident master.

‘The evidence will disclose that at least one of the resident masters employed in around 1986, a Mr Chris Fotis, had criminal convictions for more than one offence at the time he was employed,’ he said.

Mr Fotis will give evidence later in the hearing.

Mr Lloyd said one witness, Guy Lamond, who started at Knox as a six-year-old in 1980, was abused by two teachers.

One of the teachers, Barrie Stewart, was charged with indecent assault against seven students and received a suspended sentence.

The other teacher, Craig Treloar, showed Mr Lamond and other boys pornographic videos of boys performing oral sex on younger boys and older men having sex with young boys.

At one point he asked Mr Lamond to perform oral sex on him.

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