SYNOD IN MANGALORE- 1st and 2nd Oct -2012

SYNOD IN MANGALORE- 1st and 2nd Oct -2012

Glamorous attire bombastic names and letters and usage of Latin and Hebrew words and quoting the “Bible” now and then is a deliberate method used by clergy to mesmerize laity and fool them. what they cannot explain to you convincingly they would force you to accept under the  word “faith”

You can call a synod in any other name. It could be called as a “Conclave” a “Discussion”, a “Meet”, an ” Assembly” whatever, there is no much difference.

I gather that 13 Bishops some Arch-Bishops and a number of men wearing white frocks numbering about 200 will assemble at “Shanthi-Kiran” a Pastoral Centre in Bajjodi in Mangalore, so called Rome of the, East ostensibly to discuss about “empowering the laity” as spelt out by Rome 50 years back.

It took 50 years to discuss this important issue in public. It will take another 200 years to implement.

Nothing useful will come out of this “Synod”. Money for conducting this synod is collected from the laymen for they have perfected the art of collecting money and enjoying life.

The excess and surplus money they have stocked in different places is meant for their families, girl friends and paying for damages when they are caught red handed .

Large portion of money is paid to lawyers to evict laymen whose families have been living for centuries on lands donated by govt. and other Philanthrophic laymen. There are constant and regular rumours, but certainly believable that the Bishop of Mangalore is raided regularly by the enforcement Dept. and the money is equally shared to hush up the matter.

It is also said that recently, when enforcement Dept. raided the Bishops House nearly 8.50 crores was burnt by the Holy Bishop, the representative of Christ.

Karnataka Backward Christian Association, Indian Christian Service Association, Christian Reforms Foundation and many other organizations have been pressing and fighting for Transparency in the temporal management of the Church, but the crooked clergy has consistently foiled the laymen and forged the Balance sheets with the help of a small bunch of rogues, who are hand in glove with the clergy.

Nothing will come out of this “Synod”. These Criminal minded seasoned cheats will not hand over management of property and cash worth in crores  to the laity,  to whom all this belongs. Clergy is only a group of our servants , whom circumstances or innocent laity has put them in charge of their assets and properties, believing that they would be ‘Trust worthy’. But this gang whom laity holds in great respect has betrayed their masters. Time has come to take over our assets from these below mediocre people by a non- violent revolution.

They will not hand over power on a platter to us. It has not happened any where, any time, in History. We must learn from History and prepare ourselves for a Revolution and not waste time, money and energy on “Synods”

      P.B D’Sa


New comment waiting approval on Christian Reforms

Jorge M. commented on US & UK Churches converted to templesVATICAN & ALCOHOL of MAHARASHTRA….The Vatican had the military backing of the Spanish & Portuguese kings & soldiers which made it easier for Vatican to spread Catholicism in Latin Americas Asia Africa etc etc etc OFCOURSE many people around the world found out that worshipping Lord Jesus Christ and following the teachings ( equality humanity morality justice peace ) of Jesus Christ was better than worshipping trees sun moon planets animals strange looking idols and following violent rules………somewhere in the 17th century there was some political problems in spain….and a massive earthquake in portugual…and rise of the protestant britishers…..all three factors resulted in the Vatican finding it extremely difficult to spread the catholic faith in non-catholic areas of the world……..another blow to catholicism came during the second world war when those young people in europe who had joined catholic seminaries to become priests were dragged into fighting the war and most did not survive as a result after the war there was shortage of priests in Europe as well as Europe could no more send any of their priests bishops cardinals to other continents………in the 1950s & 60s some rogue elements infiltrated the catholic religious orders in europe and began secularizing the church which resulted in confusion & corruption in the church and eventually most Europeans lost their trust in the catholic clergy this explains why today in europe even during the Sunday Mass the attendance is barely 20%.

