“I didn’t get the compensation I was expecting” – Magdalene Laundry survivor speaks out about health care

“I didn’t get the compensation I was expecting” – Magdalene Laundry survivor speaks out about health care

Following an inquiry into the Magdalene Laundries, the provision of Health Amendment Act 1996 Card was recommended by Mr Justice John Quirke, who prepared a compensation scheme for the women.

However, ‘Justice for Magdalenes Research’ have criticised the health care provisions in the bill for not matching up to what was promised in 2013.

Maeve O’Rourke,a barrister and an advisory committee member of Justice for Magdalenes Research, spoke to Jonathan Healy earlier this week and stated that Enda Kenny is in danger of breaking his promises to the Magdalene Laundry women.

Ms O’Rourke detailed the difficulties that certain women have accessing the HAA card and that the matter is on the Dáil record.

Diane Croghan spent three years in Summerhill, Co Wexford. She spoke to Jonathan today about the difficulties she and the other survivors are now facing.

She said she thought it was important that the women received the card: “It’s an advantage, it’s better than not having any.

“If you need specialist, urgent medication, you have to go on a waiting list.”

“Now, you tell me we’re not getting it.

“I think it’s disgraceful what they’re doing.”

You can listen to her full interview here:

In response to the group, Minister Fitzgerald stated that, “the Bill makes special provision for free access to health services for women who worked in Magdalen Laundries and represents the next phase of implementation of the Government’s package of support for these women in line with the recommendation of the Quirke Report. I hope, with the cooperation of the Oireachtas, that the Bill will be enacted very promptly.” 

The Minister also responded to recent claims made by one of the survivors groups, stating that the Government remains committed to the full implementation of the Quirke Report. 



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