Gumbura a pervert, but certainly not a rapist

Gumbura a pervert, but certainly not a rapist

THERE is, arguably, no contemporary figure that has unified opinion, and attracted universal condemnation like Robert Martin Gumbura the leader of extremist Christian fellowship, End Time Message.

About a year ago Robert Gumbura was arrested and hauled before the courts, accused of raping two women married to the same man. The circumstances were that, the women’s husband who lives in South Africa had sent money for them through the church leader, and when they went to collect it, he insisted on seeing them separately. He subsequently raped them.

Gumbura quickly adopted the title of the ‘Rapist Pastor’. This was just the start of his problems. The beleaguered clergyman would soon make more headlines, as one woman after the other began to approach the police with reports of alleged rape at his hands.

At one point the women who were accusing him of forcibly tapping the cupcake reached a staggering 40. In fact, the number of women who have claimed rape, including those who have not pressed charges has since been reported to be over a 100. Wow!

Zimbabwe has progressed as a nation to protect women from all forms of abuse, and sexual abuse is taken seriously in this conservative nation. The number of women distressed by Gumbura’s poking stick is upsetting, and for that he deserved some form of punishment, by karma however, and not by law.

You see, the circumstances around the entire cases(s) are less than convincing. Rape implies that a woman has been forced, and coerced into having sex. The characteristic of the sexual encounter being non-consensual is what constitutes Rape.

In Gumbura’s case however, it is nowhere near that. None of the women were forced at knife point, or drugged and date raped. In fact, they consented to the encounters, albeit after being lied to. But is this Rape? I don’t think so.

Gumbura lied to the women in question that he had some supernatural powers, and that those who refused to bed him would meet unfortunate and torrid ends. He basically deceived his way into their pants.

But if lying your way into a woman’s honeypot is rape, then I am afraid we are all guilty of it. All men do it repeatedly, or at least a handful of times in a lifetime. Men will claim to love a woman, just to get their way with her in bed.

Going by the Gumbura precedence, then any woman who has ever been deceived by a man can, and should have the deceitful male who deflowered her commuted into a maximum prison for 40 years.,+but+not+a+rapist/columns.aspx


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