Justice Saldanha objects the statement of Chief Minister – “Hindu Dharma is in Danger”

Justice Saldanha objects the statement of Chief Minister – “Hindu Dharma is in Danger”

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Parishioner to Protest near Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar against Cyber Crime

Parishioner to Protest near Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar against Cyber Crime 

source mailed by: Gordon Jacobs

A Parishioner seeks JUSTICE IN OUR LADY OF SALVATIONCHURCH(OLSC), DADAR since she feels it is better to fight for Justice when alive than after death as her character has been assassinated and church owned computers have allegedly been used to commit a cyber crime and hence will protest on 27th November 2011 near Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar.It is indeed a shame that she has not been able to get justice.

Has the Mumbai Archdiocese turned a blind eye to character assassination of  a women?
Judith exhorts  people to raise their  voices today – as she feels that they or their  loved Ones could be the next Victims.
  • Judith Monteiro, parishioner, OLSC, Dadar wrote to the Cardinal, His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias seeking Justice in a Church matter (expulsion as elected trustee) wherein in 2003 her character has been assassinated by false allegations which was brought to his notice by parishioners 3 yrs back & which has been reopened by the Cardinal a year back & is being investigated by Bsp Agnelo Gracias .
Further in January 2011 she received a vulgar email & in October 2011 she received a Letter by Post which was both Threatening & Vulgar.
What Judith seeks :
 That her name be cleared of all false allegations
In the Cyber Crime of 2011 :
  •  Action  be taken & the persons concerned be suspended while investigation is on.
  • Church officials  should  not misguide the Cyber Crime Police.
  • An Announcement be made in the Parish condemning the incidents & warning mischievous elements  indulging in the crime since it appears that  computers were used for the crime.
On 17th January, 2011a vulgar email regd Ms. Judith Monteiro and another email regd Mr Marcellino was circulated to public from a ficticious email address of one Peter D’souza claming to be a Parishioner. Ms. Monteiro complained to the Cyber Crime Police & the investigation is on. In October,2011 a Threatening-cum-Vulgar letter was received by Judith by Post.
Why is Judith Protesting :
  • Considering the Vulgar Email & Threat Letter she doesn’t want her family & friends to fight her cause after an attack / death
  • This shameful incident against a Woman should not occur again to another woman.
  • House of Prayer should not be made a House of Crime
The Allegations in July 2003 :  
  • Bsp Bosco’s letter in 2003 states that Bishop’s team has found the expulsion to be correct & that no parishioners had approached him in her  support.
  • Misappropriation of funds – Rs 40,000/- Salvation school event 
  • Non Active Constituency
  • Setting Priests to fight
  • False allegations regd Good Friday programme aired on Door Darshan
  • Setting Parishioners to fight
Evidence provided in the matter
  • Letters from Br. Steinmayer  as well as the then  Principal of SalvationSchoolwho state that no one was authorised to speak on behalf of the school. School Accounts Sheet shows Accounts closed & a Profit of Rs. 97,000+ in  the School Bank A/C in 2002.
  •  Letters from Priests of the Parish & Resident Priest refute the allegations
  • Sponsors Letters & letter signed by a Priest refutes the allegations
  • Under Oath at Charity Commissioners office – a then trustee admitted that – No investigation was done prior to expulsion & another witness  admitted he had no authority to Chair the Expulsion Meeting & that there was no Sanction of the Cardinal for the expulsion. His 2 yr term as Association Elected PPC member ended on 31st March 2003, while he chaired the meeting July 2003.   
 Wake up Dadar ! Wake up Mumbai Archdiocese ! Protect your WOMEN !!

