Eastern Churches:

Dr. Joe    Lewis

The Eastern churches that are in union with Holy see, are Chaldean(Syria and Iraq), Maronite(Lebanon), Coptic(Egypt, Syria and Jordan), Armenian(Turkey and Armenia, Georgia), Byzantine(Ukarine). For years the Holy see has given permission to elect their own Bishops by due deliberations thru their respective diocean synods. In India we have two Eastern churches, Syro-Malankara, and Syro-Malbar. They also elect their own Bishops with the approval of the Pope. In the Latin wing this facility is not given, and we find Bishops who are misfits imposed on us, why this double standard? They say because Vatican imposed Bishops who are unworthy most of them were involved in wrong doing. May be possible. We have in the Latin rite most of the Bishops appointed by the Church

directly without elections are fornicators, thieves, mentally deranged men, senile. Most of the laity does not like them, but they do not wish to create violence, as violence is against our faith. It may be engineered by our younger generation, then only Vatican will realise that it must give power to the laity to elect and sustain thier own Bishops. Hegemony of Vatican will not last, the laity can rebel if they appoint a wrong Bishop in their diocese. So far Vatican has taken us for a ride, as far as the appointment of Bishops. Vatican has no power over a democracy like India. Unite  Eastern Churches(Catholic) have been considered by the orthodox as one of the major obstacles to any theological consideration with the Roman Catholic Church. The orthodox reject and affirm that the liturgical and canonical tradition of the East cannot be isolated from the doctrinal principles——-Eastern   orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. Despite this cooperation is going on between the Roman Catholics and Orthodox churches, days are not far away, when the two will merge, but with separate identies ofworship and practice.



Dr. Joe    Lewis

Divisions are not overcome, but there is peace between the mother church and seperated churches. They work together but are not united, they all belong to Christiandom. After all we all worship Christ according to our traditions. No church has the monopoly of the truth. In the decree the Catholic church asserts that its the true church, as it is the mother church, to assert Jesus in this spirit is the work of the committee beyond the visible borders of the church. Among other things, too, there is a remarkable admission of guilt the council says divisions among Christians are the result of sins on both sides. But on the part of the Catholic church there is imprudence that harms not help, the cause of unity. For example the Anglicans (Episcoplanias) are interested to join the Catholic church insist that they believe in the “Presence”of Christ in the Eucharist. Anglicans do not believe this. But Anglicans say this is against the Gospel, “do this

in memory of me”, Christ never proclaimed his presence in the Eucharist, this is blatant lie imposed on gulliable docile simple Catholics, educated and professional Catholics do not  believe this. As no miracles and healings are attributed to “presence” in the Eucharist, some authorities presume that praying in front of a Ciborium is an idolatry a common practice in pagan cultures, and Catholics sometimes are  reduced to observe idolatry practices. The doctrine of the Catholic  church divides, but the service unites. Only Holy Spirit can unite all  churches  not humans with preconceived notions. The mystry of salvation is not a monopoly of any church or denomination, it is available to all Baptised Christians.

The Holy Spirit is at work in all ecclesial communities outside the Catholic church is a fact of life that we must all share. These days there is commendable cooperation among all Christians. Islam is undermining the church, and plans to overtake it by violence. May be in the near future there will be Third world war, between Islamic Nations and Christian Nations, in the end Christians will win. Recently the militant Islam killed nearly 200 Christians in a Cathedral at Mosul, Iraq. So far in this country Christians and Muslims have not yet confronted each other, but we do not know when they will cut us? Unless Catholic Church makes peace with the Patriotic Catholic churh of China, and tries to subdue its hegemony, Catholics of China will not be under the Pope, this confrontation will go on for some time, as Catholic church  has yet to prove its credentials to the Chinese government. Let the Pope allow the Chinese Catholics to elect thier own Bishops who are not active in politicking. If democracy comes to this country, then things will be solved amicably. The church needs conciliatory approach with the Chinese government.


Dr. Joe    Lewis

The Pope has appointed not a professional as his spokesman, but a willy Jesuit priest Fr Lombardi who may not be knowing what  the media needs, infact in two occasions he created embarassment to the Pope, on Muslim issues. Lombadi lacks professionalism. Unfortunetly the media was hostile to the church for 45 years, they exposed the church scandals, many Bishops and clergy had to resign. As we all know Media does not forgive, God forgives.This decree does not sound  remarkable for the last 45 years. Vatican is powerlessbefore the media, Media can dismiss a Bishop or  priest. After all the Pope is not the hope of the world. This document is a classic example of how the Vatican II failed to come to grips with the world around it. Many people of goodwill say that the document directly, opposed to the ecumenical spirit and practice of Vatican II. The true basis of authority is to be found in the freedom of the press. Vatican considers that the press is not supreme than the Pope, that happend centuries ago when there was no press, those days Pope writ was largely accepted in the western world. After all these years Vatican lacked reform and renewal as hierarcy are afraid of the media, and always try to be in the good books of the media, even they know how to “manage them”.