Scriptures are the rejuvenating Fountain

Whenever the church was in danger of becoming too involved in enternals or excessive activity, or when it seemed to become tied up in legalism , or when political interests seemed to sap its strengths; it was always “the scriptures” that were rejuvenating fountain. Second disposition sincere desire for truth. There is no sincere desire for truth from the Vatican to our dioceses, untruth is common that’s why we have wrong-doing in the church. The Church must make it mandatory to all to resort to scriptures, that means every house that can read and write must be given a Bible or own a Bible. We need more Bible institutions in the church, that will make us holy and follow Jesus closely.


Mismanagement in Indian Church

It appears that Bishops(Princes of Christian Church) have declined the demand of Priest for standard pay and transfer rules. This is another sign of dictatorship in the Indian Christian Church. The reason given by an Archbishop is that Bishops are autonomous and they should be free to decide these things. Well, we disagree. Indian Church operates in a democratic atmosphere and it should also follow democratic ways. No dictatorship, that too not from Bishops suffering from inferiority Complex and indecision. Other reason given is that Priests manage their expenses through their own sources. Well, they manage through misuse of people’s money which is nothing but misuse, misappropriation and amounts to corruption.

Let there be a laymens high powered committee to decide all these Policies, rules and regulations because it is laymen who feed the Priests, Bishop’s and Archbishops as well as the Pope.

Kerala church as justified dismissal of Professor Joseph whose hand was dismembered (cut) from his body by a fanatic group of Muslims. To add insult to injury, see how our priests react towards a layman. They simply dismiss the man from employment. Can you allow this to happen when the same church protects, debaucherous,  phidephil, sex maniacs and chronically corrupt Priest?


Year of the priest not a success!

Year of the priests was promulgated from June 2009 thru June 11 2010. Due to the priest’s scandals projected in the media world wide, most laity lost their sympathies and appreciation for the sacrifices of the priests. Even some laity leaders said “Bishops and the priests of the Catholic church think that their penises are more powerful than the cross they wear”. The response from the public was negative. The year was failure. May be the clergy have to undergo introspection and return back to simple living and embrace the poverty of Christ and his Apostles. When the church wishes to become wealthy it looses its strength, as spiritually dandles among the priests. Most critics’ of the church suggest that the priests must do pastoral and sacramental work, for which they are trained for 5-7 years in the seminary, instead of running, manning, preceding over the institutions. “let them give the institutions to the laity” why they are afraid to give, after all who gave money or from where they got money from, except the laity, and why do not they give it back to the laity. Why the Pope is acting like a hypocrite and shielding the clergy, after all everyone wants to preserve their privileges and good life. After all Pope lives in a Palace and supposed to be richest man in the world, why can’t he live like JESUS Christ. They will never do as they wish to maintain the staus quo, they preach but they do not practice, our faith is sham, everything boils down to pursuit of happiness, in the process, our clergy run after women, if they do not get then they use our nuns as contraceptives are easily available. It is remarked that our seminarians under training as priests, know how to seduce woman as they learn it in the seminary during the formative years. Bishops and priests lack love, fellowship as missionary priests, they are ordained to preach the gospel as well practice the gospel in their lives, but they have deviated. No amount of corrections will work out, as laity have lost respect, trust, awe, and credibility of our priests. They no longer trust the Bishops and priests, after all they are not holy but sinful men, like any one of us. We pray that our so called priest discover their priestly identity, after all they became priests to dedicate their lives for the cause of the gospel. Unfortunately in their formation the directives of Vatican on “priestly formation” are never implemented our priest’s while training have lot of subjects to study and give tests, but they do not have time for prayer and meditation including fasting. Priests’ education is not spiritual but reduced to academia. Someone said masturbation is common among the seminarians. In one seminary located in the South of the country, the Seminarians are run after the postulants of nearby convent that is how they are trained, and involved themselves into temptations. Missionary activity all over the world by same religious and diocesan congregation is sexual exploitation of these poor people. There are cases of some SVD fathers have fathered children among the tribal communities of Asia and Africa, that is a new form so evangelization. Vatican knows this,

Leading a Dog’s life

BHOPAL: A dog’s life couldn’t get worse. A mongrel brought up in an upper caste home in Morena was kicked out after the Rajput family members discovered that their Sheru had eaten a roti from a dalit woman and was now an “untouchable”. Next, Sheru was tied to a pole in the village’s dalit locality. His controversial case is now pending with the district collector, the state police and the Scheduled Caste Atrocities police station in Morena district of north MP.