Church leaders to work for development

Church leaders to work for development

mailed by: Gordon Jacobs

Church leaders vowed Thursday to work for a more progressive and vibrant India.
“We have to work toward lifting up the downtrodden [dalits, tribals and the poor] for the nation’s development,” said Cardinal Oswald Gracias in his opening address to the 11th general session of Catholic Council of India (CCI) in Kerala.
Cardinal Gracias, who is also president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India and archbishop of Mumbai, said “there can be no progress without peace and without justice and forgiveness there can be no peace.”
Noting that one of the major hurdles to development is corruption, he appealed for the eradication of the “scourge” from society.
Church’s Role for a Better India is the theme of the four-day meeting which began Thursday in Kochi, the southern state’s commercial hub.
Major Archbishop George Alencherry, head of the Syro MalabarChurch, said globalization and consumerism have widened the gap between rich and poor.
“The poor and the dalits are exploited and unless we address this issue, the country cannot progress,” he told the 150-strong gathering of bishops, priests, nuns and laity.
He appealed for the Church to build bridges with other faiths in order to help speed up efforts for development and progress.
During the four-day meeting, CCI members will share their experiences, reflections and suggestions on vital Church and national issues and decide on common action in which to carry out Christ’s mission.
The biennial meeting comes ahead of the General Body Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, which this year has the same theme.
Source: ucanews.com

Ireland, first Catholic country to snap ties with Vatican

Ireland, first Catholic country to snap ties with Vatican

source: The Hindu;  Mailed by : Gordon Jacobs


Ireland has become the first major Catholic nation to break its ties with the Vatican over the child sex abuse issue after it closed its embassy in the Holy See.The country cited “economic reasons” for closing the embassy, that has infuriated the Holy See as it might lead to other closures now that Dublin has shown the way.

In a communique, the Irish Foreign Ministry said the mission was being closed because “it yields no economic return” and that relations would be continued with an ambassador in Dublin.However, observers said the closure of the embassy at the Holy See, Iran and Timor-Leste would result in economies of a paltry €1.2 million per year.

The Irish decision has brought relations between Dublin and the Vatican, considered unbreakable and very close, at an all-time low.Besides economic considerations, there is simmering anger in Dublin over the Vatican’s protracted cover-up of priests who sexually abused children in their care.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has accused Rome of stonewalling, if not obstructing, official enquiries into the abuse which went on as late as 2009. He said the Church was guilty of “dysfunction, disconnection, elitism and narcissism.”Ireland has been one of the most faithful daughters of the Catholic Church, banning abortion even today and introducing divorce only in 1995.But the very close relationship enjoyed by the Vatican with successive Irish governments was severely damaged by a series of reports over the Church’s seemingly deliberate obliviousness to child sex abuse by Catholic priests.

Indeed in Ireland, most educational institutions were at one time almost exclusively run by the Church and abuse and harsh, even inhuman, treatment of children flourished.“The decision to close the embassy does not surprise me,” Moira D., an Irish journalist based in Paris, told The Hindu.

“For months now, there has been seething anger towards the hypocrisy of Rome and this decision will be welcomed by the people,” she said.While Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore denied the embassy closure was linked to the row over sexual abuse, Rome-based diplomats said they believed it probably played a major role.

Gilmore stressed that the decision to close down the Embassy in the Vatican was unrelated to the Holy See’s recall of Papal Nuncio to Ireland this year.The Irish government, he said, will not sell Villa Spada, a hugely valuable property which serves as the Irish mission to the Vatican. Instead, staff from the Irish embassy to Italy will be moved from rented premises to the Villa Spada.

Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, said he was profoundly disappointed by the decision and hoped the government would “revisit” it.“This decision seems to show little regard for the important role played by the Holy See in international relations and of the historic ties between the Irish people and the Holy See over many centuries,” Cardinal Brady said.

An Indian source at the Vatican said this decision “comes at a particularly bad time when the world is going through troubled times, both morally and economically. The Church has solutions to offer but politicians are unwilling to hear them.”

Pro-Hindu government tries to appease Christians

Pro-Hindu government tries to appease Christians

source : ucanews.com,  mailed by: Gordon Jacobs
The Karnataka government has come under fire from Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore over the composition of a newly established state Christian Development Council.The pro-Hindu Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) set up the body recently to try to appease Christians in the southern state who still feel aggrieved at attacks on them in 2008.
“This is an honest gesture on behalf of the state government that realizes the gravity of hurt the Christian community felt post-September 2008, when misguided people attacked Christian churches and institutions,” said Franklyn Monteiro, vice-president of the BJP state Minority Morcha (forum) and a member of the council.The new Christian Development Council (CDC), headed by Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda, will have an annual budget of 500 million rupees (US$9.5 million).
The money will be earmarked for church buildings, social welfare and educational purposes.
However, Archbishop Moras has criticized the council’s composition.He said the chief minister had written to him suggesting members for the CDC but ignored his own recommendations.The bishop’s concern is that the council will have too many BJP members.
“This is an attempt by the government to fool Christians,” he said.The prelate said he will clarify whether there are any more additions to be made and then take up the matter with the chief minister, and also remind him of his promise to withdraw cases brought against “innocent” Christian youths who protested against the 2008 attacks.
V . Acharya, state higher education minister, admitted the ruling party has appointed people within its ranks as council members, but tried to appease the archbishop by saying that these people are Christians.“It would happen with any other party as well. But being Christians, they will work for the Christian community,” he said.The CDC will meet bi-monthly, examine suggestions by the state Minority Commission and draw up plans for the development of Christians in Karnataka, Acharya said.

