Church Members Discuss Bankruptcy Protection Filing

Church Members Discuss Bankruptcy Protection Filing

Allen Young walked with fellow parishioner Peter Minwegen. Young says he has come to terms with the archdiocese filing for bankruptcy. 

“It was their decision to make and what more can I say, we have to go along with the archbishop,” he said.

Archbishop John Nienstedt said Friday that parishes would not be affected by the bankruptcy. The archbishop went on to say filing for bankruptcy protection is the best way for the archdiocese to fairly address victims of sexual abuse. Young thinks it was a smart move.

“I just, think that it’s ok that they did this and now the money is cut off,” Young said.

The trial for any other pending or future cases will never happen because of Friday’s bankruptcy filing in Federal Court. Plaintiffs become creditors. Church officials will not testify.

Peter Minwegen says it’s not that he’s oblivious to the filing, but he’s more angry over the fact that the statutes of limitations was removed.

“Because a lot of the accused are dead and they can no longer even defend themselves. And that’s the reason for having a statutes of limitations,” he said. 

Minwegen is talking about the “Minnesota Child Victim’s Act.” The state legislature passed the law in May 2013. It established a three-year window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file civil claims outside the old statute of limitations. The window closes May 24, 2016.

“Had it been a different entity, church or sect I don’t think these lawsuits would even be in court,” Minwegen said.

Both men agree this issue needs to come to an end. How that comes about for such a big scandal, both men are unsure.


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