Must Read- “Pride and Prejudices of Mediocre Priests”

                   Yesterday, Sunday the 30th October 2011 two of my friends came to visit me in my office. For the last fifty years, the time Christians spend in churches for certain religious Mambo-Jumbos, I have been spending my time in hearing people who suffer at the hands of evil people, so that I can relieve their pain and wipe out their tears. Jesus never went to a church to pray and waste his time, he always walked through the streets consoling people and solving their problems. Even today my services are available to the people from 8 in the Morning till 8 in the evening. I have thus saved thousands of man ours over the years and used them for Real Social Work.

                To come back to two my two friends from Kulshekar where a very old church exists and a very Crooked and Cruel Priest, by name Valerian lords over Foolish and Innocent people. I was told that a young priest not even aged 30 years was bullshitting during his sermon. His story was that he has met several judges, lawyers, IAS officers rich business men, politicians etc. etc. Who have been folding their hands and craving for his blessings. But now he has met a few men who refuse to fold their hands and try to shake his hands, his justification was that priests are the chosen ones who are Christian Brahmins and all others are Pariahs or Dalits. The Dalits are not human beings only priests are human beings..!! therefore Dalits cannot shake hands with the Brahmins. My friends told me that they were very angry and lost their temper. But they did not have the courage of their convictions to stand and defy the priest. A priest who utters such foolish words deserves to be slapped on the spot and at the pulpit, because he is exceeding his limits. He is speaking against the teachings of bible. Influenced by this sermon all the silly women while coming out of the church were seem to be fold their hands and pray for his blessings.

Isn’t this an effect of brain washing or indoctrination? By this sort of indoctrination the cassock wearing Hijras are converted the entire Christian society into a group of Eunuchs.

Till we meet again..

P.B D’Sa.

Christian Reforms, Mangalore



The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexuals, practicing homosexuals, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the verbally abusive and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians (6:9-11).

On September 11, the Synod of the Marthoma Church, a prominent Kerala-based non-Catholic denomination, replaced Euyakim Mar Coorilos as the bishop of its Kunnamkulam-Malabar diocese. In July, Coorilos had become the first Christian bishop to be sued in India for allegedly committing sodomy. The petition was filed by Sam Kutty, 38, a former diocese employee before a judicial magistrate in Pathanamthitta, accusing the bishop of sexually abusing him in 2009 inside a retreat centre run by the diocese. The judicial magistrate has directed the local police to investigate the complaint.

For the Christian church and community at large, which consider even consensual homosexuality a cardinal sin and perversion, the news was blasphemous. The Coorilos incident is the latest in a spate of sex crimes that has surfaced recently involving priests and nuns in Kerala. In 2008, the Pope suspended Bishop John Thattunkal of the Latin Catholic Diocese of Kochi on charges of adopting a 26-year-old woman. That very year, the church dismissed a 45-year-old nun after an MMS clip of her indulging in sex was widely circulated. In 2009, Sister Jesme, a Catholic nun, listed her sexual encounters in a tell-all autobiography. Later that year, CBI arrested two priests and a nun in connection with the murder of a nun-Sister Abhaya-17 years ago inside a convent. In 2011, an autobiography by Shibu Kalaparamban, a priest for 13 years rocked the Syro-Malankara Church, the country’s largest Catholic church. Kalaparamban was suspended from the church (see box).

Interestingly, the bishop’s case comes even as attempts for a dialogue on homosexuality have begun for the first time inside the conservative churches of Kerala where Christians form 19 per cent of the population. The efforts have been set in motion by a homosexual Baptist pastor couple from the US, Stephen R. Parelli and Jose Enrique Ortiz. “On issues of sexuality, Indian churches are as conservative as the most conservative evangelical groups of the US. The curriculum of Bible colleges here is the same as followed by the most fundamentalist groups in the West. Hence the dialogue we began here is no mean achievement. There are priests and nuns with same-sex orientation here too as anywhere else in the world,” says Parelli, executive director of Other Sheep, a Christian ministry that works for sexual minorities.

