Pontiff verbally abused on Twitter after first tweet

Pontiff verbally abused on Twitter after first tweet

Its really sad that the Pontiff has been abused for someones elses crimes.Here in Mumbai too certain Priests have also behaved like thugs.

I remember the time when a priest ,crossed over the road came to me and told me that he will see me.I complained to the Cardinal nothing happened.The same priest when he was confronted at Cross Maidan and asked about this behaviour of his by certain catholics ,  immediately a priest from the seminary who is a Professor came to his aid and told me that ” you will get a written reply” .More than two years have passed and till today I am waiting for a reply.Yes I will remember the Priest from the seminary who I did not know at that time  .

Another priest from Archbishops house (who was a witness to both the above incidents ) told a person who had gone to complain about a Priest ( will be releasing his story shortly of how he became homeless) that since you have gone to the Association of Concerned Catholics you go to them only and dont come back.

Other people too may have had similar/worse experiences with certain priests/religious.

Complaints have fallen on deaf ears or are being suppressed and the anger is being taken out on the Pope for no fault of his but for the fault of his administrators.The other day two persons and I had a meeting with two Consul General’s  belonging to predominant  Christian Countries and during the course of the conversation one of them told me that the reason why Catholics are leaving the Church is because their complaints are not being attended to.

Here in Mumbai the normal way to solve a problem is to first   verbally insult and then insult in writing a person so that his family members put pressure on him and he withdraws from what he is doing.

Next is to defame the person either directly through the print media or in the Church during mass or indirectly through their yes me ( nominated persons on the Parish Council) as in the case of the ex Vice Presidents of St.Pauls Church/Good Shepherds Church and Judith Monterio of Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar .

When they know that the complainants are persisting and not giving up then only will meetings be arranged and that too they will make all attempts to lie and fool you.

Certain Priests who are appointed as Inquiry officers  are themselves corrupt or are guilty of disobedience.Inquiries are being tailored towards a desired end.A priest was found guilty in an inquiry conducted by fellow Priests and died due to the stigma and  tension of being framed all alone in India without any of  his relatives by his bed side and subsequently his name was cleared.What about his family ? Has any one thought about how they went through this ordeal? Who will want their children to be Priests?

When this is the way  complaints are being handled then can we blame persons who take out their frustration on the Pontiff?

Administrators who also happen to be Priests should learn to behave as  Priests and then only can changes be expected otherwise we shall see worse things in the years to come.


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POPE Benedict began tweeting for the first time and immediately became the brunt of vicious abuse.The Pontiff, who tweets under the user name @pontifex, wrote seven tweets to his hundreds of thousands of followers.


He thanked his followers for their “generous response” and added ” I bless all of you from my heart”.

Pope Benedict posed questions including “How can faith in Jesus be lived in a world without hope?” He also made statements including “We can be certain that a believer is never alone. God is the solid rock upon which we build our lives and his love is always faithful.”

The tweets were written in eight different languages including Polish, German and Arabic.

But within minutes of his first tweet the Pontiff was subjected to expletives and abuse.

Some Twitter users complained the Pope lives “in a palace” while children beg on streets all over the world. Others asked about clerical child abuse and the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraception and married priests.

Some users, many from Ireland, decided the Pope’s questions should be answered by ones of their own.

“Satan promised me fortune, fame, and unlimited Diet Coke refills in return for my immortal soul. Care to make a counter offer, @Pontifex?” one wrote.


Priest facing child pornography case deported to US

Priest facing child pornography case deported to US


1:54 am | Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

2 105 26

ILOILO CITY, Philippines—A Filipino Catholic priest wanted in the United States for theft and possession of child pornography has surrendered to Philippine authorities after more than a year as a fugitive.

“I am so sorry. I want to apologize to all the people… for the damage I have done to you all, to the Church and to myself,” Fr. Lowe Dongor said in an interview in Iloilo.

