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First Print : 2011
Copies : 1000
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Many have tried to bring in reform and freedom within
Christian Churches. This is one such step forward. We do
not claim to achieve a miracle over night. 2000 years of mess
cannot be cleaned overnight. But we will succeed, one day.
– P.B.D’Sa
“All honor to him who shall win a prize”
The world has cried for a thousand years;
But to him who tries, and who fails, and dies,
I give great honor, and glory, and tears.
Give glory and honor and pitiful tears
To all who fail in their deeds sublime:
Their ghosts are many in the van of years,
They were born with Time, in advance of Time.
Oh, great is the hero who wins a name ;
But greater many, and many a time.
Some pale-faced fellow who dies in shame
And lets God finish the thought sublime
And great is the man with a sword undrawn,
And good is the man who refrains from wine;
But the man who fails and yet still fights on,
Lo, he is the twin-brother of mine.
Herbert Haag-Foundation for Freedom in the Church
The cause of today’s crisis in the church is its constitution that leads:
without fail, to a lack of freedom of its believers. This stands in open
contradiction to the message of Jesus, who preached a gospel of freedom.
The “Herbert Haag-Foundation for Freedom in the Church” will not
achieve this, however, it would like at least to give signals to that effect
The “Herbert Haag-Foundation for Freedom in the Church” was
established by Herbert Haag professor of theology of the University
Tubingen, in 1985
Objective of Foundation
The “Herbert Haag-Foundation for Freedom in the Church” is at the
service of an open-minded and ecumenically oriented catholic faith It
awards recognition prizes to persons and institutions in Switzerland and
abroad who exposed themselves through free expression of opinion or
courageous actions within Christianity.
The Foundation Council determines the prize-winners periodically. The
prize consists of a medal, crafted by the Dutch artist Inka Klinckhard, and
a monetary amount to further the activities of the prize-winner. The medal
shows on one side a bird flying into freedom and on the other side the
psalm words: “The net is torn, and we are free”.
Founder Professor Dr. Herbert Haag
The Swiss theologian Herbert Haag was born in Singen-Hohentwiel
(Germany) in 1915. He graduated from the University Fribourg
(Switzerland) in 1942. He was professor of Old Testament at the theological
faculty of the University Lucerne from 1948-1960, at the catholic
theological faculty of the University Tubingen from 1960-1980, Chairman
of the catholic Bible Work Stuttgart from 1964-1973 He emerited in
1980 and lived thereafter in Lucerne until his death on August 23, 2001.
The year before he was honored with the “Prix Courage”, a distinction
for the most courageous Swiss. Herbert Haag was one of the eminent
theologians of our time. As pastor and preacher, professor and publicist,
whilst always remainig loyal, his criticism provided important stimuli within
the Catholic Church
In his life memories “Mein Weg mit der Kirche” / Verlag Benziger (My
Path with the Church, edition Benziger), he provides a profound view
into the evolutionary changes of biblical science, the awakening following
the Second Vatican Council and his deep worry over the endangered
theological freedom today and in the future. His life memories mirror the
wisdom of a great man who pleaded with amazing foresight for more
humaneness in the church. Herbert Haag was a lifelong friend of the
theologian Hans Kung.
“Christians at the Service of ‘Setting Human Beings Free’ ”
Indian Priest Receives Swiss Theological Award
Herbert-Haag Prize 2007 was awarded in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 24th
June 2007 first time to an Indian, John Fernandes, along with a Swiss
Theologian, Xaver Pfister and the Swiss Organisation “Bethlehem Mission
Immensee”. The Award ceremony, held at the Hotel “Schweizerhof’, was
attended by about 300 people.
As reported earlier (daijiworld.com on June 4th), the Herbert Haag-
Foundation ‘for Freedom in the Church’ awards recognition prizes to
persons and institutions who exposed themselves through free expression
of opinion or courageous actions within Christianity.
Hans Kiing, an internationally renowned theologian and author of
“Declaration toward a Global Ethic”, who is also the President of the
Haag-Foundation, in his Opening Address, analyzing the present situation
of the world and Catholic Church, said: “The renewal of the Church
should start from the grass-roots and be carried forward by individuals,
as it often happened throughout history. The recipients of the Award are
recognized by the Foundation as such people today.”
Erwin Koller, a well-known Swiss TV-journalist and theologian, presenting
the first Awardee, John Fernandes, said: “The Awardee combines in an
exemplary way the inter-religious dialogue between Hindus, Muslims and
Jains with his commitment for a new form of the Church in India which is
dialogical in its basic attitude, open to the Indian culture, oriented towards
Human Rights and is in solidarity with the struggle for justice, peace and
environmental protection. “
After receiving the award, John Fernandes held the Festive Speech on
behalf of the three Awardees: “Eine freie Kirche im Dienst der Befreiung
der Menschen” (“A free Church at the Service of Liberation of Human
He outlined the main features of a Local Church which should realize its
freedom through inculturation and a contextual praxis. This leads to a
Theology of Liberation in the Indian Context. It is a Theology which is
committed to integral liberation of humankind from injustice, inequality
and all other bondages. This has to be an inter-religious project. In order
to fulfil this task, the Christian community has to first experience freedom
within itself.
Xaver Pfister and the Representative of “Bethlehem Mission
Immensee” expressed their words of thanks. Pfister pleaded for a renewal
of the Church through equal participation by the Laity. Sepp Gahwiler
presented the main thrust of the “Bethlehem Mission” as an example of
such an equality in the service of the liberating mission of all Christians.
Herbert N. Haag, nephew of late Herbert Haag spoke the including words of thanks.
HISTORY A Critical Appraisal of the centrality of the
“historical’’ in Kappen’s Theological Legacy
Joseph Lobo SJ
Marriage between Christian faith and Marxian philosophy has its basis in
the Latin American Liberation Theology. One finds this legacy continuing
mutatis mutandis in the writings of Sebastian Kappen. The centrality of the
‘historical” in all human epistemic enterprise (including theology), of the
class struggle in the history of all peoples, of the economics in other
spheres of life, the alienating role of any institutionalized religion etc. are
some of the important Marxist ideas that are vividly present in Kappen’s
theological thinking. By his own admission – “critical assimilation [of
Marxism] must extend beyond Marx’s method of social analysis to his
philosophy as the two cannot be dissociated.”1 However, Kappen does
not blindly borrow from Marx. For instance as a firm Catholic believer,
he is careful to avoid Marxist atheism. The Divine as the ultimate goal of
humanity rules supreme in his entire theological corpus. In this paper I
should like to focus on the central position that Kappen devotes to the
‘historical’ in his conception of Christian faith, theology and spirituality.
His own historical consciousness makes him evaluate negatively all those
portrayals of the personality of Jesus, types of religiosity, spirituality, faithresponse,
theology and liturgy that negate history and thereby are
dehistoricized. In his perception even the ‘existential’ is mediated through
the ‘historical’. I should like to propose that the strength and concreteness
of Kappen’s theology rest precisely in his emphasis on the ‘historical’. Of
course many a time, the very strength, if pushed to the extreme, turns
out to be the weakness as well. It is from this vantage point I shall also
attempt a critique of Kappen’s emphasis on the historical.
In Kappen’s perception, whether it is a Semitic or an Indic religion to the
extent it has emerged from a human encounter with the Divine in real
history, any negation of history by its adherents amounts to negating an
important dimension of its very basis. It is for this reason that a
dehistoricized cult, spirituality or theology is both, a product as well as a
source of alienation. And that which alienates us by that very reason also
dehumanizes us either directly or by being a tool for exploitation. Kappen’s
insights in this regard have made us realize the following:
Religion indeed is a force to reckon with. Those who consider it as mere
opium run the risk of making opium their religion! Hence neglecting religion
cannot be a constructive option. A fossilized religion that does not respond
to the ever changing flux of history on the other hand can be a tool for
exploitation. The only choice left for those who are concerned about the
integral transformation of human history and its subjects is to historicize
all that pertains to religion and interpret history from the points of view
of authentic and liberative absolutes that religion offers.
If we could read the secret history of our enemies,
we should find in each man’s live sorrow and suffering
enough to disarm all hostility.
– Longfellow
Dr. K.C. Abraham
S. Kappen is foremost among the contextual theologians in the 70’s in
India who have constantly interacted with the Social Movements.1 The
following is an attempt to mention some aspects of his thought that have
enduring value for our ongoing task of theological construction.
Interaction with Social Movements:
Kappen explains his own interaction with the social movements in one
of his essays written shortly after Emergency, of Indira Gandhi in 1975.
“Though the struggle for justice had started much earlier, only from
the late sixties did Christian theology take notice of it. The reasons
are many. In the preceding decades, such Christians as joined the
Communist movement severed all links with the Church, which was
understandable since they had been taught to look upon Karl Marx
as the very anti-Christ. The situation changed with the Second Vatican
Council, which, on the one hand, prepared the ground for dialogue
with other religions and ideologies and, on the other, projected the
pursuit of justice and freedom as an essential concern of faith. Yet
another factor that prompted the search for a liberative theology is
the emergence of activist groups throughout the country. The
constraints of electoral politics and collusion with rich peasants and
medium capitalists prevented Communists from taking up people’s
causes at the grassroots level, particularly outside their stronghold of
Kerala and West Bengal. It was to fill this vacuum that action groups
came into being. A large number of them were initiated by Christians.
It was they who for the first time voiced the need for a reinterpretation
of the Gospel to meet the requirements of the struggle for justice.
This led to a search for the historical Jesus, a recognition of the
centrality of his message of the reign of God, and a critique of the tieup
between the Indian churches and the powers that be. The new
vision has percolated down to sections of the clergy and the laity of
all Christian denominations. A radical wing has thus been formed
among Indian Christians, which, though only a minority, is articulate
and vocal enough to have an impact over the whole country.
The option for the poor has made both activists and the new
theologians critically assimilate Marxism. Their approach, however,
is not uniform. Some accept the Marxist tools of analysis while rejecting
the philosophy of Marx. Others, including the present writer, hold
that critical assimilation must extend beyond Marx’s method of social
analysis to his philosophy as the two cannot be dissociated. On the
practical side, many activist groups seek to come under the umbrella
of one or the other of the Communist parties, while others, with greater
justice I think, prefer to maintain critical distance from the same parties.
Be that as it may, Marxism has helped theologians sharpen their
prophetic criticism of capitalism and bourgeois democracy and thereby
concretize Christianity’s historical intervention in society. It has also
provided Christians with the tools necessary to identify the socioeconomic
conditions that contributed to the degeneration of the
prophetic movement of Jesus into an ideology of the status quo.”
Critique of Developmentalism:
It is evident that Marxist ideology provided a framework for some of the
radical theologians like S. Kappen to critically look at the economic
situation. They were critical of the development programme carried out
by the government. For them it was maldevelopment as they bypassed a
numerous people in the slums and in rural areas. They saw Indian path of
development as neo-capitalism. As one of the ecumenical study concludes,
“economic globalisation is about the increasing concentration of economic
power, coupled with increasing dependency of the poor on the decisions
of the powerful.” (Dickenson: Economic Globalisation Depriving change
for Christians, WCC 1998)
The social movements and their critique of globalisation owes a great
deal to theologians like Kappen. However, the complexity of the process
of globalisation is not fully grasped by them. But the foundation was laid
by them especially as they are indebted to the Marxian framework.
For Kappen theology is counter cultural and numerous writings on this
has inspired many thinkers in the social movements. He identified the
bewitching influence of the culture of capitalism as evidenced in
consumerism and commodity fetishes. The culture of capitalism is not
fully grasped by communists, he opines. He writes
“Asian countries are in a period of transition when everything is in
the melting pot. Under the impact of science and technology, traditional
ideas, symbols, and myths are dying out and their place is taken by
new ones. Attempts are also going on to revive rituals and practices
long since dead and forgotten. Such being the case, there is not readymade
culture wherewith Christianity may clothe itself. The challenge,
therefore, is the creation of a new culture that combines the positive
values of tradition with those of modernity. Genuine inculturation can
only occur in the process of transculturation.1 And for this Christians
must join the struggle for the restructuring of society as a whole.”
He is not advocating a romantic view of the traditional culture. We are all
caught up in the process of cultural change brought about by the impact
of technology and the consequent process of change. The traditional
culture and its value premise are bound to change. The crucial question
is what are we trying to enflesh in the indigenous culture? It is taken for
granted that it is dogma and tradition that has to be preserved. One
forgets that dogma and tradition are themselves products of a culture.
They were shaped first in the mould of Hellenistic culture and subsequently
in those of the slave and feudal society in the West. They are the endresult
of a long process of the inculturation of Jesus’ prophetic message in
an alien culture. Therefore, the attempt to clothe the Christian dogma
and tradition in Indian culture is but second degree inculturation. It does
not make Christianity any less foreign to India. More, the development of
the prophetic movement initiated by Jesus into a cultic-dogmatic religion
is more an estrangement than a spontaneous unfolding of its creative
power. Hence by uncritically transplanting dogma and tradition one cannot
develop a liberative Asian theology.”
Money is divinised
Powerful words were written by Kappen about the influence of money.
“Money is more than a mere means of hoarding. As the universal
equivalent of all commodities, it confers control over production,
circulations, and consumption. In the money form are expressed all
the evils of an economy based on private property, competition, and
exploitation. Money presupposes as well as creates the division of
society into the propertied and the propertyless, into employers and
workers, into consumers and producers. As the reification of all social
relations, it expresses, as well, the alienation of people from other
people. More than anything else it distorts our perception of reality,
not excluding the reality of our primordial experience of God.
Where theologians – or any believer for that matter – either belong or
owe allegiance to the moneyed classes, they are likely to use God as a
means to legitimise their own class interests and as an accomplice in
exploiting the poor. In the process, theology is degraded to the level
of an ideology, and the divine to the level of a commodity. Money, the
universal equivalent, can from now on be exchanged also for things
divine. The rich can buy the favour of God by making donations to
religious institutions or by having religious services held for their
spiritual benefit. They can even buy theological expertise and use it to
serve their economic interests. Thus we see the amusing phenomenon
of the glitter of gold passing for the brilliance of theological reflection,
and of theologians parading as ideologues of Mammon. If money can
be exchanged for divine favours, no less can the latter be exchanged
for the former. Those who claim the right to mediate the favour (grace)
of God can convert it into money. In consequence, the higher the
position one occupies in the religious hierarchy, the greater is that
person’s command over money over production, circulation, and
consumption. Similarly, those who have “accumulated” the knowledge
of God can now indulge in the accumulation of capital or at least in
hoarding. As a result, money is divinised and the divine monetised.
The believer develops a religious attitude to money and a monetary
attitude to God. But all exchange is on the basis of equivalence. If so,
God and money must have a common essence which is nothing but
abstract human labour. It follows then that the God who is exchanged
for money is not the living God but a product of the human brain.
This is not just a possible but a real danger to Asian theology, if the
situation of the Indian churches can be taken as typical of the whole
of Asia. The individual theologian may not be a moneyed person or
indulge in conspicuous consumption, but the theologian theologises
within the framework of churches which own immense property and
whose economic interests coincide with those of the privileged classes.
Besides, the system of values operative in church institutions and
organisations is, more often than not, that of capitalism consisting of
private interest, competition, individualism, and consumerism. No
wonder that the theologies currently taught in seminaries largely tend
to legitimate the status quo. They legitimate not only exploitation
within the country but also economic imperialism, for the obvious
reason that the financial nerve centre of the Asian churches lies in the
capitalist countries of the West.
In order to develop a theology that is faithful to the living God Asian
theologians have, therefore, no other alternative themselves but to
opt out of the institutional church or at any rate dissociate themselves
from its practice, if not also from its theory. They have to make an
historic option in favour of the poor and the oppressed; in other
words, they have to declass themselves. Like the rich young man of
the Gospel they, too, are called upon to sell what they have and give
it to the poor.”
A New Political Culture :
Kappen believed that a new culture of values alone could be the basis of
our politics. The disappearance of socialism from the Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe is a turning point. All these together compel us to search
for a new political culture that is rooted in the experience of the poor.
Liberative sources of religion, as we have tried to show, have a significant
contribution to make, as they emerge from the depths of the experience
of the poor.
The transition from religion (even the liberative form of it) to politics is
still a moot question. But movements of indigenous and other grass-root
level people, environmentalists, and feminists are already generating a
new political culture, based on spiritual and social visions of their tradition.
They challenge us to live by plurality of culture; they demand justice as a
prerequisite for a meaningful form of human solidarity, they urge us to
commit ourselves to a set of communitarian and bonding values necessary
for the building up of the human community; they show us the need of a
viable eco-system in order to survive. How do we channel these so as to
alter the present political process?
A tentative suggestion is offered as a conclusion. One of the lessons we
learn from present- day politics and the non-party political formations of
grass-root level movements is the potential of ‘myths’ to change the political
behaviour of people. Often these myths are rooted in the religion and
culture of the people. They appeal to the emotions, not to reason. They
are used sometimes by the elite for their own purposes, even deliberately
fabricating further myths. They are used by fundamentalists to arouse
suspicion and hatred towards other religious communities. Can we, drawing
upon liberative traditions, embark on a simultaneous process of
demythologisation and remythologisation? This will involve the deliberate
exposure of oppressive myths and the creation of humanising myths. Our
religions are themselves repositories of such liberative myths. They can
mobilise people for the building up of a community of communities, where
all live without fear or domination. S. Kappen, reflecting on the recent
clash between religious communities in India, poses this challenge :
“What we need today is a new generation of Hindus, Muslims and
Christians who will recapture the humanising universal perspective
and give shape to it in basic human communities. These basic human
communities and basic peoples’ cultural movements will have to come
into being embodying the humanising vision of religions. So it is time
for creating cultural movements which will produce humanising myths,
counter myths, counter rituals, and counter ceremonies without
Oikumene of Solidarity
Another watchword Kappen created is Oikumene of Solidarity – His analysis
of ecumenism is as follows:
In his writings he makes mention of two types of ecumenism, ‘ecumenism
of domination and ecumenism of freedom’. Ecumenism of domination is
an attempt by a human group – caste, community or race – to impose on
others its own particular vision and way of life as valid for all. “Ecumenism
of freedom, on the other hand seeks to create a universal community in
which the different races, castes, cultures and religions will be able to
develop each according to its own specific genius and tradition while at
the same time enrich and by being enriched by one another”. Hindutva
movement with its hegemonic tendencies is a clear example of the
ecumenism of domination. Kappen raises a provocative question, ‘Do we
practise an ecumenism of domination in our churches?’ There are other
writers who distinguish between an ecumenism of domination which is
represented by the globalisation process – as it is directed exclusively
towards profit and power over others, and the ecumenism that concerns
itself in furthering the struggle for justice. One may describe the movements
of all the marginal sectors – dalits, tribals and women – as the ecumenism
of freedom or solidarity.
This distinction is helpful in understanding the nature and purpose
of ecumenism. The word Ecumenism, Oikumene, is about the whole
inhabited world. The unity that is envisaged by it is not only worldwide
but also embraces unity of all creation. This is a laudable goal and in itself
it is not controversial. But in regard to the process and goal of it we need
clarity. For example, the process of globalisation, as we have mentioned
earlier, is directed towards achieving a kind of global unity. The economic
process is controlled by the global market; the media spreads the new
technological culture and its lifestyle that cuts across all barriers. But the
profit motive under the control of the rich makes it impossible to achieve
a system of just relationships. It is said that globalisation and marginalisation
go together. The suppression of cultural diversity and the supremacy of
culture evolved and nurtured in the West is also a matter of great concern.
The kind of unity brought about by globalisation cannot, on the basis of
the distinction made earlier result in true ecumenism. Rather it can be
described as the ecumenism of domination.
From this perspective we may also raise a critical question about what
goes on as ecumenism in our churches as well. We express our unity in
the face of communal divisions. The motive, at least on a popular level, is
to show off our strength as Christians.
We run institutions, again as a way to retain our dominance in the public
life. In India, different communities vie with each other to show who is
stronger than the other. We need to distinguish between such efforts and
the unity we achieve in our struggles for human rights and freedom.
There we go beyond the usual communal lines.
There are ecumenical circles in which the claim for a “wider ecumenism”
is growing increasingly. Believers, who were captured by the striving for
Christian unity, push the question of “the others” into the spotlight, asking
whether the ecumenical movement should include them as well. On the
other hand, however, fundamentalist groups strongly oppose any contact
with “the others”. These intolerant groups are often manipulated by
extremist political forces, thus causing a clear break in the relations within
the same religious family. Those who practice more inclusive forms of
ecumenism frequently fall under the criticism of the authorities of
ecclesiastical bodies that are concerned with keeping the depositum fidei
of their tradition as correct as possible. Nonetheless, the challenge of the
increasing practice of wider ecumenism is there and cannot be ignored. It
is part of the development of the oikoumene.”
Today we are concerned over the ecological crises. We have reached a
point where the natural resources are fast depleted and the earth’s life is
endangered. We need to mobilise people regardless of their religious
differences to save the earth. Technology holds the key. But we all know
that values are nourished, often legitimised by religious sensibilities. It is
here that ecumenism has to assume a new responsibility. The spiritual
resources in all faiths can be brought to bear upon people’s relationship
with nature. A lifestyle that destroys the ecosystem should be discouraged;
the value that helps us conserve the natural resources should be
encouraged. Once we accept the earth centeredness as a focal point of
ecumenical movement, many denominational differences will lose their
rigour. The focus of ecumenism should not be church’s union alone, it
endeavours the unity of people of all faiths and no faith and unity of
humans and nature.
In conclusion, Kappen’s thoughts still inspire us. In short, the implications
of his key ideas like prophetic protest as the essence of Christian faith,
critique of capitalism, Christian faith as counter cultural, construction of
a new political culture and Oikumene of solidarity have brought a clear
message from yester years.
Following Communication was received by us by Email in response to our
appeal for the Conclave on 08.5.11
Dear All
Thanks much for the information on the Church reforms Conclave. Brilliant
But I sense a little bitterness and a spirit of vendetta in the letter itself. It is
Christ’s vision of love that we need to build. Hence
I suggest include priests who think with you in the conclave.
Get laity to be pro-active rather than merely critical. If so easy to critical,
but hard to do things.
Get the laity to learn more about the church : church history, canon law,
documents of the church on various issuses etc.
Try to reform the pastoral council.. and work in parish groups. (read my
attached pieces, already published in COMPANION, the newly launched
professional fortnightly on catholic leadership in India)
May the god Lord be with you in your endeavor to make a better united
Fr Jacob
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, only 1 of 2 things will happen,
either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly!
Dr. Jacob Srampickal Sj
Professor, Communication Studies
ROMA 00187
The Parish Pastoral Council – Creating
a creative and participatory
“Our parish priest is a very learned man. He knows everything. He tells
us what to do and we just follow him”, said an elderly lady.
“Our parish priest is an autocrat. He doesn’t want our opinions. He
won’t allow others to do anything, he fears others can mess up everything”.
“In our parish, when we come up with a suggestion, or an opinion, the
priest is keen to find out who said that. Unless he knows who said it, he
would not like to proceed.”
“In our parish the parish priest takes all the decisions. He has a few
favourites who execute all his decisions”, an young lady quipped in. And
that indeed is partiality !
The above are comments I collected in one of my pastoral communication
classes, in a North Indian parish, while talking on the importance of the
Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).
