Brisbane’s St Laurence’s College apologises for sex abuse of boys

Brisbane’s St Laurence’s College apologises for sex abuse of boys

St Laurence’s College principal Ian McDonald made the apology last Friday during a candlelight mass, and it was published yesterday in the school newsletter.

“We apologise unreservedly to any boys who experienced abuse of any kind during their schooling,” he told the school.

“We apologise for the behaviour and practices of some staff who inflicted profound distress and suffering on boys and their families.

“To the boys, their families, then and now, and their descendants, we say sorry.”

Mr McDonald said he wanted to properly mark the school’s history, acknowledging both the school’s successes but also its failures.


“If we are celebrating 100 years, and talking about the school history, it’s something we have to acknowledge,” he said.

“Even allowing for the ­nature and manner of schooling in different eras, it is clear some boys were affected by mistreatment and abuse of various kinds.”

Mr McDonald said that when he made the apology last week, there was a “hushed ­silence” but that he had received overwhelming support from staff after discussing the issue with them.

He further committed to ensuring the injustices “must never happen again”.

He also offered to put any victims in touch with appropriate services.


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