A native of Barotac Nuevo town in Iloilo, Dongor was flown to the US Monday evening, more than a month after he surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Western Visayas office on Nov. 2.

Dongor, 36, was accompanied by NBI investigating agent Arnold Diaz and will be turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to face various charges including unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Dongor agreed to the interview on condition that the news report would be released after he had left the country.

The priest admitted taking around $250 from St. Joseph’s Parish of the diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts where he was assigned as associate pastor. He also admitted visiting online pornographic sites with pictures of minors but has denied downloading them in his laptop computer.

“I am ready to go to jail if that will be the consequence of my actions. I leave myself to God now,” he said.

Dongor became a US fugitive after he fled to the Philippines on Oct. 1, 2011, leaving through the JFK airport in New York City. He was arraigned on Sept. 12, 2011, at the Fitchburg District Court on possession of child pornography and larceny of more than $250.

In a letter sent to Catholic Bishops of the Conference of the Philippines on Oct. 13, 2011, Worcester Bishop Robert McManus said Dongor was stripped of his positions and was disallowed from wearing clerical attire and functioning as a priest.

McManus said in his letter that their actions were based on the position of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith that the “acquisition, possession and distribution of child pornography is a canonical delict (offense) that pertains to the sexual abuse of a minor.”

Dongor, who had a key to the office of the parish, said he took small amounts from their funds, which he said he sent home to his family for a family emergency. He had intended to replace the money with his monthly stipend but he was caught in footages of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera installed in the office.

The pornographic photographs of minors were subsequently discovered in laptop computers used by Dongor, which were turned over to authorities investigating the larceny charges.

Dongor said he visited the pornographic sites “out of curiosity.”

“Human as I am, I was weak and I was not able to resist the temptation. But still, this is not an excuse. I know that the scandal that I have done affected the lives of many people who…loved me, believed in me and supported me. With this, I am so sorry,” he said in a statement.

He also pleaded that his family be spared from the controversy.

Dongor said he has undergone counseling after he was charged with the offenses. He added that he would be willing to undergo further treatment and counseling especially on his sexual interest in minors.

“I just want to be given a chance. I want peace of mind and to start a new life,” Dongor said.

Investigating agent Arnold Diaz of the NBI said Dongor agreed to surrender after negotiations mediated by a priest.

Lawyer Elfren Meneses, NBI regional director, said Dongor has not violated Philippine laws but was turned over to the US based on an FBI request to locate the priest.

Dongor said he fled to the Philippines because he was confused and felt abandoned when his parishioners and Filipino friends distanced themselves.

“I had no one to run to. But I understand them because I betrayed their trust,” he said.

After arriving in the Philippines, Dongor said he stayed in Manila and his hometown in Barotac Nuevo where he eventually told his family about his situation. He then went back to Manila where he worked as a call center agent until he surrendered.

Dongor left for the US in 2003 on a scholarship of the Augustinians of the Assumption. He later pursued priesthood at the Saint Mary Seminary and University in Baltimore.

He was ordained on June 26, 2010, the first Filipino priest in Worchester.

“I know that I cannot be a priest anymore. But I hope I can serve God in other ways,” he said.

Vatileaks: Benedict XVI meets Commission of Cardinals to discuss inquiry outcome

Vatileaks: Benedict XVI meets Commission of Cardinals to discuss inquiry outcome

Inside St. Peter's BasilicaINSIDE ST. PETER’S BASILICA 

A papal pardon for Paolo Gabriele is near. But the cardinals Herranz, Tomko and De Giorgi have gone on with their full-scale investigations


Benedict XVI received their Emminences Cardinals Julian Herranz, Josef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi in an audience today. The event as barely given any focus at all in today’s Vatican Press Office Bulletin, squeezed in between the audience with the Italian Olympic committee and with Palestinian leader Abu Mazen. What is the significance then of the Pope’s meeting with the commission of three cardinals set up to investigate the Vatileaks scandal? Readers will recall that the three cardinals presented their first report on the case to the Pope last July. The report contained the results of a number of examinations carried out in utmost secrecy. From these, it emerged that the Pope’s former butler, Paolo Gabriele was responsible for the Vatican document leak – he confessed to and was eventually charged with stealing and distributing confidential documents belonging to Benedict XVI. The examinations also gave a clear picture of the climate in which the Vatileaks scandal developed.