Parelli, 60, recently visited Kerala and Goa-two states with large Christian populations-along with his gay partner and fellow pastor Ortiz, 45, who is Other Sheep’s coordinator for Asia. “Gays and lesbians exist among the priests and nuns in India too. But they have remained suppressed and silent within the confines of the church which looked at them as sinners,” says Ortiz. According to him, it was colonialism that suppressed the Indian tradition of open-mindedness towards sexuality. He cites what George Nalunnakkal of the Malankara Jacobite Orthodox Church, a prominent Kerala-based church, said: “India’s traditional silence on sexuality is a celebrated myth. In fact, the Indian mind always engaged sexuality in a very open and radical manner. It was the colonisers who brought to India their values, suppressing Indian tradition.” Parelli pointed out that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which deemed same sexintercourse a crime and was struck down by the Delhi High Court in 2009, was drafted by Lord Macaulay in the 19th century.

The gay pastor couple has held many meetings in Kerala and engaged with priests and the laity. They were brought to the state by the Trivandrum Theological Forum (TTF), an ecumenical organisation of Christian laity working for the rights of Dalit Christians, women and sexual minorities. “We believe the church should address the issues of sexual minorities. It should stop turning away from this,” says R.S.Ajith, TTF secretary. “This was the first platform to start a dialogue on the issue within the church,” says Sam L. Sone, TTF president.

The TTF is dominated by members of the Church of South India (CSI), a relatively liberal Protestant church which has, since 1984, allowed women to become pastors. “CSI has been liberal on these issues. It has taken up issues of gender, dalits and landlessness. It has to address the issue of sexual minorities too,” says Father David Joy from csi and a professor at Bangalore’s United Theological College. “It doesn’t mean that the church has to accept homosexuality. It has to besympathetic to their issues and rights rather than see them as sinners,” he says. Father Joy says the Protestant church has been relatively more liberal on such issues than the Catholics. It was the Anglican Church, the mother of all Protestant churches, which for the first time in 2003 ordained an openly gay clergyman-Gene Robinson-as a bishop in New Hampshire, USA. “But it doesn’t mean that even the Anglican church has accepted homosexuality. In fact, his ordination has split the global Anglican church with many churches in Africa breaking away. But it was a landmark in the church’s history,” he says. Incidentally, faced with death threats, Robinson has said he will step down before his term ends in 2015. “If this is the situation of West, it may take at least 50 years for Indian churches to even think of accepting sexual minorities,” says Joy. Though the Catholic church has been the most fundamentalist on gays, change seems to gradually catching up with it too. Father Paul Thelakat, spokesperson of the Syro-Malankara Church, told india today, “Homosexuality is a deviation from natural sex orientation but it has to be treated with love and concern. Those who become homosexuals because of either social circumstances or experiences have to be reoriented and those who are so by nature should not be seen as immoral or less human. But a homosexual marriage is a misnomer and the Catholic church does not accept it.”

Must Read – “Find out the Truth”

              Society is so foolish and frail that it has made rumors and rumors mongering as a part and parcel of Human Life. Some wise man said “FRAILTY THY NAME IS WOMAN”. It is also said that ‘man has something of woman in him’ and the ‘woman has something of a man in her’. May be because of this men do not lack very much behind in rumor mongering.

            Our mediocre priests have let loose rumors about me and my life since ten years, just because I intensified my mission to reform and restructure Christian Church in India and made “EMPOWERMENT OF LAITY” the Central Theme and AIM of my Mission. The priests seeing the support I have been getting from all over the Christian world, have started not only shivering in their pants but have also started ******** in their pants. Our reform movement is without any hatred or rancor against anybody. Therefore please do not give any credence to the rumors that are generated by the priest and their ‘innocent and ignorant’ followers.

            Do you know that the Bishop of Mangalore went to the extent of sending a circular to all his institutions and Churches asking them not to invite ‘Me and Justice M.F Saldanha’ as speakers or Chief Guest for any of their programs or conferences. I did not bother about the circular, because by issuing such a circular he has revealed that he is afraid of ‘Me and my Movement’, because he is the guilty one lording over hundreds of ‘cassock wearing men and women’. It is a compliment that he paid me. Jesus Christ also faced similar situation in his lifetime where, the ‘then priests’ in his society not only raised false rumors but charged him and crucified him. 2000 years back Jesus surrendered to the cross but after 2000 years I will not surrender until and unless I expose all these “WOLVES in the GARB of a SHEEP”.

            As far as Justice Michael F. Saldanha is concerned he chose to write to the Bishop who wrote back to him that, ‘he has not issued such circular’ we have later found out that, the particular circular was called back by the Bishop. Believe it or not, this is the truth and nothing but the truth. The particular circular was handed over to Justice Saldanha by one of the journalist who has a close rapport with some priest.

