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-Joe A Lewis
Some of us who have had lor of experience in Media, we are in no position to start a Journal due to economic and other constraints. So those who are interested in reformimg the church must encourage us to maintain this website. As far as we are concerned we have no axe to grind with the church, we pin point the defects and shortcomings within the curch and offer proper solutions. If you have any grouse against the church please be free to contact us,never hesitate. We want a church Chrits centered. Let our Bishops and priests strive towards holiness and love of Christ.


New structure of the Archdiocese of Bombay

-Joe A Lewis
Venerable Cardinal Oswald Gracias has constituted a fact finding enquiry committed consisting of priests evading the laymen, they are Fr. Michael Goveas, FR Salvador Rodrigues, and Fr Savie Fernandes. The reference is the committee to have the competence to study matters referred to it by the Archbishop and after study, present its conclusions and recommendations to the Archbishops. We wrote to the Archbishop, why he has not included at least one layman of good standing in this committee? We told him the old story “ A poisonous snake entered a factory, instead of killing the snake, they appointed a committee to kill the snake meanwhile the snake escaped”. That will be the fate of the committee’s recommendations, some of these priests are parish priests , and one is in the archbishop chancery as Chancellor of the archdiocese. After all the venerable archbishop has appointed his own fan boys and cronies in the committee. Bombay archdiocese is ailing, when the archbishop is sick the diocese is diseased.(some say the archbishop underwent operation in the USA foe cancer of the rectum etc) though he has appointed a financial consultant ha has not named him . Similarly he has appointed a legal adviser to the archbishop a retired high court judge we donot know who he is? Will it be our college mate Michael, who owns an apartment in Eucharist congress building adjacent to Archbishop’s Chancery. He also a disaster management cell. But he has failed to mention names may be in his heart as they say

“Justice and peace will embrace”

-Joe A Lewis
There will be a conviction on this subject by Vincentians of 27 countries on 13the and 17th September at Margao, Goa. Why this type convention after all Vincentians charisma is to help the abject poor and needy. Anyway it highlights Vincentians quest for glamour and publicity. If the theme was “ how to help the needy and the poor and the strategies we need” could have been accepted by all Vincentians. Most of the Vincentians who are involved in such conventions try to hog the lime light and publicity on themselves. Vincentians fail to live up to the ideals of Fedric Oznam its founder. Fredric never held any convention in his life time. Vincentians pay lip service to the poor. With the advent of the Community fund in some diocese, it has become a “post office” organization. A few concerned with the poor. And many Vincentian attached to various conferences- churches have hardly surveyed the poor and needy in their parish. Some Vincentians conferences spend on dinners, get-togethers , parties the funds they gather. It is said that some Vincentians leaders help themselves. Service to the poor is a voluntary and not a full time job. Nobody knows how much money they spent on the poor, when asked about their annual budget they do not give us any details. Why this secrecy? We estimate in India it must not be more than Rs.30 crores, and Bombay alone contributes nearly 40% of this amount. They publish a magazine “ Reaching out” quarterly that is always behind schedule. Unfortunately the leadership of Indian Vincentians has gone to the southern states, for the last 25 years. Working for the poor and needy is a hype. More about Vincentians in my next bulletin.

Bishop the trade union leader of the clergy and nuns(spinsters)etc.

-Joe A Lewis
“if you have any complain against a priest for wrong doing, there meet a Bishops, he does not take quick action why?. Most of our Bishops have a laid back attitude they consider that their clergy under them do not ado any wrong. After all the Bishop of a diocese is the Trade Union Leader of the clergy. In such complaints he acts as a trade union leader to protect his Union. Same happens with the world wide church at Vatican. If anyone approaches the Vatican on a Bishop’s wrong doing or scandals, it delays action. May be this is sort of “forgiveness doctrine”. The Vatican sleeps over the matter Exasperated the laity or the victim of such scandals may be she/he takes the help of the media, and once it is published then Vatican wakes up, and asks the Bishop concerned to resign immediately. So far there is no process in the Vatican to punish the Bishops. After all Vatican appoints directly its own Bishops only in the Eastern churches(within the fold of Vatican) the laity elects the Bishops. So in the Eastern churches we do not hear or learn about the scandals. Why not the Vatican allows the laity in the Latin Church elect their Bishops ? they say Vatican is monarchy, the Pope is the Emperor and the Bishops are the Kings, so the Pope thinks that he can only appoint Bishops of his choice. In appointing Bishops in our church, influence peddling, wheeling and dealing takes place. That’s why do not get good Bishops but scandals Bishops. Cardinal Francis George of Chicago proclaimed that “the scandals of Bishops and Including the Vatican. Anyone who had formidable influence in the Vatican can become a Bishop that is the qualification, in other words he must be lackey of the Vatican.