Eradicating corruption Church’s top priority, say prelates

Eradicating corruption Church’s top priority, say prelates

source: ucanews.com mailed by: Gordon Jacobs

A regional bishops’conference has joined civil society groups in identifying corruption as an immediate challenge for the Church. Jesuit Father Cedric Prakash, who presided over a meeting last week of the Agra Regional Bishops’ Council and other groups, said opposition to corruption was fundamental to faith.
“If one is a true disciple of Jesus, one cannot but be against the very notion of corruption. Christian discipleship necessitates honesty, accountability and transparency.” He urged participants to oppose corruption through the ballet box by electing honest politicians. Fr Prakash said: “we must have the right of recall if politicians prove themselves corrupt or if they perform below par. Above all, we must constantly make them accountable for what they do and say in Parliament.
“Ultimately, we need to create active citizens’ vigilance committees to constantly monitor the progress of democratic institutions.”For corruption is not only about taking money but also about our attitude of “indifference” towards corruption, he added.
Bishop Oswald Lewis of Jaipur diocese said corruption in society is rampant and Church personnel, being part of the society, are also involved in corrupt practices.Bishop Raphy Manjaly of Varanasi diocese told the gathering that individuals inside or outside the Church should make sure first “their own house is in order” before working to eradicate corruption in society.He said that not only should we make sure that there is accountability and transparency in our dealings but also create awareness through seminars, circulars and discussions about the scourge.
“We do realize that we are a minority in North India but we can always work in collaboration with other groups and agencies combating corruption,” said Fr. Jose Subhash, regional president of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand region (URU).Sr. Rajani, Superior General of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Graces, said “We have to work to fight against corruption despite our limitations.”
Bishop Thomas Thuruthimattom of Gorakhpur diocese highlighted, “the Church in North India is trying to avoid all kinds of occasions of corruption and misuse of power, money and authority.
He said “as action plan we wish to conscientize all those who are associated with us in our schools and other institutions about this malpractice.” The prelate said “we would like to collaborate with the people of goodwill to fight against corruption.” The participants chalked out an action plan to be executed within a deadline to overcome the scourge.

Mangalore churches issue dress code

Mangalore churches issue dress code
Stanley G Pinto TNN 
Mangalore:  Some churches in the Mangalore diocese have barred worshippers from wearing sleeveless dresses, T-shirts with cheeky messages and short skirts saying it would distract other worshippers.
Fr Victor Machado, parish priest, Bejai Church, said: “We expect the devout who come to church to be dressed decently. It’s a place of worship and not a party hall or place to display the latest fashion. We expect worshippers not be distracted by others dressed immodestly.”
He added: “We see people take extra care to dress when they attend a function. Why this disregard when they come to the house of God?”
His decision has been seconded by the parish council. Fr William Menezes, PRO, Bishop’s House. The bishop of Mangalore diocese Rev Aloysius Paul D’Souza also has been vocal about showing less skin in the house of the Lord. “People come to pray. We expect Catholics to not only be modest in dressing, but also in behaviour and lifestyle,” said Menzes.
The dress code could go down well with the elderly but it could alienate the younger flock, the very people churches around the world are trying to keep on hallowed grounds, at least for Sunday masses. “When our parents don’t object to our dresses, who is the clergy to tell us?” questions collegian Neetha.
My Feedback.
While the move to ask worshipers to dress in a more modest way is acceptable,dressing is just the outward manifestation.
I am concerned with the more spiritual manifestation and now ask if our very “Dharma Sevaks” are in the state of grace to perform, and celebrate Holy mass where the bread and wine is changed into the body and Blood of our savior Jesus Christ. Our Dharma Sevaks believe they are above the law, and do what they wish and instruct the laity to follow what they say, yet in many cases they are unfit to perform the holy sacraments as they are spritually unclean, Its the same saying.
“Do as I tell you, yet dont do as I do.”
I invite responses. This atricle that has appeared in the Times of India of today will soon be on our blog
Please do send in your comments and written contributions.
Gordon Jacobs

The missing TV donated to Sacred Heart Church Santa Cruz Mumbai- no response from the church.