World listens when you have power of money or power of weapons…… the world listens to China & India because both China & India have power of money & power of weapons……..but on the economic front China is way ahead of India because the Chinese govt. has strictly been following a development & population control policy for the last 20 or 30 years…….although China’s fast development has resulted in massive environmental disasters and their one child policy has resulted in massive female foeticide……….India may also face massive environmental disasters if the govt. passes on more and more land to the SEZlobby & Builderslobby for setting up more and more industrial & real estate zones…….in India female foeticide problem is mainly prevalent in hindu sikh & jain community……….If Muslim & Christian community (which are largely beef eaters) can be kind to its daughters, why not Hindu, Jain & Sikh community.

If the Indian govt. is not prepared to ban & decimate the hindu terrorist groups rss vhp bajrangdal then the Indian govt. should be kind enough to authorize the Muslims & Christians in India to keep arms & ammunitions for self defence purpose.

The Maharashtra government has recently banned the sale of panmasala & gutkha in Maharashtra………..but tobacco & alcohol are also injurious to health…..why is the Maharashtra govt. not prepared to ban the sale of Cigarettes & Alcohol in Maharashtra.

An excellent catholic parish priest in India is the one who apart from taking care of the spiritual needs of the catholic parishioners also does his small bit to improve the health wealth housing of the catholic parishioners……..who discourages the catholic parishioners from drinking alcohol & consuming the unhealthy & unhygienic bakery maida pavs……who does not give boring sermons during Sunday mass…..…..who utilizes vacant church properties for the housing needs of catholic parishioners…..who ensures 50% seats are reserved in parish school for children of catholic parishioners……who encourages those catholic youth who are good in studies to dream & work towards becoming ias ips ifs irs officers doctors enginners etc etc….and encourages the catholic parishioners to aggressively apply for govt. jobs – bank jobs – police jobs etc etc.

Indian govt. has cleared a proposal for setting up of a missile defence shield for Bombay & Delhi in order to protect the economic & political capitals from the nuclear bomb loaded ballistic missiles of Pakistan & China……….but who will protect the ecology environment openspaces creeks mangroves estuaries saltpanlands ponds wells forestland lakes rivers gardens wells playgrounds parks agricultural-lands in the Bombay Metropolitan region from being grabbed by the builderslobby slumlords sezlobby landmafia sandmafia miningmafia illegal-migrants mhada sra bmc rightwinghindugroups landencroachers slumdwellers……………ONLY GOD CAN SAVE THE BOMBAY METROPOLITAN REGION FROM ANY FUTURE ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS.……..the Bombay metropolitan region comprises the districts of the north konkan region i.e. Bombay, Thane & Raigad………..instead of giving priority for setting up new engineering colleges, medical colleges, cateringcolleges, commerce-arts-science-degreecolleges, automobilefactory, pharmaceuticalfactory, manufacturingindustries, etc in the bombay metropolitan region the Maharashtra govt. only gives priority for setting up of HUGE residential projects and slums……….the MPs, MLAs, Corporators in the Bombay metropolitan region are heavily dependent on the builderslobby for funds and the illegal-migrants residing in slums for votes so expect more & more buildings & slums all over the Bombay metropolitan region……..the constitution has given the people of India the right to live and work anywhere in India but the constitution has not given any right to anyone to encroach land and build slums and live illegally…….but under the vote bank scheme all illegal migrants residing in the slums of the Bombay metropolitan region have been given legal protection and are provided with rationcards votingcards waterconnections drainagefacilities electricconnections etc etc etc and their slums have also been regularized and they are now entitled to free housing in the new buildings that are being constructed under the SRA scheme………timesnow ndtv cnnibn headlinestoday etc are not going to report on the real issues that plague the Bombay metropolitan region maybe because they don’t want their offices in bombay to be vandalized by the slumdwellers & landmafia & slumlords & politicalgoons & buildersmafia………….ANOTHER INTERESTING POINT TO note is…….people from rural & backward districts of Maharashtra & other parts of India keep migrating to the Bombay Metropolitan region because they don’t have better job opportunities & better standard of living & education & healthcare in their native places……….if there is proper development in industries agriculture housing healthcare education & strict enforcement of two child policy in rural & backward districts of India then only the people from these rural & backward districts will stop migrating to Bombay metropolitan region, delhi and other cities.