It is not unlikely that one of the issues discussed during the meeting was the potential papal pardon for Paolo Gabriele. Some sources say he could be granted a pardon in time for Christmas, which would allow the Pope’s former butler who is currently being held in a Vatican prison cell, to spend the holidays with his family. The Pope wished to make it clear that a pardon was not a given, particularly as the interested party had not demonstrated complete awareness of the gravity of his offence. The written explanation of how the verdict against Paolo Gabriele was reached, stated that  his crime was a “reprehensible” violation of trust that damaged the Pope himself and the rights of the Holy See, the Vatican City state and the entire Catholic Church. At the same time, however, the judges stated they believed he had acted in good faith for the benefit of the Church, not in order to harm it. The same conclusion seems to have been reached by the cardinals as well.
But this was not the only item in the agenda for today’s audience with the Commission of Cardinals. Indeed, its members continued their examinations even after the summer. So the Vatileaks case has not in theory drawn to a close yet, despite Gabriele and the Vatican computer technician Caludio Sciarpelletti having been tried and sentenced. Sciarpelletti will continue to work in the Secretariat of State but is being moved tot he statistics department.


More importantly, now that the confidential documents have revealed the truth about hat’s really going on inside the Vatican, there’s no putting a lid on the issue. The Commission of Cardinals has worked really hard and with great determination, explaining that while the Vatican Tribunal took care of the so-called “external hole”, that is, the public consequences of the Vatileaks scandal, the job of the three cardinals appointed by the Pope to investigate into the affair, was to deal with the “internal hole”, though not from a sacramental point of view. The Commission then did not only look into the Vatican document leak, but also into relations among members of the Roman Curia, existing tensions and the roles of the various figures mentioned in the published documents.

After the Vatileaks scandal broke out, Benedict XVI reconfirm his faith in his collaborators. At the same time, he made some clear-cut decisions: he called for a second Consistory to make up for February’s one in which the cardinals appointed were mainly Italian and most of them Curia members. He created James Harvey (Prefect of the Papal Household) a cardinal, handing the title of Prefect over to his personal secretary Georg Gänswein, whom he also elevated to the dignity of Archbishop. This strengthened Gänswein’s role as an interface between the Pope and the outside world. And the Pope may have more surprises still in store.

