School Janitor Accused of Exposing Himself Was Just Using the Urinal

School Janitor Accused of Exposing Himself Was Just Using the Urinal

Investigators say they will not press charges against a Catholic school janitor once suspected of indecently exposing himself to a student in a campus bathroom.

Revere police said they investigated allegations that an employee of Immaculate Conception School in Revere acted inappropriately in the bathroom over a period of a month and a half.

Ultimately, though, detectives said no crimes were committed.

“The investigation revealed that a 64-year-old male assigned to the school’s custodial staff used the boy’s restroom, which was across the hall from his office, on several occasions in December and early January,” a statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office read. “One boy reported to a parent that he had observed the adult using the urinal during this time.”

The employee did not engage in physical contact, use sexual language, or engage in other behavior that would support criminal charges, the statement continues. He voluntarily met with investigators and was willingly interviewed by detectives.

Told of the developments, the parent of the child expressed relief to officers, and declined to pursue further charges, authorities said.

Although the janitor was cleared in the case, the school’s parish priest, principal, and one of its teachers resigned earlier this month after failing to report the allegations in “a timely manner,” according to a statement released by the Boston Archdiocese.


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