In a parish, the most important unit that helps create community
participation and a sense of belongingness in the parish is the PPC. And
good communication is the basis of building an effective PPC. Participation
of the members of the parish in the decision making and execution of all
the activities of the parish is the central focus of the PPC. Canon law
numbers 228, 536 and 537 speak highly of the necessity for PPC in every
parish. Earlier, since I already established in this column that the purpose
of communication is to enable participation and empowerment of the
people and thus build strongly united community, let me look at the
formation of PPC from a communication perspective.
Theological foundation: Like in the apostolic times, people can still
come together to share their everything, all their resources to build a
community of love effectively (Acts 3\12). PPCs emphasize the concept,
that it is the people’s parish, not of the priests. The priest cannot and
must not run things his way, he is here for a short time, like a bird of
passage, it must be the people who are responsible for running the parish
and its various activities. PPCs can help the resources of the people to be
made available to the parish community and the less privileged members
cared for more, if an open and friendly atmosphere is built up in the
Membership: The PPC is constituted of roughly 15- 25 people depending
on the size of the parish. PPC consists of representatives of the parish: from
various wards \ sectors, pious associations, religious, important institutions
and of course, the parish priest, the non-voting assistant parish priests,
etc. Gender equality may be maintained as much as possible. The members
are normally elected for 3 years, every year one third being changed. A
substitute for each member may also always be elected, who must come
in case of the absence of the elected member.
Modus operandi: Anyone of these members may be elected president,
not necessarily the parish priest. In these PPC meets, which is called
every fortnight, every activity of the parish may be discussed. The agenda
may be prepared in advance. Points may be supplied to the agenda by
anyone of the members collected from those whom they represent.
Documenting the resources of the parish: Resources include money,
personnel, labour, special talents etc. The first priority of the PPC is to
find the resources of the parish, document and update these periodically.
These have to be made available for reference to the parishioners, through
parish website or other ways.
Executive committee: The PPC needs to have an executive committee
of at least 4 people excluding the parish priest, and in emergency these
may be given the power to change decisions in consultation with the
parish priest.
The Secretary must be an elected person, the assistants parish priest(s)
if any, could be well utilized in this post.
Democratic decision making : Never leave the final word to the parish
priest as is often done. It is the duty of the members to be well informed
of all the issues discussed. A 2\3 majority or at least a simple majority
(50% plus one) may be considered the decision point.
Duration of meetings: The more the meetings, the more the participation.
However, too many meetings may not possible. At least a meeting a month
is a must.
Creating a community: PPCs are attempts at getting the participation
of the whole people in running the parish. Wide range of opinions
collected from the parishioners help decisions to favour the faith needs of
the people. For this reason, the parish priest may not be the chairman of
the PPC and also not part of the executive committee, too.
If in many parts of the world Catholics are leaving the church, it is mainly
because they feel isolated from the activities of the parish. PPC can be an
efficient means to re-evangelize them.
“Pastoral councils often fail to function in an effective manner because
parish priests are afraid that they won’t be able to run the parish their
own way. I often wonder why they want to take over our parish and run
their way” commented an elderly parishioner who was a PPC member for
six years, with two terms.
For all those priests who have been speaking endlessly in national and
regional seminars on the importance of empowering the laity, setting up
a PPC in the manner suggested above can be a bitter pill to swallow.
They may suggest that it will destroy the church, but try doing it and they
will see that the laity can be very responsible.
The power of Parish Groups
Santa Lucia is a parish in S. Italy. It has about670 families. I was invited
there for Easter week ceremonies. The first encounter with the people
there made me realize that they were warm and concerned. During my
interactions with them I learned the dynamics of the parish functioning.
Practically all the parishioners are members of one or the other of the 36
functional groups in the parish. There are groups for children, youth,
adults and the elderly. These join groups for various ministries – Eucharistic,
catechetical, health care, de-addiction, re-evangelization, (bring back the
tepid wayward ones), theatre, media, environment. There are pious groups
and associations like Sodality, Legion of Mary, Vincent de Paul Society,
Christian Life Community, Holy Childhood, Catholic Workers’ Movement,
Parish Court and more. Each of these groups meet at least once a month,
have an annual assembly or a workshop, and an annual get together with
reports, entertainment and refreshments for all. The parish is kept vibrant
with varied activities throughout the year.
Let us have a look at an ordinary week in the parish. On Monday evening
there are three group meetings – sodality, theatre and ministers of the
sick. On Tuesday there is an evening session planned for alcoholic
anonymous, while the Vincent de Paul group meets for an evaluation. On
Wednesday the media group is projecting movie in the parish auditorium.
The re-evangelizers group as well as catechism teachers are having a
planning session for the year. Thursday evening the healthcare agents
meet to plan their services to the sick and invalid, while the theatre
group practices a play to be staged on the following Sunday after the
second Mass. Friday, the environment group and Catholic Workers’
Movement meet to chalk out details of their coming annual meet. Earlier
that day the Holy Childhood, comprising mostly of children from the
parish school had a meeting too. Saturday from 10 a.m. the parish is
bubbling with members from 6 groups including the Parish Pastoral
Council. Besides, Legion of Mary is having a whole day workshop with
some visiting experts. The Prayer Group is having a 16-hour Prayer Vigil
in the church. In the evening the environment group is producing a one
hour play on climate change. Sundays are less packed. Catechism class
for children is the only major activity. Practically all come to the church
to participate in one of the five Holy masses. There is also a month long
exhibition in the basement of the church on ‘Jesus by various artists,’
organized by the Arts Group, to raise funds for foreign missions,
These groups enable everyone in the parish to participate. The priests
are animators and get involved only when any of the leaders request their
help to solve a problem they cannot handle or for some other help. They
can’t be present in all groups but they do receive a copy of each group’s
report, the next day.
The parish priests consciously or unconsciously are making use of the
techniques of group dynamics to animate the parish. Natural groups may
tend to foster regionalism, parochialism and ghettoism. But created or
formed groups can build communities, as is obvious in this parish.
Communication play the pivotal role. Groups render for dialogue,
discussions, interactions, fellowship, participation and involvement. The
group process is aimed at creative group expressions. This is important
for comprehension and interiorization of even abstract ideas. In fact, the
very notion of group media has to do with people interacting with each
other to comprehend issues better.
Group Discussion – Practice Pays
The simplest form of group media is a group discussion where people
articulate their opinions/ideas/convictions while others listen, question,
confront, debate and thereby create new understandings. In this process,
the responsibility for the final conclusions rests with all. The focus is on
real participation – the crux of communication. The common sense
argument in favour of this process can be derived from the simple
management norm, “Those not consulted at the planning stage, will not
contribute at the execution stage”
In casual groups, some tend to be talkative dominating every one. In
organised groups like in the parish, there is a leader who moderates in a
way that all have a chance to express their views. It is a great feeling when
one hears one’s voice in a group undisturbed by anyone. In the process
of being listened to and understood, the speaker develops self confidence.
Listening is not simply hearing. It is not a physical activity either. It involves
giving total attention to the other, understanding not only what is spoken
but also what is implied. It is respecting the other as s/he is, with different
thinking and feeling. It is being a non-threatening presence where the
other can see his/her problems/views/feelings, mirrored back so that with
an objective vision s/he can arrive at conclusions. “In my Holy Childhood
group, we have lots of youngsters, as many as 35. But all speak up and we
collect together our ideas”, 12 year old Giorgio Pannini tells me.
Once a person is challenged, she/he is forced to reflect deeper. Others
add on, eliciting further reflection. “When someone questions me, I am
forced to seek reasons for my comment and that makes me responsible
for what I say,” comments Marco Frisca, member of the financial committee
that engages in fund raising for the parish projects.
Reflections also trigger one’s creativity. Creativity is the capacity to express
oneself in newer ways, more appealing to the audience. One major reason
why people leave the Church is the lack of creativity in the church. Experts
argue that institutions given to ritualism cannot be creative. A blind
adherence to rituals renders them fossilised, making changes of any sort
unwelcome. “I like to be in our theatre group. Every one brings in lot of
creativity as we make new plays that are related to our faith life,” comments
Angelina Briffa. “We listen with much interest to what everyone comes
up with. Then we select the best.” She added.
Group interactions help to assert oneself and cultivate positive self image,
which is the basis for self confidence. Youngsters used to such vibrant
groups have the possibility to explore their capacities early in life. They
are enabled to contribute to society at large. “I have grown much in my
group. I look forward to the group meets. We are a lively group of friends,
working together for our parish”, syas Magda Lepanto, a member of the
Christian Life Community.
Once in three years, just after Christmas, all the parishioners are free to
change to other groups.
The final outcome is not an effective ‘plan of action’ to solve all problems,
but a communicative competence that lends itself to problem solving.
‘Tis the human touch in this world that counts, The touch of your
hand and mine, which means far more to the fainting heart than
shelter and bread and wine ; For shelter is gone when the night is
over and bread lasts only a day, But the touch of the hand and the
sound of the voice. Sing on in the soul away.
– Spencer M. Tree
This Communication was received by us by Email in response to our
appeal for the Conclave on 8.05.11
Dear Allwyn,
This is an excellent move and I wish the group all success; as it is said in
the statement, it is 2000 years late (perhaps only 1700). I think they
should not limit themselves only to the material aspects of the governance,
but all areas of Church life should be discussed. The Church is of the
people of God, but they have been denied any active participation of
I also hope women are not left out in this 50-100 group. Their participation
in vital.
Once again I wish the group all success and God’s blessings.
I am attaching a reworked copy of “the lost God” – this might give them
some insight into where things have gone wrong…
Joseph Mattam, sj
Joseph Mattam, SJ
Sneh Jyoti, SEVASI,
Vadodara Dt 391101
tel : 09925013406, 0265-2372152/3
Strive not to banish pain and doubt, In pleasure’s noisy din.
The peace thou seekest from without is only found within
– Cary
Some years ago there was a robbery in a Church at Adam’s Arcade,
Nairobi, Kenya. The robbers took away the tabernacle with the Blessed
Sacrament. At a reparation service the next day, Cardinal Ottunga said:
“God is stolen.” The press made a lot of noise about this statement,
which is disputable. But there is something indisputable in the history of
the Church: the God of Jesus as presented in the New Testament has
been lost. Why do I claim that the God of Jesus is lost?
What Jesus left behind?
From Jesus’ parables, his own life and deeds we get the picture of an
unconditionally loving Father/Mother, whom Jesus called Abba. God is
not paternalistic: God does not do things for us instead of us, things
which we can and should do for ourselves. God treats us as adults,
respects our freedom; neither is God an ‘indulgent parent’ who gives
unconditional approval of all our actions. God’s acceptance of us is
unconditional (cf Jn 8:11; Lk 15). God looks at us as God’s children, not
primarily at our actions. God is not far away from us, but is in the very
depths of our hearts, empowering us in God’s Spirit to be God’s children,
empowering us to love as God loves, but without forcing us (cf. Gal 4:6ff;
Rom 8:14ff; Jn 14-16). Later we called that presence of God in us as
grace. Grace is the ennobling and enabling love of God: ennobling us to
be God’s sons/daughters, enabling us to love, forgive, care as God does
(Jn 15:12). Grace is the “love-ability with which we are born”, which is a
share in God’s infinite love. We do not get graces; we are grace, we are
through and through graced beings.
This Father is ‘unjust’ (see Mt 20.1-16; Lk 15), God does not follow the
pattern of worldly retributive justice, but responds to the person and his/
her deepest needs. God rejoices to see God’s children bearing fruit, being
authentic and growing up as God’s children. Everything that is vital to us
is given by God freely, unasked by us. Our prayer is the joyful privilege of
God’s children to be in the company of their loving Father/Mother, with
the freedom of children. Prayer is the expression of our loving, obedient
surrender to God in silence. We do not therefore relate to God in terms
of rewards or punishments. Since God is in the heart of all, and reveals
God-self to the little and illiterate ones (Mt 11:25ff) and is known through
our loving, God does not need expert teachers, mediators, interpreters
and defenders. If at all we think of someone teaching about God, it is the
mother who reveals God to her children. God is beyond the control of
the experts; is not a truth to be taught or defended; in fact God cannot
Joseph Mattam, S. J.
be defended, for whenever and wherever a person loves, God is discovered,
is experienced (1 Jn 4:7ff). We need no mediating class to reach God our
loving Father/Mother.
Jesus is the Way to the Father. He is the Truth of what each one of us is
and can become. He is the Son of God and has revealed what we are
meant to be as God’s sons and daughters. He is our Brother. He lives in
us. He is in the poor and the needy, accessible to anyone who cares to
love genuinely, and is in harmony with one’s brothers/sisters (cf. Mt 25.31
ff; 18.20). He tells us that to love him is to keep his commandment which
is that we love one another. His option for the poor, his ‘good news to
the poor’, his table fellowship – all these become the pattern for all those
who follow him. He is little concerned about correct formulations about
him, but he demands from his followers that they obey the will of His
Father (Mt 7:21 f), or as Our Lady told the servants at Cana, “do what he
tells you” (Jn 2.5). He teaches us a new way of relating to God, to one
another and to things without greed, fear and possessiveness. He teaches
us to relate to one another as brothers /sisters and not on the basis of
their function in society; hence, not to call any one father, master,
teacher, for “you are all brothers/sisters’ (Mt 23:8). Jesus through
his table fellowship showed that sinners, impure persons, outcastes – all
could approach him, touch him, be touched by him. Even a sinful, unclean
woman could touch him and get him to change his mind CZk 8.43ff\ Mk
7.24-30). Jesus left us no doctrines to believe; salvation depends on having
proper relationship (Lk 19.1-10) and caring for the needy (Matt 25.31 ff).
From 613 laws the Jews had, Jesus made just one: Love God by loving the
neighbour (Matt 22.34ff).
Jesus emphasized the importance of bearing fruit, of being authentic to
what we are as God’s children (Jn 15). He told his disciples to continue
remembering him by breaking bread at home in his name,
presided over by the head of the family where they met; this
was the only ritual he left. It was the actualization of the community
of his followers who were classless, equal members at the service of one
another; they celebrated it in this simple breaking of bread. He left no
priestly class to administer the sacraments. His attack on the
temple and the cleansing of the temple shows clearly the old
system of placating God by sacrifice had to go; God did not
want sacrifices, but mercy, compassion, fidelity.
He gave very clear instructions to those who were to be leaders in his
community. They have to be different from leaders in the world; they
have to be servants to one another, there is to be no superior/
inferior, but all are brothers/sisters, “…whoever wishes to be great
among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among
you must be your slave; just as the Son of Man came not to be served but
to serve…”;”… I am among you as one who serves” (Mt 20.24f; Luke
22.24-27; Jn 13.1-20; Matt 23.8f; Mk 10.41 f). We cannot easily miss the
visual image of chapter 13 of John, where Jesus washes the feet of his
disciples and affirms his role as the Master. “The Twelve” were to represent
the 12
patriarchs, and were to be the judges of the 12 tribes; hence, we do not
find women among them.
For Jesus children, women and men are supreme in God’s eyes; everything
is subordinated to their wholeness and freedom (Mk 2.27ff; 7.1-23). All
are equal before God/Christ, and this equality is not based on anything
that we have, on any position that we hold, but on who we are as God’s
children. As God’s children all are respected; no one is more important
than another. The Bishop of Rome is not more sacred for God
than an illiterate woman working in her kitchen. Jesus’ concern
is about life here on earth, life before death.
The God of Jesus is lost – with tragic consequences
The Church became hierarchical. For all practical purposes, the ‘Church’
means the hierarchy as such phrases show: ‘the Church has decided’,
‘the Church teaches,’ ‘the Church does not allow’. Though Vatican II had
changed this self understanding in favour of a new one as “the people of
God”, the post Vatican period saw a rapid and sure reversal to the old.
The Church, as an Institution of Salvation has been operative, more or
less, from the fourth century to the present. The hierarchy remains a
class above and apart, with special powers and authority supposedly given
by Jesus. As they belong to a different, higher class, they are also
appropriately called Fathers, Reverends, Lords, Graces, Eminences,
Excellencies, Holiness, according to their rank in the hierarchy. The whole
mission of the Church to proclaim, teach, convert, protect and faithfully
hand down the ‘faith’ (beliefs) sanctify and to rule is entrusted to them.
They are also the dispensers of the means for these: the sacraments and
grace. Many have rightly observed that like the Kings and Nobles of old,
the priests too became a non-working class set apart, in the pattern of the
Levitical priests who lived on other peoples’ work. These have nothing in
common with the leaders Jesus left behind.
God: Since the leaders took on the pattern of the empire they also molded
God to the empire system. The God of Jesus, as I mentioned in the beginning,
has been lost and what we have is one who resembles the Monarch: a
replica of the Emperor. That God is inaccessible to the ordinary people;
can be approached only through mediators, both heavenly and earthly.
Among the heavenly, some saints seem to have more power before God
than others; hence there are special pilgrimage centres. Recently, I came
to know that a catholic parish in Kerala named after St Joseph was changed
into the Church of St. Jude, as he brings in more money than the poor St.
Joseph, my patron. I am not opposing here the idea of the Communion of
Saints, but I am pointing out an idea of God that may be implicit in these
practices: a God, who does not really care for God’s children, does them
a favour because some saints, some ‘higher-ups’ plead for them. Is this
not a feudal system? Also saints are ‘made’ based on this understanding
of God: the saints obtain from God something which others will not get.
The mediators on earth are the clerics. For forgiveness of sins and for the
life-giving communion with the Lord in the Eucharist one needs to depend
on the priestly class.
This God reveals Self in truths, mysteries, which the hierarchy has to
guard, defend and interpret authoritatively. This God is a just judge who
rewards good behaviour and punishes evil deeds. God seems to favour
the rich and the powerful; many rich people claim that their prosperity is
thanks to God’s blessing.
Grace in this system is something that God gives: we obtain it through
prayers, fasting, almsgiving and above all, through the sacraments. The
Church is the repository of all graces – almost like a grace bank. The
Sacraments cause grace; they are administered by priests. They are ex
opere operato effective. The priests give or administer and the people receive
the sacraments. This priestly system encourages a dualistic thinking,
develops a legalistic spirituality and emphasises Orthodoxy and life after
Christ : Christ is God and hence what I said above about God is applicable
to Christ as well. Of all the heavenly mediators, Our Lady has a unique
place before Christ. “Can any son refuse his mother a favour?” Christ is
himself inaccessible, but Mary can help. He is also untouchable by ordinary
unconsecrated hands; hence he has to be given into the mouth by the
clerics. (Even today that is the practice in some of the dioceses in India).
The compassionate, lover of sinners, the rejected and unwanted of society
that we find in the NT is not seen any more. He is a King, with a golden
crown and sceptre, in royal attire.
With this loss of the God of Jesus, lay men and women became second
class citizens, passive, with no voice in the Church, no say in the decisionmaking
process in the Church, no role in the mission of the Church
which is service.
The God of Jesus still remains in exile. The emperor, the court system,
the court titles rule the day. There is nothing visible to make ordinary
persons think that there has been a new self- understanding by the Church,
that they too are the Church and that the mission of the Church is theirs
as well. Rightly, the lay people continue to be dissatisfied with the still
very clerical Church.
Perhaps in no other area has the Church sinned more grievously than in
the area of leadership. It is obvious to anyone but the hardened heart
that the above description of what happened goes against what Jesus
wanted, and against the God he presented. Hence would not the words
addressed to the tenants in Matthew 21.33-43 be applicable to the present
The insight of Vatican II about the Church as a Servant of God’s Kingdom,
as a people of God, needs to be translated into concepts and practices
affecting all realms of life. This concept emphasizes the equality of all.
While one admits different charisms, different functions in the Church,
these functions do not make people a hierarchy, do not make them of
higher and lower status as persons. Hence the clergy is at the service
of the community of love, ‘servants of the servants’, words which
have so far remained an empty formula. Their function in the
community is important and irreplaceable. Though they have to lead the
community in its worship, they are not primarily cultic figures. They are
to be leaders, after the Servant Master, challenging the community to be
true to the ways of Jesus; they are to live fully the call to discipleship, to
love and to freedom in such a way that as Paul told the Christians of
Corinth, they too should challenge their community: “Be imitators of me
as I am of Christ” (1 Cor 11:1). They are to show to all that the newness
brought by Jesus in the concept of authority as service, power as a call to
self-gift and not domination and suppression, can be lived out in truth.
They will have to accept the principle of subsidiarity and co-responsibility
in the exercise of their authority. They will also have to give up their high
status, their privileges, their titles, their claims to special powers, except
the power of laying down their life for the cause of the Kingdom, and of
being truly servants as friends.
The tension between the ideal and the actual will remain. The ideal
formulated at Vatican II has to be put into effect, as far as possible, primarily
through the protests of the lay groups and especially women Religious.
There is above all need for all to be open to the Spirit of Jesus who leads
us into truth, and to the resurrection through a process of death, who
makes us fearless and enables us to dream, so that the dream of God,
entrusted to us by Jesus, may become a reality, that we all become a
servant Church, in the service of God’s Kingdom.
Our leaders call themselves ‘servants’ and the bishop of Rome
calls himself ‘servant of servants’. As far as we know nowhere is
a servant called “Reverend, Lord, Eminence, Excellency,
Holiness”, except as a joke. The words of the great John XXIII keep
challenging us all: “Surely it is high time, and surely it would be to everyone’s
advantage to shake off the dust of the Empire that has gathered
since Constantine’s day on the throne of St Peter” (Quoted by Y.
Congar (1964): Power and Poverty in the Church, 127). The Church needs
to heed to these words of the great Pope John and act on them.
Following Communication selected by us from a monthly
magazine of Christian laity
Dear Mr. Editor,
Over the years I have had occasion to point out with utmost respect, to
the Church Management at different levels that it is very necessary to
adopt a democratic way of functioning and more importantly, to accept
that the over dominance of the clergy will have to be replaced by a realistic
representation of the voice, of the Laity at all levels. The reason for this is
not only because of the need for transparency and a fairer method of
functioning, particularly in the process of administration and decision
making, but the fact that it is very essential from the angle of ensuring
justice at all levels. For many centuries the belief was extended all the way
down the line and I shall illustrate how disastrous this can be. A young girl
gets into an arranged marriage which ends in a disaster. She applies to the
Civil Court and after years of torture and trauma she obtains a dissolution.
She cannot re-build her life or re-marry unless she gets a decree from the
Ecclesiastical Court where the grounds are very rigorous, the procedures
are also very strict and the chances of obtaining a relief extremely slim.
More importantly my experience has shown that by the time all these
formalities are completed the girl herself would have given up any idea of
getting married. If she were to re-marry before a civil authority she gets
castigated on the ground that she is living in sin and the children. If any,
are treated as having been “born out of concubinage” to use a Cannon
Law expression. Matrimonial break-ups occur with a degree of regularity.
There is a fervent plea from the affected parties that the entire procedure
should be over hauled but apart from minor cosmetic changes, nothing
really worthwhile by way of improvement has taken place.
The Church and Divorce
Two other areas require to be illustrated. All Catholics in matters of marriage
are bound by the Indian Divorce Act o 1868 which is one of the most
retrograde. antiquated and impractical pieces of matrimonial legislation.
