US & UK Churches converted to temples

Churches are turning into temples in UK and US

US & UK, June 29, 2012: Next month, a Swaminarayan temple will be thrown open to devotees in Los Angeles, California. While there are many Hindu shrines the world over, a majority of them built by global Gujaratis, the consecration scheduled on July 22 is special. For, this abode of Lord Swaminarayan was once a …


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Karnataka: Sangha Parivarists attack a fasting prayer meeting

Karnataka, July 07, 2012: Pastor Mounesh (35) is the pastor in charge of Immanuel Sakineh Church located at Doddakatte in Ramagundahally in Channagiri Taluk of Davanagere District in Karnataka. It is a House Church, and he lives with his wife Hanumakka (25) and their two small children, I boy and a girl. His ministry is …


Christians affected in Assam floods

Assam, July 08, 2012: EFI expresses profound commiseration to the bereaved families of the flood victims and deep concerned for all who are affected by it in different parts of Assam. The heavy downpour of the monsoon torrent in the state resulted in at least 77 people killed and nearly two million affected by it. …


Pillai shining example for those facing persecution

Rome, July 7, 2012: He was imprisoned and tortured, but he persevered heroically to the end. Venerable Devasahayam Pillai is a shining example for those suffering persecution for faith today, Cardinal Angelo Amato, head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, has said. He termed the 18 the century martyr, the first …



Vietnam: Thugs attack congregation during church service

Vietnam, July 03, 2012: A Christian woman suffered a fractured skull in a brutal attack on a congregation in Vietnamby a group of thugs believed to have been paid by the authorities. The woman was taken to hospital for treatment in intensive care following the assault in Nghe An province on Sunday evening (1 July). …



Blasphemy law proposed in Iraqi Kurdistan after Muslim protests

Iraq, July 02, 2012: A “blasphemy law” has been drafted by MPs in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan following violent protests by Muslims against a magazine article deemed insulting to Islam. The Draft Law to Protect Sanctities prescribes up to ten years in prison and fines of up to 50,000,000 dinars (£27,390, US$43,029) for …



Presbyterian Church rejects gay marriage proposal

USA, July 8, 2012: Opponents of the change argued the move would alienate the Church from Presbyterian Churches in other countries. The U.S. Presbyterian Church has rejected a proposal by same-sex marriage proponents to change the definition of marriage as a union between “two people”. The proposal was defeated 338-308 in a close vote after …



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