Text of the Judgement about Pecuniary Jurisdiction in Marinagar

Text of the Judgement about Pecuniary Jurisdiction in Marinagar

WRIT PETITION NO.6852 of 2012
Suraj Estate Developers Pvt Ltd. : Petitioners
Our Lady of Vailannkanni and Perpetual Succour Co­op Hou. Soc. Ltd. &
Ors. : Respondents
Mr.  V.  A.  Thorat  Senior   Advocate   with Dr.  Saraf  and Mr.  Lapasiya i/b
Niranjan & Co. for the Petitioners
Mr. G. S. Godbole with Mr. A.V. Jain i/b M/s. A.V.Jain & Associates for the
Respondent No.1
DATED  :­ 6
1 The Writ  Jurisdiction  of  this Court   is invoked  against  the  order
dated 10­4­2012 passed by the Learned Judge of City Civil Court, Bombay,
by which order, the Court has held that the said Court is having pecuniary
jurisdiction to try and entertain the suit in question.
2 The Suit in question i.e. Suit No.875 of 2011 has been filed by the
Plaintiffs which is constituted of the flat purchasers who have purchased
the flats from the Petitioners herein who are the original Defendant No.3.
The property in question was originally owned by the Defendant No.1 i.e.
the Respondent No.2 herein which is a public charitable trust. Pursuant to
the permission granted by the Charity Commissioner under Section 36 of
MMJ 1/5 wp-6852-12.sxw
the   Bombay   Public   Trust   Act,   1950   that   the   Petitioners   herein   have
undertaken   to   develop   the   property   in   question.   The   total   property
admeasures 14,850 sq.yards equivalent to 12,416.49 sq. mtrs. It appears
that along with the said property one Quinny House was also taken up for
development  after its  demolition.  The  Respondent  No.1  herein i.e.  the
Plaintiff Society is constituted of the 112 flat purchasers who are occupying
flats in building A. The main  substantive  relief  sought in  the  suit is  as
“(a) That this Hon’ble Court issue writ order or
direction   by   which   impugned   order   dated   10
April 2012 being Exhibit A hereto passed in Suit
No.875 of 2011 by the Hon’ble City Civil Court be
set aside and it be held that the Hon’ble City Civil
Court  has  no  pecuniary  jurisdiction   to  try  and
entertain in Suit No.875 of 2011.”
3 The   averments   in   the   Suit   are   replete   with   the   facts   as   to   the
obligations of the Petitioners herein under the Agreement entered with the
flat purchasers and the violation of the said obligations or the apprehended
violation of the said obligations.  It is on the said basis that the Plaintiff
Society has sought the main substantive relief by way of prayer clause (a)
i.e.  the   enforcement  against  the   Respondents  herein   of   his   obligations
under   the   Maharashtra   Ownership   of   Flats   Act,   1971,   (MOFA).   The
Plaintiff Society applied for interim reliefs. The Petitioners herein who are
MMJ 2/5 wp-6852-12.sxw
the Defendants, in the Written Statement raised the issue of the pecuniary
jurisdiction of the City Civil Court, Bombay  by invoking Section 9A of the
Civil   Procedure   Code.   The   preliminary   issue   as   regards   the   pecuniary
jurisdiction of the Court was accordingly framed.
4 The principal contention on behalf of the Defendant No.3 in the said
suit was  that  the Plaintiff Society was asking  for  the reliefs which were
beyond the agreement in question and to which it would not be entitled to
under   the   agreement   with   the   flat   purchasers.   In   so   far   as   the   said
preliminary   issue   is   concerned,   the   parties   did   not   want   to   lead   oral
evidence and the said fact has been recorded in the roznama dated 15­2­
2012. The Trial Court therefore, proceeded to deal with the said issue of
pecuniary jurisdiction on the basis of the pleadings. Having regard to the
main substantive relief sought, the Trial Court has held that the valuation
of the suit by the Plaintiff Society could not be faulted with and therefore
the Trial Court had pecuniary jurisdiction to try the Suit. In so far as the
issue raised by the Defendant No.3 that the Plaintiff Society was seeking
conveyance of the entire suit property and the area of gardens etc., which
was   beyond   the   pecuniary   jurisdiction   of   the   Court,   the   Trial   Court
observed that the said issue as to whether the Plaintiff Society is claiming
reliefs beyond what it is entitled to or whether such relief can be granted
MMJ 3/5 wp-6852-12.sxw
under MOFA which question can be decided on merits in the Suit.
5 The Learned Senior Counsel on behalf of the Petitioners  Mr. Thorat
relied   upon   the   Division   Bench   Judgment   of   this   Court   reported   in
1998(3) MhLJ 940 in the matter of Meher Singh Vs. Deepak Sawhny &
Anr. to contend that keeping the issue   as adverted to herein above  for
being   adjudicated   in   the   future,   is   not   a   course   of   action   which   is
contemplated once the preliminary issue under Section 9A is framed. The
Learned Senior Counsel would contend that the Trial Court ought to have
decided the said issue as the decision on the preliminary issue binds the
6 Per   contra   it   is   submitted   by   Mr.   Godbole   the   Learned   Counsel
appearing  for  the Respondent No.1 society that though undoubtedly the
parties are entitled to lead evidence as per the Judgment in Meher Singh’s
case  (supra)  since  the  parties  had  expressed  that  they would  not lead
evidence   the   said   issue   was   required   to   be   tried   on   the   basis   of   the
pleadings. The Learned Counsel would contend that the said issue of the
pecuniary jurisdiction which was a pure question of law in the facts of the
present case was therefore rightly adjudicated upon by the Trial Court and
the Trial Court on the basis of the pleadings, has come to a conclusion that
it has the pecuniary jurisdiction.
MMJ 4/5 wp-6852-12.sxw
7 Having heard the Learned Counsel for the parties, in my view there
is no merit in the challenge to the impugned order as indicated above, the
suit   is   replete   with   the   averments   as   regards   the   obligations   of   the
Petitioners vis­a­vis  the members of  the Plaintiff Society i.e. Respondent
No.1, the alleged violation of the said obligations as also the apprehended
violations of the said obligations. The Trial Court has considered the issue
on the basis of the pleadings, as the parties did not lead any evidence. As
indicated  above,  the main  substantive  prayer is  for enforcement  of  the
obligations against the Petitioners / Defendants under the MOFA. The Trial
Court was therefore right in holding that since the main substantive relief
is as regards the obligations of the Petitioners / Defendants under MOFA,
the issue as to whether the Plaintiff Society is entitled to the conveyance of
the entire property etc., can be decided at a later stage, as principally the
suit is  filed  for enforcement of  the obligations under MOFA. The order
impugned therefore cannot be taken exception to. No case for interference
is made out. The Writ Petition is accordingly dismissed.