For over 50 years in this country the Christian Community has been
pressing and persuading the Government to repeal this piece of legislation
which makes it almost impossible for an aggrieved party to get a relief. On
as many as 5 occasions, the Government did respond but nothing emerged
only because when the reference was made to the Church it was totally
opposed on the ground that the Church does not recognise
divorce nor does it subscribe to the view that dissolution of
marriage should be made simpler, casier and quicker. At one of
the Seminars, a lady who had been unsuccessfully trying to extricate herself
from a broken marriage wherein it was in evidence that the husband was
a gambler, a drunkard and given to violence, the lady very bitterly remarked
that “the attitudes and decision of the Church in many of these areas are
traceable to the fact that the persons responsible for these decisions and
those who cling to concepts and procedures which are centuries old and
decide policies in these important areas of human affairs which concern a
major cross-section of the Community and even minor children and unborn
children, are themselves not really equipped to sit in Judgement over these
matters of which they have zero personal experience because the
clergy are all celibate”. Recently, a senior lawyer from Mangalore took
up the issue relating to the payment of huge amounts by way of estate
duty in cases relating to the property of Christians who have died. This
was a provision which was draconian and which had the most disastrous
effect on every case relating to Christians. It was a provision which was
highly discriminatory because it applied only to Christians and despite all
of these considerations the Church did nothing about it and it goes to the
credit of Mr. Clarence Pais a Senior Lawyer from Mangalore that he was
ultimately successful in getting the provision repealed. The angle that I am
focusing here on is that Wills and Probate proceedings seriously affect the
Laity and not the clergy and despite the extremely oppressive nature of
the provisions, the Church did nothing in the matter and I venture to add
that had the Church seriously agitated the matter with a public forum or
with the Govt. that the corrective would have come decades ago.
There has been a very disturbing trend witnessed in different parts of the
country and here in our own city of Bangalore wherein the clergy have
been disposing off Church properties. I was not very pleased recently to
find out from one of the documents relating to the building in which I
reside that this property belonged to the Church, it was sold to a
businessman who ultimately ended up making a huge profit out of the
project. I am all in favour of ensuring that the Church is financially secure
and that wherever feasible, necessary schemes be undertaken to enhance
the viability of our institutions. I am totally opposed to situations wherein
these sort of deals take place and the Laity are told that the clergy has no
bargaining power and that therefore, some third party ends up with all the
profits. The moot question is, why was the scheme not intelligently executed
so as to ensure that the Christian community to whom the asset belonged
was the ultimate beneficiary. If the Agha Khan Trust can achieve this,
there is no reason why the Church cannot do it. Instead we are confronted
with the so called committees and councils of psychopants all of whom
work in tandem and obviously share the spoils under the guise of projecting
the view that certain representatives of the Laity were also involved.
I refuse to accept the plea that in all these land deals the pittance that has
been reflected in the documents as being the price of the land represents
the true value of what was realised and the big question mark is whether
such situations should be allowed to continue.
This area is particularly distressing because there have been occasions
even in the very recent past when the Community has protested and it has
been extremely sad that the Church uses the medium of powerful builders
who have all the equipment from muscle power to money power not to
mention unholy influences, to fight back the Members of the Church, who
disapprove of these transactions. It is true that the Church has always won
and it is true that it has always got away, which is all the more reason why
steps should be taken to reverse the trend which is getting totally
out of control.
Recently, I received a complaint that the huge part fo the Church compound
in the centre of Bangalore has been sold to some influential builders. The
school that catered to the cause of Christian education has been
demolished, the parish hall has been demolished and a shopping complex
is being constructed in such a way that it almost touches the Church. It
will disfigure the area and interfere seriously with whatever services are
conducted in the Church and it is my grave apprehension that when this
happens, the Church building itself would be sold on the ground
that it is impractical to continue with services there.
Why it cannot be questioned :
All this has been happening through default because hitherto we have
always been told that all property vests in the Church and that whatever
the clergy has decided to do with it, is a decision that is sacred and cannot
be questioned. Unfortunately, the fundamental point that is over-looked is
that all this property has been gifted or donated to the Church
or acquired through the contributions from th Laity. The clergy
are only the trustees of the property and in keeping with the
well settled principles of law they cannot abuse the trust or for
that matter dispose of the property to the prejudice of the
institution or the members who form part and parcel of the
The effective voice of the Christian Laity
It is in this background that I welcome the concept of a Journal that will
effectively project the voice of the Christian Laity or in other words, become
a medium of safe-guarding their rights. Equality important is the welfare
aspect that I have dealt with earlier which is required to be not only safeguarded
but forstered and lastly the most important facet viz. that hitherto
at all times the voice of the Community was considered to be what the
clergy represented. Atrocities have taken place with disturbing
regularity and these have increased only because of the fact that
there has been silence from the side of the affected, irrespective
of what has happened. Whereas any other minority community
would have raised hell, there has not even been a whimper of a
protest or an anticipatory action or steps taken to ensure that
there is no recurrence of such atrocities. All of these will form the
mandate of this journal which to mind was long overdue. I am confident
that it will live up to its expectations and even exceed them!
With every good wish,
Yours Sincerely
(Justice M.F. Saldhans)
10th Oct. 2002
5th Apr 2007
Dear Rev. Fathers/Mothers/Brothers/Sisters,
We are pleased to inform you that we, a few like-minded Catholic lay
leaders of Bangalore, very much concerned with the disturbed atmosphere
in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, have formed a movement called,
“Bangalore Catholic Laity Movement” for the all- round development
of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
A copy of a report submitted recently to Hs Grace the Archbishop of
Bangalore and to all the Diocesan Priests in the Archdiocese of Bangalore
by the BCLM in this regard, is enclosed for your kind information. While
requesting you to go through the report, we also solicit your personal as
well as community prayers so that our dear Archdiocese can “Pise and
Shine” more than ever in spreading the Kingdom of God through love
and brotherhood in our Archdioccsc and the State.
We, the Anchor Members of the Bangalore Catholic Laity Movement,
have a great desire to do all that is possible to make our Archdiocese an
exemplary Archdiocese in the country.
Wishing you, and all the members of your Congregation, greetings of our
Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Benedict Balu) Convener
#1, 3rd Cioss, R. Sonappa Block, Benson Town, Bangalore – 560 046.
Mob : 934123193J, e-mail : catholiclaity@gmail.com
No. BCLM/A.Bsp-Fr/001 /2007 March 23rd 2007
Respectfully submitted to,
1. His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, The Archbishop of
2. The Rev. Fathers of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
Your Grace and Dear Rev. Fathers,
Let our Archdiocese Rise and Shine
“Enough is Enough”
Observations, Opinions and Suggestions for the all-round
Development of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
We, the Anchor-members of the Bangalore Catholic Laity Movement,
thank His Grace the Archbishop of Bangalore, for kindly sparing his time
in clarifying various issues confronting the Church in Bangalore. We also
thank some of the priests who were good enough to share their thoughts,
views, grievances and also their apprehensions.
Ever willing to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and standing united for the
all-round development of the Archdiocese, we make every effort to bring
about a meaningful relationship and peace among the laity, the clergy
and the Archbishop. It is towards that end,.we place below our opinions
and suggestions on the issues confronting our Archdiocese.
Observations and Opinions :
1. It is indeed a matter of great sorrow to note “our own house”, the
Archdiocese of Bangalore, not in order, as there is a lack of trust and
brotherly feeling among the laity, the clergy and the Archbishop.
2. Day to day administration of the Archdiocese, be it the Archbishop’s
House, the Parish Offices, Schools, Colleges and other connected Social
Organizations and Institutions seem to be operating with an absence
of the Divine Presence of God.
3. Positions, power and money seem to have taken precedence over
spiritual matters, as it is quite evident from the behaviour and lifestyle
of some of the priests. Some of them seem to be prepared even to
throw their priestly vows to the winds in order to get what their
hearts are set upon.
4. The clergy and the Archbishops have failed to recognize the Laity and
utilize their talents and services for the development of the Archdiocese
both in the spiritual and the secular fields.
5. It is true that some of the people whose desire for better spiritual
growth perhaps could not find proper guidance from the clergy of the
Archdiocese and they had to seek it elsewhere. This only goes to
prove that the Catholic Church in Bangalore has failed to cater to
their spiritual needs.
6. The so called language problem in the Archdiocese has been created
and master-minded by the priests whose mother tongues are Konkani,
Tamil and Telugu, to attain their personal gain and glory. It is indeed
very painful to mention here that different kinds of means and methods
have been used to attract the innocent lay people, among whom many
are already destroyed.
7. A Con-celebrated Mass by a number of priests and the Archbishop
when they are divided in their hearts and minds loses its very sanctity
and perhaps relevance, and this has happened often during the
Ordinations and the Chrism Masses in Bangalore. This, unfortunately,
is a lack of the language of love, but very subtly branded as the problem
of language in the Archdiocese. Can such Con-celebrated Mass be
truly accepted as a valid Mass?
8. Whenever situations warranted a firm action against the priests who
disturbed, destroyed, misbehaved and vandalized, the Archbishops
and the Councils failed in their responsibilities to take action and
proper measures against such culprits. It is shameful to say that in
some cases the culprits were even given recognition. Almost all
concerned authorities seem to have taken to the line of least resistance
always fearing reprisals, which has paved the way for a free for all
situation to-day in the Bangalore Archdiocese.
9. We are sad to say that in the midst of all this trouble in the Church in
Bangalore a small group of committed and experienced priests always
loyal to the cause of the Church and hailing from different language
backgrounds have been systematically sidelined and ignored to the
detriment of the growth of the Church in Bangalore.
10. After a series of interactions both with the Archbishop and a number
of priests, we are of the firm opinion that in spite of all the bitterness
experienced in the past and at the present moment, there is a keen
desire among a number of them, somehow to come out of the stalemate
and unitedly work for fulfilling all spiritual needs of the faithful in the
11. A special mention may not be out of place here, if we touch upon a
couple of points which the Archbishop repeatedly touched upon in
the course of our interactions. He spoke about the importance of
transparency, accountability and greater participation of the laity in
the Church administration which is a must for any institution or
organization to function effectively and efficiently. It is this which also
motivates us to pursue this great task on hand, as we can clearly see
the light at the end of this “long tunnel”.
1. Topmost priority must be given to remove all curses – the curses of
the simple, innocent and credulous faithful who are the helpless victims
of the power struggle of the Clergy in the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
For the blessings to come down, first the curses have to be removed.
The curses can be removed only by our Heavenly Father and that can
happen only when we repent, reconcile and humbly ask for forgiveness
from HIM and from each other. We need to pray for the removal of
curses and to shower His Blessings upon the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
Everyday of the year, this should be our special prayer for the
Archdiocese. Special prayer cards must be printed and distributed in
all the parishes of the Archdiocese in as many languages as necessary.
2. The Clergy as well as the Laity should seek special graces from God to
be able to forget the past and stop criticizing their brother Christians
and also to put an end to rumour-mongering and gossiping, which
indeed is the work of the forces of evil.
3. Must openly display and demonstrate that our approach to day to day
challenges in our work places is handled by faith and not by sight. In
order to show in action our mutual love, care, concern, and respect
for and trust in one another, this should be the hallmark of every
individual occupying responsible positions in the Archdiocese. Regular
orientation programmes must be organized for all concerned in order
to inculcate in them these important values while discharging their
4. God’s ordained priests, of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, whose
vocation is essentially pastoral work, should not be burdened with
other tasks as Administrators, Principals, Professors, Lecturers,
Teachers in schools and colleges in secular world. These positions
can be quite competently held by lay Catholics, since it is not the
vision and hence not the priority for the clergy. Also the clergy should
not be involved unduly with any projects that involve the raising and
handling of funds which would divert them from their primary task,
their pastoral work. The Archbishop who is usually burdened more
with the administrative work of the Archdiocese, should also find enough
time for his pastoral work as the situation demands to day, when the
members of the laity are opting to receive the Word of God outside
the Catholic Church.
5. Identify the members of the laity who have contributed to the growth
of the parishes and recognize and honour them. Restructure the parish
councils and make them really representative bodies at the parish
level. Create necessary awareness among the members ofthe laity with
regard to the importance of their role in building a parish community.
Constant interactions must be held between the Archbishop and the
laity so that the Archbishop is kept well informed about the
requirements of the laity and the Archdiocese.
6. Organise Archdiocesan Fellowship gatherings as often as possible where
the Archbishop,the ciergy and the laity can participate and experience
the real presence and power of God. Eminent and powerfully annointed
men of God from the Catholic Church can be invited to address such
7. It is of paramount importance to have a comprehensive and impartial
census of the entire Archdiocese in order to have a proper Data-Bank
at the Archdiocesan level which could enable us to know the areas of
expertise that can be utilized in the administrative work of the
8. With regard to the Catholics who have joined other denominations,
we can only suggest that our priests do their pastoral work
conscientiously by way of catering to the spiritual needs of their
parishioners rather than trying to make a mark in the secular world.
Exhibiting genuine love and concern for the welfare of their parishioners,
they should be able to inspire and guide them by the counsel of the
Holy Spirit. One of the ways to equip themselves better in this regard
would be to be humble enough to ascertain the facts from the very
people who have joined other denominations. The Catholic Church
must learn a lesson from an event like the “Festival of Blessings” held
at the Jakkur grounds, a couple of years ago, which attracted lakhs of
people from all walks of life from different denominations including
the Catholics, among whom there were many Catholic priests, nuns
and important Catholic lay leaders, some of them actively involved in
organizing the very event. It is also to be noted that a former Archbishop
of Bangalore himself was prominently present at the event. It is time
that the Archdiocese of Bangalore came out of its “closed door
mentality” with regard to the preaching of the gospel and became
truly “catholic”.
On the other hand, it is also very relevant to mention here that our
spiritual leaders must desist from participating in secular and Non-
Christian religious ceremonies which is tantamount to demeaning the
very meaning of their priestly calling and demeaning the status of
Christ. These actions by our spiritual leaders also send wrong signals
to the faithful and dilute or nullify the sanctity of their faith.
9. The language issue has been tormenting the Archdiocese long enough.
The language policy should be framed only after detailed discussions
with the core sections of the laity in the Archdiocese, and by consulting
the unbiased priests, always bearing in mind the local needs of the
parishes. The situation in the Archdiocese of Bangalore is unique and
it cannot be compared with the situation in any other Diocese/
Archdiocese in the Country. We feel it necessary that all the three
languages namely Kannada, Tamil and English should be the official
languages of the Archdiocese. Depending upon the situation in the
parishes, the paris councils should decide as to the languages, the
timings and the number ot services in their respective parishes. Learning
of all these three languages should be made mandatory for all the
priests serving in the parishes of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
The vigour and interest displayed by our priests in organizing nonreligious
programmes, functions, protests and demonstrations, should
be diverted and utilized for spreading the gospel of love and
brotherhood for which they have been ordained and for which, we
are sure, their parents have sacrificed much and dedicated and gifted
their precious children for God’s service.
10. The Chrism Mass and the Ordination of a priest are two very important
events in the life of a priest as well as the life of the Church, both
celebrated and witnessed by the congregation. Such events do not
take place often. Hence, while conducting such holy ceremonies, the
spiritual head must do all that is possible to please only Our Heavenly
Father. No extraneous factors should influence and pollute such sacred
ceremonies giving room for scandal and unnecessary agitation. If all
the Archdiocesan priests are not in one accord for such con-celebration
such celebrations should not be held in public until a conducive
atmosphere is created.
11. As the custodian of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, the Archbishop
and his council should not hesitate to take necessary measures and
firm action against the erring priests and the laity in the larger interests
of the Church. The Archdiocese must be bold in facing the
consequences. Only then there is a possibility of spiritual discipline in
the Archdiocese.
12. An open recognition and appreciation of all the obedient and hard
working priests loyal to the Church, but sidelined all these years,
would be pleasing not only to the congregation in general but also to
our Father in Heaven. This would also send right signals to our newly
ordained and young priests.
We, as the Anchor members of the BCLM, wish to conclude our report
with a fervent hope that this report would be read with an open mind in
larger interest of the Archdiocese in the years to come.
We are always prepared to walk that extra mile joining our hands with all
the members of the Diocesan Clergy, the Religious and Archbishop who,
we are sure, are determined to build an exemplary Archdiocese that
would create men of character to bear witness to our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ.
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to
dwell together in Unity.”
Psalms 133:1
In this up-hill task, we are ever willing to do anything that is entrusted to
us for the good of the Archdiocese and its people. We will be very happy
to cooperate in conducting an impartial census in the Archdiocese which
is the need of the hour.
“Do What Jesus says “, said Mother Mary, as mentioned in the
Scriptures. That’s what we will do, in all our undertakings in BCML.
All the Anchor Members desire that this movement, the BCML, grows to
bring peace and joy in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, and for that we
need your continued prayers.
We remain
yours faithfully in Christ Jesus,
When Nature wants to drill a man
And thrill a man, And skill a man.
When Nature wants to mold a man
To play the noblest part;
When she yearns with all her heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall praise
Watch her method, watch her ways
How she ruthlessly perfects
Whom she royally elects;
How she hammers him and hurts him.
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay which only Nature understands
While his tortured heart is crying and he lifts
beseeching hands!
How she bends, but never breaks,
When his good she undertakes….
How she uses whom she cnooses
And with every purpose fuses him
By every art induces him To try his splendor out
Nature knows what she’s about.
When Nature wants to take a man.
And shake a man.
And wake a man;
When Nature wants to make a man
To do the Future’s will;
When she tries with all her skill
And she yearns with all her soul
To create him large and whole . . .
With what cunning sh’e prepares him!
How she goads and never spares him,
How she whets him, and she frets him,
And in poverty begets him . . .
How she often disappoints
Whom she sacredly anoints,
With what wisdom she will hide him,
Never minding what betide him
Though his genius sob with slighting and his
pride may not forget!
Bids him struggle harder yet.
Makes him lonely. So that only
God’s high messages shall reach him,
So that she may surely teach him
What the Hierarchy planned.
Though he may not understand.
Gives him passions to command.
How remorselessly she spurs him
With terrific ardor stirs him
When she poignantly prefers him!
Documents reflecting activities of
Indian Christian Service Association
Since 2001
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into
Kingdom of Heaven : but he that doeth the will of my father
which is in Heaven.
Many will say to me in the day, Lord, Lord, have we not
prophesied in they name? and in the name have cast out devils?
and in thy name done many wonderful works ?
And then will I profess unto them; I never knew you : depart
from me, ye that work iniquity.
St. Joseph’s Seminary
Jeppu Mangalore-2
I am a 70 year old senior citizen and belong to Valencia Parish.
Recently a young man in white cassock got into my home ostensibly to
bless the house to drive away evil spirits. I do not have any belief in these
rituals nor do I believe that cassock wearing humans have any power to
drive away evil spirits, because in my view they are themselves incarnation
of all that is evil on earth. Most priests are hypocrites of the worst order.
Anyhow my point ts writing to you is to tell you that most of these
cassock wearing men not only become arrogant but have lost all manner
of manners and humility that Christ taught them. Christ led by example.
This young boy who must be half of my sons age addressed me as “D’Sa”
Mark the inverted comas. He did not have the background or training to
respect elders. Or is it that most of the Priests these days consider
themselves as so superior that they start calling men double their age by
first name, and they expect laymen to address them as “fathers”. Whose
fathers are you all? who is that bastard who gave you the title of a ‘father’?
I have learnt one thing in my life which taught me to give respect and take
respect. Most of the laymen follow this. It is only men in cassock, almost
all of them, come from poor and uncultured families who over night
become arrogant, just because laymen start giving them respect that they
do not deserve. They teach laymen love, truth, honesty, sacrifice, what
and what not. But they follow none.
I move in top class intellectual society and all men there have respectable
and cultured ways. While close friends go by first names, all others address
each other respectfully. It is only Priests, who claim to do service towards
laymen who treat laymen as trash. It shows the background of the Priests
and does not give them any superiority, which they do not deserve.
P.B. D’Sa
President People’s Union for Civil Liberties,
President S.K. District Industrial Development
and Welfare Association
President Karnataka Backward Christians
Welfare Association, South Kanara
Vice – President Indian Christian Economic and Entrepreneurial
Development Association, Munibai
Vice – President Link Anti Addiction Citizen’s Committee (past)
Past President Rotary Club of Mangalore, Port Town, 1988 89
Trustee New Mangalore Port Trust, 1999-2001
Father Muller Road, “Pauline”,
Mangalore-575 002
Phone : 9008820186,4252170
E-mail : dsapb2010@yahoo.co.in
Blogs: www. christianreforms.wordpress.com, http://www.wisdomfoundation.wordpress.com
Some time back I met another priest by name Bonaventure Nazareth,
who must be my sons age. He too addressed me as “D’Sa”. I had no time
to give him a piece of my mind. I have reserved it for some other day.
Purpose of this letter is to tell you to train your seminarians in good
manners. Even if they dont learn to eat with Fork and Spoon it does not
matter. Let them learn to respect their Masters, the laymen who regularly
offer “alms” to you Priests, so that you live. The house you live in, the
mobile you use, the car you drive, the rich food that you eat, the clothes
you use, the wisky you use etc etc all comes from the hard earned money
of the laymen. All of you have forgotten this.
But you have started living an earthly life of Princes instead of following
the way of life which Christ showed you. You are using Christ as a
commercial commodity.
Very soon laymen will stop addressing all of you as “fathers”. They are
advised to call all their servants by first name, as the same is the right way
to address them.
To enlighten you, great men like Karl Marx called religion as “opium of
masses” and George Bernard Shaw, called Catholicism as a highly organized
hypocrisy. They were not fools.
Yours faithfully
CC : To The Bishop of Mangalore
The Parish Priest, Valencia
Blog : http://www.christianreforms.wordpress.com
Bishop of Mangalore
Brother Aloysius,
Well and wish you the same,
Much water has flown in river Nethravati after my last letter to you. You
must be under the impression that your foolish stroke of filing an eviction
petition against me in the Mangalore court had silenced me. Far from it. I
was deeply involved in more important issues of human rights involving
the poor, the weak, the Dalits the backward classes etc. In the process I
have become the National Council member of PUCL and State President
of PUCL, which positions I hold with great respect, more than the religion
I was born in. In my work in PUCL and human rights, Jesus Christ, Gandhiji
and George Fernandes are my role models and not baffoons like Pope,
Cardinals and Bishops who are all hypoerites of the first order, wearing
baffoon’s caps and golden cassocks, over coats, what and what not
reminding me of Royalty and not poverty of Christ who was born in a
manger. Contrary to the expectations of Christ, persons born in poverty
are today controlling and misusing the wealth and assetts of laity as if
they belong to their ancestors. In fact laity are the masters and clergy are
the servants. My mission is to empower laity. And this work will continue
even if you succeed in evicting me from my house. But my dear friend
that “if “is a very big” if. Your duffer advocate who is known as Assistant
Bishop in Cask circles has misled you and filed a false case against me.This
is not what is expected of so called religious men. It is a shame. Your
advocate has a chronic criminal mind and indulging in cheating, forgery
and crimes come naturally to him.
My petition before the land tribunal was decided exparte-because your
advocate manipulated and misguided the Authority. This itself is enough
for me to win all my cases,as the decision was taken without serving a
notice on me.
Further, when the lease amount was sent to him by RPAD he refused to
accept it and deposit it in your account. He will put you into disgrace and
disrepute on this account. I shall tell the world how religious crooks
manipulate and acquire illegal wealth, under cover of charity and charitable
trusts and institutions. I havecollected enough & more material to send
“Pauline”, Father Muller Road, Valencia, Mangalore-575 002,
Phone : 4252170
some Priests to the gallows. In the name of building churches, halls etc
they have forgotten religion and amassed wealth and become slaves of 3
‘W’s. Basil your predecessor was caught with one crore of cash under his
bed. I have eye witness who has seen his bed and cash. His death may be
mistery to laymen but it is crystal clear to me how and why he died.
