Monk Joachim’s Prophesy has come true



Monk  Joachim’s Prophesy has come true


    Why there is great exodus from the Catholic church and other denominations to Pentecostal and evangelical sects and outlet? For the last 30 years the dominant churches have lost nearly400-500 million members ?Ewe gave the Prophesy. Joachim the Monk had lived as hermit for many years before joining the abbey and eventually his own of Fiore in the Mountains He was trying to understand the revelations of St John wrestling on it and being defeated. The one Easter morning he awoke a new man having been granted new faculty of understanding Then prophetic commentaries that then poured out him influence spiritual thought and mystical groups Thought Europe during the middle age and then later the Rosicrushians. Of course the old testament itself has strong sense of God working through history but what is specifically cabalistic about him Jack’s is his interpretations of Biblical texts in terms of complex number symbolism and his vision of what he called  the Tree of life.

But the aspect of Joachim’s teaching that really grabbed medieval imagination was his theory of thee.  He argues at that if the Old Testament was the AGE of the Father which had called for fear and obedience, and if the new testament was the age of the Son the age of the church and faith,then in reality of the Trinity suggests that a third age is coming an age of the Holy Spirit. Then the church will no longer be necessary, this will be an age of freedom and love.  So we find many dictatorships and communist countries (except Cuba)have fallen to democracy and secularism.  May be it is the wish of HIM,that this age of the Holy Spirit makes people  go in for spirit filled  churches and groups

such as Pentecostal and Evangelical churches. It my be God’s plan as churches like Catholic and other mainline denominations have fallen due to their corruption and Fornication, and wrong doing. Monk Joachim prophesied the Anti-Christ will incarnate before the third age began, he also prophesied that there would be a time of transition from second to the third age, when a new order of spiritual men would educate humanity, when Elijah would re-appear ,as prophesied in the last of the old Testament in the book of Malachi. Elizah would be the forerunner of the Messiah to usher in the great innovation. No wonder Joachim’s prophecies still facinate the intellectuals of today.

There are valied elements in every Christian Church?


      There are valied elements in every Christian Church.  Each is a way of expressing Christian faith and worship.  There are obvious liminations and obvious differences in each but today we seek  to discern the difference and overcome the diovisions, in contrast to previous times when we were engages to dividing from one another and in asserting our own values at the expense of those of others. VenticonII bridged the gap and reconcelled with our so called seperated bretheren. After all we are all baptised and worship Jesus Christ as saviour, lord and God only our difference is in our worship, traditions and hierarchyor structures. Reconcillation within the Christian Church will involve recognition of different ministries. The present ministries of the different churches all derive from second century or later. In the new testiament thre is neither  PAPACY,EPISCOPY,not priesthood. The only priesthood properly speaking in the New Testament is that of Christ of himself and of the people  which St Peter describes as a”Holly Priesthood”.It would be necessary to reconsider the different ministries  in this light.



        The present system of  Papacy dates from the Gregorian reform of the twelfth century.  It is important to recognise that this movment had its value at the time.  One must consider that the Holy Spiritwas present in each development of the church but each was limitedto its particulars historic horizon.  It was only when the Eastern Church separated from the Western that the papacy began to develop its present structure. For nearly 450 years we had Italian Popes then came John Paul II from Poland and now Pope Benedict XVI from Germany.  In fact all these countries White’s became Popes as they have majority of the Cardinals. Italy has nearly 45 Cardinals for a country as big as Gujarat.  After all we donot elect a Popeit is the Cardinals elect the Pope, note that Cardinals are only named by the Pope.  In fact the laity has no role in the church administration.  This may change after Pope Benedict XVI goes to his eternal reward.  Who knows a third world Cardinal with missionary experience may be there, who will reform the church.  We will wait for the day when Laymen will be there as Cardinals as before in some centuries and laymen will share in church administration.

Seminary vocation is true or false?