Vatican finances: “The crisis calls for more transparency and controls,” Bertone says

Vatican finances: “The crisis calls for more transparency and controls,” Bertone says

The Vatican Secretary of State shares his thoughts at the presentation of the new Regulations governing the Prefecture for Economic Affairs of the Holy See

ALESSANDRO SPECIALE Taken from Vatican Insider

The Vatican’s financial transparency issue has more to do with the crisis than with the Vatican document leak scandal: the Holy See must proceed in “the gradual, but effective, reduction of costs in the face of a continuing inability to increase revenues,” the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone told employees of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs of the Holy See in a speech this morning.

The Regulations – which will be presented officially to the press next Thursday – were in fact promulgated last 22 February and were probably prepared long before that date. In the face of the global crisis, “the Holy See”, must also proceed in ”the gradual, but effective, reduction of costs in the face of a continuing inability to increase revenues at least in proportion to the deficits as recently recorded in the consolidated balances,” Bertone said.

In actual fact, the Holy See’s balance sheets have seen fluctuations in recent years but it was only in 2011 that it came dangerously close to being in the red, with a deficit of almost 15 million Euros. It should be stressed, however, that after reaching a peak of 253 million Euros in 2009, the Holy See’s revenues have been gradually decreasing, while last year expenses went through the roof, increasing by 30 million Euros in 2011 alone. As a result, dioceses across the world were asked to make an extra big effort to gather an unlikely five million Euros more than the previous year. Even the Vatican bank, the IOR, had to reduce its contributions from a maximum of 55 million to 49 million Euros.

The other issue Bertone addressed in his speech was “the necessary transparency in the economic and financial activities of the Holy See and Vatican City State” to adapt itself “to the international standards of financial control,” in light, partly, of the Holy See’s decision to adapt itself “to the international standards of financial control,” efforts which were gradually recognition on a European level.  The cardinal was referring of course to Moneyval’s supervision of the Vatican and the IOR’s financial activities. Moneyval is the Council of Europe’s committee of anti-money laundering and terrorism financing experts. The committee became involved in the Vatican’s finances after the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome started making inquiries into some shady financial activities going on in the Vatican and after a new piece of legislation was introduced by the Pope’s order, to get the Vatican in line with international money-laundering standards by establishing the Financial Information Authority (FIA).