Now to come to the character known as Assistant Bishop of Mangalore :
He was trained by a Konkana advocate who has identically same initials
as he has. No lawyers in Mangalore have a good word for these Guru
shishya. Forgery, cheating, dishonesty,misleading, misrepresentation,
impersonation etc is their trade mark. You are in such a company. I am
not suprised. My father used to tell me repeatedly “Birds of the same
feather flock together” and “tell me who your friends are I’ll tell you what
you are”. These two sentences I have always made use in judging myself.
If you wish to judge yourself I wish to assist you a bit.
Your advocates, your finance committee members and a number of Priests
on whom you depend for advice are not only hypocrites but they are
crooks,time- servers. I’ll be exposing one by one. But for today, it is
sufficient if I concentrate on your Assistant Bishop who is I am told is no
more a Catholic but belongs to a sect, whom you hate, because they have
taken away a large chunk of your income.
Religion is an organised business. Honest, enlightened people all over the
world know this. And that is why churches in America and Europe are
empty. People are embracing muslim religion in England in large numbers,
because they no longer believe your stories and myths.
Well, now to the Asst Bishop, who helped in cheating a old couple(husband
ex- Priest) and cornering their property and in return you gave a piece of
iand to your advocate where he has built a Palace.
I am enclosing herewith a complaint filed before the Registrar of Karnataka
High Court by one Franklin Pereira of Moodabidri, which is self explanatory.
“Birds of the same fether flock together”. You have an ideal friend in your
You are abusing the Constitution of India by glorifying your Canon Law,
which this country does not recognize. You are misleading the innocent
and gullibul laymen under advice from half boiled lawyers, and cunning
time servers.
You have, knowingly or unknowingly or with the advice of mediocre
lawyers at your disposal have misguided, one Godwin D’Souza and got
him married twice without annualling the earlier marriage as per countries
laws. You are imposing Canon law (which will be burnt publicly) and
landing innocent laymen who trust you into bullshit. There is a criminal
case filed against Godwin and the Priest who performed this illegal 2nd
marriage will also be implicated in this criminal case-you will also be
hauled in as the head of the gang. You are both conspirators and abetters
in the solemnisation of a illegal wedding.
Your advocate has billed you lakhs of rupees though he is worth not even
two pence. His knowledge of law and case law is suspect.
This same lawyer adviced you and the cunning Priest of Kulshekar to
withdraw the case filed against Inspector Ganapathi and others and messed
up with the entire Somshekar Commission. If at all he had spent time in
studying the case properly better results would have come from Somshekar
Commission. Filing private criminal cases against the Police for atrocities
committed on our boys was more important and fool proof. A waiting for
commission report was foolish, as no commission reports have been
honoured and acted upon in this independent India so far.
Enough for the time being.
With assurances that whatever the difficulties, I shall empower Christian
laity whom clergy has cheated, while cheating Christ too. Christ is not
the private property of cassok wearing frauds.
I am now enclosing herewith a threatening “e-mail” received at my
acadamy, addressed to Pearl Electronics (Mr.C.D’Souza) from underground
mafia. This very clearly proves the links M.P.Noronha is having with the
underworld, and God bless you, he is your lawyer and confidante, Congrats.
I have always maintained that Catholic Church is the biggest underworld
mafia in the world. Time will prove my charge. I have enough materials to
prove my charge. I have records of married popes, women popes, sons
becoming popes and cardinals.
Do you know that the email received by Pearl electronics will attract
criminal proceedings against your advocate.
Brother Bonaventure
Do not get upset because I am addressing you as “Brother”. You priests
have forfeited the privilege to be addressed as “Fathers” because of your
misdeeds, mischief, and corrupt ways. Calling you as a “Brother” is also a
concession as you priests do not have qualities of a brother.
I am in receipt of an appeal signed by you for donation to build an extension
to the Valencia Church Once the construction is over, who will be the
owner of this construction worth Rs, 1.50 crores. You are going to be the
sole owner/ Trustee/ Dictator of the place, as per canon Law, which is
against the laws of democracy, which India is one. You are already the
Trustee of property worth Rs. 200 crores. But you act like it is your
fathers property. A Trustee is merely to represent the beneficiaries, who
are the laity.
I suggest, nay demand that to be fair to all concerned convert the Church
lands and properties as a Cooperative Society and let laity be joint owners
of the properties and let the people/shareholders be given their share of
profit. Dismantle your present set up registered as Associations/ Trusts
just to dodge the laws of our country. In the name of religion you are
running a profitable business, as proprietors and dictators. It is people’s
money. So let people be the beneficiers let them benefit. You are merely
a servant of the people as envisaged by Jesus.
Also convert our church hall as a separate cooperative society by,
converting all donors as share holders and subject your income to govt
Audit. Priests have not paid even a single paise for the Christian Community
or for the assets Christians have created.
Please stop the mischief of calling yourselves as charitable Institutions,
just to camouflage a large commercial venture running on profits without
paying any tax to the govt. As Jesus said “Pay the Govt its dues and the
king his”. My friends call your institutions as “Choritable institutions”
which means institutions which rob the people.
Most of the Parishioners do not know your back ground in the “Catholic
Education Board” and in Puttur. You have very ably fooled our people,
you are a good public relations man. Hats off to you, but I have documents
to prove that you misappropriated nearly Rs. 50 lakhs in Puttur College
“Pauline, Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2
Date : 05.03.2010
“Reforming the Indian Christian Church and Enpowering the Laity”
building (Ref to the article in Lankesh Patrike) and got caught I am told
you announce the amount collected every Sunday. But do you tell/ show
where you spend this amount?
Let me try to assess Valencia Church Income per year. Correct me if I am
1. Annual collection from 1000 families
at minimum Rs. 100/- per fly 1,00,000.00
2. Additional amounts voluntarily given 2,00,000.00
3. Average collection on 50 Sundays
at Rs. 250000 per Sunday 12,50,000.00
4. Easter, Xmas, Good Friday, Nativity,
Parish Day Collection 1,50,000.00
5. For Weddings, Funerals, Masses…. etc 1,25,000.00
6. Selling Cemetery space etc 5,00,000.00
7. Gifts, Scotch bottles, Dinners, Let the people
Masses etc Calculate
At any rate not less than Rs.25 lakhs is the collection of Valencia Church.
Where is this money vanishing? Where is the hall earnings disappearing?
Hall income is in addition to that of Rs.25 lakhs. Why do you need money
from the people again and again?
And in your latest venture, who are your partners? Though they pose as
decent and honest gentleman. Your parishioners know how they amassed
wealth, by selling spurious liquor etc.
I am appealing to our people not to donate any money for your venture
unless you register it as a cooperate society or a limited company.
With Rs.25 lakh collection(turnover) per year let us be honest citizens &
pay taxes to Govt instead of cheating ourselves in the name of charity
and religion.
As a member of the Parish I have right to express my views. It is not
necessary to attend Church and Mass to talk to the Super Power if at all
it exists. Jesus never built a Church he mixed and prayed with poor
people and Priests of his times tortured him as 1 am being tortured by
the Priests of Today. Bishop wants to evict me from the land where I was
born and my family lived for 100 years. He instructed all his institutions
not to invite me to any functions to speak. I welcomed this ban as I have
enough engagements with Dalits, Muslims and backward classes and
suffering people. In fact I am not very confortable with rich hypocrates.
President: People Union For Civil Liberties, Karnataka Backward
Chirstians Welfare Association Bangalore, S.K Dist Industrial Development
and welfare Association.
Vice President : Komu Souhardha Vedike
Past President: Rotary Club of Port-Town,
Former Trustee: New Mangalore Port Trust
Chief Trustee: P.B.Desa Foundation
Chief Trustee: Wisdom World Foundation
Vice President : Indian Christian Economic and entrepreneurial Associal
C.C. To the Bishop you can fool some people all the time and all the
people some of the time. But not all the people all the time.
“Pauline, Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2
Bishop A.P. D’Souza April 12, 2006
Brother Aloysius D’Souza,
Sub: Urgent need to take action on Belvai church priest Gregory Serrao.
Ref: Our fact finding team Report on Belvai incident dated 19.3.2006.
From the report submitted by the “fact finding team” that was constituted
by the ICSA to go into the details of Belvai Church incident on 19-3-06 it
is clear that, constant provocation by the Belvai priest led to the unfortunate
incident of 19-3-06. You and your priests make tall claims about the
sanctity, holiness and sacredness of the altar at the time of mass. But it is
unfortunate that your own priest, who claims to be your representative
in the parish, ad prince amongst ordinary citizens has chosen to use this
very stage of holy mass, as a weapon to hit out at his critics. We have also
reliably learnt that he denied certain services to the laity which he was
duty bound to perform. This reflects the arrogance of this priest.
There is serious apprehension that this priest may continue his habit of
provocation habitually practiced by him misusing the pulpit, thereby
causing further lawlessness in the vicinity of the parish. Therefore there is
urgent need to shift him out of this parish in order to maintain peace in
the parish of Belvai However a separate representation would be made to
police, to contain the damage by booking the priest under section 107 of
CRPC. This would be a temporary arrangement and the permanent solution
is with you, to cause a transfer. In the eyes of law all are equals. He may
wear a cassock or go around naked. Hope you rightly understand the
need of the hour and there by initiate steps to ensure law and order and
peace to prevail at Belvai parish. Failing which we will be compelled to
plan protests and agitation which would be your responsibility at all times.
Our past experience shows us that you and your predecessor Bishop
Basil D’Souza are both arrogant persons and leaders without any control
over your priests and follow a principle of the proverbial cat that drinks
milk eyes closed. This management folly will not be tolerated by us any
While this letter was being prepared we have received further news of
provocation by this priest Gregory, who has produced a letter purported
to have been written by some shallow minded middle east paupers turned
neo rich characters in support of the priest advocating ex-communication
of the honest people who were assaulted and insulted by the criminal
minded priest and his stooges.
This sort of twisting of matters and provoking communal divide and
communal unrest is not advisable. If the priest with 9-10 years of training
does not have the ability to become leaders by acceptance of the people
and use divide and rule method very soon the church will crumble and
the clergy will be held responsible for this.
Leadership is thrust on unfit persons with doubtful ability and character.
By simply wearing a white cassock and royal dress (foolish) one does not
become a leader.
Yours faithfully
P.B. D’Sa
Copy to :
The S.H.O., Police Station, Moodbidri The
Superintendent of Police, D.K.
The Arch Bishop, Bangalore
The Nuncio, New Delhi
Gregory Serrao Parish Priest Belvai Church
ICSA reply dated : 29/9/2006
Dear Mr. Mathias,
We are glad to have your quick response and we thank you for the same.
Some of your statements in the mail message show that you have the
grasp of the issues concerning our Christian Church, however, it is the
rotten apples which cause the most damage to the bigger lot in the basket.
ICSA has been trying to wake up our Christian community for the last
few years now – and it is this movement that is met with resistance (from
within the priestly circles by provoking the unsuspecting lay-people from
the pulpits). It is a sad situation where our dioceasan clergy is involved
with so many unwanted lay-activities which hinder them in dedicating
them in their spiritual domain. Unless our lay- peopie who are well
equipped with relevant education and professionalism today are allowed
to take care of our institutions, the cause of the poor will not be made
justice to. It is evident from the existence of various anti-lay mechanisms
within the church set up which are an impediment to the true progress of
our lay- community. It is this wrong and false authority which the clergy
has been imposing on our society which is a stumbling block in achieving
the true leadership by the lay-community.
ICSA would like to comment on your remark about the conversions
that, when there is so much blood shed with the whole country burning
on this issue of conversions, causing so much of communal disharmony,
is it right to spend crores of Rupees by the Church on conversions with
an ulterior motive? Would this money not be transparently and well spent
for the welfare of the Christian community by helping our future
generations by giving them better educaton, helping them obtain better
employment and help them become true leaders?
ICSA firmly believes in the Christians setting a good example for others
to follow (rather than the conversions), instead of living in sin and luxury
– especially our clergy.
A person such as you could come and help us join ICSA in
organizing this support of the lay-people which we need and
are working on for some time now.
We invite you to join us in Udupi on October 01, 2006 at 4.00pm for the
“Justice Sunday” programme where the stalwarts of our society such as
Retd. Justice Michael Saldanha, Rev.Dr.John Fernandes, Mr.Vincent Pinto
Industrialist/Manipal, Mr.Ronald Colaco – President/FCA, will be present.
This would provide a good opportunity for all those who participate to
come and join to make the Christian Community into a Dynamic one
from present state of docility.
Truly committed to the Christian cause in India,
ICSA, Mangalore.
On 24/9/06, cyril mathias<cyrilmath58@yahoo.com>wrote :
I wish to make the following statement pertaining to your leaflet distributed
on Sunday.I feel that we must sortout our differences within the ambit of
the church.The lay leaders might be organized to discuss the issues.Going
to the press and issuing statements amounts to washing our dirty linnen
in public.There are rotten apples among priests no doubt,but there are
number of them who are dedicated to the cause of the poor and
oppressed.lam educated today because of the church.But for the church
I would have been a labourer in a landlords farm.About money diverted
to convert others is a malicious propaganda.I request you to abstain from
making such charges in future.May the lay movement succeed.Let the
least of our brethren get justice ! wish you my sincere support.
“Pauline, Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2
21 January 2005
Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore
Bishops House
Dear Bishop,
On behalf of a large number of laity/general public I consider it my pleasant
duty to issue this show cause notice to you on several issues that are
happening in the diocese of Mangalore.
Since three months the local evening papers have exposed the mean and
evil characters of several Priests who represent you. In this connection
we have already brought the issues to your notice but in vain. Your
deadly silence has given both the clergy and laity wrong signals and forced
them to bow down their heads with shame and shock.
This notice is issued on the directions of more than thousand members of
different parishes. You are given 15 days time strictly to take necessary
steps on the following pressing issues:-
Madanthyar issues: Rev. Fr. Harold Mascarenhas has divided the Parish
into 2 groups and indulged in criminal acts and desecrated the sanctity of
the sanctuary and permanently disturbed the faith and peace of mind of
the laity who, unfortunately, hold priesthood in great awe and respect.
You had ordered a fact finding commission, which has as per our
knowledge submitted a one sided version as they have contacted only the
accused culprits and witnesses from their side and submitted a modified
report. Besides the report is kept in absolute secrecy without revealing to
both sides involved.
Since we find this priest prima facie guilty of instigating the stabbing incident
of a “faithful” within the church premises, desecration of the sanctum
sanctorum by photo graphing during the mass, and allowing film shooting
on the Alter, for personal gains without proper approval and serious
mismanagement of funds and above all dividing the community for his
survival. He should be ousted from immediate effect from Madanthyar
church, as his acts can be classified as worst than mortal sins.
Failure on your part to take action within 15 days as proposed, in this
notice will lead to serious consequences for which you will be solely held
responsible by the laity.
Some of the actions we are already considering activily are taking the
steps to Seize the authority of the Priest, Prohibit him from his pastoral
duties, Gherao of the Priest as well as the Bishop and resort to all other
peaceful agitational methods open to us including going to the press and
electronic media.
At the same time other issues like Permude Priest, Neeurde issue, Puttur
scam ICYM Director, Catholic Educational Board mismanagement, Derebail
issue, Coondapur mess, Udupi controversy etc. should find a satisfactory
solution within 30 days failing which we will be constrained to resort to
agitational method for which you will be held solely responsible.
As a footnote we may add here that we have taken upon ourselves the
duty of reforming and restructuring our church and resurrecting it from
the mess that it has landed itself. Therefore none- has any rights to question
our motives, least of all the guilty clergy.
Yours faithfully,
India is a Democratic, Socialistic Welfare State which speaks of freedom,
justice, equality, fraternity etc. and above all Right to Life with Dignity.
But since 60 years, India has become more and more Capitalistic; rich
have become richer and poor still poorer. Majority of the citizens do not
hold any land though they have cultivated and developed somebody else’s
land. The basic original resources of the earth/nature i.e land and labour
(man – human being) are deprived of their fundamental human right of
shelter and minimum land needed for their survival; forget about Right to
Life with Dignity.
By Land Reform Act some section of the society was benefited and large
section (nearly 90%) of the society was deprived of this benefit which was
under Chalgeni and Mulgeni system in South Kanara (now D.K. and Udupi)
We are enclosing a few newspaper cuttings to show that unrest is fast
spreading amongst the weaker section of the society who are being harassed
by land-owners, builders and land mafia to vacate their holdings. Land
lords are demanding 1/3 of the market value for conversion of the land
into free hold, which is illegal. As proposed by advocate A.P. Gowrishankar,
landlords may be given some compensation after abolition of this outmoded
system. The religious and other institutions having such Mulgeni / Chalgeni
tenants have no case for any compensation as they are not landlords of
these lands but mere Trustees managing these lands on behalf of the
There is no case for high compensation as all these lands had no salability
when they were given on perpetual lease and the landlords did collect
the land value of those days, when they alienated their lands forever on
perpetual basis and without any rights to increase the Mulgeni rent or
take over the said lands.
We therefore request you to bring in necessary legislation at an early
date and restore the right to life with dignity of the poorest of poor.
Father Muller Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575 002,
Work : 4252170 Fax : 4252174 Email : pucl_sk@yahoo.com
“All that is necessary for evil forces to triumph in this world is for enough good
people, to do nothing’-Edmund Burke
Appeal submitted to Mr. Krishna Palemar Minister-in-charge
of Dakshina Kannada and all the MLA’s of D.K. for abolition of
Mulgeni/Perpertual tenancies and bestowing of free hold (Varga)
rights on the authorized Tenants.
Hello P.B.D’SA
Are you happy thinking that you have succeeded in taking revenge
with the persons and Institutions whom you do not like by giving all te
paper Publications in your beloved paper Karavali Ale? By doing so you
have exhibited your own meaness and shown you gradge against the
Priests. A cultured and civilised person will not wash the dirty linen in
Public and you have done exactly the same. First you attacked the M.C.C.
Bank because you were not elected as a Director, then the Sabha and
then the Priests of your own Catholic Church. If Manglore Diocese is a
leading Diocese today in India with so many Churches, Hospitals, Colleges
etc it it is just because of the hard and sincere work of many of our Pries
out of 12 Apostlesof Jesus Judas though he was always in the compay of
Jesus betrayed him. Then out of so many Priests if one or two are errant
is there any wonder? Alcoholism is deseas to be treated and it can affect
any human being Priest or Laity and they should be treated may fall and
he needs understanding and help to get up. But what you and your like
have done just the opposit. But within all with all your adverse publications
the reputation of the Catholic Church has not diminished nor the catholies
have lost their love for their Bishop or Priests. You and your few disgrunted
followers should remember that you have pointed out the mistakes of a
couple of Priests but there are so many who are sincere and honest and
serving the catholies well. to achieve you selfishness you have made
mountain of a mole! go on providing some establishment to the readers
of K.A by encouraging your friends to publish some unealisite and cooked
up exaggerated stories. The readers know their worth. You can’t fool the
all the people all the time.
Remember, you were saved by the Priest of Fr Muller’s Hospital
when you were attacked with knife sometime ago and in future too you
may need their help, if not for anything atleast to bury your dead body
according to rite unless you because to be a member of the cath church
which you hate so much at the moment. You never attend mass on
sundays! May god have mercy on you.
24 May 2005
Dear Ajay Carvalho,
I am in receipt of your letter dt. 11-03-2005. Sorry for the delay in replying.
I am not sure whether you have written your correct name and address.
Presuming that you have given me the correct name and address I am
sending this letter to you. I get lot of abusive letters but normally without
address and without correct names. I simply throw them out to the
municipal dustbin because they are not even fit to be in my dustbin.
Karl Max said (Do you know who is Karl Max – better read history)
“Religion is the opium of masses.” And George Bernard Shaw a Great
British Philosopher said “Christianity is the most highly organized
hypocracy.” These are not my words. Great people have uttered these
words and they must have had valid reasons to utter these words.
You are speaking of happiness and revenge. Well my dear friend, why
should I take revenge on anybody? The best form of revenge is “to be
indifferent” to one. The best form of hatred and revenge is indifference
and not research and education spending our time and money. I have
continuously done research in the way our Priests function and the way
Valentine D’Silva’s committee functions and attempted to educate my
community. Priests (most of them) and Valentine D’Silva are crooks who
are cheating innocent people. This work what I do requires self-motivation,
dedication and sacrifices. Docile and self-centred people like you will
never understand people like us.
You are talking about meanness. Well was Jesus mean when he revolted
against the Priests of his time and exposed them. I am doing exactly what
Jesus did 2000 years back. Do not get upset because I am talking about
Jesus. I do not claim to compare my self with Jesus. But I have atleast the
desire to be like Jesus. In fact it is rather difficult to enlighten people like
you who are fully brain washed and indoctrinated and always wear yellow
glasses You have a closed mind. Will you open it? These great Priests
tortured Martin Luther King and Galileo but the world calls both King
and Galileo as great people today. Are you prepared to die for a cause
like Jesus died? Then why are you afraid to fight for truth and call a spade
a spade?
You are talking about dirty linen. Thank God future generations will benefit
because I have guts to wash the linen which stinks. Did I ask them to dirty
it? I would not have wasted my time washing it if they had not dirtied it.
Will you excuse a Priest if you find that he has raped your mother or
sister? If he does that with somebody’s mother or sister it does not matter.
“Pauline, Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2 Phone : 2436757
Is not it? Will you keep quiet if you find Priest like Godfrey Saldanha
“sleeps with your brother as young as 8 years.” It is said ignorance is bliss
where it is a folly to be wise” I wonder whether I should take pains to
write to you when in my view you are totally a blind man just like most of
my Christian brotheren. I remember Christ when I say this and utter his
words “God forgive them they do not know what they say or what they
I may not be a cultured and civilized man, but certainly I am not a
hyporcrate and I am also not a Coward like most of you neither I am an
ignorant man nor a crook. I have the courage of my convictions and have
the guts to call a spade a spade. All that I do is in the interest of my
community, which I love. I have done this since 34 years. By virtue of
being born in Christian community I have a right to work for it. Nobody
need deny this right to me. I do not have to go to Church on Sunday to
get this right because mass is nothing but a pagan ritual simply to fool the
laity. Mass is celebrated by a most contaminated Priest most of the time.
More sins are committed inside the ‘Church on a Sunday than in our
homes. For me the holiest place is my home. Church is commercialized,
money-making racket promoted by 2% clergy for their benefit Christ did
not build a single chapel forget about a palatial and luxurious church.
You say that I attacked MCC Bank. I will never do it. MCC Bank is our
bank, my family deposits are there. I have taken pains to strengthen it for
the last 30 years. I do not know your age. But it is I and my few friends
who exposed mismanagement and misappropriations in MCC bank by
one JOBA Andrade during 70’s and 80’s and dislodged him. Similarly I
have exposed Valentines Committee for their ill deeds based on govt,
audit reports. I will still do it. Valentine brought goondas to the last general
body meeting and did not allow the general body to transact any business.
Even non members were brought in and you seem to support such
criminals. Do you want a list of people whom Valentine has duped in his
professional work? Who gave you an impression that I attacked MCC
Bank because I was not elected. That is why I say “Ignorance is bliss” Half
knowledge is dangerous and find most of the people who criticize me are
people with .half knowledge. When computers were available for Rs.