            To come to the other side of the coin I must share the following rumor spread all over Mumbai, Bangalore and Mangalore, It is said that there was an enforcement department raid on the Bishop’s House and cash amounting to Rs.25 crores was confiscated as unaccounted money. This figure varies from 9 crores to 90 crores. But 1 fact is very clear ‘unless there is fire inside there won’t be any smoke outside’, and it is also clear that thieves do not leave any evidence of their ill deeds.

            Some years back Fr.Muller’s Hospital Kankanady was charged with a crime of robbing Municipal water for nearly 5 to 6 years. A criminal case was hoisted against the director concern. Robbing itself was a highly unethical and antinational and anti social act. Do you know what happened further?

                 The case was dismissed that means the hospital was declared a saint and not a thief. Do you know how this was achieved? Bishop has a rogue lawyer who is known as ‘assistant bishop in Mangalore‘. This man arranged to gift a brand new car to the magistrate deciding this case. Lo and behold the trick worked, hospital won the case but in the bargain the magistrate lost his job.

P.B D’Sa

Christian Reforms, Mangalore.

“Huge number of SKELETONS in their HEARTS, MINDS and CUPBOARDS.”

              A very healthy development that is raging all over the Christian Population of India is a debate started by Fr. Ronnie Prabhu S.J. Director of “Fathima Retreat House” Mangalore, as to why Christians are upset with the clerics and many are leaving the “Christian Fold” or “The Catholic Fold”. I say that this is a very healthy development because it shows ‘courage and convictions’ to do such ‘heart searching’. Only those who are ‘not guilty’ can do this. The Secular priests who are not only guilty but are a bundle of contradictions ‘who preach one thing and practice another’. They have no courage to sit with laymen and discuss matters. That is why they have stored “huge number of SKELETONS in their HEARTS, MINDS and CUPBOARDS.” This has prompted a number of thinking laymen who are honest with courage of their connection to establish a network in India and fight all the Evil Forces within the Christian Church.

                As I was having my morning walk today I met a inmate of ‘retreat house’ and I told him that we are arranging a few demonstrations in front of a few churches in Mangalore ,he welcomed the idea and said that ‘it is high time that laymen do this’. He further added that ‘these priests will never change’ and ‘that they will never give-up their control over the temporal matters. Which they have come to enjoy over the years.‘ I told him in specific terms that ‘we will not only change them but take over all the powers and all the institutions from their hands within the next 10 years, even if it comes to going to jail and shedding some blood.’ ‘No country has one independence without bloodshed.’ We are therefore ready to shed our blood for liberating Christ and Christians form the Evil Clutches of Evil Priests who style themselves like a SHEEP. They are WOLVES in the garb of SHEEP.

P.B D’Sa

Christian Reforms, Mangalore.

Demonstrations in front of Important Churches on 11th of December 2011

           On 8th of May 2011, a Christian Conclave was held in Mangalore in which following resolutions were unanimously passed, the conclave was attended by The Christian Reformists Leaders from Mangalore, Mumbai and Goa. The clergy has totally ignored our demands and they are living in “UTOPIA “We have therefore decided to bring the clergy down to the earth form their fool’s paradise.

                   Our representatives from Christian Reforms Foundation have already held preparatory meetings in Goa, Mumbai, Karvar, Sasthan, Udupi, Putthur , Kulshekar and several other places and decided to hold demonstrations simultaneously in front of different churches in Mangalore Diocese to Demand immediate Implementation of our resolutions by the Church.

The Resolutions are:

  1. The process of empowering the laity be started with immediate effect in all temporal matters and the clergy confine themselves to religious matters.
  2. The Management of all Christian institutions should be by the laity jointly in collaboration with the clergy.
  3. All Chalgeni and Mulgeni lands should be transferred in the name of the present occupiers within 6 months without any additional land cost or goodwill amount.
  4. All Christians should be taught free of cost in our schools and colleges and scholarship be given to economically backward Christian and no Christian student be refused admission in any of our institutions.
  5. Co-operative housing Societies be started and promoted on Church lands and ownership of flats given to the laity at cost of no loss no profit basis.
  6. A professional Security Force should be formed and all our Churches, Institutions and Schools, Colleges etc. be provided with security shield form encroachers and attackers.
  7. All collections, charges, donations, fees and offerings and weekly expenses should be displayed on the Notice Boards of Churches and other institutions.
  8. Laity be taken into confidence and consulted in all matters of appointments.
  9. Convert all schools which do not have enough Christian students be into professional/higher learning institutions.
  10. Create an administrative Cadre of laymen to man all temporal institutions and prepare our youngsters for IAS, IPS, and IFS at the cost of the Church/Diocese.