May be your son.nephew ,or beheaviour’s son, or a son from the extended family may tellothers that God is calling him to be a priest ,please take this with pinch of salt,God calls nobody, it is an attitude and a mental make up imagination to enter the seminary. After all seminary training is tough,you have to study relevant and irrevelant subjects, must have a patience to stay at least 5-8 years till you get ordered. Some seminarians leave before they get ordered as there is no facination in the seminary.  After all all to be a priest is sacrifice, and selflessnesses, non of them can become wordly (as we fnd most of our so called friends and Bishops are “ shop keepers and howkers”)During his visit to spain Pope Benedict XVI told the seminarians who attended the world youth day from various countries “Under the guidence of your formators, open your hearts to the lightof the lord, to see if this path which demands courage and authentically is for you” He admonished the seminarians to approach the priesthood, only if they are firmly convinced that   `God is calling them to be his ministrers and if theyare completelydetermind to exercise it in obidience to the church.sprecepts”. Some of us are familiar with priestsbut we find that their formation in the Minory is defective.To illustrate on May 8th of this year we had a “Laity empowerment convention at Mangalore “Scores of participants told us that the parish priests are not giving them accounts how their money is spent or utilised, some priestsof this diocese  are after girls and have concubiness and girl friends etc. Those who questioned and opposed such priest’s were ex-communicate,that is wrong according to Canon Law .   As Canon law clearly specifies the parish Priests and others who raise  money from the laity have to give an account and must be transparent with their dealings with the laity.Hearing such testimonies mad us dad and gloomy,why then this guys became priests,to cheat Christ and his commandments with impurity. Is their a soluation, some of the aggrieved laity we met ,we told them, boycott the churches warship,secraments, and donot attend church and dont pay your annual and Sunday offerings. Let the priest say  mass to the walls. If he thinks he is smart then take the mob and demonstrate. This laity doesnot know the charity commissioner insists on giving accounts to any religious organisation when people are involved.  May be they ignore or corrupt this agency. The local Bishop himself caught in a” riad” by the enforcementdirectorate cant do anything as he is helpless,after all he is culprit of wrong doing,who will hear hear and trust him?. Most of our priests are interested in power wealth and  women. Then why we nee priests?what for?Are they fooling us in the name Christ and empty rituals? Laity will one day take revenge on such Bishops it may be anything,we cant predect!. Let the priest’ssee the writing on the wall, and fear God and Christ.  My recpkning is that our so called priests lack the Holly spirit as they have driven him out from their lives.  They must truly search for truth and justice. when they then get God in their lives.

Some docteiness and believes of the church are outdated and defective Itmis the doctrine of the Roman Catholic  church that the priest, by a secret direction of his intention can invlidate any secrament”Priests are Supreme”so you know now,the catholic church hierarchy including the pope is for priests.  Our priests in India are unworthyto be called priests,they are all hypocrities and are for money and sensual pleasures

Religion as “Original Sin” Pleasse Ponder

Tese are most common amongthe evangelical and Pentocostal cults and sects.

  1. Presenting a false picture of ther world to the innocent

and thecredulous.

2.Promising “prosperity”thrru the Gospel of Jesus Christ with wrong  interpretation,forgetting Christ embraced poverty in his earthly life.

3.The doctrine of blood sacrifice with Coke instead of wine. Forgetting life that is a sacrifice in this world.

4.The doctrine of atonement

5.The doctrine of eternal reward and punishment,putting fear among the audience.After all Christ told us never to fear.

6.The doctorine of impossible tasks and rules “You must give 10% of your income to the church” No wonder all avangelieal leaders are rich because they collect lot of money from their congregations.

Vatican appoints only favoured conditions as Bishops?


     Vatican appoints it own favored candidates and ignoring local suggestions.  Some centuries ago the local Bishop of diocese was appointed by the local congregations.Any way the western churchfailed in this and appointed the Bishop directly from the western church failed in this and appointed the Bishop directly from the Vatican  Many of our Vishops come from Vatican sponsered universities, they may have docxtorate in Cannon Law, Theology, Philosophy,Scriptures etc. These guys have their own influence in the Vatican.  Bishop Aloysius Paulo D’Souza holds a doctorate in Canon Law from Angelicum. So he used his influnce to appoint him after the disgraced Bishop Basil was demolished. Despite Bishop’s  Aloysius greed and his recent mony launching as he was caught by the enforcement directorat e, though the vatican knows it, yet it doesnot dismiss him. In the Vatican’s administration” a Bishop is appointed for lifeup to 75 years “ then he must resign So Bishop Aloysius has told everybody,even the Pope cant dismisshim, as he is innocent Unfortunately the local mediain Mangalore never covered the story of his wrong doing? May be the Bishop might have “ influenced”the local media We are told that this Bisop has coinstructed two houses,has a concubine and has amassed a personal wealth of Rs.10 Crores. Moreover the Bishop is heart patient he may go out any time because of the curses of his congregatione After all you do wrong,then it comes back at you.  There is” Law of Echo” or retribution in our ;life No Bidhop and Priest who robbed the church of its funds are safe,they have painful,suffering severe diseases untimaly deaths at times. Any way, this Bishop has lost all his dignity and respect, who will listen to him? or obey him,is he the Bishop of Christ?or of Saitan?