25,000/- your Valentine has bought them for Rs. 1,00,000 and you hold
a brief for him. How nice? If Priests have done good things, does it give
them a license to sleep with your wife, does it give them license to molest
your son? Does it give them license to rob cash from Sunday collections?
Does that allow them to eat like pigs and sleep in air-conditioned luxury.
If they are our servants as they claim to serve the society then how come
most of them are so arrogant and dictatorial? Why are they not
transparent? Why are they hiding the accounts of money that we have
paid them? Dear Mr. Carvalho, when did you last go for a holiday? Do
you know the servants who say slog for you, go on a holiday every year,
have sex and come back rejuvenated? Do you know what is happening in
your community? Why we dislodged JOBA Andrade? I could have become
the Chairman of the bank. I did not even contest. Better learn some
Do you think what appears in Karavali Ale and Kannik are bluffs? We
have evidences to prove. All that appeared in these papers is not of my
making. People have spontaneously written. I might have written 3 or 4
letters. And I have done it under my signature. None of the Priests have
so far denied it. In fact I have with me letters written by Priests appreciating
my work. This work costs time and money and I spend from my pocket. I
am involved in lot of other issues like human rights and civil liberties. I
have no time for church mumbo jumbos, T.V. Pictures and clubs. 75% of
my time is spent on social work and 25% to earn my living. I am not a
professional social worker like many BSWs and MSWs who work for
salary. Do you know 90% of the people are supporting us? It is not our
intention to diminish the reputation of the church in anyway. In fact it is
our dream to save the church from Satan’s grip and liberate it from his
agents that are Priests. (not all)
Jesus did not create priests and organized church. Roman Kings did it to
safeguard Roman Empire. Till today Roman Empire exists in the name of
Catholic Church of which Pope is the king and cardinals are the Princes.
These words are not my words. These words are uttered by the same
bandicoots who you worship. But they say they serve us. What a grand
paradox and jugglery of words.
Jesus Christ went to Jessemony a thorny hill to pray but you want the
luxury of a Church with fans and marbles and teakwood to pray. You do
not do anything to reduce the aches and pains of your neighbour but
proclaim in words that you “love thy neighbour as you love yourself.”
Most of the people who go to church are people who do not love their
neighbours. They are there only because they are told that they will go to
hell if they don’t go to church. It is not love of God which drives man to
church. It is fear of hell that takes him there. Put your hand into your
heart and confess to your self whether I am right or wrong.
We are not disgruntled people. We are motivated Christians. We are
reformers. All reformers in the history of the human race have been
insulted the way you are doing. God bless and forgive you because you
do not know what you are doing or saying. Ignorance is always bliss and
it requires extraordinary courage to face a mass of people intoxicated
with religious opium. It is not an easy job.
It is not me or my motivated friends are fooling, it is your friends who are
fooling, it is your friends the Priests who are fooling the people. I can
prove it to you. Truth is bitter and that is why you find that the truth that
appeared in the press is unrealistic and cooked up exaggerated stories.
Inspite of enlightening you so much if you refuse to see reason I do not
know what I can call you. There is a nice English word to describe. But I
do not want to use it and hurt you. I do not need Priests to bury me free.
They charge us for everything. Nothing is free in the church my dead
body is already donated to a hospital therefore I don’t have to depend on
the Mumbo Jumbos of Priests (that too contaminated evil Priests) to send
me to heaven. I will depend on my deeds to send me to heaven, if at all
such heaven exists: No Priests saved me when I was attacked. It is some
nurses and doctors who saved me. The Priests were enjoying their
afternoon nap when I was attacked. To be accurate my wife saved me as
she came running and stood between me and attackers shouting, but
without anything in her hands. She was prepared to die to save me. The
attackers took to their heels as she started shouting but your great clergy
(sisters) of Roshni Nilaya refused to give evidence though 3 of the students
were eyewitnesses to the incident. There were other 3 Christian
eyewitnesses, but they too dodged. This is what Christians have learnt
from our Priests. None of the Christians have learnt anything form Christ.
Otherwise like Christ they should have been ready to die. How can cowards
be ready to die?
I do not go for mass because honestly I do not believe in any ‘mantras’
what a priest does in the name of ‘mass’ is nothing but ‘Mantra’s God’s
mercy certainly is on me and that is why I have survived 2 attacks on me.
One in 1988 February 18th and one on 8th July 2002. I am prepared to die
for a cause like Jesus did. It is worth dying for a cause than be a coward
to be accurate a eunuch.
It is only a myth to say that Priests are serving us. You kindly meditate for
some time. Come out of all your foolish notions and think afresh. Read
history of Catholic Church. There are some good books on it and please
stop hearing the hollow sermons of these hollow priests. Instead read
Bible and other good books. It is people who serve priests and not vice
versa. They go about the place like kings. They also say in so many words
I heard the Bishop and Parish Priests of Madyanthar openly say that when
they are ordained they become kings. I have heard it from my own ears.
My foot “Kings”. They are cheats, thieves and bastards.
Well I can write volumes on this subject but I have no time now.
God bless You,
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
As desired by the Bishop we had prepared an “Agenda” of 20 points for
discussions and settlement in April 2005. But after that as usual there is
no response from the clergy. This assembly resolves that Bishop should
not run away from the crisis as it will be counter-productive and
boomerang on him.
Further Bishop should show to the laity that he is honest about his
intentions by punishing the guilty Priests i.e. by keeping them under
permanent suspension from the position of Parish Priests. They should
not be given any position of responsibility and of handling money.
Further, in order to Save M.C.C. Bank from going bankrupt and closing,
this assembly requests the Registrar of Cooperative Societies to supercede
the present managing committee of the Bank and appoint an Administrator
and hold fresh elections in 6 months. If the bank collapses 150 workmen
will lose their jobs and 750 persons their livelihood.
I.C.S.A has been holding either “Justice Friday” or “Justice Sunday” every
year from 2002 onwards to press our demand for “empowerment of
laily” but the Bishop, as usual has been dodging like a rat, as done by the
past Bishops. But we will continue our fight.
P. B. D’Sa
“Pauline, Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2 Phone : 2436757
31 August 2004
Resolution passed during the seminar held on “Restructuring
of the Christian Church “on 27th August 2004 (2nd Justice Friday)
observed by Indian Christian Service Association, Valencia,
Mangalore-2 at Ravindra Kalabhavan, University College,
This assembly unanimously resolves that in managing the “Church” affairs
the voice of the laity be heard and a meaningful and effective participation
of the laity be introduced in all the affairs of the Church and the
Monarchical style of functioning of the Clergy be replaced with democratic
and transparent ways. It is further resolved that the Indianization of the
Church be continued with full vigour. It is further resolved that the handling
of the common assets of the community be done in the interest of the
laity who constitute 97.8% of the Church.
The resolution was proposed Mr. P.B. D’Sa the President of the Association
seconded by Miss. Maria Theresa Rodrigues and others and unanimously
approved by the assembly.
P. B. D’Sa
Mangalore: Saldanha urges clergy to respect laity
Mangalore, Aug 28: Social justice is the bedrock of Christianity. It is
important for clergy that accounts for 2.2 per cent of the community, to
respect needs and aspirations of laity and uphold social justice, the former
judge of Kamataka High Court, M F. Saldanha, has said. The laity should
have a rightful say over matters pertaining to the Church, he said.
Mr. Saldanha was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on
“Restructuring the Christian church” organised by the Indian Christian
Service Association here on Friday.
He said there was a general feeling that the clergy were not accountable
to anyone. He said the laity could not tolerate such aloofness on the part
of the clergy for they were part of the community.
He said some of the actions of the clergy were reminiscent of feudalistic
times. The attitude of some clergymen was that “it is my church and not
yours” He said this was not conducive for Christianity.
Mr Saldanha said the Church always had a moulding influence on the
The clergy could avail the services of gifted speakers who could render
the homilies to the congregation at a mass in a crisp manner so that
everyone understood it, he said.
The Church had switched over from Latin to the locai languages.
This had in no way undermined the religion or its sanctity, instead, it had
helped more people to understand the words of Jesus Christ.
He said reticence and timidity had held back the Christians from achieving
what they should have got.
Despite a high level of education, the Christians went into a shell when
the hour of reckoning came.
John Fernandes, Chairman, Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University,
and Leena Fernandes, former principal of St. Aloysius Evening College,
participated in the seminar.
P.B. D’Sa, association president, delivered the introductory remarks and
presided over the seminar organised as part of Justice Friday.
Jessie Tellis Nayak welcomed the gathering.
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 2
Phone : 2436787
Victor D’Souza
Sophie Rodrigues
Albert D’Souza
This year JUSTICE FRIDAY will be observed on 29-8-2003 at Natak Sabha Hall,
Jeppu at 5-00 p.m. All are welcome
Last Friday of August
August 29, 2003
Justice Sunday : Sunday after Independence Day, every year, is observed
as Justice Sunday all over India by all Catholics as directed by the Catholic
Bishops Conference of India, to press our demands for the upliftment of
Dalit Christians and other backward Classes among Christians. This year
it was observed on 17-08-2003.
Indian Christian Service Association based in Mangalore is observing
similarly, Justice Friday, first time on Friday the 29th August 2003. This
will be observed every year to press for the following demands.
1. Protection and Social justice to the weaker sections of Chirstians in
India by the Church.
2. Conversion of all Mulgeni and Chalgeni lands belonging to the church
into Varga lands in favour of present occupiers without any Good will
money and Donation.
3. Protection and Fair play with all Christian tenants of the Chruch.
4. All the disputes to be settled by Bipartite negotiations and not by
force or through courts, or through blackmail.
5. Democratization of Indian Chruch Administration and total
Transparency in Mangement and Money matters.
6. Revamping of all chruch comittees with better, abler experienced,
impartial and honest laymen.
7. Formation of an autonomous Audit Bureau to Audit all Church accounts.
8. Adoption of a simpler lifestyle by clergy which will be a role model to
the laity.
9. Involvement of Christians more in National Affairs – facilities and
opportunities to be created for laity in participating in National affairs
than tying them up in Church affairs all the time.
10. Clergy should get involved when laymen suffer at the hands of
government or exploiters. They should play an important Catalytic
role when people’s Human Rights and Civil Liberties are threatened
by government and others just like Christ did during his life time.
October 28, 2002
Rt. Rev. Dr. A. P. D’Souza
Bishop of Mangaiore
Mangalore 575 003
Your Lordship,
In the recent General body meeting of the Association I have been elected
as the President of our Association. I take tliis opportunity to forward
herewith our “Aims and Objects” and seek your co-operation. This
association is formed for the benefit of Christians irrespective of group or
denomination they belong to.
The association will concentrate its energies to support and help the
weaker sections of our Christians and will fight for justice for all. We
have no doubts in our minds about the co – operation of our religious
heads, who have always supported good causes and helped the weaker
sections of our society in various ways.
We have already taken up the issues of conversion of land, and land
reform Act under which Govt, has offered ownership of lands to the
My predecessor has written to you about the problems of tenancy/
occupancy/mulgeni rights and free hold rights of Christians under your
jurisdiction. We have also held discussions with you and your Vicar
General Fr. Fred Pereira on this subject. With this letter I would request
you to take up this issue earnestly and seriously and come to a final
settlement of the issues in favour of occupiers.
I would also request you to desist from making any changes in the tenancy
rights or occupancy rights of innumerable tenants/lease holders and other
occupiers of commercial premises under your jurisdiction, some of whom
have already received legal notices.
I am surprised to learn that you have proposed to terminate the permanent
tenancy rights of several tenants who are having commercial premises
and that you are proposing to treat them as temporary tenants for 11
months or so.
This is neither fair nor ethical. As religious and charitable organizations
and not at all a business venture whatever steps you may take they should
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
not take shelter under legal rights and business principles. Let not basic
religious and charitable character of church be lost sight of while handling
these issues.
Let no money be wasted on lawyers and court affairs. We are prepared
to sit across the table and negotiate with you on behalf of the people,
who are going to be our members.
Therefore please desist from taking any legal steps and precipitate any
issue that may cause bad blood in our peace loving society.
Yours faithfully
Your Lordship,
Sub : Conversion of Mulgeni Property to Free Hold (Varga)
Ours is an Association of Christians devoted to help christians in
difficulties mainly in economic, political and social fields. Weaker sections,
senior citizens, women and children will receive more attention from us.
Youngsters interested in persuing higher studies and appearing for exams
in State and All-India services will be encouraged and guided by us. Selfemployment
will receive top priority in our scheme of things. In case of
family or nieghbours or other disputes we will strive to solve these disputes
through “out of Court settlements”. Members will be discouraged from
going to the Courts and Police stations.
In case our people are harassed in Govt. Offices or Police stations etc,
this association will take active role in protecting and assisting them. It
will also help in getting various facilities that are available to us as Christians
and as Indian citizens.
In pursuance of our aims we are now approaching you on a very
important and genuine economic problem that has been pestering the
weaker sections of our society for quite some time and which pertains to
Chalgeni / Mulgeni tenants of Mangalore Diocese.
We have received a large number of representations from our members
that your Estate administration is demanding exorbitant rate of “good
will” for the lands occupied by them for generations, whenever they
approach you for conversion of these lands into Free hold lands.
Without making a lengthy representation we may say in short that this is
not in keeping with Christian Charity and Christian values. By virtue of
being in possession of the plots for generation we feel we have earned
the ownership of the lands, moreover, it is in keeping with the socialistic
pattern of our society, where even govt, believes and practices the
philosophy of land for the tiller and the land for the occupier.
Land reform and Akrama -Sakrama schemes are an example of this.
Without going into a long list of merits and demerits we may say that all
the lands were donated to Christians by philanthropic minded people
with the intention to strengthen the Christian community economically
and there was no intention to take back these lands nor make any profit
out of it. Therefore in the interest of the welfare and all round prosperity
of Christian community, we request you to transfer on Free hold basis all
the properties occupied by bonafide Christians, in their name, without
charging them any additional cost.
History shows Laymen have always been magnanimous in giving financial
aid to clergy, whenever needed. Therefore church has plenty of assets
institutions, and immovable and moveable assets built over the years with
the donations made by christians. Lay men will always rise to the occasion.
This is the first time we the laymen expect clergy to reciprocate. Thanking
you in anticipation
Yours faithfully
John Francis D’Souza
Is Possible if We Fight Unitedly
Govt, is actively thinking of abolition of the curse of
Mulgeni / Chalgeni holdings and hand over Varga rights
to the occupiers because the said arrangement is against
the Human flights of an Indian Citizen.
􀁚 His right to life with dignity
􀁚 His right to a decent shelter
􀁚 His right to own minimum land which he has developed
and looked after with care for 15 to 20 generations
􀁚 His right to equality and social justice
􀁚 His right to a dignified living
􀁚 His right to development and progress
For further advise contact :
P.B.D’Sa, People’s Union for civil liberties
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
Ph : 4252170
Press releases and other communications
reflecting on the mismanagement misdeeds and
misappropriations in the church
There is a tide in the affairs of men
which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune ;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows, and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures
But even as the Catholic Church launches an emphatic campaign against
the government, it is being forced to face some hard truths from within.
Joseph Pulikkunnel, director of the Kottayam-based Indian Insti-tute of
Christian Studies, who has long been campaigning for democracy within
the Catholic Church, told Frontline:
“The current struggle of the Catholic Church has to be understood in
the proper historical perspective. At the time of the first Liberation Strug-gle
in 1959, local parishes owned the Catholic educational institutions in a
The Liberation Struggle of 1959 was an unfortunate event in history in
such institutions built up over the years with the sweat and money of the
common believers. The community as a whole was concerned about
govern-ment interference in their schools and colleges.
“But after 1959, dramatic changes happened in our educational sector.
Educational institutions that were once the property of local parishioners
came under the Church’s corporate control and literally became the
prop-erty of priests. Under the Canon laws that came into being in the
early1990s, ignoring the tradition of Catholics of Kerala priests were made
the sole owners of churches and church property.
Catholic educational institutions’ today are governed by a minority of
priests within the Catholic community who, no doubt, accept money for
ap-pointments and admissions. The Catholic community should first
examine the circumstances that have led to such corruption before taking
up arms for yet another liberation struggle.”
On July 19, in a statement, 12 prominent members of the Catholic laity,
including Joseph Pulikkunnel, former Vice-Chancellor of the Univer-sity
of Cochin M.V. Paily, professor and writer P.T. Chacko, and former
Ministers K.J. Chacko and N.M. Jo-seph, pointed out that Catholic
educa-tional institutions were being run today under the protection
granted by Article 30. But the fundamental right to establish and administer
education-al institutions under this Article is a right granted to the minority
“commu-nity” as a whole and not to individuals in that community, they
The way”the educational institu-tions were brought under the
adminis-tration of priests, without any participation from the laity, is
there-fore against the aims envisaged in the Constitution and is the basic
reason for “the corruption and favouritism” that have seeped into Catholic
educational institutions in general, though there are some exceptions,
they added. are as rampant as [they are] in the Catholic educational
sector. The state-ments that pastoral letters and protec-tion armies would
be organised against the government move is not a permanent solution
to the real prob-lem and would only lead to a long- drawn crisis in society,”
they said.
By July 22, even as elders of the Latin Catholic Church joined fellow
clergy-men in reading out pastoral letters against the government, unusual
scenes of small groups of believers pro-testing against the clergy could be
wit-nessed in front of some coastal parishes in Thiruvananthapuram.
The Kerala Latin Catholic Associa-tion, among other organisations, said
it was rejecting the pastoral letters as in its opinion “the clergy had
appro-priated minority rights to themselves for their own benefit”.
Perhaps much to the discomfiture of the clergy, their call for a struggle
against the government on the issue of self-financing professional education
and minority rights has also revived a fledgling movement within the
Ca-tholic community for a law under the Constitution to govern the vast
proper-ties of Christian churches.
“Christians today run the strongest chain of institutions in the education
sector. Today there are established laws to govern the properties of other
religious minorities like Muslims and Sikhs as well as that of the majority
Hindu community. But there is no law to monitor the vast properties
owned by the Christian community, which to-day is being run only on
the basis of laws formulated by the clergy,” Joseph Pulikkunnel said.
Joe A Lewis, 27 Rebello, 132 Hill Road, Bombay 400 050, India
February 11 1994
Pope John Paul II
Vatican City
Yours Holiness :
Sub : Dismissal of “Thief” Bishop of Mangalore, Basil D’Souza.
These days you admonish the world to live on moral values, but your
Bishops act like charlatans, thieves and fornicators, you condone them,
despite the representations made by the laity on the wrong doing of
Bishops. Bishop Basil D’Souza was involved in 1986 in foreign exchange
racketeering. Large donations were received by him for the welfare of the
poor from abroad, in his greed this thief Bishop, hoarded the money after
converting them into Indian currency at his personal residence. The
Government enforcement authorities raided his “Palace” and confiscated
the money that ran into nearly a Million dollars.
The Bishop was saved by the political laity who had some clout with the
government, that too the Bishop had to spend nearly $100,000 to bail
him out. Evan he had to silence the media. This happened in April 1986,
after this the laity of the diocese have lost confidence in him, they consider
that the Bishop is interested in money rather than as a pastor, teacher
and administrator. Even some people say that he “worships money” and
forgets Jesus Christ. The people of this diocese blame you why you keep
such thief as their Bishop, as this Bishop has lost their esteem and respect.
They consider him as “Devil’s Bishop”, and think the Pope protects him,
nearly 60,000 people of this diocese have left the Catholic fold and
embraced cults and sects after this incident.
In USA Archbishops Eugene Marino and Rober Sanchez resigned after
sexual scandals reported in the Media, so with Bishop Casey, though
some wrong doing of this Bishop appeared in some Indian media, he has
not yet resigned. Why ask him gracefully to resign, he has disgraced the
Catholic Church of India, do you like, disgraced Bishops as universal
pastor? Hope Holy Spirit will enlighten you and we pray to the Holy Spirit
to get rid of this notorious Bishop.
We hope you will take action soon. Otherwise there will be violence in
this diocese soon. Yours sincerely,
Joe Anthony Lewis
Kallianpur, Udupi
Mr J. A. C. Lewis
Near Our Lady of Miracles Church
Kallianpur 576114
Udupi District
Rt Rev. Dr Aloysius P. D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore
Kodialbail Post Mangalore 575003
Dear Lord Bishop,
Sub: Need for an effective action relating to the Kallianpur
Parish Priest Fr Marcel Saldanha.
You may be well aware that Kallianpur Parish and its surroundings is
today a disturbed community on account of several scandals that have
surfaced due to the misdeeds of Fr Marcel Saldanha. As a devout Catholic,
I feel and believe that it is an obligation to call upon you as the Head of
the Diocese to take severe and serious action against the guilty before
the fuel turns into fire.
I have in my pocession at least seven write-ups which conclusively prove
that Fr Marcel Saldanha has committed grave mistakes for which he needs
to be suitably punished. It is very surprising that this Fr Marcel Saldanha
is unrepentant. It is further shocking that you have turned a blind-eye
and shut your vision to these serious misdeeds and crimes. I hope that
our Diocese is enlightened before the fire spreads to more parishes. In
fact the vibrations of these grave offenses, that too committed by a senior
Parish Priest who is also a Vicar Vara is being felt in Udupi and Kundapur
The only encouraging factor in the whole episode is that the Episcopal
Vicar of Udupi has initiated certain steps within his limited powers to
unearth the misappropriations of funds by Fr Marcel Saldanha. However,
it is very sad to note that you have remained deaf and dumb to the
aspirations of the parishioners of Kallianpur to see that due justice is
done to them. I pray everyday without fail, especially to our Lady of
Miracles that you may be inspired to act at least at this juncture.
Copies of the letters in my possession are herein enclosed for your
immediate action. Copies of this letter are also forwarded to prominent
persons in society as listed below to create an awareness of the state of
affairs prevailing in the Parish of Kallianpur in specific, and in the Diocese
in General.
Thanking you,
1. A Public letter by ‘Kallinpur Firgez bachave Samithi’, received on 5-
2. A Public letter by ‘Hithachintak Samithi’
3. Report of the Problem of Shalom Apartments on 10-11-2010
4. A Public letter in Kannada by “wellwihers of the school’, received on
5. A public letter signed by Mr Joyson D’Souza, received on 7-12-2010
6. A Christmas song by X.M.S. Louis received on 22-12-2010
25-1-2011 Kallianpur, Udupi
7. A Lamentation song ‘Festa sandharbhi Milar maiyeche Rudan” received
on 17-1-2011
Yours Sincerely
Mr J.A.C.Lewis
Ref, s Bishop’s Letter No. YJ/850/97 dated 19/08/1997
Report submitted to the Bishop of Mangalore on 17th December 1997 by
Rev. Fr. Bernard L. D’Souza (Convener), Rev. Fr. Valerian D’Souza and
Fr. Walter D’Mello.
Going deep in to the problem of “Shalom Apartments” we found the
issue terribly complicated. We have spent lot of time in interviewing
Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha, Fr. Pius F. Pinto, the custom-ers of shops and
apartments and many others connected with the “Shalom Apartments.
We have also examined the available files, the Project Report of the Project
Manager and the relevant pa-pers.
Mr. C.J. Lobo, Consulting Engineer and Project Manager of the Shalom
Project has prepared a project proposal wherein he has estimated the
cost of the project at Rs. 4,00,00,000/- and he has estimated the sale
proceeds at Rs. 5,97,95,543/- and the profits at Rs. 1,97,95,543/-.