If any non-catholic in India wants to receive the eucharistic bread or communion bread during the Sunday mass or any other catholic mass then according to the rules & regulations of the catholic church that non-catholic will first have to get baptized into the catholic faith…………but there is no such Baptism Rule if any non-catholic wants admission for his son/daughter in catholic school……no Baptism rule if any non-catholic builder wants to purchase vacant church property from the church/clergy…….no baptism rule if any non-catholic builder wants to take over any one or two floor old building in possession of the church for redevelopment purpose and build a tall new building with many floors……no baptism rule if any non-catholic wants any property on lease or rent from the church……..under such circumstances the catholic church/clergy in India should also give the eucharistic bread or communion bread to non-catholics without any baptism rule……………the lay catholic associations in India especially on the west coast of India are more interested in organizing football tournaments & Drinking-and-Dancing parties and are not interested in persuading the catholic church/clergy to utilize church resources assets wealth properties institutions for the benefit of those catholic parishioners whose ancestors were converted when the Portuguese & European missionaries were around and the lay catholic associations are also not interested in agitating for 5% quota in govt. jobs, govt. housing, govt. facilities, etc for catholic parishioners.

Excluding Kashmir & Nagaland the leaders financers cadres officebearers activists footsoldiers of the hindu terrorist groups the rss, vhp, bajrangdal are actively involved in anti-christian & anti-muslim activities in all others states of India……..the hindu terrorist groups cannot fight the heavily armed islamic militants in Kashmir & christian rebels in Nagaland and hence prefer to operate in only those states where muslims & christians are not armed………the secular Congress Party led UPA/Indian Govt. has banned many Islamic groups, christian rebel groups, etc but not banned the hindu terrorist groups the rss vhp bajrangdal why this hypocricy……ANY GROUP INVOLVED IN VIOLENCE SHOULD BE BANNED.

The members of Team Anna agitated for 10 years to get the RTI Act passed by parliament so expect another 10 years for the JanlokpalBill, RighttoReject, RighttoRecall, etc to get passed by parliament……….After Hitler and his Nazi gang severely depleted the military assets & manpower of the British Empire in the second world war the Protestant Britishers were not in a position to crush the freedom struggle in their colonial possessions including India…..and just two years after the end of the second world war the British fled from their colonial possessions………..once India got freedom the new leaders should have abolished all laws, acts, rules, regulations, etc invented by the Britishers and setup new laws, acts, rules, regulations with inputs from socialactivists, Gramsabhas, environmentalactivists, villagepanchayats, citizenactivists, farmer tribal fisherfolk representatives, etc…….but since the new political leadership did not want the power of the government, politicians, sarkaribabus to go in the hands of the common man hence all britishraj laws, rules, acts, regulations has been carried forward.

India’s natural resources water land food jobs etc are meant for less than 500 million people but there are now 1250 million people in India so obviously there is going to be serious competition for the same number of resources jobs etc etc………..the population of Europe is declining and there is ample scope for people of India to migrate to Europe for jobs food etc……….instead of opposing population control & birth control it would be very kind of the Pope/Vatican to call upon the European govts. to allow 500 million people from India to permanently settle in Europe without any passport visa travel documents…….to begin with the Pope/Vatican should allow 10 Lakh Slumdwellers from Bombay to settle in & around Vatican city and also instruct the catholic missionaries caritas catholicreliefservices to utilize their foreign funds to hire passenger ships to transport the slumdwellers from Bombay to Vatican city.