P.B D’Sa

Christian Reforms, Mangalore

Short History of Indian Christian Association

Short History of Indian Christian Association

This Association was started initially by few occupiers of Bishop’s Compound Valencia Mangalore 2, In the year 2000, basically for obtaining Varga Rights of their Mulgeni Lands which were granted to Christians as an allurement and so to say as a bribe, so that they remained in the Christian fold. May be there was an element of Charity and social commitment with the then priests who were controlling the Christian Church. Mulgeni is peculiar arrangement where a Landlord alienates all his rights to the occupier (mischievously called as ‘tenant’) in perpetuity. He cannot evict the occupier at any cost as long as he pays his Mulgeni obligation annually. While buying the Mulgeni rights this so called Landlord collects the cost of the land or the Market Value of the land. The only sane reason for this sort of a Mulgeni arrangement where the Landlord keeps a control over the occupiers id that the occupier, who is a Christian should not sell the land to men of other religions this is a very cunning and cruel social arrangement thought of by our priests which they are now exploiting.
If one wants to obtain Varga rights the Bishop Demands 1/3 (1 of the 3rd) of Market Value of the Land which is not only unethical, immoral but also illegal. Therefore the bishop does not give you a receipt for this 1/3 amount. Do you expect religious people who are living on ALMS and the nations given by the Laity? The word Landlord is again a misnomer as land’s where neither purchased by him nor inherited by him from his forefathers. These lands where given by large land holders, Kings, British Government etc. to the Church to be distributed to the Christian Laity and the Bishop was only a trustee of this land. But because of passing years and because of several legislation and practices adopted by people and perhaps even because of certain mistakes in documentation the Bishop has become a fake landlord.

The association started in Bishop’s compound Valencia Mangalore- 2 has spread all over the state since the last ten years and now established a network all over India and concentrating its energies in a total revolution and reform within the church. The basic aim being taking over the management of all the temporal issues of the Church. We would like to clarify here church means “Al Christians” i.e. 98.3 % Laymen and 1.7 % clergy. The job of clergy is religious they should not dabble with any worldly and temporal issues. We will fight against this Evil and reform and restructure the church and empower the Laity. The 1.7% religious should remain as servants of 98.3% laity.
We are displaying here a few of our Photographs showing how we have progressed during the last ten years. During this period we have observed JUSTICE SUNDAY (sometimes JUSTICE FRIDAY) every year in the month of August.


The grand model of the church in the United States today is “McDonalds”

“A article must be read from every Christian for the Reformation of Church”

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Letter sent to The Commissioner of Police, Mangalore by President of PUCL D.K Mangalore.

To                                                                           12th Oct 2011

The Commissioner of Police
Mangalore 575001



1.Mrs Lilly D’Souza aged about 60 years residing at Kinnigoli, Talipady Village under Mulky Police jurisdiction lives alone with her two sickly sisters. All three are unmarried

2.Her neighbours Mr Naveen D’Souza,and Mrs Lucy D’Souza have been repeatedly threatening her of dire consequences if they come out of the house .One Lowrance D’Souza and Mr Mark D’Souza from Pakshikere also join them in harrasing Ms Lilly D’Souza.Though she has filed a number of complaints at Milky Police Station asn well as before the DYSP Panambur and SP Dakshina Kannada. In the past the threats are increased in the recent times. However,whenever she has approached Mulky Police Station,no proper response has come. The Station House Officer incharge has often refused to receive her complaint and file an FIR.3 A land dispute is pending disposal at the Special Tahsildar office after receivingfavourable order from the High Court.(Copy attached).

3.A land dispute is pending disposal at the Special Tahsildar office after receivingfavourable order from the High Court.(Copy attached).

4.In view of this, we request you to provide protection to Ms Lilly D’Souza and her sisters till the civil case is disposed off by Special Tahsildar. The opposite party may be warned not to indulge in criminal trespass and criminal intimidation.

               Yours Faithfully
for People’s Union for Civil Liberties

P.B D’Sa