He has valued the land investment at Rs. 48,00,000/-. However no
investment has been done on land and hence the estimated net profit is
Rs. 1,97,95,543/- + Rs. 42,00,000/— – Rs. 2,39,95,543/-
In the cost analysis, the Consulting Engineer and Project Manager has
kept a provision of File. 15,00,000/- for extra steel as also Rs. 6,35,105/-
towards unforeseen items. Towards planning and supervision fees
Rs. 11,62,097/- have been set aside 3.5%
In our opinion, the cost and sales analysis and -the consequent projected
gross profit is totally realistic except for the fol-lowing :-
1) In the cost analysis, the supervision and planning fees at 3.5% is
certainly very much on the higher side. The Engineer however has
supplied us a copy of the work order duly issued to him by the client,
Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha.
2) With regard to sales analysis, while computing the cost per square
foot, super built area should have been taken into consid-eration and
not plinth area or the carpet area. This has resulted in loss of gross
profit due to a faulty analysis of income.
In the sales analysis, the proceeds of the shops have been shown at
Rs. 92,39,883.50. But the shops have not been sold but only rented
out and hence this amount has to be deducted from the projected
gross profit. Therefore Rs. 2,39,95,543/- Rs. 98,39,883.50 =
Rs. 1,47,55,719.50 is the projected gross profit.
The Income :
The flat sale rates fixed per square foot are reasonable. Howev-er, while
computing the area, the super built up area had to be taken into account
and not the carpet area or the plinth area. The super built area is 20%
higher than the carpet area. This is a verv serious lapse resulting in loss of
additional income of 20% . According to the computer list, the total
amount receivable from 68 flats is Rs. 5,01,47,100/- (inclusive of car park).
As on 10/04/1997 the total amount received in cash and through cheques
is Rs. 4,30,73,866.90. Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha has collected Rs.
3,15,96,108.90 on Shalom Apartments receipts as sale consideration. The
rest of the receipted amount of Rs. 1,14,84,608/- was collected by
him by issuing receipts without any authorization under the
following heads:
Amount .
Diocese of Mangalores Rs.
343 receipts issued from 88.1E.94
to 13.11.96 48,35,000.00
St. Joseph’s Asy. Poor Families Benefit A/c
86 receipts issued from 26.05.95 to 13.ll.96 4,81,000.00
St. Joseph’s Asy. Housing & Development Funds
189 receipts issu 21-04-1997 15,75,208.00
St. Joseph’s Asy. Hr. Pry. School Bldg. A/ct
106 receipts issued from 26-05-95 to 02-01-97. 5,94,250.00
St. Joseph’ts Charitable Fund
299 receipts issued from 11-01-95 to 20-11-96. 39,91,700.00
Total of above receipts Rs. 1,14,77,158.00
From 10/04/1997 to 15/11/1997 another Rs. 18,78,008.10 have been
received. Hence the total amount so far received is Rs.4,43,45,269/- From
all 68 flats total amount yet to be re-ceived is Rs. 31,53,160/- Hence the
total of money so far re-ceived and yet to be received is Rw. 4,74,98,429/
But as stated above Rs. 12,22,411 is yet to be received from the 38 flats
already registered. There is no way of collecting this amount. Hence when
we write off this amount, the total income is Rs. 4,62,76,018/-.
The above income amount is short by Rs. 38,71,088/-. This figure also
includes Rs. 18,28,411/- the arrears from 38 flats already reg i stered.
Here, we see a difference of Rs. 26,48,671/- which Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha
needs to explain.
Further, in the sales analysis each car park is priced at Rs.80,000/- But
car parks have been sold at Rs. 45,000/-. In our opinion, the price fixed
in the sales analysis is too high. Rs.45,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- is the normal
rate. Hence, from the projected gross income another (35,000 X 56 –
19,60,000/-) Rs.19,60,000/- has to be deducted. Hence, the projected
gross income is Rs. 1,27,95,719.50.
The Expenditure :
During the time of Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha, through cheques and by
cash Ra. 4,13,86,001.84 have been spent.
Further, there are pending bills amounting to Rs.65,08,770.62.
From 10/04/1997, the present Manager has spent Rs. 3,26,411.24. Hence,
the amount so far spent and the pending bills to be paid amounts to
Rs. 4,84,2l,183.70.
The amounts spent by the diocese towards payment of pending bills and
to carry on the remaining works is not included here.
We have inspected the Shalom premises. In our opinion, another Rs. 23
to 30 lakhs will be required to fully complete the pro-ject. Hence, the
total cost of the project will be (Rs.5,14,21,183.70) between
Rs. 3,09,21,183.70 to Ra.5,14,21,183.70.
1) We agree with the Consulting Engineer and Project Manager with his
cost analysis. But his computation of sales analysis and the projected
income is not in order as discussed earlier. Fur ther, as stated earlier in
this report, the planning and supar vising charges are very much on the
higher side. He has also claimed in his recent bill that the total cost of the
project excluding Plumbing and Electrification work is Rs. 4 crores.
However, he has agreed that Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha has paid him already
Rs.6,14,000/- out of his bill amount of Rs. 12,00,000/-. In view of the
above, more light needs to be shed on the accept-ance of the rates and
issuance of the Work Order.
The cost factor has taken a new dimension as three different figures have
come to the fore.
a) Rs. 3.5 crores as per the original estimate of the Project Engineer
b) Rs. 4 crores plus additional cost towards plumbing and electrification
amounting in total to nearly Rs. 4.3 crores based on the bill for
professional charges of the Project Engineer.
c) Rs. 5.14 crores as per the findings in this report.
2) We feel that the rates fixed for the sale of flats in his sales’ analysis as
reasonable. But his missing out on the super— built area is very sorely
felt. However, the period during which the flats were booked was a boom
period and therefore higher rates could have been quoted to the clients.
The rates fixed for car parks are too high. The car parks have been sold
for Rs. 43,000/- each. This rate, we feel as very reasonable.
The rates fixed for sale of shop premises is almost 1/3 opinion. But since
no shops have been sold, this, no way affects the accounts.
The quality of the Construction :
We have inspected the building. In our opinion, the quality of the building
is quite poor on various counts.
1) The main staircase is exposed to the exterior and hence during rainy
season you may need an umbrella to use this stair case. The staircase
could have been at least enclosed with glass shutters.
2) The flush doors used are of sub-standard quality as many of them are
already rotten even before the flats are occupied and therefore need to
be changed while giving delivery.
3) Glazed tiles fixed in toilets are short of the specifications given to the
4) The iron grills have not been fixed properly. They should have been
properly embedded into the wall. The ‘Pattis’ of the grills are already
rusted. They can neither be painted nor plas-tered now.
5) It is stated by the Engineer who prepared the bills of the Civil Contractor,
that the walls were double plastered. But we find no evidence of
such double plastering. In fact here and there not even single plastering
is done. The plastering done at the bottom of the grills fixed for the.
staircase is shabby, to say the least. There are signs of leakages/seepages
both in shops and flats. If double plastering was done, there would
not have been such leakage.
6) Further, when we questioned the painters why their rates were so
high, they stated that the plastering was not at all done properly and
hence they had to use “putty” and paint the building over and over again
in order to give some shape to the flats and the building.
Responsibility needs to be fixed for this poor quality work and the resultant
losses on the executors of the project. Better construction by the contractor
and responsible supervision by the Project Engineer for the high fees
demanded by him seems to have been lacking in the execution of the
Remarks on the actual cost analysis :
We have already stated above in this report that the projected cost analysis
by the Engineer/Project Manager was quite realistic and reasonable. The
project was estimated to cost Rs.3,50,00,000/-. In the estimate the Engineer
had kept aside Rs.21,35,105/- for additional Iron and unforeseen items.
But in reality, the project is costing Rs. 5,14,,21,183.70. At the very
outset this figure cannot be believed to be true.
It is very difficult for us to point out where exactly things have gone really
Mr. C.J. Lobo has already prepared bills amounting to Rs.2,63,52,163.86
out of which Rs.2,61,82,126.30 has been already paid.
According to Mr. C.J. Lobo, due to the two wells that existed ‘ in the work
site and due to extra beam etc about Rs. 16,00,000/- have been spent.
The cement basic price was Rs. 125/- per bag. Computing the cement
used the amount in excess of Rs. l23/~ per bag amounts to Rs.6,62,422.30.
However, in his explanation for the variation of the total amount arrived
at by him and by Mr. Oswald Veigas, Mr. C.J. Lobo has Claimed (7,242.36
X 55) Rs.4,14,829.80. This is not true. The correct figure should be
Rs. 6,62,422.50 as stated above.
According to Mr. C.J. Lobo, Rs.38,334.23 has to be paid to the Civil
Contractor because of the hike in prices of sand. According to him 179.49
X 323 Rs.38,334.23 should be added. To the best of our knowledge, the
hike in prices like sand, timber, stones is not considered in general. Any
hike in cement and steel is always considered.
According to Mr. C.J. Lobo, on account of the use of additional steel,
expense of Rs.16,93,138/- have been incurred. But in the original estimate
he had kept Rs. 13,00,000/- for additional cost. Hence on the count of
additional use of steel the total cost should not go up.
According to Mr. G.J. Lobo, another factor for the rise in costs is because
of double plastering. As stated above, there is no such evidence to the
naked eye. This is all the more tenable because of the statement of the
painters and the rates which they have been paid.
Hence, at this juncture, it is not possible at all for us to say whether the
bills prepared by Mr. C.J. Lobo really reflect the work executed by the
civil contractor or not. Besides, to ascer-tain this, the services of qualified
engineer/Architect is cer-tainly needed. Besides, such evaluation would
need at least three to five months.
However, the difference of amount due to the hike in cement prices amounting
to Rs. 6,62,422.30 and the additional labour involved due to the use of extra steel
should certainly be con-sidered while making the calculations.
Further, the civil contractor has paid Rs. 1,17,303.36 towards carpentry
work. He has done the sump tank work at Rs.3,20,000/-.
He has paid the painters Rs.2,50,000/- on the Wokshops manager’s
account. He has further supplied cement worth Rs. 2,19,240/-. He has
spent Rs. 1,S3,000/- towards bull-dozer and supplied labour from
1993-1997 worth Rs. 1,84,101.77. All these amounts are due to the civil
contractor and need to be considered at the time of settlement of the
account by way of recovery from him or other way round.
It is also appropriate to state at this juncture that the present manager
has presented to us a copy of the lease deed entered upon between the
Workshops and Mr. Mark Rodrigues. He has not paid to the workshops
account the rent amount and other dues (water and electricity charges)
arising from this lease deed. This amount needs to be taken into account.
According to our opinion, the painting bills of Mr. Anand Kottari and Mr.
Walter D’Cunha are genuine and hence these bills must be settled without
According to Mr. Kamalaksha J. Amin, Electrical and Plumbing Engineer,
the total cost of lighting and plumbing would be around Rs..54,00,000/-
In the original cost analysis provision is made for Rs. 40,00,000/-. We are
not happy with the material used. Some of the taps used are of substandard
quality. We feel that the original amount of Rs. 40,00,000/- is nearer to
the expendi-ture really incurred. It may be said here that no supervision
or checks have been conducted on the work executed and material used
on the project.
In the cost analysis, the Consulting Engineer/Project Manager has kept
provision of rates ranging from Rs. 28/- to Rs. 34/- per square foot for
flooring. But from our inspection of the material used we feel that the cost
may be between Rs. 23/- to Rs.25/- inclusive of all labour.
Hence taking all things into consideration, the total cost of the project
when fully completed should be between Rs.3,80,00,000/- and
This additional amount between Rs. 30,00,000/- to Rs. 50,00,000/- is
added to the original cost analysis because of hike in prices of cement,
use of additional steel, delay in completing the project.
Therefore in our opinion :
The total income : Rs. 4,62,76,018/-
Total expenditure : between Rs. 3,80,00,000/-
and Rs. 4,00,00,000/-
The profit from the Project t : between Rs. 62 lakhs and Rs. 82 lakhs.
This only shows that the project has been very badly executed. This
becomes all the more glaring as we have got no consideration for the 65
cents of land used for this project.
However, one more fact has to be kept in mind, i.e., We have some
11,584 square feet of shopping complex. If you consider the cost of
construction as Rs. 400/- per square foot, we have an asset of (11584 X
400) Rs.46,33,600/-. This will cover the cost of the land leaving the profit
of the project between Rs. 68,00,000/- and Rs. 88,00,000/-.
However, we would like to stress the fact that the above conclusions are
subject to verification of rates fixed per square foot for each apartment
which varies from flat to flat.
We would like to deal here with a few more things pertaining to the
1. One Mr. Charles Mascaranhas has given us some papers regarding a
flat he booked in the Shalom Apartments and the payment made by him
towards the same. According to the papers supplied by Mr. Charles
Mascarenhas, he had booked “D” 5 in the Shalom Apartments
and had paid Rs. 3,95,000/-. In the records supplied by him there
were 8 letters written to him by Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha dated 03/03/
1997 and 25/04/1997 asking him to pay the balance amount and get
registered the flat D5 in his favour.
But curiously enough though 28 flats were hurriedly registered
in the names of various persons, this flat of Sri Charles
Mascarenhas was not registered in his name by Rev. Fr. Marcel
Further, in the list of flat bookings there is no name of Mr.Charles
Mascarenhas against D5. In the list of. complete ad-dresses of persons
intending to purchase the Flats supplied to the Income Tax Department
by Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha on 27/03/1997 only 67 flats have been
mentioned. No mention of D5 flat or the name of Mr. Charles Mascarenhas.
Again while submitting the accounts, Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha has not
said anything regarding the money received from Sri Charles Mascarenhas
nor has the amount been entered anywhere in the account books of the
Shalom Apartments. Hence, he alone should be held responsible
for this.
There is another case which is equally curious. The client is one Mr. John
B. D’Souza who has booked Flat No. C8. The total amount due by him
against the flat booking is Rs. 9,04,800/- He has paid only Rs. 35,000/-
through cheques and in cash Rs. 5,77,760/- As per the computer list
available, the rate per square foot is Rs.800/- But he and his wife have
been stating that the rate agreed upon by them with the previous manager
was Rs. 600/- per square foot inclusive of the car park. But later on they
brought a letter from Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha which states that the rate
is Rs.650/- per square foot inclusive of car park. Here also we suspect
some foul play and no clear dealings. They are in posses-sion of
three chits with the signature of Rev.Fr. Marcel Saldan-ha. The total amount
mentioned to have been received by him is Rs.3,00,000/-. This amount
has neither been entered in the ac-counts books of the Shalom Apartments
nor been reflected as per the list of amounts received by Rev. Fr. Marcel
Further, they have claimed a deduction of Rs. 68,500/- for mate-rial used
by them. The coat of the flooring will not be more than Rs. S5/- per
square foot (1074 X 23) Rs. 26,850/-).
Taking all these things into consideration the party has to still pay
Rs. 2,64,210/-. Therefore their plea that they have made the full payment
and that the flat booked by them should be imme-diately registered in
their name is not valid at all.
Besides, why they did not ask for receipts when they paid money to
Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha cannot be understood. They have paid to
Rev.Fr. Marcel 8aldanha a sum of Rs. 3,00,000/- by obtaining from him
three chits! I Unless this amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- plu Rs. 2,64,210/- is
paid by them to the Shalom Apartments, their flat cannot be legally
registered in their favour.
Regarding Rev. Frv Marcel Saldanha :
It is very painful to make the following remarks :
1. He should have had a clear agreement with the clients who
came forward to book the flats.
2. He should have maintained clear accounts and issued proper
receipts for money received from the clients.
3. His printing of receipts in the name of the diocese and issue
them to the clients with his signature as procurator i« highly
reprehensible, to say the least.
4. His expending the money for purposes other than for the
purpose of construction of the apartments even when bills
were pending for payment is totally unjust.
5. His spending of the deposit money received from the shop
owners is also wrong. Besides, he has not accounted for Rs.
1,00,000/- received in deposit from M/s Acacia Wood and
Rs.50,000/— received from the proprietor of M/s India House.
Finally it is very painful to pass the following remarks in conclusioni
1) The cost of the whole project in our opinion cannot go beyond
2) The expenditure is nearly Rs.5,14,21,183.70. Hence, we can boldly
say that either proper accounts have not been kept or bills have not
been properly scrutinized and vouchers not fully true.
3) Rev.Fr. Marcel Saldanha has spent Rs. 23,25,000/- from the Caution
Deposit and Rs. 3,55,000/- from Rent Account.
4) Further there are pending bills of Rs. 65,08,770.62
5) His spending of the deposit from the shop owners is also wrong.
6) Besides, he has received money from the flat bookings by merely giving
them an acknowledgement in a chit. We have not been able to track
such chits form all the clients. 28 flats have been already registered
during the time of Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha. We have not been able to
secure these chits from these flat owners. However, we have the
following chits :
1) Mr. John B. D’Souza Rs. 3,00,000.00
2) Mrs.Wilma D’Souza Rs.45,000.00
3) Mrs. Mary D’Souza Rs.50,000.00
4) Mrs. Eugine Barros Rs.1,00,000.00
5) Mrs. Mable Menezes Rs.60,000.00
6) M/s India House(shop) Rs.50,000.00
7) M/s Acacia Wood(shop) Rs.1,00,000.00
8) Mrs. Nirmala Cardoz Rs.77,650.00
9) Mr. Charles Mascarenhas Rs. 3,95,000.00
Total Rs. 11,77,650.00
It is seen from the accounts that amounts received thus have not been
entered into the Shalom Apartment account books. We are not able to
correctly arrive at the figure thus collected.
But we are constrained to conclude that the amount is likely to
be close to Rs. 30,00,000/- In our income analysis we have shown
that the collection has fallen short of Rs.38,71,082/- This is the
basis for our above conclusion. In our opinion Rev.Fr.Marcel
Saldanha is fully answerable to these amounts.
7) The cost of the whole project in no way can go beyond Rs. 4 crores.
But in reality the cost is nearly Rs. 5 crores 14 lakhs. Rev.Fr.Marcel
Saldanha, Mr. Mark Rodrigues the contractor and Mr.C.J. Lobo the
Consulting Engineer/Project Manager are jointly answerable to these
amounts of Rs. 1 crore 14 lakhs.
Other issues involved in the problem :
1. Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha is very much hurt that Fr.Pius F. Pinto accused
him of keeping a deficit of Rs. 94,00,000/-. His question is How he
could make such a remark before the accounts were finalized?
According to Fr.Pius F. Pinto, he was constrained to make this
statement because Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha had spent Rs. 24 lakhs
from the shop caution deposits and there were pending bills of Rs. 70
lakhs. Besides, Rs. 3.55 lakhs from shop rent account, Rs. 4 lakhs from
Workshops account and Rs.2 lakhs from Shanti Kendra acconts were
also spent for the building. Hence he made this remark. We feel that
Fr. Pius was not descrete in making such a statement at that
juncture. However, we feel that Fr. Pius F. Pinto is right in
making such a statement.
Further, removing of the files kept by Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha in
Workshops drawer without his knowledge is not proper. Fortu-nately
all the files and account books were intact when they were returned
according to the statement of the accountant and hence it need not
be made much of.
2. Rev. Fr. Marcel Saldanha had written to the Vicar General who was in
possession of the files, to return the same to him in order to enable
him to submit the accounts.
In our opinion, the files should have been returned to him imme-diately
and he should have been pressed to submit all the ac-counts forthwith.
But when we interviewed the Vicar General, he stated that he was
advised by legal and financial advisers to keep the files in his safe
3. There is a major issue involved in this problem due to which lot of
avoidable complications have been created. The issue is was it right
for the diocesan administration to relieve Rev . Fr . Marce 1 Saldanha
before completing the project and before he rendered the full accounts.
In our opinion, he should have been allowed to complete the project
and give full accounts within stipulated time.
Finally, if Rev.Fr. Marcel Saldanha had kept proper accounts
all these complications would not have arisen and therefore
he should be squarely held responsible for the problem. His
circulating an open letter inspite of all that is said above is
in very bad taste, to say the least. There is evidence that he
is in posses-sion of Shalom Apartment letter heads which he
has been making use of for official purposes with anti dates
even after he laid down office. It is highly improper. He should
return all such materials.
Further, he has taken the car belonging to the Workshops. It was
wrong to have registered the car in his personal name, when the
payment for the car was made from the Wokshops accounts. He should
immediately take steps to transfer the car in favour of the Workshops
avid return the same to the Workshops.
Kelarai, Pedamale Post, Mangalorc – 575029
Rev.Fr.Godfrey Saldanha
Parish Prieat
Most Holy Redeemer Church. Derebail
Dear Rev.Father
You have written in your letter dated 25-10-2003 that the parish Pastoral
Council has requested you to communicate the text of the resolution.
Are you sincere in what you write? If you are a sincere pastor you should
read this letter in the coming Parish Pastoral Council meeting as my reply
to your letter. If you fail to read this whole letter then you prove that you
are insincere. Have you not introduced the topic in the council and
suggested that you would write a letter to me? Does it become a resolution
by itself when you suggest something and dominate the Parish Pastoral
Council and camouflage the whole situation? Have you not distorted the
whole truth? No one believes you. Here is the truth:
I have informed you on 10.04.2003 at 8.20 a.m. that the hall and the mini
hall inauguration granite slabs will have to be fixed on the wall of the hall
stating the importance of the day, date, name of the inaugurator, the
name of the Bishop (Bishop A.P.D’Souza) who blessed it and you have
agreed to it. Again I have visited you on Sunday 25.05.2003 at 12.30
noon at Derebail Church office and I have recalled to your mind of the
same topic and you have willingly agreed. At that time I had informed you
that within a week or two when the masonry workers are available they
would do the needful. -You have agreed and said “ there is no difficulty
with regard to that”. Then how is it a “highhanded- act” and “cowardly
manner” since I have already informed you? Is it the language of a 60 year
old pastor to his flock? Is it not a cunning act of misguiding the Parish
Pastoral Council by hiding the truth and revealing only apart of it in
order to gain cheap popularity? Did I construct the hall in a cowardly
manner? Are you not enjoying the fruits of it? Did you not make a big
show of yourself on 27.09.2003 for your 60th birthday in the same hall?
Are you not ashamed of yourself to organise your 60 years birthday
program in the same Derebail Church hall and mini hall which I have
constructed and belittling me at the came time? Is it the quality of a 60
year old pastor? Have I criticised my predecessor either at Derebail or at
Kelarai or somewhere else? Do you know that till the day of my transfer
Rev Dr. Mark Castelino
Parish Priest
Tel : 2272199
I had worked to complete the remaining works of the hall? To whom are
you working? Is it to gain a name and fame? Did you construct the Derebail
Church hall and the mini hall? How you can fix a granite slab bearing
your name. Do you know how much I have toiled to construct that hall
under the pressure of debt and stress? Are you making a big show of
yourself and of your tongue? Did you not fix a granite slab at Kallianpur
bearing your name in the construction work that you have taken up? Do
you think that I. do not know how you have misappropriated the-Church
funds at Kallianpur? Should I reveal everything about you what you have
done at Kallianpur?
Ever since I have handed over the Derebail parish to you it has been
observed that you have been deliberately pricking my name in the parish
council in order to malign me and to divert the attention of the council
members from your own problems. Remember, it is because of my hard
work and self- sacrificing life at Derebail you are enjoying the fruits now.
