Cardinals give thumbs-up to financial reform

Cardinals give thumbs-up to financial reform

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s ongoing efforts to reform its financial dealings were given a thumbs-up from the world’s cardinals in Rome today, a Vatican spokesman said.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi briefed reporters after a three-hour meeting of the College of Cardinals, during which the prelates were given an update by the pope’s point man on finances, Australian Cardinal George Pell, and three other leaders of the clean-up operation launched under Pope Francis.

The cardinals were appreciative of Pell’s work, Lombardi said.


“This type of reform helps the credibility of the Church, [and] there’s a sense that this spirit should also spread to dioceses,” he said.

Responding to Pell’s report, cardinals said reform must focus on “transparency, responsibility, and integrity,” Lombardi said.

The prelates are gathered in Rome to celebrate the creation of 20 new cardinals Saturday, a consistory demonstrative of the pope’s commitment to elevate those who work in the geographic peripheries of the Church.


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