Jorge Monteiro

* * * *

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About The Voice Of Bombay’s Catholic Laity

About The Voice Of Bombay’s Catholic Laity

Bombay Laity

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Elite Catholics -Avail of Discounts in Holy Family Hospital Bandra

Elite Catholics -Avail of Discounts in Holy Family Hospital Bandra

How many catholics in Mumbai can afford to buy a flat in Salcette Co-op.Hsg.Society?

How many catholics in Mumbai can afford to become a member of Bandra Gymkhana?

How many catholics in Mumbai can afford to become a member of Willingdon Gymkhana?

Holy Family Hospital Bandra was built with the donations of various catholics.In the years gone by when Holy Family was being built various fairs and donations from school students which included soaps,cash,pens,pencils,pencil boxes etc were taken  from various students particularly catholics who wanted a hospital to be built in Bandra for their benefit.

Poor Catholics from Mumbai made various contributions by way of getting advertisements in souvenirs , managing of stalls in the fairs held  etc and thus gave off their time when they had no money to give.
Even that copper coin  was collected and appreciated from the poor woman.

Today however a notice is put up in the hospital premises that those catholics who are members of Salcette Co-operative Housing  Society,  Bandra Gymkhana and Willingdon  Gymkhana can avail of discounts.

What about the poor catholics who cannot become members of these elite clubs or cannot afford to buy a flat in Salcette Co-operative Hsg.Society ?

Was Holy Family Hospital solely built without copper coins of poor catholics?

It is a crying shame that the poor catholics who cannot become members of these clubs/society are left to fend for themselves without any discount.

Yes when we recite the ” I Believe ” do we really believe in one holy catholic church or is it churches  made up of the rich and the poor?

The Other Side of Christian Property Board By Father Anand Muttungal

The Other Side of Christian Property Board

By Father Anand Muttungal

It is past few years the issue of making a Christian Property Board in the Country has fast picked up. It was an issue discussed in a few quarters of the laity and clergy of the Country.  The Catholic hierarchy which holds major portion of the Christian property has come in open to protest against the debate itself.  A few years ago the Commission for Minorities in Madhya Pradesh came into controversy when it came out with a proposal to bring all Christian properties (gifted and leased) under the board. It was welcomed by a few people from across the Country. Their voice was considered a voice of intellectuals and disgruntled common man. The entire issue was placed in the background of selling of properties belonging to a few non-catholic Churches in some parts of the Country including Madhya Pradesh. Then Church leaders realized black hands of the fundamental organizations to bring the Christian community under their thumb. So when the issue reached its peaks the Catholic Church approached the Madhya Pradesh High Court and later Supreme Court to stop the efforts of the allegedly RSS supported Minority Commission Member to recommend  the State Government to make Christian Property Board like that of theState Waqf Board.

The case was later withdrawn from the Supreme Court due to the statement made by the Minister In-charge of Minority Welfare in the State Assembly that the Government has no plans to make any such body. Meanwhile the Christian member in the State Minority Commission completed his term as member. The issue went into oblivion till he was getting to end of his second term as member of the commission. This time he used his cards very well by roping in one of the top Christian religious heads through a close door meeting arranged by an aging former politician. Even though the detail of the meeting is unknown it is clear from their statements that the religious head has given his green signal to prepare the draft. Some trusted sources say that the Commission Member has promised to keep off the Catholic Church out of the said act but how could there be two standards for the Catholics and Non-Catholics in the same State under the same Constitution. Isai Mahasngh which spear headed the protests in the state has clarified that it is firm in its stand and it will not allow any attempt by the BJP lead State Government to interfere into the administration of the Church properties.

The Indian Law is very clear that all properties owned by individuals and societies are to be governed by the rules and regulations existing the Country. If any person makes false documents to sell off the Church property there are strict laws to stop them. We must remember that in spite of the Waqf Board Act a lot of property of the Board is under dispute. It is matter of fact that even if we agree with the Minority Commission to make a draft and hold discussions to reach a consensus before presenting the Bill, it will not be good for the Christian community because based on any Act wide interpretations and misinterpretations, use and misuse take place so it is always good that we must stall the very attempt itself.