The missing TV donated to Sacred Heart Church Santa Cruz Mumbai- no response from the church.

Source: mailed by Gordon Jacobs

from: Gordon Jacobs

to: Fr Vernon Private

Dated: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Fr Vernon,
This is another follow up of the missing TV donated by Mrs Virginia Saldhana a parishioner of our parish during “the regime” of Fr Anthony Mendonca, the then parish priest of our Parish church  ( Sacred Heart Church, Santa Cruz,Mumbai-India)
Various attempts to locate this expensive TV has yielded no results. In fact Mrs Saldhana had even approached Bishop Agnelo Gracias who knows her well, and he came down to the parish office to investigate.
There was a lot of mismanagement at the parish office involving “the administrator” who was finally got rid of. I am sorry that you now are carrying this unwanted child.
While I understand the weakness that caused Fr Anthony Mendonca to abdicate his powers as the trustee, and head of the parish to his “able Administrator”, We need to resolve, and get the house of God in order soon. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, and I would request you to set up a team of able, and unbiased parishioners who will not be “yes men” yet come up with the truth as we are dealing with what belongs to Jesus Christ and His church.
While the issue of the TV is shameful ( please see letter from Mrs Saldhana attached) we have others that need to be addressed.
1, Allocation of a room at Roselands to people not on the waitlist ( alleged relatives
    of a bishop of our Archdiocese).
2, Use of a  room at Roselands meant as roof for our underpriviliged and less
     fortunate brothers and sisters, now being used by tenants as export showrooms.We have asked that this be addressed but to no avail.
3, Numerous locked rooms being retained for real estate speculation, where the
    tenents have migrated overseas and or deceased, your office has been
    provided a update details of the same.This again at Roselands.
4, Court case of one of your staff intruding into room number 1, I have provided Fr
     Tony Mendonca’s letter of complaint to the Santa Cruz Police station for your
     ref.In case you need a extra copy I will be pleased to provide.
5, Change of tenancy of flat nbr 3 Shanti Bhavan, by Fr Tony Mendonca after
     same being refused by two earlier parish priests. How come? this flat also
      happen to be originally in the name of the sister of the “able administrator”.
6, Renting out the same flat Nbr 3 Shanti Bhavan to a local catholic builder for a sum
     of Rs 15000 per month, when the tenant paid the church a paultry sum of
    appox Rs 180 per month- Clear case of profiting on Church property.
    we have documentation to support our claim.How come Fr Tony Mendonca
    permitted this?.How did he sign the papers for change in tenancy?
7, Subletting the same flat at another occasion to your secretary Mrs Dorothy
     Furtado, by Fr Tony Mendonca,when a letter of understanding signed by
     Fr Tony and Ms Futardo for a sum of Rs 1000 per month for six months,
     yet in actual fact a sum of Rs 3000 was charged to Mrs Furtado, by your “able administrator” we have a
     copy of her cheque to support our claim.
     You will see even this young widow was no spared by Fr Tony Mendonca  and
      his “able” administrator, to made a quick buck at the cost of church property.
      Secondly Mrs Futardo was full aware of the happenings, and is also a part
      of this scam to cheat the parish. She should be investigated for aiding and
       abetting this crime and necessary action should be taken against her.
8, Audited report of the expenses for renovation of the church, as there was a lot
     of anomolies detected by the finance team to the extend that some of the
    quotations were from non existing parties, here again the ‘able administrator”
    was questioned by the finance committee with no answer, and Fr Mendonca
    tried to delay His ‘able administrator” to dispose before the finance comittee.
As mentioned earlier, all these issues happened even before you took charge, and I am sure you will recall that I had kept you informed, and brief of what you were getting into.
Any way, its now more than a year you are the parish priest of one of the model parishes in the Archdiocese of Bombay, and it would be in the best interest of the parish, its parishioners and the catholic church in general to  conduct an investigation.
May I ask you if you can include me and a Catholic CA, during the deliberations as a Observed only.
Can we please set a date to have these issues resolved, after all these issues relate to assets,finance and the property of the parish and that of Our Lord Jesus Christ , and we need to recover and restore the monies taken away from His account as soon as possible.
I am confident you will oblige.
May I kindly propose 29 November 2011 for this joint inquest.
Please do call me in case you need any supporting documents or call for presence of people to hold my claims.
Thank you.