Media is powerful than Vatican

-Joe A Lewis
As father Corapi of the society of our Lady of the Trinity (SOLT) who always features in Eternal word TV Channel, told us that the Vatican is a sleeping giant, difficult to wake up. We the laity have only resort to the secular press or TV to press charges against the wrong doing of Bishops and priests. If you have any charges against you clergy and Bishops, then contact this website we will try to put it in the media if possible, but we do not guarantee this service. As you know India Media seldom takes any scandals of any person except of those involves in performing arts mostly cinema and TV people. But when you wish to contact us the please enclose the picture of the priest, nuns or Bishops, and give us the dope, write the wrong doing and sign it at the end. But please refrain from allegations and half truths, rumors, ennundoes, etc. if it is gentle we will take it up. We need the gospel truth as we do not wish to arrack anybody without substantial evidence.

[IHRO] ht IMPACT – Cops in extortion, sex racket busted

Twenty days after Hindustan Times carried out a sting operation to expose a statewide extortion racket run by Punjab police personnel in connivance with call girls, the Ludhiana police on Wednesday arrested a sub-inspector and of his accomplices.
Wanted by Mohali and Chandigarh police too for similar crimes, Faqir Chand, a subinspector posted at Fatehgarh Sahib, was nabbed in a trap laid by officials of the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA), Ludhiana.
The gang, operating with Patiala as its base, had been running a blackmail and flesh trade racket with assistance from constables, including some dismissed from service or under suspension.
Active in various districts, including Mohali, Ludhiana, Patiala, Bathinda, Amritsar and Sangrur, Faqir Chand had been luring girls from Punjab and its neighbouring states through misleading newspaper advertisements promising “free education“ sponsored by philanthropists or “white collar“ jobs.
Following the HT expose, Ludhiana police commissioner Ishwar Singh had constituted a special investigation team (SIT) headed by additional deputy commissioner of police (ADCP) Harsh Bansal.
Though the police did not reveal much on Wednesday’s development, sources in the department said cops carried started the operation on Tuesday night, leading to Faqir Chand being arrested “red handed“.
Facing arrest in a similar case -in which he had extorted over Rs 3 lakh from two men in Mohali after “trapping“ them through call girls associated with him -Faqir Chand had managed to give the slip to Mohali police two months ago, and had since been evading arrest. A case is registered against him in Mohali.
On Tuesday, the Ludhiana investigation team received a tip-off that gang members were moving in the Daresi Ground area in Ludhiana.
A trap was laid with a decoy customer, which led to two of Faqir Chand’s accomplices, including a girl from Himachal, being arrested.
The kingpin himself managed to escape. However, the police later raided his hideouts and finally arrested him on Wednesday.
Preliminary investigations have revealed the gang used to release newspaper advertisements mostly offering matrimonial and massage services. A constable would drop a girl at the client’s place or a hotel, and then inform Faqir Chand.
The sub-inspector, accompanied by a posse of his men, would then “raid“ the hotel room or client’s place, and then threaten the client with legal action to extort money.
The other modus operandi was to target men driving alone on roads.
A girl would approach the victim for a lift. She would sit next to the driver.
Faqir Chand would soon give the car a chase and threaten the man with an immoral trafficking case, unless he paid up.
Faqir Chand and his accomplices have been booked under Sections 384 (extortion), 389 (putting person in fear of accusation of offence in order to commit extortion) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
A large number of such incidents had gone unreported as victims feared loss of face, investigators said.
The Mohali police said that after a case was registered against Faqir Chand, two of his victims, who were robbed of Rs 1.62 lakh and 1.20 lakh, besides other valuables and credit cards, had agreed to testify against him.