The black cur, of no particular pedigree, was accustomed to the creature comforts in the home of its influential Rajput owners in Manikpur village in Morena. Its master, identified by the police as Rampal Singh, is a rich farmer with local political connections.

A week ago Sunita Jatav, a dalit woman, was serving lunch to her farm labourer husband. “There was a ‘roti’ left over from lunch. I saw the dog roaming and fed it the last bread,” Sunita said. “But when Rampal Singh saw me feeding the dog and he grew furious. He yelled: ‘Cobbler woman, how dare you feed my dog with your roti?’ He rebuked me publicly. I kept quiet thinking the matter would end there. But it got worse,” she said.

On Monday, Rampal ex-communicated the dog. A village panchayat was called, whi- ch decided that Sheru would now have to live with Sunita and her family because it had become an untouchable. Sunita Jatav was fined Rs 15,000.

An outraged Sunita and her brother Nahar Singh Jatav rushed to Sumawali police station. They were directed to take the matter to the SC/ST Atrocities police station in Kalyan. “When we went there, the officer asked us why we fed the dog,” recalls Nahar. “So we went to the DSP in the SC/ST Atrocities department and submitted a memorandum to him, as also to the district collector. But no one has registered our FIR so far.

DSP SC/ST Atrocities (Morena), Baldev Singh, recalls, “We got a complaint in which it has been alleged that a dog was declared untouchable and a dalit family fined for feeding it. We are investigating the allegation,” said the officer.

Reported in Times of India:

Crisis in the Catholic Church

By Devika Sequeira

Pope   Benedict  XVI  ended  a  historic   four  day  visit  to  Britain  on  Sunday  marred  by  protests  over  the   child  sexual  abuse  scandal  in  the  Catholic  church  and  calls  by  human  rights  lawyers  for  his  resignation.  Benedict  became  Pope  in  2005  and  it  is  widely  acknowledged  that  his  poor  handling  of  the  abuse  cases  has  pushed  the  Roman  Catholic  Church  into  a  deep  crisis  disillusioning  many  of  its  faithful.

At  a  Mass  at  Westminster  Cathedral,  Benedict  said  he  was  deeply  sorry  for  the  sexual  abuse  of  children  by  the  clergy.”  Above  all,  I  express  my  deep  sorrow  to  the  innocent  victims  of  these  unspeakable  crimes,  along  with  my  hope  that  the power  of  Christ’s   grace,  his  sacrifice  of  reconciliation,  will  bring  deep  healing  and  peace  to  their  lives.”

To  the  thousands  of  victims  of  abuse  by  the  Catholic  clergy  worldwide  the  public  acknowledgement  is  not  enough.  In  the US  the  Church  has  already  paid  out  over  $1.6billion  in  court  settlements  for  clerical  sex  abuse.

But  why  should  the  blame  for  the  abuse  that  had  become  endemic  to  the  Church  over  years  have  to  be shouldered  by  this  pope?

Cover – up

In  his  book  ‘The  Case  of  the  Pope:  Vatican  accountability  for  Human  Rights  Abuse’  acclaimed    human  rights  lawyer  Geoffrey  Robertson  QC  argues  that  Benedict,  as  Cardinal  Joseph  Ratzinger  had  been  responsible  for  addressing  abuse  cases  as  the  Prefect  of  the  Vatican’s  Congregation  of  the  Doctrine  of  the  Faith(CDF).  He  held  the  position  for  25  years,  but  rather  than  act  against  paedophile  priests  the  Vatican  in  a  massive  cover-up  transferred  them  on  to  greener  pastures  in  other  parishes.

“The  evidence  establishes  that,  at  the  direction  of  the  Vatican, wrongdoers  were  dealt  with  in  a  manner  that  protected  them from  exposure,  silenced  their  victims,  aided  and  abetted  some  to  move  on  to

commit  further  offences,  and  withheld  evidence  of  their  serious  crimes  from  law  enforcement  authorities.”

One  of  the  most  trenchant   critics  of  the  Vatican’s  special  privileges  as  a  sovereign  state,  Robertson  says  under  its  canon  law-its  parallel    system  of  criminal  justice-the   church  provided  paedophile  priest  an  escape  route,  “treating  them  as  sinners  in  need  of  fatherly  counsel  rather  than  as  criminals  deserving  of  punishment”.  Many  of  these  priests  were  reassigned  to  parishes  in  Ireland,  Mexico  and  Rome  and  some  transferred  to  Africa  and  Latin  America.