In light of the scandals surrounding a number of Vatican bodies – such as the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples which manages its own finances independently – Bertone called for an increasingly incisive and unified commitment to correctness on the part of the individual Administrations in the management of their heritage and economic activities.” The Prefecture for Economic Affairs must reflect “the necessary transparency in the economic and financial activities of the Holy See and Vatican City State and it must respect the “orientation and programming” agreed with the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Cardinal Bertone recalled how Paul VI had decided to create an office for the management of the Vatican’s economic affairs “to fulfil specific tasks: knowledge, control, supervision and coordination “of all the Holy See’s most important investments and business transactions.”  The aim of this was to achieve “self-sufficiency”. However, in the last few years, the Prefecture’s role was reduced to “a sort of central accounting house of the Holy See.” But with the new regulations, “it is returning to its original spirit,” placing itself as a higher body over the single Vatican administrations, with a direct link to the Secretary of State.

Priest main beneficiary of human trafficking to the US

Kerala Catholic Priest main beneficiary of human trafficking to 

  • Wednesday, December 19, 2012 07:14 AM

Priest main beneficiary of human trafficking to the US

By Toby Antony – KOCHI

18th December 2012 11:09 AM

Fr Jaison Kollanur, director of the Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) and an accused in the human trafficking case, had allegedly charged Rs 50,000 as commission from 35 persons for sending them to USA in the guise of an education meet.  The police team which is probing into the case also found that Jaison had conducted classes to canvass people in T’Puram for the purpose.

According to police sources, Tom Baby, the first accused and the managing director of Shadewell Business School and Jaison had  planned various packages with the assistance of travel agents. The price range of the packages were between `4.5 to 6.5 lakh.

“The victims in the case are Christians from Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts. The victims gave us statements that they had prepared for the journey on the assurance given by the priest. Jaison’s accomplices and members of the KCYM were involved in a mass campaign for the fraud. Rs 1.55 lakh was charged from each person for the visa clearance and the online application to be submitted at the US Consulate,” police sources said.

Ammose Mammen, Assistant Commissioner and investigation officer of the case said that in the first batch 42 persons were selected to be taken to the USA. Jaison and Tom Baby received a commission amount of ` 50,000 from each person. Several sub-agents also received a dividend from it. After the visa clearance Jaison demanded an additional amount of ` 20,000.  Thirty-five persons deposited `1.5 lakh each in the account of Jaison at the HDFC Bank,” Ammose Mammen said.

The police said they did not arrest Jaison as he handed over all the documents, including details of bank transactions and copies of the certificates of people whose applications were sent to the US Consulate to the probe team. “Since he is cooperating with us in the probe, we need not have to arrest him now,” Mamman said.

Meanwhile, the KCBC constituted a committee to look into the allegations. The KSBC has asked Fr Jaison not to continue as director of KCYM till the investigation is over.  The police had arrested Tom Baby and his assistant Suby Kurian after the US Consulate in Chennai found that the documents submitted by a group of people for getting visas to attend an education conference were fake.

Fugitive priest arrested in LA

Fugitive priest arrested in LA

The Roman Catholic priest wanted by authorities in Worcester for allegedly possessing child pornography and stealing from his Fitchburg parish was taken into custody in Los Angeles recently and will be brought to Worcester, authorities said.

The Rev. Lowe B. Dongor, 36, was brought to Los Angeles from the Philippines, his home country.

Records from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department show Rev. Dongor was arrested Dec. 10 by Los Angeles police. He is being held without bail in a Los Angeles correctional facility. He is to appear in a Los Angeles court Wednesday.Timothy J. Connolly, spokesman for the Worcester district attorney’s office, said Rev. Dongor agreed not to fight rendition, but no time has been set for his return to Worcester.

“Our office is in the process of making arrangements to bring him to Worcester Superior Court,” Mr. Connolly said.

Mr. Connolly said Los Angeles police detained Rev. Dongor when he arrived in the United States.