Appointment of Bishops must be cleared by our External Affairs Ministry


    Recently we have contacted Ranjan Mathai a Christian who is our foreign Secretary in this ministry as he knows the church politics well. We have suggested him,when a Bishop is appointed to a particular diocese by the Vatican, the Indian Ambassador accredited to Vatican shopuld be informed.   He in turn will inform the external affairs ministry at New Delhi, they in turn will contact the local congregation of the diocese ,and ilicit their opinion . If they say, yes, we accept him, or No if they reject him.  So far the External affairs ministry has No role in the appointment of Bishops.  Now we need it as we have told him because of the money laundering scandal of our Bishop of Mangalore.

India can do it after all the Bishop is a citizen of India.We are a democratic Country. We have nought to his attention that in his Kerala the Bishop is appointed by the Eastern Church(Say Malankara Syrian church)mostly of synod of the laity.  After due deliberations it may take a few days or a week, theyelect a candidate as their Bishop, when their incumbent Bishop dies, and they contact the Pope who endorseshis appointment without resorting the Italian Nuncio’s recommendation at Delhi, then why not give this facility and previlege to the Western Church? Why this discrimination? So far our so called Catholic Union of India has not taken it up for the last 50 years, why? Are they lackeys of the Catholic Bishops conference of this Country. Are not collectors?

The despute with China’s Patrotic Catholic church and Pope is that the Pope only must appoint the Bishops formRoman Catoholic church that China ignores because they appoint the Bishops that are acceptable to them,who will not trouble their prevalling system.  Though Hong Kong Bishopsincluding a Cardinal is under the pope, China has not objected, after all Hong Kong is democratic territory within church.” a Government with two system”, so Maacao also. China is afraid the Vatican may appoint activist Bishops who may fight for the human rights etc, so they do not want any trouble. In China  we have nearly 140 Million Vhristians, out of which nearly 50 Millian are Catholics. No body knows athe exact number of Christians there, but worship is allowed, but no activistsm of any kind, and interferance ion Government polices and administration, and no activism.

Catholics live in an enhanced worl;d!


     Catholic live in an enchanted world, a world of status and Holy Water, stained gralss and votive candles, saints and religious medals ,rosary beeds and Holly Pictures. But these catholic paraphernalia are more hints of deeper and more pervsdivr religious sensibility whicvh inclines Catholics to see Holy lurking in creation.  Most Catyholic Christians find their houses and their world hunted by sense of that  the objects, events,and persons if daily life are revealtions  of grace . Do we believe it, or religion persons every thing?

Lord action a Catholic?


     Lord action a Catholic ironically referring to the Vatican described what others call the iron law of oligarchyas “Power Corruptsw aabsplutely” There is surely ato curruprs, absolute power  corrupts absolutely” There is surely a tendency to corrupt and tendency must be resisted by some sort of system of checks and balances. Vaticon/II failed in this miserably.  Vatican II is mainly protected the interests of the hierarchyand denigrated the laaity. We have an example of corruption by by Mangalore  Bisahop, as he had obsolute powerwith money generated in his diocese, but he was caught,and disgraced the whole community. Bishops we have not for spiritual activities but are there to amass wealth for their kith aqnd kin with the blessings of the Pope and the Vatican.

Directives by Martin Luther King


      For all Christians of the world. Martin LutherKing fought his battles on the principles of thesermon of the Mount and non voilence and contrived to end discrimination of Blocks in America for ever.

