“Priestly formation” :

Dr.Joe Lewis
That sinks its principles in ecclestical Tradition and in the supernatural values of divine revelation; and a priestly formation open to the vague culture of perennial becoming. A Liturgy : that finds its strength in the so called traditional Mass (and its reassertion of the social kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and an anthropocentric and sociological liturgy, where the collective takes precedence over the value of the individual, where prayer ignores latria, where the assembly becomes the main actor and God gives way to man. A Freedom : in which “Liberation” comes from the observation of the Ten commandments, the percepts of the Church and the just laws of the state)(all of which has a duty to discover)(together with the love and service of God: and a freedom which is becoming the one world religion —-which remains silent about God’s law, disengages individuals from society both ethically and religiously, and leaves the solution of all problems to individual conscience. A Theology : that draws its contents from specific sources (revelation, tradition, the Magesterium, the Fathers of the church, the liturgy) : and a theology that opens its doors to the worldly resolution of all current cultural emergencies (even in stark contrast to the above sources), in a spasmodic auto reform which leaves room for pluralism in philosophy, complying itself now to this and now to that. A Soteriology closely connected to the person and the redemptive work of the Incarnate Word, to the Holy Spirit’s application of the Redeemer’s merits, to the sacramental intervention of the church and to the cooperation of baptized individuals; a soteriology that regards the unity of mankind to be the result of the Incarnation of the Word in which (of Gaudium Specs 22) each man finds his own identification. An ecclesiology which identifies the Church as the mystical body of Christ and recognizes in His sacramental Presence the vital secret of the being and action of the church, of its rejuvenation in the passage of time, its strengthening even in times of the most cruel persecutions, its unity and uniqueness despite schisms and defections, its sanctifying holiness despite its children’s sin and an ecclesiology that considers the Catholic church as a component of the Church of Christ together with other components, that numbs the missionary spirit in this mythical Church of Christ that preaches dialogue but doesn’t evangelize, and above all that renounces proselytism as if it were a mortal sin.
An expiatory sacrificial Mass which celebrates the mystery of the Passion, the death and resurrection of Christ by the representation of the act of sacra mentally as the act of various scarification; and a Mass where the Priest is only the President and all who assist play an “active part” in the sacrament thanks to the fact that Faith is not based on God who reveals himself but is an existential answer to God who challenges us.
A Magisterium aware of having in its custody the sacred deposit of Divine revelation with the task of interpreting it and transmitting it to future generations through Ecumenical Councils, through the successors of Peter(summit and synthesis of any ecclesiastical instance) as well as through the Apostle’s successors, as long as they are legitimate and in communion with the Roman Pontiff; and a pal Megisterium that, far from considering itself voice of the teaching church, submits the church itself to the college of Bishops, gifted with the same rights and duties as that of the Roman Pontiff. A religiosity that realizes the coming vocation of man to the love and service of his neighbor for God’s sake; and religiosity that subverts this natural order, that makes man its “focus and at least in practice if not in theory, replace God by him”. (This is bodily lifted from an article by Vatican theologian Mgr Brunero Gherardini on Tradition that is lost after Vatican II, that appeared in the Italian Magazine “Divinitas”(Jan-Mar 2010). No wonder the Pope Benedict knows well the errors and the damage done to the common laity by Vatican II, and slowly wishes to correct that position, example he introduced Traditional mass and has given options to the laity to follow the old tradition before Vatican II. We all think Vatican II is an academic exercise of the Bishops then. Nobody these days speaks of it and it is all forgotten, good for the church. Unfortunately Bishops still think they own the Catholic church, but the laity are assertive, they can demolish the church, as the events have shown after Vatican II, the church lost nearly 300 million Catholics to cults and sects. They say Vatican II was a Protestant type of council, may be Martin Luther has the last laugh.
Dialogue: These days in missionary countries specially in India, Bishops participate and organize dialogue with other religions, forgetting, why Christ came in to the world as Savior and Redeemer they try to equate Catholicism with other religions on equivalent basis. The participants feel that their religion leads all to God, as Swami Vivekananda said long time ago, “as the rivers merge in the Ocean” all religions merge with God. Our Bishops have forgotten their theology and scriptures. They think dialogue with other religions brings them exposure and honor. Anyway it is well-known that they forget Christ in Dialogues it is mere an academic exercise, nothing comes out of it. As far as we know in the western countries it is never held by Bishops, in Asia it is common.