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jose s

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“Potta Craze”

-Joe A Lewis

Some Catholics are crazy about Potta ( Muringnoer Divine Retreat house at Kerala). For them they think they get instant news miracles there, it may be sickness, health problems, money problems, jobs, etc. but the Potta fathers who belong to the Vincentian Congregation know how to deal with gullible and docile Catholics. Some way they stage manage miracles and healings etc. some years ago I and Patrick D’Sa met the Times of India correspondent at Mangalore with a written press release about the depredations and scandals of these fathers. Anyway the correspondent did not publish our release. However in later years it came to light and finally after court battle, Media coverage etc, etc,,, five Vincentians fathers were shunted out. Now we heard that they have retained Augustine Valloran and Fr. Mathew Naikoparambil who claim to perform healing. Still our people are crazy they go there, May be it is a picnic retreat, the Vincentians fathers know how to out the pockets of the laity. They say some of these Vincentian fathers kith and Kin become rich, as lot of money is poured there by the so called devotees. Anyway some of us think that in their +retreats etc “ Jesus Christ is for sale”, his name works. By experience we know the Kerala priests are always are for money, as they come from lower middle class, and poor communities. For these priests “Money is their God”. Some say that Vincentian priests” put after their names as V.C. that means Vincentian congregation but it means to us “Vices and corrupt congregation in the name of Jesus Christ only not well lettered, under educated people flock the Divine retreat House at Potta. The wrong doing of priests were exposed by the media, and after that the Vatican woke up. So if you have any complaint against a priests or Bishop take it to the media that is the Press and TV. But go with facts and follow the truth.

Laity has a big stick to beat the Bishops and Clergy?

-Joe A Lewis
If the laity finds that their hard earned money given as offering or donations is misused and appropriated for wrong purposes, the laity has the prerogative to withhold their contributions to the church. There is no compulsion to contribute as everything in our Catholic church is Voluntary. In America they say withhold your pocket book, in other words that means do not give or donate anything, unless you know your money is put to good use. In Bombay archdiocese for the last few years the laity has been asked to contribute 1% of their income to the church, the Bishops say that this money is mostly for the poor and needy of the church. Though many Catholics give generously, the money does not reach the poor an d needy, we do not know where it goes . this write was told by some reliable sources the money sometimes may go into the pockets of clergy or some lay chamchas of these clergy etc. Anyway we give two instances how the money is misused. A Spanish Jesuits priest who is above 75 years old and senile, bundles the parish money as “Minister or bursar”. A young lady with a Maruti Car driving came to him, might have told her difficulties etc, but in no case she is poor and needy, this priest gave her Rs. 10000/- another instance a man sold his apartment in Bandra East and moved to the deep suburbs of Bombay, he came with crocodile tears and met this priest and told him that he has no funds to send his children to school etc, so this priest overflowing with compassion, gave him substantial money to tide over his misery. Now many parishioners of this church do not wish to give any money to this fund, they know it is misused and given to wrong people who do not deserve it at al. this is an instance of clergy giving. After all they take the funds from us and give it to those who do not need it.

“Surplus if nay is devoted to the support of orphans and power boys in our schools apostolic centers

-Don Bosco Fathers

“ DonBosco Madonna is a magazine published since 1937, it is mostly designed to raise funds for the ever rich fathers of Don Bosco community. It is said when Fr. Aurfuis Maschio who initiated this type of fund raining, in the 1960-1970’s he used to get nearly Rs. 6000-12000 per day by way of donation etc. Fr Aurelius is to tell simply to light candles to our lady etc at Rs. 3 per candle that time we used to get a candle for Rs 25 paisa to 50 paisa. During his lifetime he raised at least Rs 500 Crores. Today this community to rich with cash, some say they are richer than the Jesuit community of India. They have lot of Institutions that gives them ample funds. So they ask like this “ whatever you send us will help cover the expenses of printing and mailing the surplus if any is devoted to the support of orphans and poor boys in our schools and apostolic centers!! This is their Don Bosco institutions are meant for the elite though they have a few orphanages as show pieces to the gullible, docile Catholics of India.

Again they ask in their Magazines that reaches nearly 25,000 Catholics or more in India and abroad. “To help a poor lad to reach the priest hood is a privilege. “ you can help by establishing a perpetual burse with Rs. 5000/- Rs.10000, Rs 15000 for a boy studying for the priesthood”. According to our calculations it needs at least Rs.3,30,000 to become a priest. How anyone can establish a perpetual burse with this amount? In fact it is a ploy to collect an account “: how it is spent”, neither they tell you where it goes?. The Silesians are very smart in raising funds do was Don Bosco. After all money gathering is not a problems for the Silesians!

Next they say “ But any amount , however small will be gratefully received”. In other words their journal “ Don Bosco Madonna “ is published to raise money on behalf of the Blessed Mother. After all our Blessed mother lived a poor life and our Don Bosco fathers try to enrich themselves by using and misusing blessed mother’s name. Silesians are smart Aleks! As our lord told us “Ask and you will receive” and they receive ample funds. Funds is not their problem. They don’t give an account to the donors how the funds are uses. The maintain total secretary, as there is no transparency of account ability , they take the laity(donors) for a ride?