  1. 1.    Servethe moral initiative
  2. 2.    Find crative alternative to violence
  3. 3.    Asert yiour own humanity and dignityas person
  4. 4.    Meet force with redicule or humour
  5. 5.    Break the cycle of humiliation
  6. 6.    Refuse to submit to or to accept the inferior position
  7. 7.    Expose the injustice of the system
  8. 8.    Take control of the powerof dynamic,share the oppression into repetance
  9. 9.    Stand your ground
  10. 10.        For those in power to make decisions for which they have not prepared
  11. 11.        Recognise yourown power
  12. 12.        Be willing to suffer,rather than retaliate
  13. 13.        Force the oppossion to see you in new light
  14. 14.        Deprive the oppresor of a situation in which a show of force is necessary/effective
  15. 15.        B willing to undego the penality
  16. 16.        Die to feat of the old ordewr and its rules
  17. 17.        Seeks opressors transformation.


      Shall we do it in the Church hierachy? Let us follow his counsel.  If we wish to get and share power with our Bishops then we can implement Martin’s suggestions in toto.Let us not be afraid of any body except God! Our Bishops in Indiamisrepresent  the teachings of Christ by their actios. They suffer from elitism and worldy pursuits forgetting Christ and his Gispel.  Theonomy(God’s law)must be beyond by our Bishops?But they fail?and dont care.  Our Bishops by serving the rich and ignoring the poor,they are looking after their own inerests.  Our Bishops have a life style of wealth,splender rwer and preveilege.Today athey blatantly display their wealth, with diamond rings,golden crosses,golden crosier, expensive cars,airconditioned confort,cosy homes.They seek power and glory,but they are not our shpeherds? they will not be able to graze the sheep,as they are mere sheepherds, sheepish minds.Most of our Priestsare assuming with hauty condescension,reprimands the laity and ex-communicating them.Canon Law doesnot allow the priest’s to excommunicate? then why they do it, to show their power over the gullible laity? Bishop must preach,teach and serve and must not gofor mony making.If they go in for the filthy lucre then they are not consideredas Bishops   as they denigrate  the Gospel teachings of Christ.







Date: 14 July 2011



The Commissioner of Police







Ref: 1. Letter dated 12th May 2011 from Justice MF Saldanha addressed to you

2. ACP’s reply No. 9/JC/2011 dated 25 June 2011 to Justice Saldanha

1. We have gone through the above referred letters and the connected papers. We have the following comments to make.


2. In Para 3 of his letter Justice Saldanha has categorically come to a comclusion that registering an FIR against Godwin D’Souza is down right, illegal and biased. In  para 4 he has asked for re-consideratrion of the case and suggested you to file an application to the Court to get the accusd discharged.


3. But the reply of ACP has totally ignored the legal opinion of a much celebrated legal luminary of our times.


4. The Supreme Court judgement reported in AIR 1997 SC 109  is quoted out of context by your ACP in this case. The most important and legal aspect ignored by the Police is that the main culprit who are guilty of conducting the marriage of Godwin D’Souza are the Church Authorites who have registered the marriage second time, as per Canon law, which is not allowed as per the law of our country.


5. Therefore the real criminal offenders are the Priest who conducted the marriage and the Bishop who approved the same. Hence criminal case should be filed against the Priest and Bishop  and not against Godwin D’Souza who is an innocent victim of the circumstances.


6. Therefore, while discharging Godwin D’Souza of the criminal offence, it is but fair and just to implicate the concerned Priest and the Bishop  in the case.


yours faithfully,





Death in the Nunnery

Death In The Nunnery

The suicide of a nun has shocked Kerala, leading the state Women’s Commission to recommend new laws to protect their rights, reports KA SHAJI

AFTER THREE decades of service, Sister Jesmi decided to leave the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC), an order of nuns under the Catholic Church in Kerala. Citing mental harassment from her superiors as the reason, she also took voluntary retirement from the principal’s post she held at St Mary’s College in Thrissur, one of the state’s best institutions of higher education. Sister Jesmi preferred to leave even though she knew she would have nowhere, apart from her sister, to turn for survival. Ineligible for benefits from the church, she is also debarred from demanding the return of her parental property, bequeathed to the church when she joined the order.

Four months ago, a 37-year-old nun from Alappuzha in southern Kerala was found filmed in a pornographic clip circulating via MMS, and was defrocked and sent home. The nun, who worked as a receptionist at a CMC mission hospital near Kochi, was having an affair with the hospital driver, but claimed she had no idea he was filming her. Today, nobody has a clue as to her whereabouts, or even whether her home has accepted her. She, too, has no claim over the property her parents gave the church.