You were telephoning me several times at night from Kallianpur just a
few weeks before your transfer and you were speaking under the influence
of alcohol with flattery words for my successful pastoral work at Derebail
for 7 years and having made this parish an ideal parish in the diocese.
Where are those words now? What has happened to you? What is wrong
with you?
I have been tolerating all your sarcastic comments and destructive criticism
about me at Derebail even during Holy Mass. in various meetings, and
with some individuals etc. Is it the spirituality of a pastor? Is it edifying to
a pastor of 60 years old?
With good wishes and prayers
Yours sincerely in Christ
Parish Priest
Copy to : 1. The Bishop of Mangalore
2. The Parish Pastoral Council Members, Derebail
Note : This is how our cassock wearing frauds behave and live. Will you
still trust them?
Christine Sequeira
Flat No 203
Pompei Shade Apartments
Urwa, Ladyhill
Phone 0824 2450840
The Bishop
Bishops House
Dear Bishop Aloysius Paul D’souza,
Sub: Eviction of myself (a owner) of a flat in “Pompei Shade”,
Urwa Parish, Mangalore-575006
May I, a parishioner of Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa, place before
you the facts of my case?
1) In the year 1983 the Parish council members headed by the then
Parish Priest (Rev.Fr.F.P.S.Moniz) planned to put up a project
comprising 24 ownership flats under the name Pompei Shade
Apartments. Accordingly prospective buyers were invited through
advertisements in papers. I myself purchased my flat in the above
apartments by paying Rs 1,38,000/- and that too without Bank loan,
since registration of deeds was not completed. I wish to state that the
consideration paid by us then was more compared to the then
prevailing price of property. Hence it was incorrect to say that the
project was merely to provide subsidized shelter to the poor; though
I appreciate that given the difficulty of obtaining a license/permission
for a commercial project on trust property, it might have been
considered expedient to state that the project was launched to provide
affordable shelter to the poor.
2) I completed paying the full amount in five installments and obtained a
letter from the Parish Priest, to occupy the flat and I have been residing
in the flat so purchased, i.e. Flat No 203, Pompei Shade Apartments
from 26 January 1985. To our common dismay, however, we learnt
that the registration of the flats purchased was not possible and water
and electricity supply were not regularized and hence not ensured.
Even the plinth area of the project was not according to the terms of
3) We had striven to straighten out the above discrepancies with the
then Parish Priest, Fr. John D’souza and patiently waited for the
registration till the urban land ceiling was abolished by which time
Fr. Denis Moras had taken over as Parish Priest. When we approached
Fr. Moras and the Vice President Mr. Archibald Pais for registration of
our flats, we were told that registration was possible only if we gave
up our riqhts_such as access to the well for water, drainage etc. We
wish to submit that by then these rights were in existence for over 15
years and were granted in the Registered Deed of Declaration by
Fr.F.P.S Moniz on 12th March 1985. (This Deed of declaration was
registered in the Registrar’s Office, Mangalore and passed in the Parish
Assembly on 11th Dec 1988). However, Fr. Denis Moras amended this
declaration twice; once on 15th Nov 2000 and again on 16th May
2001. As by then we had occupied the flats for over 15 years and
none of the preceding Parish Priests had raised any_objection to the
deed of declaration thus the amendment of the declaration by Fr.
Moras left us deeply hurt and confused.
4) Once the basic trust was betrayed by the unilateral amendment of
the declaration, most of the tenants were frightened into submission
as they had no other option but to acquiesce to the new terms
presented to them. Some others who by then had acquired alternative
/ additional residences chose the line of least resistance. However, in
my case since I am having no other piece of real estate and am still
residing in Flat No 203 of the Apartments, the abridged / abrogated
rights under the amended declaration will make my living in the flat
extremely difficult and inconvenient. We have also pleaded our case
with the Parish Priest (Fr. Andrew Lewis); Vice President and Finance
Committee members of the Parish. However, our efforts have been in
vain. In fact Mr. Archibald Pais who was authorized to settle the issue
with the owners of the flat in Pompei Shade Apartments, had bluntly
told Mrs. Margarette Lobo, one of the owners of the flat to go to the
court of law to enforce the rights in question. Given the background,
I am sure it will be appreciated that we resorted to legal action only as
a last resort.
5) Subsequent developments have further vitiated the atmosphere. It is
said that we have not paid the amount due on the flat and that we
were allowed to occupy the flats because we were poor. We were
hurt deeply by the motivated rumors presumably floated by vested
interests, that Fr. F.P.S. Moniz wept in your presence saying
that he was forced to give evidence and record the deed of
declaration in our favor. It is also mentioned that no profit
resulted from the project. However, we understand that the
audit in 1988 clearly showed an income of Rs.2 lakhs. And at
present, I have received a court notice from Religious and Charitable
Institute represented by the Parish Priest stating that I will be evicted
from the flat on the ground that I am only a permissive occupant and
my permission has been revoked.
6) I have tried to explain the unfair treatment received by me from the
Parish authorities. But I wish to unequivocally confirm that my
commitment to the Church and Lord Jesus Christ remains undiminished;
though at times I am assailed by feelings that the ‘Shepherd’ instead of
taking care of the sheep is exploiting the same. But I will continue to
resist the injustice to which I and my fellow residents in Pompei Shade
Apartments are subjected and I earnestly desire from church authorities
fair play and justice.
Yours in Christ
(Mrs. Christine Sequeira)
Note : This is a typical case which exposes the criminal mind of Priests.
There are same cunning men like Archibald Pais in every Parish who
collaborate and abet will these cassock wearing men, who should be
castrated before admitting into the seminary, as earlier Kings used to do
with their security staff to protect their harem.
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
Ph : 2436787
Before the Deputy Commissioner, Dakshina Kannada, Mangalore – 575001
Dear Sir,
Sub: False representation of problems of Christians by clergy
We have read about the meeting of so-called Catholic leaders with you
recently in the newspapers. We do appreciate the stand taken by the
leaders about various attacks on Churches belonging to Catholics. We
would like to go a step forward and would say that it is not only the
places belonging to Catholics but several places belonging to a larger
group known as Christians have also faced several attacks during the last
two or three years. We represent this larger group and vehemently
condemn the attacks carried on Christians and Christian places of worship.
We also condemn the attempt of Catholic leaders to split our community
into Catholics and Groups belonging to other denominations. This Catholic
group which is a representative body of the “Catholic Clergy” which
consists of only one percent of the Christian population, seems to be
interested only in the woes of Clergy who are indeed exploiters of the
entire community who are exploiting the goodness of the common
Christians. 99% of the Christians amongst whom majority are poor are
not their concern nor they are worried about them.
I. Attacks on young men marrying inter caste and inter –
From our side we like to highlight the problems faced by ordinary Christians
who are called Laity (laymen) by us. We have come across several instances
where the poor Christians are attacked by communal forces both within
and outside specially when they want to get married to girls of other
faiths and no Priests come forward to help them in times of problems.
II. Karavali Ale has represented the happenings in the community
fairly and justly:-
The Catholic so called leaders have also questioned the news appearing
in Karavali Ale, a Kannada paper. We have found nothing defamatory or
untruthful in the news. In fact this paper is a pioneer and champion of
human rights who is fighting for justice and reforms in all sections of
society exposing corruption and all evils in the society. This paper has
not spoken anything about the religious matters but pointed out dictatorial
style of functioning of the clergy and their mismanagement and
misappropriation indulged into by the clergy, which we are all worried
about. There is truth in the fact that the laity provides large sums of
money when clergy requires, but
the clergy is not in a habit of maintaining transparency in accounts. They
say truth is bitter. Truth spoken by the press has become unpalatable to
our clergy.
III. Physical, mental and Religious atrocities committed by the
clergy can be proved:-
The claim that the Catholic clergy are not involved in violence and acts
against the harmony of the society is not true at all. The attempt on the
life of Mr. J.R. D’Souza of Madyanthar was a result of conspiracy created
by Fr. Herald Mascarenhas as per the fact-finding report prepared by us.
The assault on Mr. E. Gonsalves by Fr. Bernard of Bejai is also a fact
witnessed by several people. Our Catholic leaders have no right to question
the freedom of the press in exposing the events and crimes that are going
on in the country. We have no hesitation in welcoming the role played
by this paper. Some matter for publication has been supplied by well
wishers, thinkers and reformers in the Christian laity who are united
under our umbrella.
IV. Rakno-Konkani weekly published by Catholic Priests has been
creating anti- communal feelings:-
This paper has for too long isolated Catholics from the main stream and
indoctrinated the Catholics against t-he majority community of India by
their subtle anti majority philosophy and publications and made it into a
captivated community. Their philosophy has created a serious communal
divide. Action should be taken against this paper under Sec. 153/153A
under IPC for promoting enimity between classes and want only giving
provocation and the paper should be banned.
Even within the community the paper has divided the community into the
clergy supported 2% and the exploited 98%. Mismanagement,
misappropriations, scandals and scams by the clergy does not find any
place in this Newspaper.
President, ICSA
Sex Abuse Lawsuits Add to Catholic Church Money Woes
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – First came the sex scandal. Then there were
lawsuits. Now there are bankruptcies.
And some economic analysts believe this could be just the beginning of
the financial fallout from widespread charges of clerical sexual abuse
within the U.S. Catholic Church.
Nearly 11,000 people have accused priests of child sexual abuse from
1950 through 2002, according to a church-commissioned study released
this year. There could be thousands more who have not yet come forward.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has acknowledged this as its
worst scandal and vowed to “heal the hurt that has happened,” in the
words of departing conference president Bishop Wilton Gregory.
The question is how to pay for it.
“Even without the sex abuse scandal, the Catholic Church was in deep
financial difficulty,” said Charles Zech, an economics professor at Villanova
University who monitors church finances.
Zech said the church’s money troubles include the costs of deferred
maintenance on church properties, the aging of its low-cost work force
of priests and nuns and its disproportionate holdings in real estate – often
run-down inner-city buildings that are hard to sell.
Frank Butler, president of a group of major donors to Catholic institutions,
said the problems may go deeper.
“Many of the archdioceses are very marginal operations, and the reason
for that is they have a very aging infrastructure that includes the parishes
and schools,” Butler said from the Washington-based Foundations and
Donors Interested in Catholic Activities, known as FADICA.
In addition, American Catholics give less per person to their individual
churches than Protestants or Jews do, Butler said, adding that those who
do give are getting older.
“Their donor base would seem to be shrinking,” he said.
Added to these long-term problems are expected payments that could
total billions of dollars nationally to victims of priest sexual abuse.
Nearly three years after the pedophile scandal erupted in Boston, that
archdiocese has sold real estate to help pay $87 million in claims by 541
people. The diocese in Orange, California, recently settled claims of 87
alleged abuse victims that reportedly will total more than the Boston
settlement, with an average $1.1 million payment per plaintiff.
Los Angeles, the largest archdiocese in the United States, could face
hundreds of lawsuits, with some estimates putting a possible total settlement
there are $ 1 billion or more.
This is a small fraction of the U.S. Catholic Church’s annual revenue,
which in 2001 was an estimated $102 billion. For individual dioceses,
though, such settlements can be devastating.
Three dioceses — Spokane. Washington; Portland, Oregon, and Tucson,
Arizona — have filed for protection from creditors under Chapter 11 of
the U.S. bankruptcy code.
Joseph Harris, a Seattle-based management expert who has analyzed the
U.S. Catholic Church’s revenues, said he was initially surprised to learn
of the bankruptcy filings ~ but not after he checked the numbers in the
Portland case.
“If I was working as a financial manager… I don’t know what you do with
$341 million in claims,” as there were in the Portland diocese, Harris said
in a telephone interview. “We are going into uncharted territory.”
Some U.S. bishops have stressed that the choice to file for bankruptcy or
reach a negotiated settlement puts all plaintiffs on an equal footing, as
opposed to the first-come, first-served procedure that would favor the
first to file individual claims and leave those who come forward later at a
But these paths also mean that it will be up to a bankruptcy judge to
decide who actually owns church property — a question that caused
dissent in the 19th century — and what can be sold off to pay victims’
The bishops have said they do not own church property but hold it in
trust for parishioners. If bankruptcy judges find that parishioners themselves
own church property and can dispose of it as they see fit, that would be
a major shift, Zech said.
Until the 19th century, U.S. Catholic parishioners had financial control of
their churches. But in a move aimed at allowing priests to act with
autonomy, the Vatican (news – web sites) Council of 1863-1870 gave the
popes ordinary jurisdiction in every Catholic diocese.
“If you start telling parishioners they own church property, they’re going
to insist on all kinds of things that the bishops aren’t prepared to give
them: the right to hire their own pastor, the right to dispose of property
far more possibility than they currently have,” Zech said by telephone.
“For the worldwise church, they’re opening such as issue that they
shouldn’t want to have to deal with, “he said.
Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souz
Bishop of Mangalore.
Your Lordship,
As a Bishop you are duty-bound to find out what is going on in the
Catholic priestly hierarchy in Dakshina Kannada and specially in Mangalore
a certain Kannada daily is awash with the affairs of priests indulging in
unpriestly activities and leading sinful lives.
It is an open secret to find priests stealing money from the weekly church
collections of a few thousand in the city and also in the villages.
One comes across in a Kannada daily, stories about a priest – one Samuel
Sequeira (has since left the priesthood) who was in charge of the
management of the Kannada daily ‘Jana-Vahini’. As it was a newly started
venture it had teething trouble which is natural and this is a case with all
the news papers in the initial stages, readership was not that bad including
the Bangalore edition. Then there was suddenly a thunderbolt. This
scoundrel,the so called catholic priest Samuel Sequeira swindled crores
of rupees from the office funds and bought expensive gifts to his girl
friend and also bought a house in England for both of them which episode
saw the nadir of our prestigeous daily ‘jana Vahini’.
Many people, poor and from the lower middle class families who bought
shares and others who had deposited their hard earned money with the
paper – a pride of their community) are in a constant state of
disappointment and in their despair curse the priest and those who
encouraged them to Invest in the said paper.
It is reported that the above mentioned priest used to have sexual
relationship with his female relative. And it is shocking to observe this
devil of a preist saying holy mass and holding holy eucharist in his dirty
sinful hands. What about the oath of celebecy and turning their back
against worldly luxuries?
Your Lordship,we the laity who are in the open field know better about
the affairs of the priests than yourselves because you are confined within
the four walla for much of the time.
While dealing with this sad episode one should note that every priest is
not a rogue. There are good and God fearing priests who account for just
25% of the total priests, and the remaining lot …? The problem is, most of
their lot emerged from the poor and middle class families. Money and the
position they are bestowed with is the culprit that tempts” them to go
astray and betray their holy oath and vows.
This Kannada daily is read mostly by non-Christians and one can imagine
what they think about our priests and their way of life.
Let them come out of the bond and live like common human beings than
tarnishing the hallowed name of the priesthood and claiming to be in the
service of God and man.
It is suggested that your Lordship call a meeting of the priests once or
twice a year and explain them their position in the society, what the laity
expects from them and how they should control the temptations.
We are thinking of forming a consortium of like minded people and take
the help of the Interpol to locate this priest and bring him to justice.
I remain
Yours in Christ.
xxxxx Stanley Serrao
Copy to:
Most Rev. Ignatius pinto
Archbishop of Bangalore And a very few intelligentia of our community
Notes : Samuel was the Editor of Rakno who became the Managing
Director of Jana Vahini a Kannada Daily. He made love to 3 girls
simultaneously and ruined Jana Vahini and absconded only to be found
in England after some months.
The great news is the Church ruled by the 2% clergy did not make any
attempt to charge this crook for cheating and misappropriating public
funds. In fact Bishop Aloysius stayed with this Bastard in England when
he had gone to Rome for a pleasure trip. All of them belong to the same
Who pays for all this? You and me.
Text of the speech delibered by F.O.C Andrade paying tribute
to the late Maurice Pereira
At the gathering after the 7th day requeim mass on 29th
January, 2005, at Urwa
Last Sunday i.e. on 23rd January, I walked into th Urwa Church for the 7
a.m. Mass by about 10 minutes. Walking down the aisle from the main
door and turning left to take my place in the second pew of the near
block, I saw Movis and Claret Perieira as usual in the third pew but not
Maurice who used to be present with then every Sunday regularly for the
7 a.m. Mass. I felt this absence compicous but for got about it during the
I noticed the obituary announcement of Maurice the next day in
“Udayavani” at 6.15 a.m. and was stunned. I tended to disbelieve. However,
I set for 7 a.m. Mass and on the way my fears got confirmed and I proceeded
to “Oceamia, the Pereira residence at Kandet to express my sympathy to
his family. The atmosphere was like the resultant effect of an earthquake
or a tidal wave in the “Oceania” as happended in Asia a day after
Christmas. I had met Maurice and his family and one grand child on
Christmas Day and New Year’s Day after Mass in the Church grounds
and had exchanged pleasautries in the true. Yuletide spirit. With all these
memories, it was difficult to connect Mauries last agonizing moments to
the precise moment of my observing his absence in the Church that
fathful day when destiny played havoc. Our trust is in the great mercy of
God, and in the background of our Cherished Christian, values exclaim,
“Lord, Thy will be done.”
A part from my personal comment till now, I stand before you as a
parishoner of Urwa, to extol the life of Co-parishoner Maurice and to
condole his death and offer our sympathy to Mavis and the three daughters
Violet, Joyet and Claret. Maurice’s contribution to the betterment of Urwa
Parish and upliftment of the down-trodden is significant. His services during
construction of New Church building and as a Volunteer at the annual
Pompei shrine feast cannot be forgotten though I am elder to him by 9
years, he was my contemporary, He had set up a home in Urwa for his
family in 1978 where as I came back to my parents parish in 1979. Maurice
had a tough life at the high seas for 30years, equally divided with the
Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy. He was an active member of the
Merchant Navy officers Association in Mangalore. He was aborbed in
Mazagon Docks Ltd., and held middle management position in the N.M.P.T
area in Panambur. When the company packed up, Maurice chose to stay
back in Mangalore to be with his family, subsistng on his Pensien
supplemented with income as Canvaser of small savings and life insurance.
He made many friends and it was not his nature to make enemeis of
others. On his part, he did not create enemies. I used to admire his
strong physic, suntanned skin of hard work and ability to analyse problems
to find solutions. His good nature was quite apparent and prommant
when he was engaged in social work for the poor and while undertaking
corporal works of mercy as embodied in the regulations of St. Vincent De
Paul society of which he was an active member for twenty years. Somewhere
in the middle he was its President for 3 years and automatically became
ex-officio member fo the Parish Council. But fate was curel. On completing
20 years, autocracy and despotism had on upper hand and he was expelled
for no fault of his. This was the turning point and a contributory factor to
his withering from an energetic life.
Note : F.O.C Andrade is a gentleman, who did not expose the name of
the Priest who was an auto crat and despot. For the benefit of readers at
large I must reveal that it was one (Charcol) Andrew Lewis, (Parish Priest)
who was the despot who was mainly responsible for the death of my dear
friend Maurice Pereira Unfortunate that in every Parish we have a bunch
of crooks and time servers, who cooperate and protect and create Dictators
and Despots out of nervous Priests who suffer from accute inferiority
8th January 2005
The President
PUCL, Mangalore.
Dear sir,
Sub: Regarding high-handedness of priests of Fr.Muller’s
Hospital, Mangalore.
I am an employee of Fr.Mullers Hospital working since last 20 years. I am
a daily reader of Karavali Ale, in which action taken by you against mis
deeds of priests are reported.
I would like to bring to your kind notice, the attitude of management of
our hospital, so that even these points may also be brought to light in
the interest of Catholic Leity.
All these years, Fr.Muller Hospital employees had a very cordial
relationship. After Fr.Dr.Baptist Menezes took charge, even though he
increased our salary, slowly started illtreating the staff. Till then, lady
administrative staff were not given night duty. He made it compulsory.
The staff are just working under fear and insecurity. Now it is the rumour
that in future, he intends to make the working hours to 10 hours daily
instead of 8 hours. He also is planning to give work on contract to
FAMILY AND FRIENDS as they have agreed to work for 12 hours without
Provident Fund and Gratutity. Can a priest do all these things to save
legally entitled benefits to employees? Kindly bring this to the notice of
general public and help us.
I also come to know that Fr.Baptist Menezes give Rs.100 lakhs to Janavahini
News Paper although as per Income-tax Rules he has no right to give
money. Further it is also rumoured that this money was taken to England
by Fr.Samuel Sequeira who is now hiding in England to avoid Police
Action for cheque bouncing. This money is said be shared by both the
Can a priest who thinks of saving on account of Provident Fund of Poor
employees grab Institutions money for his personal use. I am told that
Income-tax Department is now trying to probe into the matter and
Fr.Baptist is trying to influence the income-tax people.
Please probe into all these matters and bring this to the notice of general
I am also sending a copy of this letter to Karavali Ale for information.
Thanking you,
Your admirer
Bhopal, Jan 17- The title “Father” has become a divisive issue among
Christian groups in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
Catholic and Orthodox church leaders in Madhya Pradesh state resent a
new trend among pastors of Pentecostal and neo-Christian groups to
prefix their names with “Father” instead of “Reverend”
The issue attracted attention on Jan. 3 when the Bhopal edition of the
“Hindustan Times” newspaper used the title “Father” in referring to two
Pentecostal pastors in a news item. Bhopal, 745 kilometers south of New
Delhi, is the state capital.
Such news reports, explains Father Thomas Daniel of the Marthoma
Church, would negatively impact the activities of traditional Churches in
the state, based mostly in villages, where illiteracy and poverty prevail.
Pastors of congregational Churches “are not supposed to use” the title
“Father.” asserted the priest, whose Church is an offshoot of the Orthodox
Church based in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
According to Father Daniel, who is based in Bhopal, the new trend among
neo-Christian eiders would create misunderstanding, as people of other
religions in Madhya Pradesh would not be able to distinguish between
the established Churches and the neo-Christian seets.
Christians of various denominations form 0.3 percent of the state’s 60.34
million people. Officially, Hindus account for 91.1 percent and Muslims
6.4 percent of the state’s population. The rest are Sikhs Buddhists and
Agreeing with the Orthodox priest, Father Anand Muttungal, sperson of
the Catholic Church in the state, explained that priesthood in traditional
Churches is a Sacrament that confers the power to celebrate the Eucharist
and other sacramerfts.
In contrast, Pentecostals regard their pastor as a respected elder in the
community. Theologically and in Church practice, the titles “Father”
and “Pastor” are not similar, the Bhopal- based Catholic priest said in a
statement sent to UCA News Jan. 5.
Traditional Churches believe that priesthood marks the priest with “an
indelible” imprint of the Holy Spirit and places them in the line of apostolic
succession. It is not an honor but the fulfillment of an invitation to become
a mediator between God and humans, the Catholic spokesperson
Pastor Sam Francis, who was mentioned in the news report, disagreed
He told UCA News he finds nothing objectionable in using “Father,”
“Pastor,” or “clergy,” provided “these titles are used to promote the love
of God.” One should live up to the expectations of the title one assumes,
he added.
Father Sam Oommen of the Orthodox Church rejected this stand. Speaking
with UCA News, the priest asked whether a housewife would use the
tittle “Sister” as Catholic nuns do. Such a practice, he told UCA News,
would amount to cheating the people. He urged the leaders of the
congregational Churches to refrain from using “Father” as their title.
