In The High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam-Present ….. The Honourable Mr.Justice K.Vinod Chandran Tuesday,The 9th Day of October 2012/17th Aswina 1934

In The High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam-Present ….. The Honourable Mr.Justice K Vinod Chandran Tuesday The 9th Day of October 2012/17th Aswina 1934

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Kerala High Court Judgment in RSA 662/2003. The Laity have the right to represent the Church Property- No need to get sanction from Bishop


P.B D’Sa Speaks,

P.B D’Sa Speaks,                                                                                                                                                            Date-20-10-12

There  is a great news to Christian in India High Court of Kerala has passed an order “backing the laity’s right over Church Properties.”

It is shame on the clergy in India, who have fraudulently shown that all Properties owned,bought and developed by the 98% Christians is theirs,(clergy) what a shame, men who quote Christ, Truth, Sacrifice and life after death have been taught a lesson by the legal system of India.

The Court has very categorically Said that” Canon Law was discussed only to answer the right of the Parishioners and it should not be understood that “canon” law would override the Civil law of the land”

“Canon law can have theological or ecclesiastical implications to the parties, but such personal law cannot have any legal impact, the judge quoted from a full bench decision of the high Court that later upheld by the Supreme Court.

I would now call upon all fence sitters and cowards who have been finding fault with me for advocating ownership of all temporal properties to be transferred in the name of the laity on Co-operative basis or on Corporate basis .These Priests who did not contribute a single paise and came and joined the Seminary in tatters, without even having a pair of slippers and underwear to wear, how come they became owners of large stretch of properties, estates,Hospitals,Schools,Colleges, Air conditioned Halls, Swimming Pools, Petrol Bunks Homes for the aged Orphanages, where  they have been earning Profits and not protecting the poor The word charity is used to hide all their misdeeds and might life.

We must write to the income Tax Dept. To probe in to their activities and Cancel their registration under Charitable and Religious Institutions. Let govt. collect Taxes on their income. After all govt. spends on development of infrastructure ,free education, free Medical treatment ,  free food for Children and Priest do not give anything free to anybody even orphanages are run on donations given by Indian and Foreign Citizens.

In Karnataka Govt. has passed a legislation abolishing Mulgeni Act under the cover of which the Bishops were Cheating people showing in the documents at the registrar of properties, as if it is all the ‘Property owned by them. Let these Bishops Come out voluntarily and Show to their masters i.e., laity the original documents, as to how the land was conveyed to them and by whom. They are men of God, Let them not wait till we get Court orders or we come to the streets.

These Cunning white cassock wearing wolves in the garb of sheep have been royally fooling people who promise them to take to heaven. Last week  one more Prince is born in Mangalore, though their idol was born in a Manger showing a Crib and a God forsaken Child born in a Manger amongst cows ,there frauds have been misleading people. One felt ashamed to see a number of men, who look like “Studs”    going around amongst poverty stricken laymen in Kallianpur, Udupi, wearing  Royal Crowns admired by women who have their brains tied below their knees.

If they are followers of Christ and do their business in the name of Christ they should be disrobed and their Crowns thrown to the dustbins, If they do no do it voluntarily we will be compelled to do it very Soon.

Time has come for all men who have lost their manhood to realize their strength and  assert themselves.

 Some youngsters have joined together and formed a laity Forum in Mangalore and they are planning a Conference to discuss about Vatican II in the light of recent judgment by Kerala High Court  on 26th Jan 2013 , Men who have some sense of Justice, fair play, honesty and of course guts should attend this programme . Of course Cowards Can keep away.

 P.B D’Sa

Prayer and Revival of the Church in India

Prayer and Revival of the Church in India
“If you want revival, then start praying.” These are the words spoken by no less a person than Dr. P. P. Job himself, an internationally known evangelist, preacher, and missionary to the persecuted, who was also often referred to as Billy Graham of India. Dr. Job also one of the pioneers who consistently conscientized people in India and the rest of the world about persecution of Christians in India, passed away in Hungary on 19th August 2012 while visiting that country.

Persecution Update September 2012 Cover

I wish to dwell upon revival in the church in India and the significance of prayer in this editorial. Perhaps it may be worth mentioning here the last words which Dr. Job preached in the church in Hungary. We are told that he spoke about how we are not to be mere preachers of the Gospel, but Click Link>>.

Kerala HC backs laity’s right over church property

Kerala HC backs laity’s right over church property

KOCHI: Oct 11, 2012

Kerala HC backs laity’s right over church property

 The Kerala high court on Wednesday ruled that parishioners have rights over church property. Justice K Vinod Chandran gave the ruling while hearing a case over property rights between parishioners and church authorities of ‘Mukkad Thirukudumba’ Church, Sakthikulangara, Kollam.

Parishioners, independently or together as a committee of administrators, are competent to represent the parish and claim rights over the property of the church, the HC ruled. As per Canon Law, church property is vested in the hands of the bishop or the vicar and clearly mandates consent from either the bishop or the vicar for initiating litigation.

The court held in its judgment that the competence of the plaintiffs (parishioners) cannot be doubted even going by the Canon Law; less so by the law applicable to this land.

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Dalit Christian favour of land reforms

New Delhi, Saturday, October 6, 2012:

Dalit Christian favour of land reforms

Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM), a Christian organization, supports the land reforms movement carried by P.V Rajgopal, Ekta Parishad.

 R.L. Francis, President, PCLM is of the view that a legislation regarding the protection of water, forest and land is required if the government really wants to better the lives of tribal people.

 Christian leader R. L. Francis says that ancient tribes are on the verge of extinction and suffering enormous problems. The UN Report: ‘The status of the world’s Indigenous People’ says that in India tribal people are being displaced in the name of development. Poverty, disease, unemployment and illiteracy are major problems for the tribal population.

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Feeling Betrayed Dalit Christians Fighting with Christianity against discrimination

Feeling Betrayed Dalit Christians Fighting with Christianity against discrimination

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 07:29 administrator

Rameshwaram, October 9:  Dalit Chritians might be feeling betrayed by the Catholic Church as they are finding no refuge from caste in Christianity also. And that is not a new thing. Recently, in a very unusual incident, Dalit Christians protested and questioned the Church about their motive for suspension of six dalit priests in Tiruvadanai near Rameswaram.

Parish priest Fr. Susai Manickam has reportedly told that Dalit Christians blocked some 200 priests and nuns in a procession to the Oriyur Punitha Arulanandhar Church in Tiruvadanai on 8 October.

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Catholic Church in Australia reveals 620 abuse cases

The Catholic Church in one Australian state has revealed that at least 620 children have been abused by its clergy since the 1930s, sparking a fresh call on Saturday for an independent inquiry into sex abuse.

The Catholic Church in Victoria revealed the number in a submission to a state parliamentary hearing on Friday but said the instances of abuse reported had fallen dramatically from the “appalling” numbers of the 1960s and 1970s.