In August this year, Sister Anupa Mary from Kollam in southern Kerala hanged herself in her convent room, leaving a suicide note blaming the Mother Superior, Sister Albeena. Anupa’s father, Pappachan, alleges that Albeena subjected his daughter to sexual abuse, and claims Anupa spoke of it a few weeks before she died to her mother and sister, though they kept quiet about it. There is now a police investigation against Albeena, but it is moving at a grinding pace.

Nuns who give up their vows, whether from choice or compulsion, have a bleak future in Kerala as there is no mechanism for their rehabilitation. The faithful and the Church view them with contempt; often, so do their families. Survival becomes extremely difficult leaving, in many cases, suicide as the only solution, one that has claimed the lives of 15 nuns over the last 14 years.

It was in this context that the Kerala Women’s Commission approached the CPM-led state government, requesting it to enact legislation prohibiting girls under 18 from taking the veil, and prosecuting parents who forcibly send their daughters to nunneries. It also wanted protection of a nun’s share in family property and legal provisions to retrieve property bequeathed to the church, at least for those who leave their orders on grounds of harassment.

“When a Kerala girl becomes a nun, her share of her parental property is normally given to her to cover her living expenses. But should she decide to renounce her vows, she gets nothing. Such girls are in urgent need of a rehabilitation programme,” says Kerala Women’s Commission chairperson Justice D Sreedevi.

But the church leadership is not ready to listen, and is attacking the entire Commission for its ‘anti-minority’ demand, even terming its members ‘Marxist devils’. “The Commission is trying to effect changes in a universal Catholic norm, which is based on canonical law,” says Father Paul Thelakkat, spokesperson of the Syrio-Malabar Church. “As everywhere else, only a girl who completes Class XII is admitted to a Kerala convent. She then goes through a minimum five years training, meaning that she does not become a full-fledged nun until she is at least 22. So the question of inducting a minor into the nunhood does not arise.” As per figures available from the church, Kerala has more people turning to religious life than anywhere else in India. The state has 33,226 nuns.

THE ISSUE took a serious turn after the opposition Congress joined the bandwagon, calling the Commission’s demand a challenge to religious freedom and demanding Sreedevi’s ouster. Unwilling to antagonise the church, with which it is already at loggerheads, the state government is now soft-pedaling the issue. “It is just a wish of the commission,” says CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan. “Everyone can express their wish. Neither the party nor the government have taken a decision on the issue so far.”

“We are not against a religion or their legitimate rights,” counters Sreedevi. “The Commission has received several complaints of torture in convents, on which we based our recommendation to the state government.”

Not all Kerala Christians are opposed to the Women’s Commission’s efforts, however. Joseph Pulikunnel, a prominent Catholic thinker and social activist, says Church officials neither admit to problems within the community, nor try to understand the reasons that drive nuns to suicide. “They always try to hush up such cases; they blame the victims and their families and protect the guilty,” he alleges. Pulikunnel welcomes the legislation the Commission is demanding, and says there is no question of its constituting an interference with religious freedom. “They are only trying to protect the basic human rights of those entering nunhood. The church ought to welcome the recommendation and try its best to get the proposed legislation implemented,” he says.

The death last year of Sister Lisa, whose body was found in the guest room of her convent near Kottayam in central Kerala, is now snowballing into an avoidable controversy for the Kerala church. Sister Lisa is said to have consumed poison; a suicide note claimed “disappointment in life” as the reason for the 34-year-old nun’s extreme step. Her father, Joseph Thottathil, says she was unhappy with her impending transfer to another convent; but when the Women’s Commission sought details, they were stonewalled. The same unresponsiveness greeted their request for information about the mysterious death of another nun five years ago.

Skirting the requirements of justice is something, however, that the Church in Kerala has long witnessed. The state High Court has come down heavily on the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for its poor progress in an over-15-year inquiry into the murder of Sister Abhaya at a convent in Kottayam. Two priests and a nun are under the CBI scanner, but the agency refuses to arrest them “for want of evidence”. Abhaya was allegedly murdered for accidentally witnessing the priests in a compromising position with the nun.

Sister Alice Lukose, a former proponent of liberation theology, says unless the church is able to offer women a ‘new vision’ and a ‘new way‘ of committed life, religious congregations for women will face a crisis of existence. “Today, in every field, women are equal; in every field women have come up, except in the church. The moment the church acknowledges and allows women to be different, the church would be different,” she says. •