Blessing of Graves Postponed on All Souls day in St.Michaels Church Mahim

Blessing of Graves Postponed on All Souls day in St.Michaels Church Mahim

Source: Mailed By Gordon Jacobs

A mail From: judith monteiro

to: Archbishop of Bombay

Dated: Tue, Nov 1, 2011


Your Eminence, just when One thinks the Church can surprise us no more, some Church authority somewhere proves us wrong
I refer to the recent News on a site :
Blessing of Graves Postponed on All Souls day in St.Michaels Church Mahim

My query to you Your Eminence is “isn’t all souls day an universal date on the Catholic Calendar ? If yes, did this Parish have Your permission as the Archbishop to postpone it ?

Correct me if I am wrong, but we were brough up by our parents & elders with the teaching that this is not an ordinary calendar date but one laced with religious & personal human sentiments for the departed souls. Prayers recited at the graveyard for the intentions of the Pope & the dearly departed gains one plenary indulgence. It is the day when one prays not only for the souls in the family but also for the abandoned souls, all souls in purgatory, unborn aborted souls, etc. Can such a day be tampered with.The significance of 2nd Nov is not just that day but it follows ALL SAIINTS DAY (1st nov) which is marked as a day of prayer & rosaries for the souls in preparation for ALL SOULS DAY. Infact Indians are so touchy about family sentiments (& rightfully so), etc that when people in Mumbai were asked to recycle coffins they openly objected to it, how then will such a strong indian community react to a date dedicated to the dead being postponed – i do not need to tell you, you know the answer.

What surprises us, the laity is”Why postpone the day”. wouldnt more prayers specially in communion with people of other faiths be more welcome ? surely people seeing the flowers & candles, etc would not stand on the graves ? volunteers, ushers, youth could have been used to request those attending the novena to stand elsewhere.

If it can be postponed by 1 parish then tomorrow why not others ? in that case why not have it on a convenient day – Sunday ? The Catholic Church which is already facing dwindlng population, baptised but nonpractising catholics, precedence of money over right or wrong, etc what example are we setting to our youth & our future generations ? An example of – “fulfilling of your christian duty is important, not love for your christian values & teachings”, do what you want, as you want … which will result in situations like Sunday obligation fulfilled on saturday evening not as an emergency case but so that one can happily party the weekend away once the obligation is fulfilled

Your Eminence, today the date is postponed to the next day due to Wednesday novenas, next yr those celebrating St Jude novena on thursdays will postpone it by a day, following year First friday celebrations will again postpone it by a day, Tuesday St Anthony’s novenas will postpone it by a day ….will this be a precedence for others to follow as per occassions as & when the need arises?

Your Emminence, was this decision taken after approval of the Archdiocese & U in particular ? was it a solo decision by the parish priest ? Even if it was in consultation with the parish council isnt yours or a bishops permission needed ? Request you to kindly make your say on this matter known thro the Examiner so that the laity are not confused on religious aspects of the church.

In fact your Emminence, would like to request you to ask all churches to maintain the respect due to the dead. Its noticed that on every wednesday people stand in the graveyard & hear the novenas BUT your emminence whats wrong is that THEY STAND ON THE GRAVES. Is that the respect we give our dead ? We lovingly care for our family graves but do not think twice before walking over the graves in Mahim. what example are we setting to our non-christian brethren ? Our dead loved ones should be respected all year through not just on 2nd nov. Hence would request you to kindly ask them to shut the doors of the graveyard from public use & make announcements requesting peope not to stand on the graves – simple signboards at strategic locations too can help.

Once again request that some clarification on this & general postponement of Church approved calendar dates be carried in the Examiner. (This will also ensure that people do not blame the Archdiocese for individual parish decisions which may be wrong as at some times the Archbishops house may be the last to know)

Thanking You
Yours in Christ,

judith monteiro