Rev. Dongor was flown to the United States on Monday evening, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper. The newspaper said Rev. Dongor turned himself in to National Bureau of Investigation officials after a priest helped mediate the surrender.

“I am so sorry. I want to apologize to all the people … for all the damage I have done to you, to the church, and to myself,” Rev. Dongor told the Inquirer. He told the newspaper he visited pornographic websites out of curiosity.

A Worcester County grand jury handed up indictments earlier this year charging Rev. Dongor with possession of child pornography and larceny of more than $250. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Rev. Dongor, who authorities believed had fled the country and possibly returned to the Philippines.

State police allege that one of Rev. Dongor’s laptop computers contained images of girls 10 or 11 years old in various states of undress. The 36-year-old priest also allegedly admitted to investigators that he stole “$40 or $50” from St. Joseph Parish in Fitchburg on a number of occasions to send to his family in the Philippines.

The diocese placed him on administrative leave of absence and he was relieved of his duties as associate pastor of St. Joseph by Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus. The diocese then asked the Vatican to defrock Rev. Dongor.

Raymond L. Delisle, spokesman for the Diocese of Worcester, said no word has come back from the Vatican. Bishop McManus did send a letter to the Catholic Bishops of the Conference of the Philippines in October 2011, telling them Rev. Dongor was not allowed to dress in clerical clothes or be a priest, Mr. Delisle said. An audit was performed on the St. Joseph Church, and no large sums of money were discovered missing, he said.

The Diocese of Worcester has been cooperative throughout the case, Mr. Connolly said. A federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts earlier this year accused Rev. Dongor of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

FBI Special Agent Rachael Boisselle wrote in a complaint that Rev. Dongor left the United States from JFK International Airport in New York on Oct. 1, 2011, on a Korean Airlines flight. Law enforcement believed he was fleeing to the Philippines, the agent wrote. Rev. Dongor was in the United States on a religious work visa, Agent Boisselle wrote. Rev. Dongor was arraigned in Fitchburg District Court in September 2011 on the child pornography possession charge.

Springfield priest arrested for sex assault

                    Springfield priest arrested for sex assault

 By Justin Jouvenal

A Springfield priest was charged with sexually assaulting a man who had come to him for guidance in February, Fairfax County police said.

The Rev. Luis Fernando Franco Henao, 40, of Saint Bernadette Parish turned himself in to authorities Wednesday, police said. He is facing a count of sexual battery.

Franco Henao allegedly inappropriately touched a 29-year-old man on the parish grounds Feb. 2, after the man came to him seeking support, police said.

The victim reported the crime at the end of November. Franco Henao was processed and released Wednesday. Police declined to release further details about the case.

Church officials referred questions to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Michael J. Donohue, a spokesman for the diocese, said Franco Henao had been removed from his duties as soon as they learned of the impending arrest Tuesday.

Donohue said Franco Henao was a priest from a Colombian Diocese of Málaga-Soatá and had served the Spanish-speaking parishioners at Saint Bernadette since 2010.

“The Diocese of Arlington is committed to full cooperation with law enforcement regarding this allegation, and we encourage anyone with knowledge of this case to contact the Fairfax County Police Department,” Donohue said.

By Justin Jouvenal  |  06:04 PM ET, 12/19/2012

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Priest arrested for theft. Admits guilt. Passport seized.
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Paedophile priest dubbed ‘The Night Priest’ jailed for abusing and plying altar boys with cocaine, 18 YEARS after church chiefs were first warned about him

A paedophile priest who plied altar servers with cocaine before sexually abusing them has been jailed for nine and a half years by an Italian court.

Father Riccardo Seppia, 51, was arrested by police after they discovered his activities during an investigation into the supply of drugs to Milan’s gay nightclub scene.

Stunned officers listened in as Father Seppia said: ‘Come on over I’ve got some snow’ – code for drugs. In another conversation he said: ‘Bring the usual gift, I am very lonely.’

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