Nun accuses former priest of sexual assault in Madhya Pradesh

Nun accuses former priest of sexual assault in Madhya Pradesh

A nun has accused former priest of Shyampura Church Fijo Chirnal of sexual assault and ‘rape’. After receiving the complaint on Thursday, superintendent of police Sachin Atulkar forwarded the case to the mahila police station of Sagar for investigation.

Assistant sub-inspector JS Thakur, who is investigating the case, recorded the nun’s statement on Thursday. “We have received the case from the SP for investigation. The nun has accused Father Chirnal of sexually exploiting her between 2010 and 2012,” Thakur said.

Chirnal was transferred to Odisha later in 2012. When the Bishop of Sagar Diosys Anthony Chiyarth was contacted, he asked the correspondent to contact wicker general Father Robin.

Father Robin said the nun had started living with a man in 2012. Later, the man’s wife complained to the church about her. Recently the nun forwarded us an application, asking permission to allow her live with the family as a sister. After it was rejected, she came to me and threatened to lodge a complaint. Her complaint should be investigated thoroughly.


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