Robertson  is  not  the  only  out  spoken  critic  of  the  Vatican  to  have  received  so  much  attention  from  the  media  in  the  West  in  th  past  fortnight.  Human  rights  activist  Peter  Tatchell  who  launched  the  campaign  ‘Protest  the  Pope’  argues  that  Benedict’s  papacy  is  pushing  the  church  to  a  more  orthodox  conservative  agenda.  A   grassroots  Catholic  movement  “We  are  Church  “  wants  a  more  democratic,  transparent,   accountable  church,  he  said.

Even  in  India  where  half  of  the  30  million  Christians  are  Catholic,  clerical  sexual  abuse  has  remained  a  dark   and  well  entrenched  secret  within  the  Church.  Writing  here  recently,  historian Teotonio  R  de  Souza  said  his  studies  in  a  Goan seminary  had  left  him  with sad memories of paedophile abuse of young seminaries by senior inmates. “I could name some  of violators, but I wish some of my  contemporaries would come forward and confirm this sad reality in an institution that trained future priests. “The abuse was not isolated, de Souza said, and worse still, completely silenced.

So was the case of a 61-year old priest found murdered in his parish residence in Macazana, south Goa in early 2006. Though the lengthy statements recorded by the police clearly spelt out homosexual abuse by the priest as the motive in the crime, the Church in Gov pretended ignorance in a conspiracy of silence. The predator from one parish to another after complaints of sexual impropriety, was given a grand send-off with a funeral service presided over by the bishop and assisted by nearly 300 priests. Two youths from UP in their early 20s who had been arrested for the crime were acquitted from the charges in the case and freed by the courts in 2008


New Ordo mass again will be revised

Within the period of 45 years since Vatican II, our Mass is revised at least thrice, now again it has been revised, we have the lengthy “Nicene creed” (I believe) instead of the abridged version. The rite of consecration has been revised, as the Church found that there is no real presence in the fading rite. Genuflexion has been introduced, as these days priests do not genuflect during mass, even after the consecration, as most of us believe the wine and wafers become the body and flesh of Christ. Even during the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament, the priest’s do not kneel, as they have become more powerful than Christ! Why!  Daily mass in all language is said within 15-20 minutes, priest’s race mass and just bowl out as if the mass is performing act, as the script is already in place. So the new script is in order, it may take slightly more than 10 minutes. But the defect of our Mass is that it is said facing the people, in all religions we face God straight at the Altar, but Vatican II mass faces the people, and many critics say that the Mass is reduced to a table meal, in the Indian context Holy communion is reduced to Prasad, there is no real presence, and every partakes it. After Vatican II the laity has lost piety and holiness of Mass and prayers. Hymns are allowed a mandatory for Sunday mass. Even after Mass a gap is allowed for fellowship. Menstruating women are not allowed to distribute Holy Communion as invariably it spoils. Now mostly those women who have reached the menopause will be commissioned as Eucharistic ministers. Laymen are allowed to give the Sunday sermon if the priest’s are unable to deliver any sermon. The new mass has must not of the kneeling to do, as a step for penitenance. Self confessions are allowed, provided they spend at least ½ an hour to recollect the sins and ask pardon from God. Divine office is made mandatory and the clergy must spend at least 1 hour daily in reciting the divine office, all these years divine office was optional, and priests were only priests doing mass, and that’s why they had gone into sexual sins. Whatever it may be, the control of the church still remains with the minority shareholders like Bishops and priets, who preside and beg from laity. May be a time will come when the laity will revolt and form their own church with their own Bishops and priests. After all by their wrong doing Vatican has lost its power of the Holy Spirit as an institution and lost the mandate of Christ as the church. Then which church you and I belong? May be our mind is our church, and Bible is our daily word to live in this world. We can’t follow the church, as it can’t promise us salvation, it is the preserve of wrong doing Bishops and priests. Laity are fed up, how long the church will deceive us? Is it the church of the Apostles or Christ?

Anti clericalism in the world

The sexual scandals among our Bishops, priests and nuns forced the laity to have anticlerical attitude. These days nobody trusts a Bishop or a priest, as someone said we can “trust a snake” but not Bishops and priests. In their house many Catholics talk about the scandals. Some even say why we should have the clergy? What is their role, all confusion takes place. Even people question, whether their Mass is valid, if they are in a state of sin, what about the sacraments. The church proclaims that we are a “sacramental church”, that’s why we need priests to a service the laity. All these years’ clergy ruled the church, now the time has come for the disgruntled laity to oppose, after all in the Gospels Jesus never appointed anyone to perform rituals, he told his Apostles to “heal and preach”. But as Pope John Paul II found there are no “Preachers and healers” in the church, that means the Holy Spirit is not with the church. We attend to rituals and ceremonies services etc that has no “power”. Now our Cardinals offer self purification for the priests, how? Some cardinals have suggested “we pray together for the unity of the church and for the sanctification of priests, heralds of good news of salvation”. We believe we have only one priest “Jesus Christ”. But these days no priest or Bishop acts “in persona Christi Capitis”, all our so called hierarchy has lost the power of Christ, they do not act as reps of the Lord but of the Devil, as they have proved by their actions. Do we need them, ask our young gals and guys for their viewpoint and opinions. The problem is that our priest’s lack the prayer life and fasting, as they are too much involved in institutional building aspects. Will the church give its institutions to the laity and concentrate what our Lord told them to do, but it will never give up its wealth making machinery. That shows we are members of the church that does not obey the Lord’s directions and commands. Catholic Church is worldly Celibacy is never practiced anywhere, may be our priests must be castrated before they enter the seminary.