Decline of the Catholic Church, after Vatican II:

Dr. Joe Lewis
Pope Benedict XVI laments the relativism in the Western World, but now scholars and theologians found that is due to the teachings of Vatican II. As the intellectual, moral and material collapse of the church of the Second Vatican Council can no longer be denied, facts speak and events have shown. Many scholars aware that tradition was lost because of Vatican II and fowl air came into the church. We give some few examples.


-Dr.Joe Lewis
The most famous work of Artist Michael Angelo is the Pieta sculpted when he was hardly 24 years, it is displayed in the Sistine Chapel. Those who visit Vatican never miss to make Darshan of Pieta. Mother Mary on her lap wrests the dead Jesus taken from cross lap dead Jesus taken from the cross.

Prophet Zoraster in Sistine Chapel:

-Dr.Joe Lewis
Michael Angelo is the most enduring artist in history. He painted the Sistine chapel somewhere in the AD 1550. Those of us who have a clear eye can see in the Chapel walls, Prophet Zoroaster the founder of Zoroastrian faith)we call them Parsees) as prophet of God. Fire is the symbol of the Holy spirit, Parsees or Zoroastrians worship the sacred fire. There are hardly 250,000 Zoroastrians in the world. It is the most ancient organized faith. Zoroastrians came to India after the persecution by the Muslims in the 8the century AD. They came to Gujarat in the realm of a Raja, and promised him that they will not prosetelyse any Hindus or Muslims. Still today they have kept their promise. And now their numbers are dwindling. Majority of Parsees have done well in trade, business, manufacturing. Though they look like Europeans they are Indians but nor brown like us.

Why Pope Benedict XVI cant reconvert Europe?

-Dr.Joe Lewis
Cardinal Ratinagar when he was elected took the name of Benedict, asked why, he said that Saint Benedict converted Europe to Christianity, “I wish to reconvert Europe to Christianity “. But so far in his efforts duly assisted by India’s head of the Evangelisation of People’s dicastry, cardinal Ivan Dias a stone hard diplomat, could not convert Europe. Ivan left Bomba archdiocese with high hopes with his magic wand, but he could not deliver any results, now ailing with diabetes and astama. He will soon retire as he has attained the ahe of 75 years. Europe has become a pagan state, people donot care for any spirituality, hardly any Europeal go to church. We thought when Pope Benedict became a Pope, he will call upon the Jesuits to rconvert Europe, as Jesuits have a specia vow of fealty to the Pope, instead the Jesuits fathers there are runningmoney spinning institutions,w ho cares for the faith ? Jesuits are not interested as they have become secular, forgetting the charisma of St. Ignatius Loyola. After all one must remember Pope Benedict XVI is a hart patient with byepass. He cant do strenuous work, as he gets easily tired, he lacks energy, despite he has enthusiasm. May be a future Pope will convert Europe , if they do not do this, Roman Catholic church will go into the doom, someone may have to write like Gibbon, “the church and fall of Roman Catholic church”. We all skeptical as the Roman Catholic church has a bleak future unless Christ in his majesty intervenes.

Vatican II responsible for “secularism: in the world, specially in Europe and America

-Dr. Joe A.Lewis
Though Pope Benedict speaks against secularism, ,materialism and relativism as the triune gods of modern Europe and Americas and asks people to come back to spirituality guiding the sins of Vatican II in the process. Now, the scholars of both Europe and America, attribute Vatican II as the culprit of secularism, relativism and materialism in their part of the world. They say Vatican II liberalism lead to secularism in Europe. Many writers have opined that Vatican lead to the Breakdown of the Catholic tradition and more or less Vatican II documents are all of protestant teaching. They say Martin Luther has the last laugh as far as Vatican is concerned. May be Archbishop Lefebvre who separated from Rome and wrote a book “confused Catholics “ may prove right and 5 million traditional Catholics from al over the world. They do active mission work in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South Africa.