The laity is not for any attempt by the Governments to interfere into the administration of the Church property. The growing support from the laity has to be seen as the growing disappointment of the laity who look for a collaborative approach from the Catholic Church in its administration and use of wealth.  For years Church officials have not made any serious efforts to come out with a better formula to make administrative reforms in the Church. It is the need of the hour to evolve a better system. In Europe and in some other continents the financial administration is done by the clergy and laity together but here spiritual and material administration is place in the hands of one person who is not accountable to anyone here. The laity when questions the bad administration is termed a rebel or protestant and when a clergy questions, he is disobedient. The ‘whistle blowers’ are thrown out to be persecuted; the Indian Church is doing the same mistake as the European Church did years back. It is the right time the Catholic Church think of collaborative administrative system. Probably it may good to remember that the laity are the people of God for whom the entire hierarchy is called to serve.

Bishops’ Edict Angers Catholics in Germany- Pay and Pray rule takes effect-1,26,000 decide to leave last year


Recently the Bombay High Court held that when cases for conveyance are  filed by co-operative societies court fee payable is not as per the current market value of the property.The said judgement will thus benefit thousands of societies in Maharashtra as the suit is to be valued at just Rs.1800/-  and will thus saving crores of rupees as the suits are not to be valued at todays market rates.

Read the High Court and City Civil Court order by clicking on the link below.

High Court Confirms Pecuniary Jurisdiction of City Civil Courts in Suit filed for Conveyance by Marinagar Society against St.Michaels Church Mahim who is the Owner of the land

Anger of Bishop who wants to knock down 140-year-old church and build flats in its place as parishioners rise up in protest


Bishops’ Edict Angers Catholics in Germany- Pay and Pray rule takes effect-1,26,000 decide to leave last year


Opposition leaders suspend hunger strike after dissident is released


Prosecutors Deny Priest Was Urged to Lie in Abuse Case

Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal: Catholics upset at their portrayal

Catholic newspaper scrubs interview after priest says children are ‘seducers’


Canadian bishops emphasize: life begins at conception

Indian Christian Martyrs Day Commemorated

Indian Christian Martyrs Day Commemorated


Bhopal: 30/08/2012: Christians in Madhya Pradesh celebrated Indian Christian Martyrs Day. It was two faced commemoration, first face was on 26th August where people offered prayers for the people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of faith in Jesus Christ. The second face of the programme was blood donation camp on 30th August. Memorial Service was held in Isai Mahasangh Head Quarter in Madhya Pradesh. The participants, recalled the suffering that the Christian community under going in the name of religion, we are trying to recall the suffering of Lord Jesus on the Cross.’


The Blood Donation Camp was organized at Red Cross Hospital, Bhopal. Isai Mahasangh has been organizing the Blood Donation Camp for the last Four years. A large number of people participated in the programme.


Isai Mahasangh,(IMS),  which is spearheading movement explained that Christianity began with the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus, His disciple St. Thomas came to India in 52 AD, He was also martyred, from then on there are many followers of Christ who died to save faith, we remember them all.  It is the fourth year that we are commemorating the heroic sacrifice of those Christians who died for faith. The sacrifice of Christians of Khandmal is being remembered very specially.


             IMS State General Secretary Jerry Paul said,” martyrdom has become very important in the life of the Church from the beginning of Christianity.”   He said that the prayer services began with offering floral tributes to the martyrs by the participants. They sang bhajan , red verses from Holy Bible and offered prayers.


There has been suffering heaped up on women and children so IMS also remembered the women and children. We also remember and honour all those persons who are living with pain”, Said Richard James, Bhopal District President


Media In-charge & Office Secretary John Anthony said,” even today there are over twenty thousand displaced people living due to Kandhamal communal riots. We need to take lessons from these communal problems. Religion must become a way to find God rather than becoming source of hatred.”



John Anthony

Media In-charge & Office Secretary

Isai Mahasangh, (Madhya Pradesh)