Transparency in the Catholic Church

Transparency in the Catholic Church!

                                                -Joe A Lewis

Vatican II though may be flawed in its pronouncements, yet it made the Bishops all over the world to follow transparency and accountability to all concerned. But after45 years of the great show, nothing has been done. In the developing countries like India, the Bishops still rule, and fail to share power with the laity. Nobody knows what the annual budget of the diocese, their income and expenditure and how much money they get from their laity, all is secret and “our shop-keepers and hawkers of the faith” operate in total secrecy, they take the laity for granted. It is a pity that the Laity all these years has not asserted themselves, and our Bishops take us for a ride, but how long, the old timers may be quit but the younger generations have a “big stick” to show the Bishops. Anyway in this country it is well known that most of the Bishops and priests belong to the rich class, without working or earning, but begging. After all the Catholic Church is the largest “begging institution” in the world. “By begging they live good lives.” Unfortunately so far there is no unity among the laity, and Bishops try to play “divide and rule” game that benefits them.

Mangalorian Bishop in Bombay

Bishop Percy Fernandes of the Hospital fame will retire on December 20, 2010, having attained the age of 75 years. But nobody knows who will succeed him. In Bombay archdiocese Bishops are appointed by the Vatican on ethnic lines, already there are two Goan Bishops, one East Indian (though they live in west India?)and one Mangalorian. It is estimated by the archdiocese that there are nearly 5 lakhs Catholics (nearly 1 lakh left the church for cults and sects) we estimate the total population of Bombay city and suburbs of Catholics is nearly65, 000. For years archdiocese has not undertaken census, the figure are not exact, God knows how many Catholics   are in this city?

Since 1950 when India became a Republic the administration of the archdiocese has gone into the hands of Indians, Cardinal Gracias did a little, except he could not totally implement Vatican II, as he was sick towards the en of his life. Later Cardinal Pimenta came, but he was incompetent  and the Vatican asked him to quit , the diplomat Ivan Dias was bidding for time, the present Archbishop  is a sick man, wants to  implement  many changes, but handicapped ,despite his tours  to Rome and inside this city. Among the ½ million Catholics, we have nearly 2, 20,000 Mangloreans, then comes Goans about 1, 50, 000, East Indians about 1, 00,000 rest others. Unfortunately Bombay archdiocese is the preserve of Goans because of Historical tradition, though Mangaloreans deserve two Bishop including the plum Archbishop’s post, it is denied to them. Goans take the cake.

Most of them are in plum posts in the archdiocesan curia, the treasurer for instance is young Goan, protégé of a retired Bishop. We have favoritism and cronyism, nepotism in our church.Mangloreans can get what they want, but there is no unity, practically here every Catholic is “Namkawaste Catholic”, their main pursuit is seeking wealth, that’s why they are in this city. We o no know after Bishop Percy goes, whether we will have  a Mangalorean priest to succeed him, so far no indications, it all depends on the Newly appointed Vatican  Ambassador at Delhi and the Archbishop of Bombay. From sources we learn that Archbishop wishes to get a Goan crony of his appointed as Bishop. If  Mangalorean Catholics demanded they will get their Bishop to represent them, after all the church is hotbed of ethnic politics, despising the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Some criminal has hacked my ID and password and has been sending distress messages on my behalf as if I am held up in Nigeria without any money, seeking $3000/- to return to India. I am very much in Mangalore without any problem. Please ignore this message. Police who receive this mail may treat this as a complaint and investigate.

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Important Message

Dear friends

Some criminal has hacked my ID and password and has been sending distress messages on my behalf as if I am held up in Nigeria without any money, seeking $3000/- to return to India. I am very much in Mangalore without any problem. Please ignore this message. Police who receive this mail may treat this as a complaint and investigate.

All those who receive this mail should stop communicating with me at and communicate only at and .