Money Laundering by Vatican Bank:

-Dr. Joe A Lewis
Recent news indicate that the Vatican Bank known as the institute of works of religion is involved in money laundering to the tune of US$ 30.18 million. Prosecutes have placed the Vatican banks director general and its chairman under investigation for alleged mistakes linked to violations of Italy’s anti laundering laws. Vatican Deniers any wrong doing at the time of writing. Vatican Bank is known as the institute of worlds of religion , in 1980 it was involved with a major scandals, its chief executive hanged himself at backfires bridge in London as he was involved in speculations with Vatican funds. Then no action was taken against the culprit Bishops who was then chairman of the bank, Archbishop Markinssus a burly Bishop from America, who acted as Pope John Paul II body guard often on his foreign journeys.

Analysts say that the problem with Vatican Bank was that it neglected to communicate the financial authorities where the money had come from. It was communicate the financial transactions. They say the Catholic cult Opus Dei was involved and the money has come to Vatican from secret Opus Dei transactions. They say Opus dei has some shady deals in the world. Mr. Ettere Gotti Tedeschi is a opus dei man is the chairman of the bank. Despite all this scam, Gotti Speaks to the world as Opus Dei man for more morality in financing based on the Pope Benedict XVI encyclical “Charity in truth”. It boils down to sheer hierocracy.

Opus Dei:

– Dr. Joe A Lewis
Is a cult organization of the Catholic Church. It owns business, properties, hospitals, hostels, universities etc. it has only 80000 members world wide. Those who join and taken in are mostly professionals with high salaries, and income many business men of Europe of Europe of Catholic origin are its members. Their total assets are estimated to be close to US$20 billion. It has herby clout with the Vatican, as it lends money to Vatican dicastries. Certain key dicties, like the Congregation of Bishops are run by Opus Dei. Members and other contribute 10% of their income yearly for the cause of opus dei. It has its own Bishops and priests world wide. Only they fish for rich members with plenty of money. They get large chunk of income from money laundering and other activities. There are many websites, prop and anti for this but has not progressed well, as it failed to catch the rich in their net. It is a cult; they only help themselves, though they do little for the poor and needy.
What is money laundering? Simply stated transfer of funds to conceal devious or illegal origin. It may be even running, in India it is called as “Havala”.

Pope’s nomeklatura :

-Joe A Lewis
Pope Benedict has offered to those Anglicans who join his church, that they can keep to their tradition and culture, as Rome is not going to impose its tradition and culture on them. It is secretly arrived an agreement between the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, that he encourages his flock to join the Church of Rome. This indicates even the whole Anglicans in course of time, join the Roman Church, Anglican will be considered as separate branch of Catholics and Anglicans chief Bishops will be head of the church, both Rome and Anglican church will have separate administration. It all depends on the English, Scottish and welsh people, if they are eager to join the Church of Rome. Though they can retain their Anglican roots. The Pope has not imposed any conditions, as Anglican does not believe “in the real presence “as we do.

Anglican may join the church of Rome:

-Joe A Lewis
Some analyses have predicted in course of time, the Anglican Church of England, Wales and Scotland and all over the world, consisting of 8 million members may join the Roman Catholic church as reunion. It was King Henry/ who established the Anglican church when he broke from Rome, as the Pope then could not give him an annulment, as his queen a native of Portugal could not give him an off spring. It was a great mistake on the part of the Pope, today annulment are given for falsie reason by the church. Peeved Henry the VII separated from Rome, despite Rome granted him the Title “Defender of the faith”, still the monarchy in England carries this title. Anglican are close to us in worship and culture than any other denomination in the world. They are mostly called as high churchmen. In United Kingdom there are now 6 million Catholics, nearly 1 million Anglicans have joined the see of Rome. Now Anglicans number over 34 million there.