Father Popson Varghese of the Jacobite Church, another Orthodox group,
wants the pastors to end the practice immediately, “ft is wrong,” the
Bhopal-based priest said. He quickly added that the traditional Churches
are helpless if someone “deliberately” uses the term. In his observation,
pastors never used the “Father” title until recently.
The other Pentecostal pastor mentioned in the “Hindustan Times” report,
Pastor Prabhakar, dismissed the controversial title as “a printing error.”
He declined to comment further on the subject.
Some laypeople find the issue a “serious” matter. Babu Varghese,
coordinator of Akhil Bharatiya Isai Mahasabha (all India Christian grand
assembly), told UCA News his group would discuss the matter to reach
an amicable solution in case the pastors continue to use the title “out of
Note : Have you obeserved the arrogance of Catholic Priests. They want
to monopolize the title “Father” as the same gives them a mystical
advantage. Children consider them as aleins from heaven and this makes
a permanent dent on the minds of people which helps the mortals known
as preists an automatic advantage as spuperior beeings, leaders above
ordianary men. We must start calling them by their first names.
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
Ph : 2436787
The Inspector General of Police
Western Range
Sub: FIR against priest and the follow up action
Ref: FIR against priest Andrew Nazareth ,Neerude at Moodbridri Police
Station for misappropriation of public funds to the tune of 32 lakhs
We the above named organization working for the cleansing and
reformation of the Church system for the past 5 years have come across
many fraudulent and fishy and murky financial deals of Christian priests.
In one such incident a priest named Andrew Nazareth of Neerude
Church was found to be misappropriating funds collected for the school
building at Neerude.Upon filing a complaint before the JMFC court at
Moodbidri it was referred to the SHO of Moodbidri Police Station for
investigation. Now though the Police Have taken up investigation the
accused priest has fled the country. It is extremely necessary that the
accused priest be arrested and interrogated and all the documents relating
to the collection of money be seized , which are in the possession of the
accused . Therefore it is necessary to give proper direction to the Moodbidri
police in the interest of justice and fair play.
May we request you to do the needful.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
For Indian Christian Service Association
Robert Rosario General Secretary
Date : 06-11-06
Place : Mangalore
Before The station house officer, Mangalore South police station, Mangalore
Between :
Antony John Monteiro, aged 79 years
S/o Piedade Monterio
Residing at 303, 2nd Floor
Heera Mothi Apratment
Opp. Mangalore Nursing Home
Balmatta, Mangalore
Rev. Fr. Lawrence F. Monteiro
S/o Piedade Monteiro
Residing at Mura
Airport Road, Bajpe, Mangalore
SECTIONS 406, 409, 420, 465, 467, 468 AND 471 I.P.C.
The Complainant named above begs to submit as follows :
1. That the complainant is the elder brother’of the accused and both of
them alongwith other brothers and sisters are the co-owners of
ancestral immovable property measuring 10.10 acres comprised in
S.No.70/5, 70/3, 70/8, 70/9B, 117/1C, 166/2B2B along with residential
buildings and other improvements in Malavoor Village of Mangalore
2. That the Government through the Land Acquisition Officer, Mangalore
Sub Division, Mangalore, had acquired a portion of the above said
property for the purpose of expanding the Air Port situated at Bajpe
and proceeding were initialed in LAQ-SR.2/2005-2006 and ultimately
a total compensation of Rs.32,93,686/- was awarded towards the land
value and towards the value of improvements effected on the said
3. That the complaint approached the Land Acquisition Officer at
Mangalore and on enquiry the complainant learnt that the accused
had withdrawn the entire compensation amount by using as genuine
a concocted and forged document styled as General Power of Attorney.
4. That the complainant submits that he has never executed a General
Power of Attorney in favour of the accused nor he autliorized the
accused to represent him before the acquisition officer or withdraw
the amounts on his behalf.
5. That the complainant obtained a copy of the forged power of attorney
which was used by the accused before the Land Acquisition Officer
and the complainant noticed that the signature of the complainant on
the said power of attorney had been forged on all the four pages of
the said power of attorney.
6. That the accused had also impersonated the complainant before the
Notary namely Clarence. Pais before whom_the alleged power of
attorney was executed.
7. That the complainant is entitled to a 1/11th share in the total
compensation awarded and the share of the complainant amounts to
8. That the accused has paid the complainant only a sum of Rs.66,717/
– out of Rs.2,99,426/- due to the complainant and a balance amount
of Rs.2,32,709/- alongwith accrued interest is due to the complainant
from the accused.
9. That the complainant has issued a legal notice to the accused calling
upon him to make good the amount due to him, but inspite of the
receipt of the said notice the accused has not made good the payment
due to the complainant.
10. That the accused by forging the signature of the accused on the Power
of Attorney has committed the offence /punishable under sections
465, 467, 468 I.P.C. and further by using the forged document as
genuine before the Land Acquisition officer he has committed offence
punishable under section 471 I.P.C. Further the accused by not making
the payments due to the complainant and by misappropriating the
amounts has committed the offence punishable under section 409m
406 and 420 I.P.C. and further the accused by impersonating the
complainant before the Notary has committed the offence punishable
under section 419 I.P.C
11. That the accused has also cheated and forged the signatures of the
other family members.
12. That the accused has committed the offences at Mangalore where the
office of the Land Acquisition Officer is situated and the same is within
the jurisdiction of the Mangalore South P.S.
13. It is therfore prayed, that the S.H.O may secure the presence of the
accused and deal with him in accordance with law, in the interest of
The list of witnesses and documents will be produced at the time of
Date : 7/2007
19th November 2007
The Provincial Council
Dear Fathers,
Here by I admit and accept that I am the biological father of the child
born to Rekha D’Silva and I am willing to take the responsibility.
Owing my responsibility towards the child and Rekha I have decided to
settle down with her. Please do proceed with the legal matters
Thank you all everything
With Regards
Fr. Ambrose D’Souza Ocd
Declaration on Rs. 20/- stamp paper of Goa
I, Ambrose D’Souza, son of Christine and Augustine D’Souza. Born on
7/12/1972 at Karkala Udupi district of Karnataka State. Age 35 years
wish to state that, Rekha Delilah D’Silva, daughter of Marie and late
Raymond D’Silva born on 3/12/1971 age 36 years delivered a boy on
14/02/2007 named Raphael Aaron D’Silva Patsis is my son. I wish to
declare that I am the biological father of the child Raphael and I am ready
to take the responsibility of being a father to the child and settling down
with Rekha D’Silva and bearing the responsibilities as a father and spouse.
Ambrose D’Souza
signed on oath before a notary.
Rekha D.Dislva
F-1, Vrundawan Palace
Peddem -Karaswada
Tel : 2266014/9422637921
The Police Inspector
Mapasa Police Station
Mapasa Goa
Sab : Cheating and threat by Amborse D’Souza
(alias Ambu) and his family
1 the undersigned beg to lodge my complaint against the above accused
as under..
1) After mis – behaving, He said that he had informed his provincial and
action would he taken for his mis deeds and he also threatened me
then that being a priest his words had more value than what I had to
say and the consequences of me telling the truth would not be good
for me or mv family.
2) After being brought for inquiry by his Provincial he said that he would
settle the matter by himself saying that he would take the responsibility
of what he had done and informed the pro vincial and came to our
place saying that he would rectify the damage done and he stayed
here saying he had no where to go, When he said he could not do
such a Ihtng. he said that by him staying here he would dispensed and
he gave an affidavit stating that he is die biological father of the child
and thai he will settle down with me as a spouse and be a father to the
3) The accused Ambrose D’souza when he assaulted mc. was asked to
leave our residence and he begged us saving he had no where to go
and not to take legal action against him sincc be was going to settle as
a family and stayed 2 months 7 days oil he came to know thai the
congregation has suspended him and documents would be sent to my
address to be signed by him for his dispensation from Rome and
therefore runs away after Sic had spoken to hts Niece Janet D’souza
and sister Eugine D’souza the next morning and runs away without
informing us about has where abouts robbing Rs. 19,000/- from my
cupboard Which he took along with him.
4) When he was here his brother Anthony D’souza, sister Veronica
D’Souza alias (Vinda) and his Neice Janet D’souza came to my residence
to threaten me. Saying they would cause physical harm to me and the
child and burn us and my home for having complained to she religious
authorities about the misdeeds of Ambrose D’Souza. I wanted to lodge
a complaint for receiving threats, from them and the said Ambrose
D’souza again said, that since he would be settling the matter not to
lodge a complaint with the police even on that day he did not go away
with them and stopped mc from complaining to the Police about the
threats I have been receiving from them ever since that day.
5. On the day he had run away, the previous day he had spoken to bis
Niece Janet D’souza who had threatened us. On 26th Dec, 2007 at
3:00 pm afternoon and then at 4:00 pm afternoon and at 4:45 pm she
spoke to Ambrose D’souza on 27lh morning at 8:15 am we again receive
threats from Janet D’souza and Eugine who again spoke to Ambrose
D’souza and on that day it self 27th December 2007 he ran away
without informing robbing Rs, 19,000?- from my cupboard as he was
being aided and abetted by his family and they kept threatening us
ever since that day.
6. If any harm comes to me my child my mother or any family member,
I hold Ambrose D’Souza and his family solely responsible.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
(Rekha D. D’Souza)
Copy to the Deputy Supdt. of Police for information and necessary action.
From, P.B. D’Sa, President ICSA
To, Email : basilvas@yahoo.com
C.C. To the Bishop bishopap@sancharnet.in
Sub : Excommunication (social boycott of some families at
Kayyar church by your priest John Walter Mendanca
It has come to our notice that on account of excommunication of some
families in kayyar church by your Priest John Walter Mendonca peace in
the Parish is disturbed and law and order situation is very delicate. Some
innocent people have been assaulted by the people at the instigation of
John mendanca and have been constantly threatened over the telephone
and victimized by the supporters of the Priest Your Priest is harassing a
small group of people and as a result disputes have reached police stations
and the courts, and to add oil to the fire the said Priest is harassing the
excommunicated (orally) people, by refusing to solemnize the marriage
of one Maurice DSouza though 3 banns have been read, he wants the
couple to wait for 3 months, against rules made by the church, though
he has conducted marriages in 7/8 days of those who have bribed him,
pleased him. Even a marriage of a girl expecting a baby was alleged to
have been blessed recently out of time and out of turn.
When we approached your Priest in this connection Sunday 4/2/2007
he reluctantly agreed to bless the marriage but laid certain impractical
conditions He requested us to arrange for a compromise meeting on
18th/Feb 2007 for which we have agreed though there is no connection
whatsoever between the Kayyar Disputes and marriage. However the
place of meeting is not acceptable to us as we anticipate criminal elements
supporting the Priest to disturb and possibly, indulge In criminal acts at
the venue, as a taste of the same was given to us by the Priest and his
goondas who had rushed to the place of meet on last Sunday that is 4/2/
A group of youngsters started threatening us as we were talking to the
Priests and threatened us of dyre consequences, they told us not to talk
to the Priest alone, they threatened us saying that they will call the people
of the Parish and teach us a lesson, there was specially a young and good
looking woman who was vociferously abusing us and threatening us One
of the youngsters also threatened us with a gun.
Therefore please arrange for the meeting at any place other than Kayyar
Church and uniform us the place time of the meet, as we will be only 5/
6 persons, we do not want more than 5/6 persons from your side. Police
Protection should be provided at the meeting venue
Yours in Christ
The Superintendent of Police
D.K. Mangalore
Dear Sir,
Sub: Rowdism and Criminal Acts by Vincent Priest of
Kuishekar Church
It is reported to us as follows: On the night of 29/11/07 a young Priest of
Kushekar Church in banian and chaddi assaulted, with his. fists, one Loy
Rasquinha, a Parishioner of Kuishekar, who was passing through the
mamool road (centuries old, which passes through the church compound,
between Kulsheka bus stand and Niddel to and from) The Priest appeared
to be drunk, when objecting Loy using the path way Time was around 9
30 p.m. and his name is Vincent A complaint has been registered at the
Kadri Police. station.
For sometime now, infact, after the arrival of 3 young Priests and one
Lawrence, as the Vicar of Kulshekar Church, night life has become more
active, Priests coming back from their night jaunts around 12.00 night to
1.30 in the morning is a common sight This has caused the Priests to
object, usage of this path way after7.00 p.m. by neighbours so that their
criminal and illegal activities are not noticed by the parishioners.
Connected to this is the recent demolition of a “sit out” existing within
the parish compound, but much away from the church premises, which
was being used by Parish youngsters for relaxation in the evenings after
games like cricket etc, which practice existed since the Kuishekar Church
started years back. The modern Priests who have taken Priesthood as a
profession, have become unscrupulous and corrupt and their personal
lives have become worst than criminals as unexpected and unaccounted
money has come into their hands. Drinking and womanizing has become
a routine with these priests.
However, they find it easy to turn the tables on the youngsters in the
Parish because of their cassock and support of innocent followers who
are not aware of the night life of these young priests, as we!! as
misappropriations of public funds.
We thereofore seek impartial investigations into the present incidence
which occured on 29/1/07 at Kulshekar and a proper bond to be taken
from the Priest so that he does not indulge in any rowdism and criminal
acts in future. He has a history of criminal violence in the seminary where
he was under training.
Blocking of centuries old pathway is illegal as it is a mamool path way.
The same should be kept open for the use of public as usual. We have
further learnt from Kadri station that the said Priest was summoned to
the Police station and some statement has been obtained from him it also
learnt that a false allegation has been made against the complainant that
he was drunk in the night on 29th November 2007. this is a faise allegation
as he has no habit of taking any intoxicants. In fact the Priest is a habitual
We may take this opportunity to enlighten you that there is a reformation
movement going on in the “Christian Church” specially aiming at change
in the management style ofthe Priests., more powers to the laymen in the
temporal issues, more transparency in management and money matters,
as most of Priests have become unscrupulous., corrupt and live a life of
luxury and sin. Priests have become not oniy unaccountable but also
power drunk. They act like Dictators in their own domain, the educated
youth who are questioning them are targeted by them with false complaints
and false propaganda, making use of innocent and eideriy people.
Under these circumstances our youngsters have to be protected from
false allegations and complaints made by the Priests and their agents.
Priests background has to be probed before any steps are taken against
our Christian Youth.
end : Two booklets published by I.C.S.A
Yours faithfully
P.B D’Sa
Rev Fr…………………………
Parish Priest
P.O. UJIRE – 574 240
Ref No……….. Date……………………
Note : This is a love letter from a Parish Priest to an young girl.
received by me through a parishioner and a member of IC.SA
Mr. Aroksunder
Vice – Provincial
Ours is an Association engulfing the entire Indian Christians, whether
they live in Bannur or Puttur, or Mangalore, Bangalore, Delhi, Tokyo,
New York or England. We represent all Indian Christians living on Earth,
Heaven or Hell.
Our main aim is to empower the laity on earth and save them from
mental torture meted out to them by the mediocre clergy who are arrogant,
corrupt, authoritarian, businessmen cheating the govt, of its taxes and
cheating the laity in the name of God, Hell and Heaven, spending most of
their time in sex and all types of temporal pleasures. We want to liberate
the indoctrinated laymen from the clutches of these representatives of
satan in the garb of a sheep.
Our aims in more details are enclosed herewith.
You are aware that your representative Alokiaswamy who is very ably
representing you at Bannur is not only involved in mismanagement and
frauds but also in sexual excapades as the people of Bannur have written
to you 4 times by Registered letters, though you had the audacity to say
that you have no complaints against the Priest, when I spoke to you for
the first time on 3.11.08.
In my conversation^ with you on 3.11.08 and later after a week regarding
your “Play Boy” married bachelor Priest by name Alokiaswamy who is
representing you very ably at Bannur Church Puttur. I tried to brief you
about the information I had received from our members at Bannur, but
you did not show much interest in talking to me.
Like any other Priest or Bishop in India, your replies were vague, ambiguous
and excapist type. I have handled not less than 10 Bishops and a large
numbers of Vicars whom I call Royal Princess, who have no courage to
face any crisis face to face. All that they do is hide, dodge and defend
their, Juniors because the Juniors follow the footstep of their Seniors.
They have no difference at all in their attitudes and their acts though they
preach one thing and practice exactly the opposite
Karl Marx was not wrong when he said “Religion is an opium of masses”
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
Ph : 4252170 Mob : 9008820186
And you people are exploiting a basic human weekness i.e. fear.
After your disciples at Bannur burnt the monthly magazine brought out
by some laymen in the premises of Bannur Church after announcing the
same from the pulpit, your hero disappeared from the Church for a week
as he was afraid of the consequences. But a cunning secular senior priest
controlling Bannur Church played his usual tricks (we are well aware of
these tricks) took the delinquent Priest under his protection just to gain
time, promised to transfer the Priest but brought him back quietly. We
are aware that all arrogant Priests do not want to respect public opinion.
They will always dictate terms and think that they are experts in managing
people. Because of their arrogance thousands are migrating to “New Life”
“Believers Church” etc. and Bajrangies have taken courage to attack
I had told you specifically that I am passing an important information in
your interest and that there will be back lashes if you try to play your old
tricks. I even warned you that there may be physical obstructions and
resistance if you insist on this Priest of yours with 4 girl friends to be back
at Bannur. But you did not care.
Occasion has now come to speak out because you and Bishop both
played tricks with the people. In the name of a enquiry, you both have
tried to hush up the matter. But the result is negative. This is the only
method that priests-know. It worked once. It will not work now, most of
the people do not believe in your heaven hell and that is why they are not
afraid of your false preachings.
Now you dance according to our music.
Already, under the able leadership of your disciples, your daughters in
law Pauline and Pricilla have torn another magazine “Harso” on Sunday
the 23rd Nov. ’08. If you cassock wearing women are so arrogant, and try
to dominate us, let us see who wins this time.
We will expose all you deeds as we are not interested in giving you
anymore opportunity to repent.
What is more, your adopted son, has a room in Harady where he goes
every night at 9.00 p.m. and spends his night with your daughters in law
and comes back in the morning. When well wishers of the community,
like this association wants to help^you turn arrogant and foolish.
I wish you get 2 grandsons in another 9 months? through your adopted
son ArokiaSwamy.
Yours faithfully
The Catholic
Bishop of Mangalore Diocese
Brother Aloysius,
Sub: Kidnapping and attempt to murder John D’Souza a
Journalist, made by your Priest at Kayyar John Waiter
We are pained to report to you about a criminal act committed by your
Priest at Kayyar on John D’Souza a journalist, on 30/9/2007.
A fact finding report prepared by a nationally reputed human rights
organization in conjunction with us, which is self explanatory, is enclosed
We had written to you about a year back about the criminal activities of
this priest, who has also defrauded lakhs of public money under the
pretext of erecting a school building as well as an attempt made by him
on the life and house of above mentioned. John D’Souza because he
exercised his rights as a journalist. You slept over the matter.
His freedom of expression was violated by your Priest. Surprisingly your
Priest has indulged in criminal acts just to silence a voice of fair play and
justice. He has misused his cassock to hide his criminal mind and acts.
You have time and again defended crooked, cunning and arrogant. Priests
who have amassed lot of wealth and misused a number of women. All
our attempts to cleanse our society have fallen on deft ear. By this letter,
we demand immediate transfer of John Walter Mendonca from Kayyar
Parish within 7 days and proper enquiry and dismissal of this Priest,
failing which we will resort to a series of demonstration, all over the
Diocese starting from your residence at Kodialbail, for which development
you will be held solely responsible.
“Pauline, Father Mullers Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575002
Ph : 2436787
Your’s faithfully
For Indian Christian Service Association
Pauline”, Fr. Muller’s Road, Valencia, Mangalore – 575 002
Dear brother Peter Noronha,
Ours is an all India Association born in 1999, with the aim of reforming
and restructuring Indian Christian Church and empowering the laymen.
Congrats, though you are entitled to be called as a “Father” I refrain from
calling you as father, since you are a disgraced father.
Over the last 30 years I have heard about your nocturnal adventures. I
have also heard about your affair with your brother’s wife. Recently many
men met me to tell me that you have a grown up son for whom you have
bought a flat at Kankanady and also a car. I am also told that he black
mails you and you are under his clutches. 1 am also told that his name is
Sunil or something close to it, and that he is a true successor to you as he
is found to bring different girls to his flat now and then, though he does
not normally stay there.
I am also informed that you survive on 2 doses of insulin a day 30 ML
each time, but you are not ready to give up your bottle of scotch every
day. If you were not a Priest, I would not have cared for all these adventures
of yours, which I am ready to disbelieve unless and until you confirm the
truth. 1 like lovers. But I hate crooks in the garb of sheep.
You are a Priest and you live by the Alms that people give you. Priesthood
is not a profession and you cannot fool me saying that you are serving the
people. You have given up these worldly pleasures and your family and
dedicated yourself for the service of the people. Christians are ready to
meet your needs but definitely not your greed, adventures, and pleasures
of the flesh. People pretend to respect you but behind your back curse
I will wait for 15 days to hear from you denying the allegations, as it is
only you who can speak on this subject, failing which I will construe that
the allegations are true and feel free to expose your life time adventures.
I am doing this as my duty.
Yours faithfully
for Indian Christian service association
This Note was being distributed on 23/02/04 near Taj Mahal
Hotel at Milagres Junction.
1. Church Expenses Too High : Viear sleeps in A.C. Room monthly
current, telephone, Mobile, internet bills amount to a whopping Rs.
45,000/- to Rs. 48,000/-
2. Vicar’s Dictatorship : Parish council and finance commitee have no
say in church matters. All resolutions /projects are passed under
pressure of the Parish Priest. Church steps renovated by Non publishers
contractor. An utter waste of Rs. 4 Lakhs. When Parishioners fund
Church Projects, the works are given to Non Parishioners, example.
Watch out for church Auditorium repairs.
3 Caution Parishioners : Wake up before it is too late. Come out in the
open, oppose the tyranny of the Priests and stop all donations. The
Priests are our servants not boss
4. Watch out for (Padre) “Peters Tales shortly in Print.
Who ne’er has suffered, he has lived but half, who never failed,
he never strove or sought, who never wept is stranger to a
laugh, And he who never doubted never thought.
I observed “a “locomotive in the railroad yards one day,
It was waiting in the roundhouse where the locomotives stay,
It was panting for the journey, it was coaled and fully manned,
And it had a box the fireman was filling full of sand..
It appears that locomotives cannot always get a grip
On their slender iron pavement ‘cause the wheels are apt to slip;
And when they reach a slippery spot, their tactics they command,
And to get a grip upon the rail, they sprinkle it with sand.
It’s about the way with travel along life’s slippery track—
If your load is rather heavy, you’re always slipping back;
So, if a common locomotive you completely understand,
You’ll provide yourself in starting with a good supply of sand.
If your track is steep and hilly and you have a heavy grade,
If those who’ve gone before you have the rails quite
slippery made, If you ever reach the summit of the upper tableland,
You’ll find you’ll have to do it with a liberal use of sand.
If you strike some frigid weather and discover to your cost,
That you’re liable to slip upon a heavy coat of frost,
Then some prompt decided action will be called into demand,
And you’ll slip ‘way to the bottom if you haven’t any sand
You can get to any station that is on life’s schedule seen,
If there’s fire beneath the boiler of ambition’s strong machine,
And you’ll reach a place called Flushtown at a rate
of speed that’s grand,
If for all the slippery places you’ve a good supply of sand.
It can do you no harm if you memorize the poems quoted
In this lesson and make the philosophy upon
which they are based a part of your own.